Michel Dänzer | 2 Nov 13:38 2011

xf86-video-ati 6.14.3

I'm pleased to announce the 6.14.3 release of the xf86-video-ati
(radeon) driver. Thanks to everybody who contributed! 


      * Support for more cards, in particular Llano APUs. 
      * KMS page flipping fixes. 
      * vdpau/XvMC support (currently only available for >= R3xx via
      * Tiling fixes, enable it on more cards by default.

Changes since 6.14.2:

Alex Deucher (14):
      radeon: add support for llano APUs
      radeon: add llano pci ids
      kms: enable ColorTiling by default on r6xx-cayman asics
      kms/man: update ColorTiling info
      dri2/eg+: fix size and alignment of depth/stencil buffers
      dri2: missing bit from a6154c00c64932332e8f6e334661ffd579cfd894
      dri2: fix copy pasto in a6154c00c64932332e8f6e334661ffd579cfd894
      evergreen: fix num_banks for 2D tiling config
      radeon: add some new NI pci ids
      kms: fix possible leak in pageflip code
      r5xx+: Fix vline setup with crtc offsets
      update man page with new marking names
      man: note that the list of marketing names is non-exhaustive
      UMS: fix DDIA enable on some rs690 systems

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Jeremy Huddleston | 4 Nov 18:40 2011

xorg-server 1.11.2

== Description ==

This is the second release candidate for xorg-server 1.11.2 and contains
fixes for various crashes and correctness issues fixed since the previous

== Known Issues ==

Important issues are listed in the 1.11 tracker bug:

* #17013: Issues when mising Xinerama and XCopyArea/Xdamage
  * Patch on xorg-devel for review, will hopefully be in 1.11.3
* #17431: xorg can segfault in VidModeGetFirstModeline
  * A workaround is ready.  Please review and submit to master first.
* #29251: [from 1.8.x] server crash destroying GLX pixmaps
* #39580: [from 1.9.x] crash in GLX when resizing a window
* #39949: [from 1.9.x] RandR panning & scaling don't work
* #41124: [from 1.9.x] Another crash in GLX/DRI2 when resizing a window
* #41211: [from 1.10.x] A DRI2 crash regression
  * A workaround is ready.  Please review and submit to master first.
* #42008: Double free using intel drivers
  * A fix is ready.  Please review and submit to master first.
* #42219: [from 1.10.x] Composite bug sometimes shows empty tooltips

Some additional known issues from the 1.12 tracker would be considered for
1.11 if a fix becomes available:

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Søren Sandmann | 7 Nov 04:07 2011

pixman stable release 0.24.0 now available

A new stable pixman release 0.24.0 is now available. Highlights of this

- Faster bilinear scaling on SSE2 and ARM NEON [Taekyun Kim]
- Several new fast paths for ARM NEON [Taekyun Kim]
- Support for the iwMMXt vector instruction set [Matt Turner]
- Improved support for building with MSVC [Andrea Canciani]

Plus a large number of other optimizations, bug fixes, and internal

Thanks to everybody who contributed to pixman 0.24.0, including Alan
Coopersmith, Andrea Canciani, Benjamin Otte, Chris Wilson, Dave Yeo,
Jeff Muizelaar, Jon TURNEY, Matt Turner, Nis Martensen, Siarhei Siamashka,
Søren Sandmann, and Taekyun Kim.

Please report bugs to pixman <at> lists.freedesktop.org or file them at





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Peter Hutterer | 9 Nov 02:16 2011


A month late but I just noticed that I never sent an announcement out for
this. libXi is the first snapshot for XI 2.1 support. At this point I
consider it unlikely that any major protocol changes will happen to the
smooth scrolling support. 

If you're working on a toolkit or similar, I highly recommend to start using
the new stuff while we can still change it to fit your expectations better.

Alan Coopersmith (3):
      Move Xinput server API documentation from libXi to xserver
      Fix the FIXME output in man page .TH macros generated by asciidoc
      Make shadow man pages generated by asciidoc work with Solaris man

Gaetan Nadon (13):
      Documentation: add Docbook external references support
      make: remove unneeded AM_V_GEN silent rule directive.
      make: use AM_V_at rather than AM_V_GEN to prefix the mv command
      Install target dbs alongside generated documents
      Install xml versions of specs even if HAVE_XMLTO is false
      docbook.am: global maintenance update - entities, images and olinking
      docbook.am: embed css styles inside the HTML HEAD element
      docs: remove <productnumber> which is not used by default
      docs: use the &fullrelvers; entity to set X11 release information
      inputlib: fix copyright statements
      inputlib: prefix 1.0 with the word Version
      inputlib: restore original title "X Input Device Extension Library"
      specs: refactor and complete copyright legal text

Jeremy Huddleston (1):
      Use AM_CPPFLAGS to use in tree headers before installed headers
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Jeremy Huddleston | 9 Nov 18:59 2011

libpciaccess 0.12.902

libpciaccess-0.12.902 (0.13 beta2) is released.

This release of libpciaccess includes the new map_legacy APIs required by
the current development version of xorg-server as well as miscelaneous
bug fixes.  0.12.901 (0.13 beta1) was only released as a git tag and no
announcement email nor tarball were prepared for that release.  As such,
the changes listed below are from 0.12.1.

Adam Jackson (3):
      linux: Fix a crash in populate_devices
      Add map_legacy interface
      linux: Implement map_legacy

Alan Coopersmith (2):
      Strip trailing whitespace
      Solaris: Give better error on realloc failure

Chris Wilson (1):
      linux: Only set errno after an error

Gaetan Nadon (1):
      config: comment, minor upgrade, quote and layout configure.ac

Jeremy Huddleston (6):
      Update library version to reflect new API
      configure.ac: Bump version to 0.12.901
      scanpci: Build fix for systems without <err.h>
      linux sysfs: Fix read-write access in map_legacy
      Fix some -Wformat errors in scanpci
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Peter Hutterer | 11 Nov 05:32 2011


A second snapshot of the future inputprotocol 2.2. No major changes, but one
field was removed from a request, the event numbers have changed and one
field was renamed. Enough to warrant a new version and use the benefits of

This is still considered unstable and required configure flags and #defines
to build. The protocol may change in incompatible ways before the release.

Chase Douglas (2):
      Fix Xi 2.x version comment in XI2.h
      Revert addition of active_touches to device events

Peter Hutterer (3):
      XI2: swap (Raw)TouchUpdate and (Raw)TouchEnd
      XI2: Use touchid, not touch_id in XIAllowEvents

git tag: inputproto-

MD5:  cb167fd40b6e718d1369bc917e18b87e  inputproto-
SHA1: 05ecf96bcc249e27d56ed9da45d606bb05ee6d0d  inputproto-
SHA256: 7e84c6dd2754977975695f3f1f8284bb6c9c223a6517d202795c7be0c2d37d2f  inputproto-

MD5:  b26fd2bed51d8a106f9cb2348f9538fe  inputproto-
SHA1: 3dee015521d7050657fa3fc830896bbcfadc3b82  inputproto-
SHA256: 22a3d9d7426f57860cabf845250b81ed8e3c1eb3f9e96f6ccf72594eed87865e  inputproto-

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Peter Hutterer | 11 Nov 06:07 2011


A snapshot for the upcoming libX11 1.5. We've got a few bugfixes, new
compose sequences and a large amount of cleanup in the specs.

New macro/API added GetRequestSized to get a request of a specific size.

Alan Coopersmith (2):
      Fix "nomal" -> "normal" typo in several comments
      XlcSL.c: convert old-style function definitions to ANSI C89 style

Alexander Polakov (1):
      XGrabKey manual page: change XAllowAccess to XAllowEvents in See Also

Bodo Graumann (1):
      libX11: Fixing modifier key range in Xutil.h (Bug #21910)

Choe Hwanjin (1):
      XIM: Make Xim handle NEED_SYNC_REPLY flag

Derek Buitenhuis (1):
      makekeys: Fix build/target word size mismatch when cross-compiling

Gaetan Nadon (34):
      nls: restructure charts as a single article with sections
      specs: build compose keys tables in specs/i18n/compose
      compose specs: generate chunked html
      libX11 specs: move </para> above <varaiablelist>
      credits.xml: remove toc from Acknowledgments
      libX11 specs: review doclifter generated tables
      docbook.am: do not generate docs if docbook customization layer is missing
      docbook.am: explicitly list xmlto flags for each target
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Chris Wilson | 17 Nov 00:25 2011

xf86-video-intel 2.17.0

A few months have passed, and we have accumulated a surprising number of
bug fixes. Oops! We would strongly encourage everyone to upgrade.

Bugs fixed in this release (compared to 2.16.0)

 * Video clobbering composite batch state

 * Incorrect reuse of surface bindings within a batch for multiple formats

 * Nothing was rendered for text with procedural sources

 * Handle fallbacks involving alpha maps

 * Workaround blitter hang on SandyBridge and IvyBridge

 * Workaround pipe control issues on SandyBridge

 * Use correct maximum PS thread count on IvyBridge

 * Protect against failed pixmap allocation for XV

git tag: 2.17.0
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Keith Packard | 21 Nov 00:20 2011


We discussed doing regular releases from master, and Jeremy suggested
(sensibly) that we just do them whenever there's a stable release. I
completely spaced that plan, nor was I looking at the Google X.org

In any case, here's the current state of master. It's missing a pull
request from alanc -- there were a couple of build failures in that
which I've replied back about and I expect that'll be fixed shortly.

For those interested in helping out, here's the 1.12 release tracker.


Anyone interested in helping clean up the release is encouraged to take
a look at the outstanding bugs there.

There's a slight snag about the 1.12 release schedule. I'm going biking
in New Zealand next February, leaving on the 9th and not getting back
until March 1st. So, we can either have the release done before I leave,
or wait until I get back. It seems like the former might work a bit
better, but it would mean pulling the release in to Feb 8th or so.

Anyone have an opinion on the matter?

Aaron Plattner (5):
      xfree86: Bump extension ABI version to 6.0
      fb: Rename wfbTriangles and wfbTrapezoids
      xfree86/modes: Let the driver handle the transform
      xfree86/modes: Make cursor position transform a helper function
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Tormod Volden | 19 Nov 23:56 2011

[ANNOUNCE] s3switch 0.1

From: Tormod Volden <debian.tormod <at> gmail.com>

From: Tormod Volden <debian.tormod <at> gmail.com>

Hash: SHA1

This is a new release of s3switch, a tool to manipulate video
output on S3 Savage cards, written by Tim Roberts. This release
mainly incorporates fixes and enhancements found in the Debian
and Fedora packages.

Guido Guenther (6):
      Add clean rule to Makefile
      Move s3switch.1x man page to s3switch.8
      Add proper copyright notice
      Fix includes in s3switch.c to kill gcc warnings
      Let TVout work on ProSavageDDR
      Use CFLAGS in Makefile

Tim Roberts (1):
      Imported Tim Roberts' original code

Tormod Volden (6):
      lrmi.c: Apply lrmi upstream fix to build on 2.6.26+
      Add missing format string for printf
      copyright: Delete duplicated text
      Update lrmi.c and lrmi.h from upstream CVS
      Move privilege check to after arguments parsing
      Add -V option to print version
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