Fredrik Ohrstrom | 25 Nov 13:24 2005

Problem with gdb, coredump, RHEL4, prelinking.....

We have a problem debugging coredumps generated on RHEL4.
This is due to the fact that RHEL4 prelinks libraries by
default and puts them on randomized memory locations (-R switch).

A coredump that is generated on one RHEL4 machine can therefore not be
debugged on a different, but otherwise identically installed RHEL4 machine.

This is because gdb loads the libraries according to the library
locations on the machine where the debugger is running, not as they
were placed in the coredump.

In fact, if prelink is rerun on the server where the coredump
was created (this can happen automatically depending on the
settings in /etc/sysconfig/prelink) the coredump might not even
be debuggable on the same machine because the prelinking has changed.

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem?

Best regards
Fredrik Ohrstrom