Jose R R | 29 Jul 16:52 2015

"No kernel modules were found" netboot d-i with custom reiser4 kernel.

Niltze, all-

Building kernel the 'Debian way':

Replaced abi string at debian/config/defines (from default value of 2)
to a more descriptive string:

abiname: reiser4

(guided by hint that debian devs sometimes set abiname string "trunk")

Everything builds beautifully, especially UDEBs for modules/kernel
like couple shown below:

3.7M  kernel-image-4.0.0-reiser4-amd64-di_4.0.8-2_amd64.udeb
34M   linux-image-4.0.0-reiser4-amd64_4.0.8-2_amd64.deb

Once kernel build is finished, I place the approxiamately 54 generated
UDEBs at the installer/build/localudebs directory and modify

# The version of the kernel to use.
KERNELVERSION = 4.0.0-reiser4-amd64
KERNELNAME = vmlinuz

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Jose R R | 25 Jul 07:23 2015

Building kernel the Debian way fails

Niltze, all!

Trying to build a Linux kernel the Debian way -- since I need to have
udebs for my project. I am building on Stretch/Sid and have followed
instructions at:

I get the source and decompress it:
apt-get source linux
(tried with linux-4.0.8-1 AND linux-4.0.8-2)

Apply existing patches:
fakeroot debian/rules source

Use quilt to apply Reiser4 patch:
gzip -dc ../reiser4-for-4.0.4.patch.gz | quilt fold
(finishes without errors)

I then change the configuration before build:
fakeroot make -f debian/rules.gen setup_amd64
make -C debian/build/build_amd64_none_amd64 menuconfig
(enable Reiser4 in the kernel and OS/2 HPFS as module)

And build for the amd64 flavour:
fakeroot make -f debian/rules.gen binary-arch_amd64_none_amd64

Procedure executes for a while but then:

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Edward Shishkin | 19 Jul 17:42 2015

[FEATURE][PATCH 0/2] reiser4: Auto-punching holes on commit

                    Auto-punching holes on commit

Storing zeros on disk is a rather stupid business. Indeed, right before
writing data to disk we can convert zeros to holes (this is abstract
objects described in POSIX), and, hence, save a lot of disk space.

Compressing zeros before storing them on disk is even more stupid
business: checking for zeros is less expensive procedure than
compression transform, so in addition we can save a lot of CPU

I'll remind how reiser4 implements holes.
The unix file plugin represents them via extent pointers marked by
some special way. The situation with cryptcompress file plugin is more
simple: it represents holes as literal holes (that is, absence of any
items of specific keys). It means that we can simply check and remove
all items, which represent a logical chunk filled with zeros. This is
exactly what we do now at flush time right before commit.

The best time for such check is atom's flush, which is to complete all
delayed actions. Specifically, it calls a static machine ->convert_node()
for all dirty formatted nodes. This machine scans all items of a node
and calls ->convert() method of every such item.

We used this framework for transparent compression on commit
(specifically to replace old fragments that compose compressed file's
body with the new ones). Now we use it also to punch holes at logical
chunks filled with zeros. That is, instead of replacing old items, we
just remove them from tree. Think of hole punching like of one more
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Edward Shishkin | 19 Jul 17:30 2015

[PATCH 2/2] reiser4: Improve truncate (->setattr)

. Improve truncate (->setattr) of cryptcompress files;
. Handle races between hole puncher and modifying threads:
   maintain an "economic" counter of checked-in modifications;
. Comments, cleanups.
Edward Shishkin | 19 Jul 17:29 2015

[PATCH 1/2] reiser4: Auto-punching holes: basic stuff

. Auto-punching holes: basic stuff;
. Handle empty nodes appeared after node conversions at flush time,
   Cache a locked right neighbor in the struct flush_pos (to access
   it when current node becomes empty, and hence is removed from the
Jan Kara | 15 Jul 14:42 2015

[PATCH 0/6] quota: Propagate errors when creating quota entry


  this patch set makes quota code report errors when quota entry creation fails (upto
now such errors were silently ignored). Filesystems can then properly handle the errors
and report them to userspace. Patch set also includes patches to all filesystems to
properly handle the errors. Review by respective fs maintainers is welcome.

If noone objects, I will queue these patches in my tree for the next merge window.

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adamwitkover56 | 9 Jul 11:38 2015

Re: your protracted and stalled funds transfer from the U.K.

Attention Pls,

I am writing you with regards to your protracted and stalled funds transfer from the U.K. and would urge you
to accord this correspondence your full indulgence and attention, as the authenticity and difference
would be evident if you do so.

As a freelance, independent External Audit expert assisting a private financial institution here in
Britain in all aspects of their work, your transfer file came to my attention just this morning, and I was
compelled to take special interest in it owing to its peculiar history of procedural inconsistencies.
Obviously all the persons you assigned to process your transfer have proved to be incompetent. Simply put
it that they have given room to some management of the Bank to try and smuggle your fund through a
non-existent back door.

My intention is to quickly reactivate and sort out your transfer without any distraction through a simple,
transparent and authoritative means where you will not be required to pay any unauthorized fees. You are
forbidden to preempt anyone of this contact and I await your response at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

Adam Witkover
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Ivan Shapovalov | 5 Jul 17:13 2015

Re: [patch] reiser4: port for Linux-4.1

On 2015-07-05 at 16:06 +0200, Dušan Čolić wrote:
> On 5 Jul 2015 15:12, "Ivan Shapovalov" <intelfx100 <at>> wrote:
> > 
> > On 2015-07-05 at 02:33 +0800, Edward Shishkin wrote:
> > > On 07/05/2015 01:53 AM, Ivan Shapovalov wrote:

> > > > On 2015-07-04 at 15:53 +0800, Edward Shishkin wrote:
> > > > > 
> > > > > [...]
> > > > > And how to test directly at mount time?
> > > > Something along the lines of
> > > > - allocate 1 MiB of contiguous space
> > > > - fill it with non-zeros
> > > > - for N = 1, 2, 4, ...:
> > > >    - discard N sectors from the contiguous space
> > > >    - check if anything in the discarded space became zero
> > > > -filled
> > > >    - if it did, infer alignnment from the first zero-filled 
> > > > block,
> > > >      infer granularity from the zero-filled region size.
> > > 
> > > 
> > > mkfs seems to be more suitable for this funny business
> > 
> > Yeah, sure. So... new superblock format with two extra fields?
> > 
> But what happens when someone makes an image of whole partition and 
> uses it
> on new different ssd?

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Sasnett_Karen | 1 Jul 14:28 2015


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Edward Shishkin | 26 Jun 16:06 2015

[patch] reiser4: port for Linux-4.1

Attachment (reiser4-port-for-4.1.patch): text/x-patch, 5044 bytes
doiggl | 25 Jun 15:15 2015

Will a reiser4 patch be made available for linux-4.1 as it has been released. ?

Will a reiser4 patch be made available for linux-4.1 as it has been
released. ?
Cheers Glenn

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