Rick Gigger | 16 Dec 00:32 2009


I am trying to evaluate the Direct Connect functionality in libofx.  I tries building it from scratch at
which point I realized that I needed OpenSP.  So then I thought to look in MacPorts to see if it was there.  Sure
enough it was.  And it created the ofx2qif and ofxdump commands.  But no ofxconnect.  So I went back to try to
compile from source but couldn't figure out what flags configure wanted to tell it to use the opensp that
macports had built.  Does it not compile ofxconnect from scratch?  I could modify the macport port file to
get it to build ofxconnect but I'm not sure what I would need to do to get that to happen.

Is this the right list to be sending a problem such as this?


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