Coyo Stormcaller | 9 Jan 21:53 2016

Cant find the D3D9 documentation on I managed to find this page, but as you can see,
it has almost nothing on it.

Where can I find more detailed information on the internal architecture
of d3d9.dll and how it translates Direct3D calls to OpenGL calls
transparently to the application?

Is there a roadmap or something that would indicate what the current
status on Implementing a d3d11.dll (Direct3D 11) for use with newer
applications such as game clients that use Direct3D 11?

I have a pretty good idea of how gargantuan a task this is, but I
believe in you, I'm sure you can do it (assuming you have the funds and
manpower), so I just want to know whether or not this is actually a
planned feature of Wine as a whole, or if this is something not
currently planned for. I'll understand if it is not. There ARE a lot of
things in wine that could use more attention.

While a lot of games work surprisingly well over wine, I always launch
game clients from the terminal so I can observe the debug output. There
sure are a lot of fixmes and stubs.

I'm sure you guys are already aware of winsock (part of samba, IIRC)
and ReactOS which is a more comprehensive implementation of windows
DLLs and architecture. I just wanted to mention that I agree 100% with and understand the need for a
comprehensive compatibility layer for running .exe applications on
different platforms.

Thank you for all the hard work you have done so far, and I look
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Rudolf Kahl | 8 Jan 17:59 2016

Dutch Keyboard Support Problem


I saw your dutch keyboard patch but I have no idea where to put it. 
Programs like TrepadPro/save/buziness and Works2000 don't work properly 
with Dutch keyboard. I miss the special characters like ë, ï etc. which 
are made in combination with special keys on the Dutch keyboard. So my 
question again: where to put the patch?

Best regards, Rudolf Kahl, Netherlands

David Woodfall | 31 Dec 21:39 2015

Tachyon Multiplayer

Seems that Tachyon is broken as far as multiplayer goes. I've
installed a couple of updates from novalogic's website and forwarded
ports on router, but no luck.

If anyone knows how to fix this I'd be grateful.


David Woodfall | 31 Dec 20:31 2015

Video Resolution


I've just installed Tachyon: The Fringe and it plays but the max
resolution that it detects is 1024x768.

My monitor is 1600x900. Is there some way of helping it detect the
full resolution?

I've tried running with a desktop, but no joy.

Wine version 1.7.46


Andreas Oxenstierna | 27 Dec 11:58 2015

Wine Printing

Other tested applications (like Notepad, Notepad++) can print to host CUPS printers (OSX 10.11).But from
one application ( printing fails, regardless of selected printer including PDFWriter, with
this entry in wine.log:fixme:winspool:ScheduleJob can't schedule to port L""Is ScheduleJob
implemented in winspool?Is there any Registry entry that needs to be added ?According to, there seems to be a
missing port name. Best Regards 
Andreas Oxenstierna 
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adsomega | 27 Dec 00:21 2015

about "" ' s dictionnaries

Good evening and sorry for my bad english,

I need, for studying and practice languages,'s free 

But I can not do it alone, it is too difficult for me.

It is the reason why I m looking for someone who would accept to control 
my PC "à distance" to solve the problem.

Freelang's dictionnaries work with Wine, it is sure.


best regards,


ToddAndMargo | 16 Oct 21:40 2015

Wine Staging fixes bugs!

Hi All,

I have extraordinary good news to share!

Red Hat (Fedora 22, Enterprise Linux 7) has switched from Wine to
Wine Stating.    Wine Stating is Wine with a bunch of bugs fixed
and developers that take fixing bugs seriously.

I have had bugs registered with regular Wine for over six years.
I don't know what your experience with Wine is, but I have found
that it is an extremely unusual event if Wine ever fixes a bug
I post to them.  It is very frustrating.

Since switching to Wine Stating and reposting my bugs to
them, they have fixed EVERY SINGLE ONE.  In one instance, I had
to get the software publisher permission to send them an ISO
of my disk (which they did) and Wine Staging fixed every single
bug within a week.  MOST THE VERY NEXT DAY.

This reminds me of when Open Office would not fix anything
(I had six year old bugs there too).  When Libre Office
launched, I reposted them to Libre Office.  They fixed
every single one within two weeks.  I have never looked back
on Open Office since.

Wine Staging (full tar ball):

If you are using Fedora of EL, you already have Wine Staging.

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Hi-Angel | 13 Sep 20:30 2015


How to profile wine? The «wine-wiki» recommends to use «oprofile»,
however it seems to work wrong.

E.g. if I profiled an app with «operf -gc /tmp/a.exe», then as I
understand I should get results of calls to wine dlls with «opreport
--callgraph --symbols /tmp/a.exe». However I can get only results for
«wine-builder». But as I understand, these results irrelevant, aren't

I don't even know what to do. Wine is the latest, compiled with
debugging symbols.

email | 27 Aug 20:04 2015

Wine with StartWrite Software


I ran my Windows software on a Macintosh with the Wine emulator. The
program looked great except for the fonts they came out as black blobs?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



*Chamaine NelsonOwner[image: version6.jpg]PO Box 540531North Salt Lake, UT <>Office:
801-359-2173Email: chamaine <at> <chamaine <at>>The
Handwriting Worksheet Wizard*
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Andrew Eikum | 20 Aug 21:47 2015

RFC: New dependency on FFmpeg?

I have a working implementation of the new xaudio2 API in my tree.
Microsoft is treating it as a replacement for dsound[1], and as a
result, this new API is used by lots of recent games; see Bug
26808[2] for some examples.

Most games that use the xaudio2 API use a version of Microsoft's WMA
codec. Wine doesn't currently have the ability to decode this audio
for playback. In order for the xaudio2 implementation to be useful for
most games, we'll need some way to convert it. I chose to use the
FFmpeg library to decode WMA audio.

This means for most games, Wine's built-in xaudio2 will require that
the 32-bit FFmpeg library be available on the system to successfully
play audio.

The new code only uses the audio decoding features of FFmpeg,
specifically linking only against libavcodec and libavutil. The newest
APIs that we use were introduced in 2013. Most of the rest date from
2011 and a few from 2002. FFmpeg's API isn't stable, but I don't
expect much maintenance burden from the small piece that we're using.

An additional complication is the libav fork. The APIs that we're
using are currently unchanged between FFmpeg and libav, so libav
should function as a drop-in replacement. Further, distros seem to be
migrating back to FFmpeg, if they ever changed. So again, I don't
expect this to be a barrier.

Wine packagers and developers, do you have any thoughts or objections
to depending on FFmpeg/libav's libavutils and libavcodec for xaudio2
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Klaus Rudolph | 13 Aug 14:30 2015

applicattion runs fine under x86_64 linux but not under wine with x686

I want to use two linux systems, both are with actual kernel versions:

1) 4.1.3-201.fc22.i686
2) 4.1.4-200.fc22.x86_64

I have a very old 16 bit program which works fine on a 4.1.4-200.fc22.x86_64  but it does not work with the 4.1.3-201.fc22.i686.

The error message I see is not very helpful for me:
fixme:winediag:start_process Wine Staging 1.7.47 is a testing version containing experimental patches.
fixme:winediag:start_process Please report bugs at (instead of
fixme:ole:RemUnknown_QueryInterface No interface for iid {00000019-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}
fixme:int31:DPMI_CallRMProc DPMI real-mode call using DOS VM task system, not fully tested!
wine: Unhandled privileged instruction at address 0x4600:0x0000ffff (thread 0024), starting debugger...
Unhandled exception: privileged instruction in vm86 code (4600:ffff).
-auto: cpu_i386.c:468: i386_stack_walk: Assertion `0' failed.
winedbg: Internal crash at 0xb77a0bc8

Can anyone give me a hint how to go deeper into the problem to solve it? As I mentioned, it seems only depending
of the underlying kernel version of my box.