Joe Steeve | 6 Aug 09:17 2010

Re: user type explosion problem

On Wed, 2010-07-14 at 02:49 +0530, Joe Steeve wrote:
> rbac-roles are not specific to UI components. They are specific to a
> particular 'app'. An app defines the actions available on it. An app can
> expose an UI part also. In which case the rbac-role decides what is
> available on the UI-part of the app.

Going a step further. Permissions are defined in the Z3 component. And,
roles that hold a set of such permissions can be defined. Z3 will take
care of handling the security part of it. I am still digging on how
exactly these 'Roles' can be implemented in a dynamic fashion. Should
have a better idea in another couple of hours.


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