Sergey Udaltsov | 2 Jun 23:32 2016

xkeyboard-config 2.18

Aleksei Gutikov (1):
      Add Ctrl+Win keyboard layout switch.

Benno Schulenberg (2):
      rules: Giving the caps:ctrl_modifier option a distinctive description.
      Sorting the Caps Lock options in a consistent manner.

Egbert Eich (1):
      symbols: add explicit definition for Group2 to win_space_toggle

Henning W (1):
      Added Bone layout (including the q/eszett variant) and Neo qwertz/qwerty

Sergey Udaltsov (10):
      Added the Ruble signe
      Added us(carpalx)
      Add Algerian layout with variants
      Added some Asian layouts
      Added US layout for IBM Arabic 238L
      Synced descriptions
      Added Armenian dram sign to Armenian phonetic
      Fixed ISO codes for Jawi
      Pre-release refresh
      Release 2.18

git tag: xkeyboard-config-2.18
MD5:  c28cf45616bfec276879360bc36c6b27  xkeyboard-config-2.18.tar.bz2
SHA1: d41335ec37b363ddaf2f0dcb121436dfc627ced5  xkeyboard-config-2.18.tar.bz2
SHA256: c41d917d6c8a59feb7ccbda51c40a6ada824fdd1e9684b52dd48c9530617ddd0  xkeyboard-config-2.18.tar.bz2
MD5:  96c43e04dbfbb1e6e6abd4678292062c  xkeyboard-config-2.18.tar.gz
SHA1: c743dc3a17b7435054a55b0b9e1e25c00cf70fa7  xkeyboard-config-2.18.tar.gz
SHA256: d5c511319a3bd89dc40622a33b51ba41a2c2caad33ee2bfe502363fcc4c3817d  xkeyboard-config-2.18.tar.gz

xorg-announce mailing list
xorg-announce <at>
Marius Vlad | 31 May 19:25 2016

intel-gpu-tools 1.15


A new intel-gpu-tools quarterly release is available with the following

- New KMS test: tests/kms_cursor_legacy (Stress legacy cursor ioctl)
(Chris Wilson)

- Several GEM tests have been removed from BAT: tests/gem_exec_whisper,
tests/gem_sync (dropped individual engines), test/gem_cs_prefetch (replaced
by test/gem_exec_gttfill), tests/gem_ctx_param_basic (got relabeled
to tests/gem_ctx_param) (Chris Wilson)

- build: Skip configure step if is NOCONFIGURE set (Tomeu Vizoso)

- tools/intel_bios_reader: Added options for dumping individual panels, specific
section, hex format and other various fixes (Jani Nikula)

- build: Add optional --enable-werror
(hard-fail in case of compiler warnings) (Marius Vlad)

- New KMS test: tests/prime_mmap_kms (show case dma-buf new API
and processes restrictions) (Tiago Vignatti)

- Several tests have gained to ability to be run on different platforms
than Intel: tests/testdisplay (Tomeu Vizoso), tests/kms_panel_fitting
(Robert Foss), tests/kms_flip_event_leak, tests/kms_flip (Tomeu Vizoso).

- compute exitcode first: In the case of running multiple subtests which all
happen to be skipped, igt_exitcode is 0, but the final exit code will be 77.
(Chris Wilson)

- Shorten tests/kms_flip test (Tvrtko Ursulin)

- Half the timeout for suspend to RAM and a third for suspend to disk
(Marius Vlad)

- lib: Pass format instead of bpp to create_bo_for_fb (Ville Syrjälä)

- Removed from tests/test-list.txt, tests/gem_concurrent_all and added
tests/test-list-full.txt that contains all the tests. This will speed
up considerably piglit when starting tests. (Gabriel Feceoru)

- piglit changed its behaviour to prevent overwriting the results. A fairly new
version of piglit is required to run i-g-t tests. (Gabriel Feceoru)

- lib: Replace drmIoctl() with a layer of indirection (Chris Wilson)

- Adding missing Broxton PCI IDs (Rodrigo Vivi)

- Added COMMIT_ATOMIC (lib/igt_kms, w/ tests/kms_rotation_crc).
Requires nuclear_pageflip parameter turned on in the i915 driver.
(Mayuresh Gharpure, Pratik Vishwakarma)

- man/: rewrite manual pages in reStructuredText (Jani Nikula)

- tests/drv_module_reload_basic: perform fault injection (Chris Wilson)
with various improvements (Imre Deak)

- Removed tests/gem_multi_bsd_sync_loop which was superseded by
tests/gem_ring_sync_loop and tests/gem_dummy_reloc_loop by
tests/gem_exec_reloc (Chris Wilson)

- New GEM tests: tests/gem_exec_whisper, tests/gem_exec_store,
test/gem_exec_gttfill, tests/gem_exec_suspend, tests/gem_exec_flush
(Chris Wilson)

- New benchmarks: benchmarks/gem_syslatency, benchmarks/gem_exec_fault
(Chris Wilson)

- tests/gem_exec_nop included in BAT (Chris Wilson)

- tests/pm_rpm: Fix crash on machines that lack LLC (David Weinehall)

- lib/igt_fb: Fix domain tracking for GTT cairo surfaces (Chris Wilson)

- Add igt_subtest_group to allow igt_fixture for only a subset of subtests
without skipping/failing all subsequent subtests. (Daniel Vetter)

- Many more fixes and improvements.

And the full changelog follows:

Bob Paauwe (1):
      ksm_pipe_color: Set legacy gamma values inside loop.

Chris Wilson (190):
      igt/gem_ctx_create: Exercise a trivial allocation failure
      igt/gem_ctx_create: Exercise implicit per-fd context creation
      tests/drv_missed_irq_hang: Wait harder
      lib: Show the command that fails when suspending
      lib/igt_fb: Fix domain tracking for GTT cairo surfaces
      igt/gem_exec_suspend: Exercise simple exec-and-read across suspend
      igt/gem_exec_basic: Check that we don't write into the const execbuf arg
      igt/gem_softpin: Check norelocations hold versus suspend/resume
      lib: Tidy testing for rtcwake
      lib/igt_gt: Replace asm clflush/mfence with __builtin_ia32 variants
      igt/pm_rpm: Wait for PCI D3
      igt/gem_reloc_overflow: Fix errno tests for "overflow"
      lib: Flush BSD2 as well when available
      lib: Flush all possible rings
      lib: Skip execution in gem_has_ring()
      igt/gem_exec_suspend: Do pre/post suspend double checks
      lib: Magic for_each_engine() macro to iterate over available engines
      igt/gem_exec_suspend: Check with both cached/uncached objects
      igt/gem_ringfill: Check full rings across suspend/hibernate
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Add a basic test
      benchmarks/gem_latency: Replace igt_stats with igt_mean
      igt/gem_exec_store: The simplest batch that does something!
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Only combine unique rings
      benchmarks: Add gem_syslatency
      benchmarks/gem_syslatency: Measure unloaded latency
      benchmarks/gem_syslatency: Prevent CPU sleeps (C-states)
      benchmarks/gem_syslatency: Subtract the clock_gettime() overhead
      igt/drv_hangman: 32bit compilation warning
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: 32bit compilation warning
      igt/gem_reloc_overflow: 32bit compilation warning
      benchmarks/gem_syslatency: Guard setaffinity_np
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Fix logical inversion for checking of valid execbuf
      tests: Add gem_exec_whisper
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Don't forget that 0 is a valid address on full-ppgtt
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Stop passing NO_RELOC
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Test submission between fds
      igt/drv_module_reload_basic: Rinse and repeat with addition module parameters
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Persistent relocation support
      lib: Remove unused gem_has_enable_ring()
      tests/gem_ring_sync_loop: Exercise all rings
      igt/gem_exec_reloc: Exercise updating relocations of an active object
      lib: Remove dead gem_get_num_rings()
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Exercise rings individually
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Decrease BAT timing
      igt/gem_bad_reloc: Fix handling of 64bit relocations
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Beware PIN_HIGH
      igt/gem_bad_reloc: Rename conflicting negative-reloc-blt
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Move testing of "default" engine to standalone
      lib/igt_gt: Handle SIGINT whilst writing to i915_error_state
      igt/gem_softpin: Repeat tests with signal interruptions
      igt/gem_concurrent_all: struct buffers for all
      lib/intel_os: Squelch dmesg spam when purging VM caches
      lib/ioctl_wrappers: Explain a couple of igt_require(ret == 0)
      igt/gem_concurent_blit: Exercise different object sizes
      lib: Replace drmIoctl() with a layer of indirection
      lib/igt_aux: Divert ioctls for signal injection
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Enable quicker interruptible testing
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: dmabuf requires twice the number of files
      igt/gem_ringfill: Use igt_sigiter to focus the interruptible testing
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Add interruptibles tests
      igt/prime_mmap_coherency: Speed up interruptible testing
      igt/gem_softpin: Convert to igt_interruptible
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Enable quicker interruptible testing
      lib/igt_aux: Refine decision to stop signal injection
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Reset process limits to allow dmabuf tests
      igt/gem_concurent_blit: Prevent a memleak if we assert whilst creating buffers
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Prevent MI_STORE_DWORD on gen6/bsd again
      igt/gem_concurrent_all: Inject a hang onto all rings
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Tweak migration logging
      igt/gem_exec_suspend: Allow suspend testing on gen6
      igt/gem_exec_suspend: Add BAT runs
      igt/gem_ringfill: Fine-tune list of BAT tests
      igt/gem_ringfill: Fix basic- reversal
      lib: Measure the cost of calling timer_settimer() for sigiter
      tests: Add gem_shrink
      igt/gem_shrink: Include a shrinker vs GPU hang
      igt/gem_shrink: Consume all of total ram in each process
      lib: Add a GPU error detector
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Enable hang detection
      benchmarks/gem_exec_nop: Include a measurement across all rings
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Relax maxfiles restrictions
      igt/gem: Add GPU hang detection to basic tests
      igt/gem_sync: Add a basic test to wait upon a batch on all rings
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Check for inconsistent reloc offset vs object offset
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Add simple interruptible pass
      igt/gem_ctx_switch: Add basic test for context switching
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Add expectancy of independent execution between engines
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Relax parallel assertion for short rings
      igt/gem_exec_store: Exercise write ordering
      igt/gem_exec_suspend: Add basic selftest
      lib: Tidy error message for a helper process who unexpectedly dies
      lib: Ignore udev failure to report an event
      igt/gem_busy: Use a boatload of store-dwords to force ring busyness
      igt/gem_busy: Cap number of tries to create busy rings
      igt/gem_busy: Try to slow down execution
      igt/gem_exec_reloc: Exercise read-only relocation arrays
      igt/pm_rps: Trigger a real GPU reset
      igt/gem_shrink: Add pread/pwrite stress
      igt/gem_shrink: Exercise with userptr stress
      lib: Don't report the last errno inside the async GPU hang detector
      lib: Avoid assertion if sig_ioctl is unsed from a child accidentally
      benchmarks/gem_latency: Add a -C switch to measure impact of cmdparser
      benchmarks: Include my ezbench test runners
      igt/gem_shrink: Fix leak in userptr, add another
      igt/gem_shrink: Reduce oom spam
      igt/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Replace stop_rings with igt_hang_ring
      igt/kms_flip: Convert over to real hang injection
      lib: Remove defunct stop_rings
      igt/gem_shrink: Fix execution object offset
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Purge the libdrm caches before cloning
      lib: Tidy presentations of pread/pwrite failures
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Tweak num_buffers to just exceed target
      igt/gem_busy: fix compaction of multiple store commands
      igt: Add a basic test to stress allocation of batches
      igt/gem_exec_create: Add a "leak" test
      igt/gem_ctx_create: Broaden per-engine testing
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Explain the parallel execution assertion
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Correct %3.f typo
      igt/gem_busy: Slow down the writer
      igt/gem_pwrite: Add backwards/random access patterns
      igt/gem_mocs_settings: Check for pollution of default contexts
      gem_exec_lut_handle: Fix presumed_offset to force relocation on full-ppgtt
      igt/gem_ctx_param: Relabel
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Fix time units for assertion printf
      igt/gem_concurrent_blit: Ensure we only shrink the child buffers
      igt/gem_close_race: Batify
      scripts: Add a simple trybot driver
      igt/gem_close_race: Avoid using threads, use signals instead
      igt/gem_close_race: Import the scratch
      igt/gem_exec_nop: Apply missed interrupt detection
      igt/gem_busy: Discard the indirect batchbuffers
      igt/gem_busy: Test parallel execution
      igt/gem_close_race: Restore threads test to BAT status
      igt/gem_busy: Avoid BSD emission on gen6
      igt: Add gem_exec_parallel
      benchmark/gem_latency: sync startup correctly
      tests: Add gem_exec_flush
      lib: Apply magic clflush serialisation
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Add a read-only variation
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Use subtest groups to tidy requirement checking
      lib: Enable clflush for 32bit x86 builds
      igt/gem_exec_flush: For good measure, check pread/pwrite
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Add basic set-domain checks
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Add interruptible testing
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Use a cacheline stride
      benchmarks/gem_latency: Report throughput
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Mark mmap-wc dependency
      lib: Tweak calibration of initial settimer delay
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Move assertions out of interruptible loops
      lib: Fixup u64 multiply for computing nanoseconds
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Immediately repeat the same cacheline
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Match gem_set_domain to pointer access
      igt/gem_ringfill: Avoid CPU -> GTT -> CPU transition
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Test continuously rewriting the batch
      lib: compute exitcode first
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Stress a few more synchronisation paths for execbuf
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Give even batch write a unique value
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Also check flushing before the cmdparser
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Halve the number of BAT tests, but double their runtime
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Restrict BAT batch testing
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Test cacheline invalidation before execbuf
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Add a WC mmapping of the target buffer
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Flush before each use
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Add some commentary about clflush testing
      igt: Add a few more forked variants of basic tests
      benchmarks: Add some contention tests for object/context creation
      igt/gem_exec_parse: Simple exercise for MI_LOAD_REGISTER_REG
      benchmarks/gem_create: Report combined concurrent allocation rate
      benchmarks/gem_exec_nop: Add forked variants
      benchmarks/gem_blt: Add forked variants
      benchmarks/gem_latency: Revert to unsafe mmio access on gen7
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Include a bit of information about the test setup
      igt/gem_reset_stats: Fix pending batch count for bans
      igt/gem_exec_flush: Exclude -before- subtests from BAT
      tests: Add gem_exec_gttfill
      igt/gem_cs_prefetch: Remove from BAT
      benchmarks: Add gem_exec_fault
      igt/gem_exec_gttfill: Exclude the page allocation from the timeout
      benchmarks/gem_exec_fault: Reset alignment to 0
      igt/gem_sync: Drop individual engines from BAT
      igt/gem_exec_whisper: Exclude from BAT
      igt/gem_exec_gttfill: Limit to using 4GiB of GTT
      lib/gt: Replace hanging instruction
      igt/gem_exec_gttfill: qword writes require an extra bit on bdw+
      test: Add legacy cursor stress test
      igt/kms_cursor_legacy: Give each child a different CRTC access pattern
      igt/kms_cursor_legacy: Add uncontended cursor updates
      igt/kms_cursor_legacy: Show basic stats of iterations per child
      igt/kms_cursor_legacy: Stress each CRTC individually as well
      igt/kms_cursor_legacy: Fixup !fixture
Daniel Vetter (16):
      lib/igt_kms: Don't disable exit handlers around set_vt_mode
      tests/kms_mmap_write_crc: Use the right fork helpers
      gitignore: Add .dirstamp
      lib/igt_core: remove igt_disable/enable_exit_handlers
      lib: Unit test for exit handler
      lib: remove saved_sig_mask
      tests/gem_reloc_overflow: Add missing igt_fixture
      lib: Add igt_subtest_group
      tests/gem_concurrent_blt|all: Use igt_subtest_group
      lib: Fix some doc warnings
      lib/tests: More igt_subtest_group checks
      lib: Fix doc warnings for real!
      lib/igt_kms: Move IGT_MAX_PLANES into the igt_plane enum
      lib/igt_aux: Polish docs for igt_interruptible
      lib/igt_aux: Polish docs for igt_timeout
      lib/crc: Update doc for igt_pipe_crc_get_crcs

David Weinehall (1):
      tests/pm_rpm: Fix CRASH on machines that lack LLC

Derek Morton (2):
      benchmarks/gem_syslatency: Add extra android guard to attr_setaffinity_np
      tests/ Update cairo dependant test list

Feceoru, Gabriel (7):
      scripts: Adapt to the piglit changes
      tests: Separate tests with lots of subtests
      tests/kms_plane: Skip on no connected outputs
      lib/igt_kms: Add fail exit branch in do_display_commit()
      tests/kms_plane: Skip the test when configuration couldn't be applied
      tests/kms_flip: Adjust tolerance when counting frames
      tests: Moved gem_concurrent_blit back to the normal set

Gabriel Feceoru (1):
      kms_frontbuffer_tracking: Remove hardcoded PIPE_A

Imre Deak (2):
      drv_module_reload_basic: skip alive check after load failure injection
      igt/drv_module_reload_basic: Pass correct inject_load_failure module option

Jani Nikula (32):
      man: rewrite manual pages in reStructuredText
      man: update intel_reg.rst to be more in line with the others
      lib/intel_chipset: drop unused IS_9XX()
      tools/intel_reg_decode: drop confusing use of IS_965()
      tests: use igt_assert_lte to verify pm_backlight test results
      tests: add context param to pm_backlight tests
      tests: limit pm_backlight actual brightness tolerance between 0 and max
      tests/kms_sink_crc_basic: clean up assert_color and provide more details
      man: add .gitignore with defs.rst
      tools/intel_bios_reader: drop unused macros
      lib/igt_aux: update encoder and type names
      lib/igt_aux: define actual functions for kmstest_*_str
      tools/intel_bios_reader: make VBIOS non-global
      tools/intel_bios_reader: add command line option parsing and --file parameter
      tools/intel_bios_reader: add --devid parameter
      tools/intel_bios_reader: drop unused lvds_support variable
      tools/intel_bios_reader: drop silly tv_present variable and printout
      tools/intel_bios_reader: pass around a context pointer instead of bdb_header
      tools/intel_bios_reader: move more globals to struct context
      tools/intel_bios_reader: move devid to context too
      tools/intel_bios_reader: drop dependencies on lvds block parsing
      tools/intel_bios_reader: let the user specify panel type on the command line
      tools/intel_bios_reader: dump the blocks in numerical order
      tools/intel_bios_reader: add --hexdump option to dump hex, disable by default
      tools/intel_bios_reader: add support for dumping only specific section
      tools/intel_bios_reader: add --all-panels option to dump all panels
      tools/intel_bios_reader: free the block returned by find_section
      man: update intel_bios_reader man page
      tools/intel_bios_reader: abstract header information dumping
      tools/intel_bios_reader: clean up VBT/BDB header dumping
      tools/intel_bios_reader: print errors to stderr, return EXIT_FAILURE
      lib/igt_kms: move gtk-doc comments next to the definition

Lionel Landwerlin (7):
      lib: kms: add crtc_id to igt_pipe_t
      lib: kms: add helpers for color management properties on pipes
      lib: fb: add igt_paint_color_gradient_range
      lib: add crc comparison function without an assert
      tests/kms_color: New test for pipe level color management
      test/kms_pipe_color: add test to verify legacy ioctl resets GAMMA_LUT
      lib: kms: move framebuffer scanout offset/size to plane

Maarten Lankhorst (1):
      tests/kms_setmode: Add tests when not stealing encoders on same crtc.

Marius Vlad (9):
      tests/kms_setmode: Fix compilation warnings.
      NEWS: a newer version of piglit is required.
      NEWS: Updated info about tests/tests-list.txt.
      NEWS: COMMIT_ATOMIC landed a while ago and a test that makes use of it.
      tests/gem_close_race: Remove basic-threads from BAT.
      NEWS: Update news.
      tests/prime_mmap_kms: Fix white-space.
      tools/intel_bios_reader: add help
      Updated NEWS, and bumped to 1.15.

Matt Roper (2):
      kms_atomic: Skip rather than fail on non-atomic drivers
      igt_core: Search "." as final fallback for igt_fopen_data()

Mayuresh Gharpure (1):
      lib/igt_kms: Add COMMIT_ATOMIC to igt_display_commit2()

Micah Fedke (1):
      lib: update kmstest_get_pipe_from_crtc_id
Mika Kuoppala (2):
      tests/gem_evict_alignment: use uint64_t in eviction memory parameters
      tests/gem_evict_everything: use uint64_t in subtest params

Paulo Zanoni (7):
      lib/igt_kms: add kmstest_get_crtc_idx
      kms_frontbuffer_tracking: don't pass the crtc idx to init_mode_params
      kms_frontbuffer_tracking: extract find_connector function
      kms_frontbuffer_tracking: try harder to find suitable connectors
      tests: fix CRTC assignment for a few tests
      kms_frontbuffer_tracking: add missing igt_remove_fb calls
      tests/kms_draw_crc: remove hardcoded PIPE_A

Peter Antoine (1):
      test/gem_mocs_settings: Testing MOCS register settings

Robert Foss (12):
      kms_atomic: Fix crtc_id comparison failing.
      core_getversion: Switched from igt_assert to assert helpers.
      core_getversion: Only verify major version for i915.
      kms_panel_fitting: skips if there's a non-eDP display connected. Fix it.
      kms_panel_fitting: Remove un-read variable.
      kms_panel_fitting: Remove un-read variable pipe_crc.
      kms_panel_fitting: Remove un-used variable.
      kms_panel_fitting: Switched DRM format to a hardware agnostic alternative.
      kms_panel_fitting: Enabled test on non-Intel hardware.
      kms_panel_fitting: Enable connectors with "scaling mode" property set.
      tests/gem_ppgtt: Switched to new aliases of intel specific functions.
      tests/gem_render_tiled_blits: Switched to new aliases of intel specific functions.

Rodrigo Vivi (2):
      intel: Adding missing Broxton PCI IDs.
      tools: Add missing Kabylake codename strings.

Tiago Vignatti (2):
      prime_mmap_coherency: Add return error tests for prime sync ioctl
      prime_mmap_kms: show case dma-buf new API and processes restrictions

Tomeu Vizoso (31):
      lib: Rename is_intel to has_known_intel_chipset
      lib: add igt_require_intel
      lib: Have gem_set_tiling require intel
      lib: Expose is_i915_device
      lib: Assert we are on i915 from intel_get_drm_devid
      lib: Call intel_get_drm_devid only from intel code
      lib: Add wrapper for DRM_IOCTL_MODE_CREATE_DUMB
      lib: Add helper kmstest_dumb_map_buffer
      lib: Add igt_dirty_fb
      lib: Map dumb buffers
      lib: Add igt_create_bo_with_dimensions
      kms_addfb_basic: call igt_create_bo_with_dimensions
      kms_addfb_basic: move tiling functionality into each subtest
      kms_addfb_basic: Split tiling_tests off
      kms_addfb_basic: Move calls to gem_set_tiling to the subtests
      kms_addfb_basic: Get intel gen from within subtest
      tests: Open any driver
      tests/kms_addfb_basic: Set tiling in addfb25 subtest
      lib: Declare loop variable as volatile before setjmp
      tests/drm_read: Drop DRM_IOCTL_I915_GET_PIPE_FROM_CRTC_ID
      tests/kms_render: Move dependency on i915 into subtest
      tests/kms_flip: Create tiled BOs only when needed
      tests/kms_flip: Move bufmgr requirement into subtests
      tests/kms_flip: Open DRM device with DRIVER_ANY
      tests/kms_flip_event_leak: Use non-tiled formats
      tests/kms_flip_event_leak: Open DRM device with DRIVER_ANY
      tests/kms_addfb_basic: Move tiling tests into their own groups
      tests/testdisplay: Use cairo helpers to draw to plane
      tests/testdisplay: Open DRM device with DRIVER_ANY
      build: Skip configure step if is NOCONFIGURE set
      lib: Actually use provided size when creating BO

Tvrtko Ursulin (4):
      gem_ppgtt: Fix flink-and-exit-vma-leak for engine->last_context
      igt/drv_module_reload_basic: Do not require snd-hda-intel
      kms_flip: Shorten basic tests a bit
      igt_kms: Fix use after free in kmstest_get_pipe_from_crtc_id

Ville Syrjälä (8):
      lib/igt_kms: Fix igt_fb_set_size() debug message
      lib/igt_fb: Fix gen2 and 915 Y tile sizes
      tests/pm_rps: Fix assert for sysfs writes
      tools/intel_reg: Fix builtin register spec for gen4
      tools/intel_reg: Add extra pipe B registers for CHV
      tests/pm_rps: Increase timeouts to 15 seconds
      lib: Pass format instead of bpp to create_bo_for_fb()
      tools/intel_watermark: Dump linetime watermarks on hsw/bdw

marius vlad (7):
      tests/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Don't suspend the machine if the pipe is not present.
      lib/igt_aux: Half the timeout for suspend to RAM and a third for suspend to disk.
      tests/gem_busy: Fix passing invalid fd for basic-parallel-* tests.
      tests/gem_close_race: Add igt_fixture block for igt_stop_hang_detector.
      tests/{gem_ctx_switch, gem_exec_create}: Fix shadow declaration of child variable.
      benchmarks/, overlay/, demos/, tools/, tests/: Add optional Werror.
      autotools/: Allow building tests/gem_concurrent_{all, blit}

pvishwak (1):
      tests/kms_rotation_crc: Adding rotation tests using COMMIT_ATOMIC path
git tag: intel-gpu-tools-1.15
MD5:  dea5d3a60f93054760d773aaa3a36b1f  intel-gpu-tools-1.15.tar.bz2
SHA1: d40167c2395907c8077388a36aa77f645e70a001  intel-gpu-tools-1.15.tar.bz2
SHA256: dcf256112d2692aa49ce6c6d17a898f60b3709b98c2f1c4592b23d22371462bd  intel-gpu-tools-1.15.tar.bz2
MD5:  2b929cfbe6ebff1c426048ada194b801  intel-gpu-tools-1.15.tar.gz
SHA1: 51b44311e1db246658a60113d446118ffb7ba85c  intel-gpu-tools-1.15.tar.gz
SHA256: 88e7ec1d29ac1141dbb67cf45d3b8f131e376d81d2732fc182ca0a080ae59462  intel-gpu-tools-1.15.tar.gz

xorg-announce mailing list
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Peter Hutterer | 1 Jun 03:44 2016

xf86-input-evdev 2.10.3

Only one fix over 2.10.2 restoring tablets' functionality. A bug in the
wheel emulation rework caused non-x/y axes to stop updating. Interaction
with tablets thus resulted in a zero pressure sent to the clients an the
tablet being unable to draw.

Peter Hutterer (2):
      Restore non-xy axes updates
      evdev 2.10.3

git tag: xf86-input-evdev-2.10.3
MD5:  aa3363ce5061d0c4d1e7f7019b99716d  xf86-input-evdev-2.10.3.tar.bz2
SHA1: ec1ff149bad8a648ce6b1debb03fb332a45221f4  xf86-input-evdev-2.10.3.tar.bz2
SHA256: 5aa21ba4be8df927e5676a99c7f4f0343abc089f5451b7e73e39536f29b332a2  xf86-input-evdev-2.10.3.tar.bz2
MD5:  40d180df1d9a01b7a46b21403b9dcf19  xf86-input-evdev-2.10.3.tar.gz
SHA1: 82b733a0c43637aaafedeba315f5fe31ad6ff692  xf86-input-evdev-2.10.3.tar.gz
SHA256: d188e3046b385d54a78312978cdb6c48992d5c252d805bcf74e1ef23efa5aabc  xf86-input-evdev-2.10.3.tar.gz

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Matt Turner | 26 May 03:55 2016

libXfixes 5.0.2

Matt Turner (1):
      libXfixes 5.0.2

Michael Joost (1):
      Remove fallback for _XEatDataWords, require libX11 1.6 for it

git tag: libXfixes-5.0.2
MD5:  544d73df94e638ba7b64147be416e576  libXfixes-5.0.2.tar.bz2
SHA1: 56ad5e27f2cb7dcc61af4bab813464415ff0b25b  libXfixes-5.0.2.tar.bz2
SHA256: 9bd20edfec084a1bed481d48dd4815dee88139fffad091418cdda081129a9aea  libXfixes-5.0.2.tar.bz2
MD5:  3636e59f8f5fa2e469d556d49f30e98d  libXfixes-5.0.2.tar.gz
SHA1: 483532effa426c0b619a8c71ec318449a7e228d8  libXfixes-5.0.2.tar.gz
SHA256: ad8df1ecf3324512b80ed12a9ca07556e561b14256d94216e67a68345b23c981  libXfixes-5.0.2.tar.gz

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Uli Schlachter | 18 May 18:42 2016

xcb-proto 1.12

Hi everyone,

here is a new version of xcb-proto for you to enjoy. Highlights are lots of
improvements especially to the xinput extension, support for RandR 1.5 and an
automatic alignment checker.


Christian Linhart (98):
      xinput: ChangeFeedbackControl: add missing pad
      xinput: SetDeviceModifierMapping: fix length of pad
      xinput: OpenDevice-reply: add align-pad at end
      xinput: UngrabDevice-request: add pad at end
      xinput: UngrabDeviceButton-request: add pad at end
      xinput: AllowDeviceEvents-request: add pad at end
      xinput: SetDeviceFocus-request: add pad at end
      xinput: GetDeviceKeyMapping-request: add pad at end
      xinput: GetDeviceButtonMapping-reply: add align-pad at end
      xinput: GetDeviceProperty-reply: add align-pad at end
      xinput: ChangeDeviceProperty-request: add align-pad at end
      xinput: struct AddMaster: add align-pad at end
      xinput: XIGetProperty-reply: add align-pad at end
      xinput: GetDeviceMotionEvents-request: add pad at end
      xinput: struct DeviceTimeCoord: replace CARD32 by INT32
      xinput: reply XIQueryPointer: fix type of field same_screen
      xinput: struct AddMaster: fix type of fields
      xinput: request GrabDeviceButton: fix type of field owner_events
      xinput: event Enter: fix type of fields same_screen and focus
      xinput: enum InputClass: comment value Attach 7
      xinput: rep ChangeKeyboardDevice.status: altenum to enum
      xinput: rep ChangePointerDevice.status: altenum to enum
      xinput: add new enum ModifierDevice
      xinput: req GrabDeviceKey.modifier_device: altenum
      xinput: req UngrabDeviceKey.modifier_device: altenum
      xinput: req GrabDeviceButton.modifier_device: altenum
      xinput: req UngrabDeviceButton.modifier_device: altenum
      xinput: struct ValuatorState.mode: add mask
      xinput: req ChangeFeedbackControl.mask: add mask
      xinput: struct ScrollClass.flags: has a mask
      xinput: struct XIDeviceInfo.type: altenum to enum
      xinput: ev DeviceKeyPress.state: add mask
      xinput: ev DeviceMappingNotify.request: add enum
      xinput: ev ChangeDeviceNotify.request: add enum
      xinput: new enum for device_id in some events
      xinput: ev DeviceKeyPress.device_id: add mask
      xinput: ev DeviceStateNotify.device_id: mask
      xinput: ev DeviceKeyStateNotify.device_id: mask
      xinput: ev DeviceButtonStateNotify.device_id: mask
      xinput: ev DeviceStateNotify.classes_reported: mask
      xinput: ev BarrierHit.flags: add new mask
      xinput: req XIPassiveGrabDevice.time: field is unused
      xinput: struct cleanup of padding
      xinput: rep SetDeviceMode.status: altenum to enum
      xinput: replace initial pad of xinput1.x replies with field
      xinput: add TODO list
      xml-xcb spec: describe switch-case
      xcbgen-parser: support switch-case
      xinput: req ChangeDeviceProperty: bitcase to case
      schema: add switch-case
      xinput: rep QueryDeviceState struct InputState: full support
      xcbgen: fields get a parent reference
      xml-doc: add sumof with nested expression
      schema: add rule for sumof with nested expression
      xcbgen: sumof with nested expression
      xinput: ListInputDevices: full support
      xinput: remove TODO-entry for sumof and ListInputDevices
      xinput: struct FeedbackState: full support
      xinput: struct FeedbackCtl: full support
      xinput: struct DeviceState: full support
      xinput: struct DeviceCtl: full support
      xinput: struct HierarchyChange: full support
      xinput: struct DeviceClass: full support
      xinput: cleanup the TODO-list
      xinput: rep GetDeviceProperty: replace bitcase with case
      xinput: req XIChangeProperty: replace bitcase with case
      xinput: rep XIGetProperty: replace bitcase with case
      present: specify length of RedirectNotify.notifies
      xcbgen: new expr-type listelement-ref
      doc: new expr element listelement-ref
      xcb-schema: add listelement-ref
      xinput: ev KeyPress: support list axisvalues
      xinput: ev ButtonPress, TouchBegin: support list axisvalues
      xinput: RawEvents: support lists axisvalues and axisvalues_raw
      xinput: remove TODO-entry for popcount of a list
      xcbgen: support paramref in the parser
      schema: add paramref
      xcb-doc: add paramref
      xinput: rep GetDeviceMotionEvents: full support
      xinput: update TODO: remove parametrized structs
      Merge branch
      fix ABI/API compatibility problem in present
      randr: make padding explicit
      render: make padding explicit
      sync: make padding explicit
      xprint: make padding explicit
      xproto: add explicit align-pad in struct Setup
      xproto: struct "HOST": add explicit align pad
      xselinux: add explicit padding for struc "ListItem"
      xv: struct "EncodingInfo": add explicit align pad
      xv: struct "AttributeInfo": add explicit align pad
      glx: add non-default start-aligns for replies
      present: add non-default start-aligns for requests and events
      xinput: add non-default start-aligns for switches and cases
      automatic alignment checker / manual offsets
      make xkb pass the alignment checker
      optionally enforce serialization of pads
      enforce serialization of pads where needed for ABI compat

Ingo Bürk (1):
      Fix examples which use xcb_connection instead of the correct

Jaya Tiwari (6):
      Replace valueparam with switch-bitcase in render
      Replace valueparam with CARD32 bit field in Xprint
      Replace valueparam with switch-bitcase in Xproto
      Replace valueparam with switch-bitcase in Screensaver
      Remove valueparam support from xcbgen parsers and schema definition
      calculate lengthless list

Michael Stapelberg (1):
      randr: add RandR 1.5 requests and data types

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      xprint: Fix build of xprint extension

Peter Harris (2):
      xfixes: cursor-name is after cursor-image in GetCursorImageAndName

Peter Hutterer (1):
      xinput: align XIChangeProperty data items correctly

Ran Benita (3):
      Add "altmask" attribute, like "altenum" for masks
      xml-xcb.txt: mention that case/bitcase can have a name
      xml-xcb.txt: remove description of the "localfield" element

Robert Ancell (2):
      shm: Mark PutImage.send_event field as boolean
      glx: Add IsEnabled request

Uli Schlachter (1):
      Release xcb-proto 1.12


  14e60919f859560f28426a685a555962  xcb-proto-1.12.tar.bz2
  5ee1ec124ea8d56bd9e83b8e9e0b84c4  xcb-proto-1.12.tar.gz

  e93da374ecef9359370edc0160bcb8b2a2f7d9f6  xcb-proto-1.12.tar.bz2
  ee7e8d14ac00455c182e6e8b9aeecab465f51b03  xcb-proto-1.12.tar.gz



"Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies"
 - 79th Rule of Acquisition
Uli Schlachter | 18 May 18:59 2016

libxcb 1.12

Hi everyone,

here is a new version of libxcb for you to enjoy. The highlights are the same as for the
new xcb-proto release: xinput support, RandR 1.5 and an automatic alignment checker.


Adam Jackson (1):
      Bump version to 1.11.90

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Escape \n to display properly in xcb-requests man page

Christian Linhart (24):
      support switch case in the generator
      generator: support fixed size lists in var-sized structs
      generator: support lists of structs which contain a switch
      generator: fix align-pads for switches which start at unaligned pos
      no typename for nested structs
      generator: fix absname for fields with only accessor function
      generator: expressions can generate pre-code
      generator: sumof: support any type, generate explicit code
      generator: sumof with nested expression
      rename _c_helper_absolute_name to _c_helper_fieldaccess_expr
      function _c_helper_fieldaccess_expr: improve description
      _c_helper_fieldaccess_expr: remove handling for empty sep
      generator: no type-setup for eventcopies anymore
      generator: generate accessors for events, too
      generator: _c_accessor_get_length: remove buggy special case
      generator: support listelement-ref
      generator: support parametrized structs
      Merge branch 'ParametrizedStruct-V7'
      expose 64-bit sequence numbers for XLib
      make support for server side stuff optional
      make lists after align-pads work
      set the align-offset as provided by proto
      Fix handling of align-pads in end-iterators
      do not serialize pads by default anymore

Daniel Martin (1):
      Disable Xevie and Xprint by default

Emil Velikov (1):
      Move internal/private dependencies to Requires.private

Gaetan Nadon (5):
      config: default option for enable-dri3 is not implemented
      config: issue an error if DRI3 is requested, but sendfds is not available
      sendmsg: remove --enable-sendfds as it is superceeded by --enable-dri3
      Add ChangeLog and INSTALL using xorg macros
      help text: do not report the insanly long list of Warning flags.

Jaya Tiwari (2):
      Adding accessors for requests
      calculate lengthless list

Jon TURNEY (1):
      Link with winsock library for socket functions on MinGW

Mark Kettenis (1):
      Increase unix socket send buffer to at least 64KB

Michel Dänzer (1):
      Call _xcb_wake_up_next_reader from xcb_wait_for_special_event

Peter Harris (1):
      Merge branch 'NestedStructTypenames-V5' of

Ran Benita (18): remove unneeded call to get_serialize_params() simplify maximum expression fix pyflakes errors use print as a function for python3 compatibility use comprehensions instead of map/filter fix indentation use "foo".join() instead of reduce no need to compare bools to True/False remove end-of-function comments use C99 initializers instead of comments remove commented debug statements simplify _c_reply_has_fds() spell out keyword arguments in c_request() for clarity remove duplicated `cookie_type` argument for requests don't add /* <name> */ before references to 'S' make condition easier to follow in _c_complex() use pattern matching with enumerate() don't generate useless empty /** < */ comments

Uli Schlachter (10):
      Make some functions also work on error connections
      xcb_get_setup(): Never return NULL
      xcb_send_fd(): Always close fds
      send_fds(): Make sure no other thread interrupts us
      Add xcb_send_request_with_fds() and *_with_fds64()
      Code generator: Use xcb_send_request_with_fds()
      send_fds(): Handle too many outstanding FDs to send
      Fix a thread hang with xcb_wait_for_special_event()
      Bump xcb-proto requirement to 1.12
      Release libxcb 1.12


  28e552bd78bc1050b6b26ca1db0e5bb6  libxcb-1.12.tar.bz2
  95eee7c28798e16ba5443f188b27a476  libxcb-1.12.tar.gz

  2f03490d1c75c8a3f902f74b717af6501773926a  libxcb-1.12.tar.bz2
  b4a7d37980c2242297c7ef64b37a8378230fbaf0  libxcb-1.12.tar.gz

  4adfb1b7c67e99bc9c2ccb110b2f175686576d2f792c8a71b9c8b19014057b5b  libxcb-1.12.tar.bz2
  092f147149d8a6410647a848378aaae749304d5b73e028ccb8306aa8a9e26f06  libxcb-1.12.tar.gz


Sent from my Game Boy.
Julien Cristau | 13 May 10:34 2016

xproto 7.0.29

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Incorrect guard block in HPkeysym.h

James Clarke (1):
      Don't let XFD_SETSIZE exceed FD_SETSIZE

Julien Cristau (1):
      xproto 7.0.29

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      Raise the number of FD on WIN32 as well

git tag: xproto-7.0.29
MD5:  eeeae1f47d43a33ef0d5c56727410326  xproto-7.0.29.tar.bz2
SHA1: e2ea1d12235bfcd83dbc815fb69524ef0be5c1fb  xproto-7.0.29.tar.bz2
SHA256: 6c1a477092ca73233902b8d5f33012635c4b0208f17e7833cc7efe5c93ba9f8a  xproto-7.0.29.tar.bz2
MD5:  16a78dd2c5ad73011105c96235f6a0af  xproto-7.0.29.tar.gz
SHA1: 4e222a8f616a521a40fc254357da326e5eef1634  xproto-7.0.29.tar.gz
SHA256: 628243b3a0fa9b65eda804810ab7238cb88af92fe89efdbc858f25ee5e93a324  xproto-7.0.29.tar.gz

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xorg-announce <at>
Michael Stapelberg | 12 May 10:03 2016

xcb-util-cursor 0.1.3


I just released version 0.1.3 of xcb-util-cursor:

- Add a --with-cursorpath option to configure


6ac3b17cba51aaaa36ba035a53527214  xcb-util-cursor-0.1.3.tar.bz2
4b0768fa497127131a47f07e5c8cf745  xcb-util-cursor-0.1.3.tar.gz

26562eb6d4151307f7b6a53453d360ecfc0563ac  xcb-util-cursor-0.1.3.tar.bz2
f18f4a51111f76f68551e709652b772779bb4ae3  xcb-util-cursor-0.1.3.tar.gz


Best regards,
xorg-announce mailing list
xorg-announce <at>
Kenneth Graunke | 28 Apr 03:11 2016

libdrm 2.4.68

Chih-Wei Huang (1):
      android: add virgl to be a valid driver

Daniel Vetter (7):
      headers: Remove _DRM_GEM
      tests/kms-steal-crtc: Use correct includes
      headers: Update drm_i915.h
      headers: Update drm_sarea.h
      headers: Update drm_fourcc.h
      headers: Update drm_mode.h
      headers: Update drm.h

Emil Velikov (1):
      proptest: print signed values correctly

Eric Engestrom (6):
      amdgpu: Fix spelling mistakes
      exynos: Fix spelling mistake
      freedreno: Fix spelling mistakes
      intel: Fix spelling mistakes
      tests: Fix spelling mistakes
      xf86drm: Fix spelling mistakes

Gustavo Padovan (3):
      tests: add virtio_gpu to the driver list
      gitignore: ignore kms-steal-crtc and kms-universal-planes
      modetest: print signed values correctly

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      Bump version for release

Michał Winiarski (1):
      intel/skl: Add missing SKL PCI IDs

Nicolas Dechesne (1):
      freedreno: add dummy fd_bo_from_fbdev implementation when KGSL is 

Rob Clark (3):
      add libdrm_vc4.pc to .gitignore
      freedreno: update uapi
      freedreno: add support for FD_TIMESTAMP

Rodrigo Vivi (1):
      intel: Adding missing Broxton PCI IDs.

Sonny Jiang (1):
      amdgpu/tests: fix tests for asics with one VCE instance

Thierry Reding (1):
      tegra: Sync with Linux kernel UAPI header

Thomas Hellstrom (1):
      vmwgfx: update uapi

git tag: libdrm-2.4.68
MD5:  bcc96848d969cecf28223f668eeff354  libdrm-2.4.68.tar.bz2
SHA1: cb906b715dd2e9a5fc3c231d9790a5effea64482  libdrm-2.4.68.tar.bz2
SHA256: 5b4bd9a5922929bc716411cb74061fbf31b06ba36feb89bc1358a91a8d0ca9df  
MD5:  36d5adc539c266e243535f0cf626f163  libdrm-2.4.68.tar.gz
SHA1: d7b8ae0a7347be7155901438df343079ec094ae8  libdrm-2.4.68.tar.gz
SHA256: 092e870b7ecf64e07df9b8f96dee78adbfe3310d562105fddbb3ee7f35a76eff  

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Peter Hutterer | 28 Apr 06:07 2016

xf86-input-libinput 0.19.0

One significant change that affects packagers: the config snippet has been
renamed from 90-libinput.conf to 60-libinput.conf.

This should not show any immediate effects on most user's machines but there
is a slight potential of user configurations to change if their custom
snippets now sort after libinput instead of before.

This change is part of the two-step solution to fix the handling of wacom
tablets when the libinput driver is present. Previously, the libinput driver
would overwrite any driver assigned to any supported devices. While it does
not yet bind to tablet devices by default, some tablets also look like 
a keyboard, causing those devices to stop working. For those devices, the
wacom driver is the better option.

Since the X server is lacking an option to conditionally bind InputClass
snippets based on current values (git master has a NoMatch* option), the
safe alternative is to bump the libinput priority down and, at the same
time, bump the wacom driver's priority up.

For the cases where the wacom driver should not handle any device, simply
uninstalling it is sufficient.

Peter Hutterer (2):
      conf: rename to 60-libinput.conf
      xf86-input-libinput 0.19.0

Stanislav Ochotnicky (1):
      Fix implicit declaration of function 'xf86Msg' in xf86libinput.c

git tag: xf86-input-libinput-0.19.0
MD5:  52c38b1369764243bfcf6ead1e4c6d32  xf86-input-libinput-0.19.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 639163b423f906cda542bc51850a1dbc55c57239  xf86-input-libinput-0.19.0.tar.bz2
SHA256: 6c5d30dc7c8b8ae34261340e1dc9cbb8ef435078e084b8ef507527a8a21af477  xf86-input-libinput-0.19.0.tar.bz2
MD5:  75aa19d1630b7a8cd07d16eed032e887  xf86-input-libinput-0.19.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 38202aa41f883aec85a2a168ca22762f77646eec  xf86-input-libinput-0.19.0.tar.gz
SHA256: 9468ea38f8699d73a9630bf216aa4bcf7eacbd93e8178c130eabc0751dff9152  xf86-input-libinput-0.19.0.tar.gz

xorg-announce mailing list
xorg-announce <at>
Michel Dänzer | 7 Apr 11:50 2016

xf86-video-amdgpu 1.1.0

I'm pleased to announce the 1.1.0 release of xf86-video-amdgpu, the Xorg
driver for AMD Radeon GPUs supported by the amdgpu kernel driver.
This release supports xserver versions 1.9-1.18.


* Support for the upcoming Polaris family of GPUs.
* Option "TearFree" can now prevent tearing with rotation/reflection as
  well (with Xorg >= 1.16).
* RandR CRTC transforms now work correctly (but for now still exhibit
  tearing even with TearFree).
* The RandR 1.4 provider name is now no longer hardcoded to "amdgpu"
  but constructed from the GPU chipset name and bus ID, allowing
  several GPUs supported by this driver to be distinguished by name.
* The RandR primary output is now always explicitly marked as such.
* The driver can prevent clients trying to use the DRI3 extension over a
  display connection forwarded via SSH from hanging.
* VDPAU/OpenGL interoperation can now work with DRI3 enabled.
* Many more fixes for issues using the DRI3/Present extensions.

Plus many other small improvements and fixes. Thanks to everybody who
contributed to this release in any way!

Alex Deucher (1):
      add Polaris chip families

Flora Cui (2):
      add polaris11 pci id
      add polaris10 pci id

Jammy Zhou (1):
      Use render node for DRI3 if available

Michel Dänzer (41):
      Post 1.0.0 release version bump
      glamor: Restore all ScreenRec hooks during CloseScreen
      glamor: Deal with glamor_egl_destroy_textured_pixmap being removed
      sync: Check if miSyncShmScreenInit symbol is resolved at runtime
      Re-use PCI bus ID code from kernel_open_fd in kernel_mode_enabled
      Remove pci_dev test from amdgpu_get_scrninfo
      Only call amdgpu_bus_id once in each probe path (v2)
      Set the RandR primary output on startup if Xorg hasn't
      Only map front buffer if glamor acceleration is disabled (v2)
      Don't advertise any PRIME offloading capabilities without acceleration
      Load fb module before glamoregl/shadow modules
      HAS_DIRTYTRACKING_ROTATION also supports multiple CRTCs
      Add amdgpu_pixmap_get_handle helper
      Make amdgpu_do_pageflip take a pixmap instead of a BO
      glamor: Avoid generating GEM flink names for BOs shared via DRI3 (v2)
      DRI2: Use amdgpu_pixmap_get_handle
      Build RandR 1.4 provider name from chipset name and bus ID
      Fix RandR CRTC transforms
      drm_queue: Don't abort events immediately from amdgpu_drm_abort_client
      DRI2: Also clear dri2_flipping when client disconnects before event
      Remove amdgpu_scanout_flip_handler
      Make DRM event queue xf86CrtcPtr based instead of ScrnInfoPtr based
      Deal with modesets and page flips crossing on a CRTC
      Remove check for XF86_CRTC_VERSION 3
      Consolidate pScreen usage in drmmode_set_mode_major
      Make Option "TearFree" effective for rotated/reflected outputs as well
      present: Clear drmmode->fb_id before calling set_mode_major for unflip
      present: Return rotated CRTCs from amdgpu_present_get_crtc
      Call AMDGPUBlockHandler_KMS before setting initial modes
      Factor out HW cursor checking code into drmmode_can_use_hw_cursor
      Don't try DRI2/Present flipping while the HW cursor can't be used
      Check for xf86CursorResetCursor
      DRI3 only works with acceleration
      Fix build against older versions of xserver
      Require xserver 1.9 or newer
      Revert "Use render node for DRI3 if available"
      DRI3: Refuse to open DRM file descriptor for ssh clients
      Identify DRM event queue entries by sequence number instead of by pointer
      Update manpage entry for Option "TearFree"
      glamor: Force GPU rendering to/from pixmaps created via DRI3
      Bump version for 1.1.0 release

Mykola Lysenko (2):
      Check for NULL koutput in drmmode_output_dpms
      Initialize drmmode_crtc dpms_mode to DPMSModeOff

Tom St Denis (1):
      Move memset() after variable declarations

jimqu (2):
      Move amdgpu_glamor_destroy_pixmap before amdgpu_glamor_create_pixmap
      glamor: Return NullPixmap on failure to create shareable pixmap

git tag: xf86-video-amdgpu-1.1.0
MD5:  89e62ee60b12f94e27ab76268bbbe778  xf86-video-amdgpu-1.1.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: a3dad4e44feca55acb7dd03e094ebc10796475ca  xf86-video-amdgpu-1.1.0.tar.bz2
SHA256: 69f5d0ded9f4d5ce529099b6b581268e8f4dcff5608f1441d4ebc110ebc57931  xf86-video-amdgpu-1.1.0.tar.bz2
MD5:  67144f8abed74dd6a9f9d649386a4b03  xf86-video-amdgpu-1.1.0.tar.gz
SHA1: b56f6c2243cf622d01f64c02621d4c861d119a6e  xf86-video-amdgpu-1.1.0.tar.gz
SHA256: d3ee9e25e9bbeade7077ebf64600a288d9511fcd8c454dedce3404b3fbd94f29  xf86-video-amdgpu-1.1.0.tar.gz


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