Richard Hughes | 13 Jul 13:43 2015

PackageKit 1.0.7 released!

Version 1.0.7
Released: 2015-07-13

 - alpm: Set install reason to explicitly installed (Christian Hesse)
 - entropy: Fixed remove_package and search_details (skullbocks)
 - entropy: Removed messages and fixing remove function (skullbocks)
 - hif: Add missing locking when accessing sack cache (Kalev Lember)
 - hif: Improve depsolving for parallel kernel installs (Kalev Lember)
 - hif: Include any packages marked for installation when doing
upgrades (Kalev Lember)
 - portage: Removed messages and fixing remove function (skullbocks)
 - python/backend: Fixing parameter order (skullbocks)
 - urpm: Properly use is_package_installed() (Thierry Vignaud)
 - yum: Fix backtrace when getting the update details (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Fix up two almost impossible-to-hit python warnings (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Forward port to the new WhatProvides API (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Return installed packages first with NEWEST filter (Kalev Lember)
 - yum: Update comps groups code for internal Details API change (Kalev Lember)

New Features:
 - Define command_not_found_handler for zsh (Will Thompson)

 - Correct punctuation while applying offline updates (Matthew Miller)
 - Don't run if bash command completion is being run (Ville Skyttä)
 - Fix Details() from spawned backends (Richard Hughes)
 - Port GTK+ module to org.freedesktop.PackageKit.Modify2 (Matthias Clasen)
 - Return the correct error for syntax errors in pkcon (Richard Hughes)
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Mário Costa | 8 May 16:39 2015

Packagekit DBus interface definitions


I’m writing a packagekit frontend in java, using dbus-java-bin from ubuntu.

I'm having some trouble to generate the java stubs, via
CreateInterface utility, and using the files:

The utility complains about the the doc:doc tags, and I cant find the
xml interface description files, for those interfaces above.

Could any of you, point-me if, and what tool you're using to strip the
<doc:*> tags from the descriptions files, in order to export to the
dbus introspection  !?

Mario Costa
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Richard Hughes | 7 Apr 13:31 2015

PackageKit 1.0.6 released!

Version 1.0.6
Released: 2015-04-07

 - alpm: do not mix declarations and code (which ISO C90 forbids)
(Christian Hesse)
 - alpm: move configured global field into backend priv (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: move disabled global field into backend priv (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: reinitialize libalpm when localdb changed (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: remove RepoEnable (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: remove no longer used disabled repos logic (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: remove unused variable (Christian Hesse)
 - hif: Fix use-after-free during untrusted repo check (Kalev Lember)

New Features:
 - Add dbus method for returning prepared packages (petervo)
 - Add pk_backend_is_transaction_inhibited (Fabien Bourigault)
 - gstreamer plugin: Add support for v2 of the PK session service
interface (Kalev Lember)

 - Don't recursive lock the debug mutex when using --verbose without a
tty (Richard Hughes)
 - Make "reboot" the default action for no action file (Stephen Gallagher)
 - gstreamer plugin: Adapt to gstreamer missing plugin changes (Kalev Lember)
 - gstreamer plugin: Avoid criticals when some of the parameters are
NULL (Kalev Lember)

Tarballs available here:
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Silvan Calarco | 16 Feb 00:05 2015

Help request to make a PK client communicate with debconf

Hi all,
I'm writing a client which uses PackageKit to install packages but I'm 
struggling to make it work with debconf on Ubuntu which provides PackageKit 
0.8. I would like the client to get input from debconf processes (like 
debconf-communicate) but can't get any further from those processes to wait 
for input and hang the whole installation process.
It seems that pk-client-helper.c manages socket and callbacks to do this, but 
it is private so I can't interact directly with it nor setting any callback in 
my daemon. I tried to read/write from the socket in /tmp (by guessing the 
socket filename using the tid got via the progress callback) but with no 
success. I'm using libpackagekit-glib2 (version 0.8), maybe I could do this 
via the dbus interface?
I took the code of pkcon as a reference client implementation: although it 
won't show any interaction with debconf, it at least doesn't lock like my 
client does, but examinating it deeply I noticed that it uses some private 
headers which again made me stuck. pkcon -v (debug) is very useful but debug 
functionality seems to be also private so I can't enable PackageKit debug 
information on my client, which would be useful.
Below is the scheme from pk-client-helper.c, but I can't understand what can I 
do to talk with to debconf from the client (some SetHints?).

In short my question is whether and how a non-gui client app could communicate 
with debconf during packages installation.

Thanks for any help!


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Peter | 13 Feb 22:50 2015

Appstream dependencies

When appstream was added to the hif backend 
it brought in a whole bunch of gui and imaging libraries as dependencies 
when using the hif backend, which is the default on fedora. While that's 
fine for desktops, for servers we really can't install all those packages.

I don't know what the best approach for fixing this might be. Would 
having this live in a plugin be a possibility?
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Richard Hughes | 9 Feb 18:04 2015

PackageKit 1.0.5 released!

Version 1.0.5
Released: 2015-02-09

 - alpm: Fix bad event usage when removing package (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: Honor simulate flag while removing packages (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: Honor simulate on pk_backend_install_files (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: Inhibit cache invalidation while commiting transaction
(Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: Track local db changes and invalidate cache (Fabien Bourigault)
 - hif: Adapt to the new Hawkey API (Richard Hughes)

 - Add missing --allow-downgrade and --allow-reinstall to the man page
(Richard Hughes)

Tarballs available here:

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Richard Hughes | 19 Jan 17:32 2015

PackageKit 1.0.4 released!

Version 1.0.4
Released: 2015-01-19

 - Add PK_INFO_ENUM_UNAVAILABLE (Richard Hughes)

 - alpm: Clean logic in pk_alpm_transaction_packages (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: Fix bad logic in pk_backend_resolve_name (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: Fix SIGSEV when asking for package files (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: Honor simulation when installing packages (Fabien Bourigault)
 - alpm: Pacman 4.2 support (Christian Hesse, piernov)
 - aptcc: Always respect the noninteractive flag (Matthias Klumpp)
 - aptcc: Don't ask about config changes if we are not interactive
(Matthias Klumpp)
 - aptcc: Use subdirectory in /tmp to store temporary data (Matthias Klumpp)
 - apt: Remove unmaitained backend (Richard Hughes)
 - dummy: Fix make check by not calling pk_backend_job_finished() in
the threaded code (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Automatically import metadata public keys when safe to do so
(Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Automatically install AppStream metadata (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Fix compile with newer versions of libhif (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Fix several small memory leaks (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Look for unavailable packages during resolve (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Move hif_source_is_supported() here (Colin Walters)
 - hif: Proxy the allow-cancel state from the state to the job (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Return 'unavailable' packages for metadata-only repos (Richard Hughes)
 - hif: Support HIF_SOURCE_KIND_LOCAL (Richard Hughes)
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Úr Balázs | 31 Dec 14:49 2014

Translation updates


I've transtated packagekit into Hungarian on transifex, please update
the .po file (and if nessesary, the other language files, too):

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Christian Hesse | 29 Dec 14:51 2014

[PATCH 1/1] client/pk-console: replace tabs with spaces

From: Christian Hesse <mail <at>>

Alignment was broken, so replace tabs with spaces and fix columns.

Signed-off-by: Christian Hesse <mail <at>>
 client/pk-console.c | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/client/pk-console.c b/client/pk-console.c
index 63042ea..a298972 100644
--- a/client/pk-console.c
+++ b/client/pk-console.c
 <at>  <at>  -501,8 +501,8  <at>  <at>  pk_console_details_cb (PkDetails *item, gpointer data)
 	g_print ("  license:     %s\n", license);
 	g_print ("  group:       %s\n", pk_group_enum_to_string (group));
 	g_print ("  description: %s\n", description);
-	g_print ("  size:	%lu bytes\n", (long unsigned int) size);
-	g_print ("  url:	 %s\n", url);
+	g_print ("  size:        %lu bytes\n", (long unsigned int) size);
+	g_print ("  url:         %s\n", url);



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Christian Hesse | 28 Dec 02:23 2014

[PATCH 1/1] backends/alpm: update for pacman 4.2.0

From: Christian Hesse <mail <at>>

Pacman changed handling for questions and events. This updates the alpm
backend for pacman v4.2.0 / libalpm v9.0.0.

Signed-off-by: Christian Hesse <mail <at>>
 backends/alpm/pk-alpm-transaction.c | 120 ++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 1 file changed, 75 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-)

diff --git a/backends/alpm/pk-alpm-transaction.c b/backends/alpm/pk-alpm-transaction.c
index 41f0bd4..3dba4d6 100644
--- a/backends/alpm/pk-alpm-transaction.c
+++ b/backends/alpm/pk-alpm-transaction.c
 <at>  <at>  -287,40 +287,48  <at>  <at>  pk_alpm_select_provider (const alpm_list_t *providers,

 static void
-pk_alpm_transaction_conv_cb (alpm_question_t question, gpointer data1,
-                               gpointer data2, gpointer data3, gint *result)
+pk_alpm_transaction_conv_cb (alpm_question_t * question)
        PkBackendJob* job;
        g_assert (pkalpm_current_job);
        job = pkalpm_current_job;

-       g_return_if_fail (result != NULL);
-       switch (question) {
+       switch (question->type) {
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Sasa Ostrouska | 8 Dec 16:49 2014

Re: Fix show percentage in Katja backend during download

On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 12:24 PM, Eugen Wissner <> wrote:

That's what you use ItemProgress for - the UI is free to show the item
progress or not though, so maybe your PK client just doesn't display
that information?

I have not looked at all at this option of the ItemProgress, will take a look at it. 

Not everything about percentage works in Slackware backend so well... It is actually my fault, I've implemented the main functionality but there are a lot of stuff that should be added/made better and that I intended to do later. I haven't worked on the backend for a long time now (I have another Slackware-Gnome project) but I still know what is missing and look for some time to do a better work. Richard said, he would remove backends that don't implement some old basic functions ;) and I don't want it. Anyway thanks to Sasa for the patches, it is a good reason to start the work again :)

Eugene, I'm here to help make it better, have all the interest to use it , but so far for me the priorities in the Katja are make it use of the downloaded stuff, and for sure before that the md5sum checking.
The patches I sent are just after a quick look into the thing after it annoyed me for a long time. Unfortunately my time is scarse but will do my best to submit patches for what I need in Katja.



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PackageKit mailing list
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