dave5550 | 4 Jul 16:10 2007

Problems using DELINKI to delink a load module

I am trying to use the DELINKI program to delink a load module
(convert a load module to object files) on the Turnkey MVS 3.8
system. DELINKI is CBT090 on www.cbttape.org . Since the PL/1 (F)
compiler on MVS 3.8 is too low a level to compile the PL/I DELINKI
source (many compile errors), I got the DELINKI and DWNSPDSR load
module members from CBT135. I loaded them to MVS from the cbt135.xmi
file via the DASDLOAD utility of Hercules, to a 3350 DASD volume.
But when I try to run DELINKI, I get abend S0C4 (a Program Interrupt
for a Protection Exception) and no other output.

Has anyone got DELINKI to work on MVS 3.8? If so, how?

As I said, I can't build it from the source because the PL/1 (F)
compiler is inadequate (MANY errors at compile time).

A search on Google found a reference to Greg Price's REVIEW utility
(CBT134), which uses DELINKI. It says "set &SYSSPLV to '1' to avoid
S0C4 abend on pre-XA systems due to STAX macro expansion
differences". So, I suspect the problem is that the DELINKI load
module in CBT135 was created on a later version of MVS and does not
work in MVS 3.8 because of a problem in the STAX macro. This is just
a guess. But I have no idea how to fix a problem like that.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

- Dave Edwards

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