Peter Hutterer | 14 Jul 08:22 2015

xf86-input-libinput 0.12.0

New addition: a property to enable/disable tap drag lock (which requires
libinput 0.19)

Multi-button mice are now supported, with higher-numbered buttons forwarded
as expected.

Peter Hutterer (3):
      Support buttons > BTN_BACK on mice
      Add a property for tap drag lock
      xf86-input-libinput 0.12.0

git tag: xf86-input-libinput-0.12.0
MD5:  116a4a349758826935cb47bfc7841619  xf86-input-libinput-0.12.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 4f568e19f7bd041c605f05224baffa876cf393c7  xf86-input-libinput-0.12.0.tar.bz2
SHA256: db8f919c24a381cec1e7840f1f2117251501c0c7ae2a43941d84753154a826d6  xf86-input-libinput-0.12.0.tar.bz2
MD5:  5b2a706ce6bc6bb6f642713736f2959a  xf86-input-libinput-0.12.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 56d7fbd860360a6ae371c9c74b2b747c933cf206  xf86-input-libinput-0.12.0.tar.gz
SHA256: e624e1e7c05ba429b726087b2ab39ec0081fd8247efb92cc13a7749100b146e1  xf86-input-libinput-0.12.0.tar.gz

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xorg-announce <at>
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Adam Jackson | 1 Jul 17:40 2015

xproto 7.0.28

Adds support for up to 512 clients in the X server.  Also a warning fix
for C99 compilers, and a build fix for Darwin.

Adam Jackson (1):
      xproto 7.0.28

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (1):
      darwin: Include strings.h

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      Increase the number of file descriptors

Thomas Klausner (1):
      Use C99 compliant definition of nonnull attribute.

git tag: xproto-7.0.28
MD5:  3ce2f230c5d8fa929f326ad1f0fa40a8  xproto-7.0.28.tar.bz2
SHA1: d62c43e1b3619ab85732e0113eaa2104920730ac  xproto-7.0.28.tar.bz2
SHA256: 29e85568d1f68ceef8a2c081dad9bc0e5500a53cfffde24b564dc43d46ddf6ca  xproto-7.0.28.tar.bz2
MD5:  0b42843b99aee3e4f6a9cc7710143f86  xproto-7.0.28.tar.gz
SHA1: 886ad6f989f3314a083af91d6d4e91f63563c489  xproto-7.0.28.tar.gz
SHA256: 6cabc8ce3fa2b1a2427871167b62c24d5b08a58bd3e81ed7aaf08f2bf6dbcfed  xproto-7.0.28.tar.gz

- ajax
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Emil Velikov | 29 Jun 21:50 2015

libdrm 2.4.62

This release introduces the atomic and blob APIs, adds support
for new devices (AMD Bonaire) and a new flag for coherent BOs
in nouveau.

Alex Deucher (1):
      radeon: add new bonaire pci id

Alexandre Courbot (1):
      nouveau: add coherent BO attribute

Boris BREZILLON (2):
      modetest: add atmel-hlcdc driver support
      tests/kmstest: support atmel-hlcdc

Damien Lespiau (1):
      intel: Add the Broxton PCI IDs

Daniel Stone (1):
      Add blob property create/destroy ioctl wrappers

Emil Velikov (7):
      modetest: explicitly zero the newly allocated memory
      modetest: replace malloc + memset with calloc
      xf86drm: simplify drmMalloc/drmFree
      Revert "Add device enumeration interface (v4)"
      xf86drmMode: remove unused valgrind(VG) macros
      xf86drmMode: include config.h before anything else bump version to 2.4.62 for release

Guillaume Desmottes (1):
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Thomas Hellstrom | 25 Jun 13:05 2015

xf86-input-vmmouse 13.1.0

This release is intended for general distro inclusion,
Testing has been performed on various linux distros, FreeBSD 10.1 and
Solaris 11.2.

 This release contains a number of build fixes and also changes to deal with
improved vmmouse port security and backoff if a vmmouse kernel module is
encountered. An additional dependency on libudev is introduced on linux.

Note that if the new linux 4.1 vmmouse functionality is used, the user-space
xf86-input-vmmouse driver can be skipped. Distros that want to keep the
xf86-input-vmmouse driver as a backup should *not* use any version prior to
13.0.99 since those versions would compete with the in-kernel vmmouse driver
for mouse input.

Thomas Hellstrom (1):
      Bump version number for release


Gaetan Nadon (6):
      Autoconf: remove AC_PROG_CC which overrides AC_PROG_CC_C99 from util-macros
      Autoconf: replace deprecated AC_HELP_STRING with AS_HELP_STRING
      Autoconf: minimum level required is 2.60
      Autoconf: Fix deprecated use of AC_OUTPUT
      "make dist" fails when workstation has no udev package
      tools: make install fails when user has no write permission in /lib

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (1):
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Adam Jackson | 16 Jun 18:03 2015

xf86-video-vesa 2.3.4

Minor update to fix PanelID support.  The minimum xserver version is
now 1.6; if you haven't updated your xserver in the last six years, now
would be a good time.

Adam Jackson (3):
      configure: Drop PanelID test
      Don't include deprecated xf86PciInfo.h
      vesa 2.3.4

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Raise required version of xorg-server to >= 1.6

git tag: xf86-video-vesa-2.3.4
MD5:  a893c37c589f7a31cea929a5d896a0e2  xf86-video-vesa-2.3.4.tar.bz2
SHA1: 88e74ccc5c11fdb60539bd474ba978eeb4f28a23  xf86-video-vesa-2.3.4.tar.bz2
SHA256: 7bddf4d879dd6f67088ecb203a31e12334aab980174bd0909930a21f32e251c1  xf86-video-vesa-2.3.4.tar.bz2
MD5:  8a262adc37de43977e084ecfc951ee03  xf86-video-vesa-2.3.4.tar.gz
SHA1: b9b376714c8ec612f41bbc8ff2768c9d01911577  xf86-video-vesa-2.3.4.tar.gz
SHA256: e7d88c014b2e93afcee4d48495f5fb69f6e03818b1f67d20a71739c190c4fb8e  xf86-video-vesa-2.3.4.tar.gz

- ajax
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Adam Jackson | 16 Jun 18:36 2015

xorg-server 1.17.2

This picks up a pile of fixes from master.  Notable highlights:

- Fix for CVE-2015-3164 in Xwayland
- Fix int10 setup for vesa
- Fix regression in server-interpreted auth
- Fix fb setup on big-endian CPUs
- Build fix for for gcc5

Complete changelog:

Aaron Plattner (2):
      xfree86: Fix xf86_check_platform_slot's handling of PCI
      xfree86: Add GPU screens even if there are no active GDevs

Adam Jackson (1):
      xserver 1.17.2

Adel Gadllah (1):
      modesetting: Fix software cursor fallback

Alan Coopersmith (2):
      Clear ListenTransConns entries in CloseWellKnownConnections
      Accept x86_64 as well as i*86 for $host_cpu in Solaris on x86

Brent Collins (1):
      shm: Fix xselinux resource initialization for xinerama pixmaps

Chris Wilson (2):
      shm: Fix use-after-free in ShmDestroyPixmap
      present: Copy unflip contents back to the Screen Pixmap
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Dave Airlie | 11 Jun 10:27 2015

rendercheck 1.5

with my gradient fixes in I thought it could do with a release,
since there was a bunch of other changes.

Aaron Plattner (1):
      Use the right screen from $DISPLAY

Chris Wilson (13):
      repeat: Specify test width/height rather than relying on win_width/height
      blend: Combine multiple tests into a single XGetImage request
      composite: Batch tests
      Split out printing the results from eval_diff()
      repeat: Only call GetImage once for each test.
      triangles: Use a single GetImage call to sample the result
      tsrcoords: Sample result with just a single GetImage
      tsrcoords2: Sample result using a single GetImage
      dstcoords: Sample result using a single GetImage
      TODO: Multiple roundtrips for image processing due to get_pixel fixed
      blend: Handle more sources than available rows in the window
      composite: Handle more sources than available rows in the window
      blend: Second attempt to handle multiple source pages...

Damien Leone (1):
      t_tsrccoords: Skip this test when using indexed picture formats

Dave Airlie (3):
      rendercheck: make gradient results align with pixman
      rendercheck: constrain accuracy
      rendercheck 1.5

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Thomas Wood | 11 Jun 17:25 2015

intel-gpu-tools 1.11

A new intel-gpu-tools quarterly release is available with the following changes:

- Various new tests and tools

- Single combined test list (supported by piglit since commit 8a122bb)

- Optional dependency on libunwind to provide automatic stack traces on test
  failures. (Thomas Wood)

- Add optional default debug and optimisation flags for tests to enable better
  stack traces and debugging. (Thomas Wood)

- Test programs are now installed into libexec. This is useful when building a
  complete software stack for a DUT from scratch. (Building and installing
  tests can still be disabled by the --disable-tests configure flag.)
  (Joonas Lahtinen)

- New tool to decode watermark registers (Ville Syrjälä)

- Timeout mechanism now reports test as failed

- Introduce intel_reg as the one Intel graphics register multitool to replace
  intel_reg_read, intel_reg_write, intel_iosf_sb_read, intel_iosf_sb_write,
  intel_vga_read, intel_vga_write, intel_reg_dumper, intel_reg_snapshot,
  and (Jani Nikula)

- Add functions to manipulate i915.ko parameters and ensure features are enabled
  for testing. (Paulo Zanoni)

Complete list of changes since 1.10:
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Daniel Stone | 10 Jun 17:06 2015

X.Org/Wayland Security Advisory: Missing authentication in XWayland

X.Org/Wayland Security Advisory: June 10th, 2015 - CVE-2015-3164
Unauthorised local client access in XWayland


Ray Strode, a developer at Red Hat, discovered an authentication setup
issue inside the XWayland compatibility server, used to host X11 clients
inside a Wayland compositor's session. XWayland is used by Weston and
Mutter / GNOME Shell's Wayland mode.

Due to an omission in authentication setup, the XWayland server would
start up in non-authenticating mode, meaning that any client with access
to the server's UNIX socket was able to connect to the server and use it
as a regular client. No Wayland compositor was known to start XWayland
with TCP access open, so remote exploitation is not considered possible.

On many systems, all local users would have full access to the XWayland
server, allowing untrusted users to capture contents of, and input
destined for, other X11 clients.

This permission bypass does not extend to native Wayland clients:
XWayland is not given access to the buffers of any Wayland clients in
the host session, nor is any input sent to XWayland unless an X11
client was active at that time.

The resolution was to restrict XWayland connections to the same UID as
the server itself, matching Wayland's default permissions.

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Peter Hutterer | 5 Jun 05:44 2015

xf86-input-libinput 0.11.0

This release fixes a missing property for scroll methods if none of the
scroll methods were enabled by default (but still available on the device).

Another fix for 'mixed' devices, i.e. devices with relative and absolute
axes at the same time. This is quite common in MS mice that init all ABS_X
axes in addition to relative x/y. Those devices previously got scaled
weirdly by the server (because the server would think there's an absolute
axis range to scale to). We now prefer the relative axes, restoring normal
pointer movement.

Finally, this release makes use of the new unaccelerated valuator masks in
the server (if available). This allows the driver to send accelerated and
unaccelerated data to the server which restores the correct values in XI2
raw events but more importantly it stops the deadzone on slow motions in SDL
games like openarena.

Peter Hutterer (4):
      Only init abs axes if we don't have acceleration
      Use the new unaccelerated valuator ValuatorMask features
      Fix missing scroll methods default/scroll button property
      xf86-input-libinput 0.11.0

git tag: xf86-input-libinput-0.11.0
MD5:  710f0a2ecb6a3aefee80aba0fbbe6e18  xf86-input-libinput-0.11.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 361c45894e77fb2d0c6e0579f1807b39ad78520d  xf86-input-libinput-0.11.0.tar.bz2
SHA256: 56babf46c13d15fbd15c9d43815e9220e63acd9ed28095e7d68ad03f9148bbda  xf86-input-libinput-0.11.0.tar.bz2

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Sergey Udaltsov | 26 May 22:58 2015

xkeyboard-config 2.15

Here is another minor release. Thanks to the Translation Project for
the several updated translations.



Artur Dryomov (1):
      symbols/typo: rework typographic layout.

Sergey Udaltsov (9):
      Add support for Latinamerican Dvorak layout
      added lk(us)
      fixed the license (removed GPL)
      Removed GPLv3 line
      Fixed Singhala -> Sinhala
      Updated cm layout
      Updated from TP
      Update from TP
      Release 2.15

Stefan Dirsch (1):
      Define <LSGT> key properly in basic layout

git tag: xkeyboard-config-2.15
MD5:  4af1deeb7c5f4cad62e65957d98d6758  xkeyboard-config-2.15.tar.bz2
SHA1: e3711045dcee02c5a5b4eb8344879a1f0233edce  xkeyboard-config-2.15.tar.bz2
SHA256: 0e443cf7ca2f0b40846472c029647a05933fc705d611e1478c4db8a48a6f38bf
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