Kevin Kofler | 14 Sep 17:40 2014

hif backend: keepcache


are we setting hif_context_set_keep_cache from a config file anywhere? (I 
could not find it anywhere in the code.) We really should (unless we default 
it to TRUE), especially considering that Fedora mirrors do not carry older 
updates and thus the local cache is the ONLY way to find older versions of 
packages to downgrade to (except the often really old and useless version 
from the GA release) in case of a problem.

If we do not have any such config setting yet, I would like to add one. What 
is the best place? Should we try to honor dnf.conf for this kind of 
settings? (Advantage: One has to set up this kind of things only once. 
Drawback: It is not obvious that PackageKit-hif honors DNF settings, and 
which ones.) Or should I add a setting somewhere to the PackageKit 

I think not having an option to keep cached packages even after a successful 
transaction is a major data loss issue (as it deletes data that will no 
longer be available online when potentially needed, see above) that makes 
PackageKit-hif unusable for me, and I would really like to not have to 
rebuild PackageKit with a 1-line patch each time it gets upgraded just to 
change this setting. So having it configurable somewhere is important to me. 
And I suspect there are other users also thinking this way. So please tell 
me where to best put the setting.

Kind regards,
        Kevin Kofler

Richard Hughes | 12 Sep 14:11 2014

PackageKit 1.0.0 released!

Version 1.0.0
Released: 2014-09-12

 - After over 7 years, 99 tarball releases and 11697 commits from 284
people we've finally released the first stable version. Woohoo!

 - I wanted to sent out a heart-felt thank you to all the people who
have contributed to the success of this project. I couldn't have done
it on my own and quite a few people were more important than they

 - Now, onto more practical aspects. These are the big changes for this release:

  * The offline update functionality has moved to a proper D-Bus
interface and the pkexec helpers have been removed. Offline updates is
an important feature that no longer deserves to be bolted-on. All the
existing users have been ported to the new interface, but you need
3.13.92 if you're running GNOME from unstable or jhbuild.

  * No more plugins. Both in-tree and out-of-tree plugins were the
biggest source of crashes, and with the systemd offline updates merged
into the core daemon they are just not reuired anymore. All affected
projects have been notified.

  * No more conary, opkg, smart or yum plugins. These have been
unmaintained and broken for over two years, so time to give them the

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Richard Hughes | 9 Sep 17:13 2014

Moving to github

Hi all,

I'm planning to move the repo to github soon. If you want commit
access on the github PackageKit project, please can you tell me your
gitorious name, and your github username. e.g. I would reply to this
email with:

gitorious: rhughes
github: hughsie


Richard Hughes | 8 Sep 23:08 2014

Raising the quality of backends

Hi all,

I'm starting to be a lot more strict removing backends that either
don't compile, or are just unmaintained. Here's a list of what we've
got, and some of the problems:

alpm: ignored cache-age, missing downloaded filter, missing application filter
apt: unmaintained since May 2012, ignored cache-age, missing downloaded filter
aptcc: ignored cache-age, missing application filter
entropy: unmaintained since December 2013, ignored cache-age, missing
downloaded filter, missing application filter
hif: missing groups support
katja: ignored cache-age, missing downloaded filter, missing application filter
urpmi: unmaintained since Jan 2014, ignored cache-age, missing
downloaded filter, missing application filter
pisi: unmaintained since Sep 2013, ignored cache-age, missing
downloaded filter, missing application filter
zypp: ignored cache-age, missing downloaded filter, missing application filter
poldek: unmaintained since Oct 2013, ignored cache-age, missing
downloaded filter, missing application filter
portage: unmaintained since Nov 2013, ignored cache-age, missing
downloaded filter, missing application filter
ports: unmaintained since May 2013, ignored cache-age, missing
downloaded filter, missing application filter

These are pretty easy to fix. The cache age is a job property that
tells the backed when to get new metadata, so if we send a
GetUpdates() with a cache_age of 1 week, and the metadata is only 5
days old, we return the cached results without downloading new
metadata. This is needed to make the gnome packagekit and gnome
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Richard Hughes | 4 Sep 22:50 2014

RFC: ConnMan network stack in PackageKit

Hi all,

The ConnMan network support in PackageKit has been broken for a very
long time. Is anyone interested in getting this to compile in git
master? I don't use ConnMan myself.

Richard Hughes | 3 Sep 12:18 2014

RFC: Does anybody actually use /etc/PackageKit/events/post-transaction.d/

I don't see any users, although the feature has existed for many years
now. If it didn't stick, lets remove it, right?

Richard Hughes | 3 Sep 10:39 2014

RFC: Does anyone actually use pk-debuginfo-install?

It's not worked for a few months, and nobody has said anything. Does
anyone actually use pk-debuginfo-install? If not, it gets deleted.

Richard Hughes | 2 Sep 14:02 2014

RFC: Does anyone actually use the PackageKit web plugin?

I'm thinking of deleting it; it's pretty much unmaintained and no
longer works in Chrome. Does anyone actually use this?

Richard Hughes | 2 Sep 12:49 2014

PackageKit 0.9.5 released!

Version 0.9.5
Released: 2014-09-02

 - alpm: Port the ALPM backend to the latest API (Aleix Pol)
 - hif: Fix a crash when refreshing a repo that is not enabled (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Fix up a few state warnings when refreshing (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Make the HyQuery refcounting easier to understand (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Regenerate the SAT indexes when refreshing the cache (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Support setting DESTDIR from packagekit-direct (Richard Hughes)

New Features:
 - Add --allow-untrusted option to pkcon (Michael Vogt)
 - Add a new tool called packagekit-direct that can run without a
daemon (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove remaining time reporting (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the desktop.db plugin (Richard Hughes)

 - Do not commit the transaction manually but instead set the correct
state (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not log a critical warning when idle exiting (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix a crash when we are cancelling a transaction that has not yet
been run (Richard Hughes)
 - Make browser-plugin search for npapi-sdk or mozilla-plugin (Matthias Klumpp)
 - Never ever use g_main_context_iteration() manually (Richard Hughes)

Tarballs available here:

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Colin Walters | 27 Aug 23:38 2014

tagged packagekit in gnome-continuous


Due to:

which looks like a regular srcdir != builddir issue.
Richard Hughes | 17 Jul 17:15 2014

PackageKit 0.9.4 released!

Version 0.9.4
Released: 2014-07-17

 - hif: Fix up a signature mismatch with a libhif signal handler (Kalev Lember)
 - hif: Include both available and installed packages in NEWEST filter
(Kalev Lember)
 - hif: Use new hawkey API for getting advisory details (Radek Holy)

 - Automatically switch to hif backend when the config file says
hawkey (Kalev Lember)
 - Plug a small leak in the gstreamer-plugin (Kalev Lember)

Tarballs available here: