ajs2 | 11 Sep 01:29 2009

Re: python wrapper?

Here is a start at wrapping it with SWIG.

idm wrote:
> Any progress on this project?  Have you looked into SWIG for generating
> this wrapper?  I was looking into this last night, but I've never used
> SWIG before and I don't know how easy it is to wrap the many structs that
> appear in libofx.h.  My suspicion is that it will save you time, and I
> expect the C file generated by SWIG will be portable (so it can be bundled
> with your module).
> At any rate, I'm interested to hear more.
> -Ian
> Nick Kirsch-2 wrote:
>> I'd like to build a Python wrapper for libofx. The wrapper will be
>> written in
>> C and will simply wrap each structure with a corresponding Python object
>> with
>> fields of the same name. I'll also wrap the callback functions and load
>> function.
>> The module will be called "Ofx" and each class will be the same as their
>> Ofx
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