Tyrone Johnson | 25 Aug 06:50 2014

[gsc] SilentVault service launch

Press Release

SilentVault Begins Silencing the Blockchain

25 August 2014 - A new service became available today from
SilentVault.com.  The virtual enterprise has developed an asset transfer
and exchange technology that makes it possible for holders of Bitcoin to
silence the blockchain.  The technology may be downloaded as a web-based
application or a Spark application.  To use the service, a bitcoin
wallet user transfers a minimum of 0.02 bitcoin to their SilentVault
wallet where it appears as "Silent Bitcoin."  Thereafter, payments to
other SilentVault wallets, exchanges to other asset types, or transfers
out to any other bitcoin wallet take place without any further entries
to the blockchain for the originating bitcoin.

"You can bring bitcoin in and arrange to spend it back out, any time,
anywhere.  Once you have assets in your SilentVault wallet, you can use
it to make person-to-person payments to other SilentVault wallets, offer
or accept exchanges for other supported types of assets, or redeem your
vouchers.  We are developing a market place system that will integrate
payments with business activities," says Justin Turrell, technology lead
for the SilentVault team.

Marketing and business development lead Tyrone Johnson says, "Why not
park your bitcoin and silence the blockchain?  Within the SilentVault
system there is no ledger of transactions.  So while you make payments
with your Silent Bitcoin and those who receive your payments use their
Silent Bitcoin to make further payments, nothing is registered on the
block chain.  No transaction, including an internal voucher asset to
voucher asset exchange, generates an entry on the blockchain.  Only when
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John Kyle | 20 Aug 23:23 2014
Shane . | 22 Apr 18:34 2014

RE: [gsc] Pecunix

Will anyone buy some pex today? Say about $14K 

Willing to discount. Desperate.


> Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 20:05:03 -0700
> From: shane41bc@...
> To: gold-silver-crypto@...
> Subject: Re: [gsc] Pecunix
> Anyone ask PM support for clarification? If they take Pex at a fair price they must be confident of bailing
out or changing ownership of the kilo bars held through AFE or other bullion bank.
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> From: "gemstern" <gemstern@...>
> Sent: April 6, 2014 5:41 PM
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> Subject: Re: [gsc] Pecunix
> Well, I logged into my PM account but if you click 'deposit' there is no mention of Pecunix. I don't think I
ever saw it there before either. I must admit though I never read the PM smallprint and couldn't say how
'old' that information is.
> Am 06.04.2014 um 17:07 schrieb Shane .:
> > Funny nobody mentioned this as a possible out-exchange
> >
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Jim Davidson | 18 Aug 01:15 2014

[gsc] any Pecunix

A friend is looking for Pecunix.  I can put sellers in touch with the
buyer.  I've no idea what is on offer, but I do value this person's

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gemstern | 20 Aug 12:07 2014

Re: [gsc] Pecunix

Robert, this might be your chance to expand...

Got some news, that Andrew is too busy to be the CEO of Pecunix and Sidd's looking for someone else. It also
seems that Andrew suggested that Pecunix might be for sale, so maybe there are any takers on this list?

Am 05.08.2014 um 05:34 schrieb Robert dCZ:

> I am sorry for the people who had larger balances of Pecunix, but on the
> other hand, well, you know, that makes c-gold the last one standing. Who
> would have thought?
> Sorry about the not very gentlemanlike public gloating.
> Cheers,
> Robert.
> On 5 August 2014 07:15, Jim Davidson <jim@...> wrote:
>>> I would think that those who have closely associated themselves with
>>> Pecunix and with this change-over project would take a keener interest
>>> in getting things handled and running in a responsible and businesslike
>>> way.  But thus far, surprisingly, that has not been the case.
>> It definitely has not been the case, and that is disappointing, to me.

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