jpm | 24 Apr 19:58 2007

Re: [gsc] [Fwd: gold-silver-crypto added to Gmane]

I hate this idea, and we should kiill everyone at GMane.

But, that's just me

>-------- Original Message --------
>Subject: gold-silver-crypto added to Gmane
>Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 18:24:53 +0200
>From: admin <at> (Gmane Administrator)
>Organization: Mail To News --
>To: gold-silver-crypto-owner@...
>We have received a request for adding the
>gold-silver-crypto@... mailing list to the Gmane
>mail-to-news gateway/archive. A subscription request message has been
>sent. If this is contrary to your wishes, please send a mail to
>admin@... saying so, and the list will be removed from Gmane.
>Gmane is a mail-to-news portal that never expires its messages.  It
>therefore also functions as a mailing list archive.  It's a
>bi-directional gateway, but Gmane verifies that its users' email
>addresses are valid before passing the messages through the
>news-to-mail gateway.  (Groups can also be made "read-only", which
>means that Gmane won't forward any messages at all to the mailing
>Gmane can encrypt addresses to make address harvesting difficult, and
>heeds X-No-Archive and related headers.
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