karanveer singh | 24 Jan 12:10 2013

(no subject)

Sahana Nagabhushan | 30 Mar 02:40 2010

GSoC 2010


I was wondering if anyone was involved in any of the projects this time for GSoC. Please let me know of how you are going about this.

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karanveer singh | 5 Mar 12:40 2010

How to play single player


I have installed tpclient-pywx. When i run it and try to connect to
demo1.thousandparsec.net as guest, it doesn't connect. It just shows a
window with a minus sign with a red background. the terminal output is

Connecting to failed
WARNING: <function Callback at 0xa4dbca4> called when <win Updating>
was not shown!

Any ideas?
Also, how do we play single player games?
karanveer singh | 5 Mar 10:15 2010

Installing tpclient-pywx on ubuntu 9.10

I tried following the instructions on
to install tpclient-pywx.
However, it said that : It appears that your version of Ubuntu is not
supported. The instructions shown below may not work.

Also, after following the steps, the package  tpclient-pywx cannot be found.

Is there a way to install it on ubuntu 9.10?

Cbr600f | 4 May 16:41 2009

pyclient hangs on demo1

Today, pyclient started to hang on demo1 game.

It logs in the game and connects to the universe but it's unable to download 
any data.

Output in the text box display this:

Successfully connected to the host...
Looking for Thousand Parsec Server...
Found a Thousand Parsec Server...
Looking for supported features...
Got the supported features...
Looking for running games...
Got the supported features...
Trying to Login to the server...
Logged in okay!

And then nothing more.

Any idea?

*ps: Tried debug mode (preferences) but I'm unable to find any log file or 
stacktrace, where should I look? 
Andrei Barbu | 20 Mar 04:46 2008

Gentoo ebuilds and a small patch


There are gentoo ebuilds for the latest tp python client and C++ server at:
  darcs get http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/~abarbu/thousand-parsec

Tell me if anything goes wrong while using them. If people are
interested I'll get this added to the layman overlay list; although a
more official-looking url would probably be nicer for that.

These include a tiny patch against the latest release of the wxpy
client.  They don't apply to the git version but it's small and it
might be that some people are affected by it. What happens is that
doc/tp-pywx-installed doesn't quit once it finds an executable; it
just keeps going. Normally this is ok, but due to Gentoo's symlinks
this starts up a new client once the first one exists.

In case anyone is affected by this, here's the patch:

diff -Naur tpclient-pywx-0.3.0-inplace-orig/doc/tp-pywx-installed
--- doc/tp-pywx-installed.old   2008-03-19 22:30:53.000000000 -0400
+++ doc/tp-pywx-installed       2008-03-19 22:40:37.000000000 -0400
 <at>  <at>  -26,6 +26,7  <at>  <at> 

 			cd $TPDIR
 			./tpclient-pywx $ARGS
+			exit 0
 done < $TMP

Lee Begg | 28 Dec 10:31 2007

Thousand Parsec Progress

Hi all

The main developers thought we should update everyone with what is happening, 
especially since we haven't had a release lately.

I guess first I should say that there are releases in the works. tpclient-pywx 
is shaping up (along with the the python libraries) for a release soon. 
tpserver-cpp is slowly getting closer to release, I'm just working out the 
last of the TP04 support and getting the database backend to work again. 
Galaxie client will be released soon too. The first test version of Parsek 
client is expected to be around the release of KDE 4.0 on January 11, 2008.

One of the cool things lately has been a musician called remaxim doing some 
space themed music, and adding music and sound effects to the intro video. 
There is plenty of media yet to be done, include music, sound effects, models 
and images.

Here are a few things to look forward to next year:
* New website will help keep all the information together and be easier to 
* MTSec game completed and running on tpserver-cpp
* New protocol features being used by new games
* Improved metaserver for finding games

More developers and artists are always welcome to help out.

Another way you support Thousand Parsec is to buy Thousand Parsec things from 
our cafepress shop: http://www.cafepress.com/thousandparsec
The new TP calendar is available, using the concept art we have so far and it 
looks fantastic. 

We hope you have a happy holiday season and new year.

Lee (llnz) Begg with mithro, JLP and nash
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Zachary Kline | 29 Aug 19:15 2007

Latest developments?

    I've finally gotten back from vacation yesterday, and as it transpires  I had far less time to work on the client programming than I might've liked.  I'm also moving into my dorm come the next couple weeks, so might not get much done now either. 
    However, I'm curious: what are these new developments Tim mentioned?  Anything interesting?
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Zachary Kline | 12 Aug 19:17 2007

Back sooner than expected

    Well, actually, this isn't quite true.  I'm still on vacation, but I have net access more readily than I anticipated.
    I still have a definite interest in TP--as well as 4X-style games in general.  In fact, I've started an effort to try and ask Stardock to make Galactic Civilizations 2 accessible.  That seems as if it's not likely to happen, however.
    Anyhow, I just felt I should let you guys know I'm back.  I'm rather curious as to the status of TP.  What kinds of rules can be implemented?  Might those relate to accessibility in some way or other?
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Zachary Kline | 1 Aug 09:36 2007

Tpclient-pywx experiences

    I was able to successfully download Tpclient-pywx, and look at the universal treeview--wow, what a nice feature that is!  It worked perfectly with the screen reader after a little fiddling to get focus to it.
    The order entry seemed to go reasonably well, though I wish there were a function from the treeview or  menus to input long strings of numbers.
I just went to the Windows menu and shut off the starmap.  It was more annoying than it was worth. 
    I haven't done any extensive field testing yet, of course, but this is a very nice first experience.
Any thoughts?
Thanks, Tim and all, for being willing to help with this project.
Hope to hear back soon,
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Zachary Kline | 31 Jul 18:22 2007

Python and clients

As it happens, I am acquainted with Python.  It is rather an easy language for me to grasp, and so I feel at least a little better about trying to help out in the design of a proper text client.  Hm.  Is the source code to the current text client worth examining as a starting point?  I notice it is apparently only in one file.
Due to the rapid prototyping ability of Python, if I work sufficiently well I might have something to show for it in a reasonably short period of time.  Any thoughts on this?
I'd appreciate any help you guys could give me, certainly. 
Thanks much,

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