Fish | 2 Apr 12:35 2006

QUESTION: How many of you are still using Windows 9x (Win98 or WinMe)??

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I'm curious as to how many Hercules users are still using Windows 9x.

If you are please reply.

If you are NOT then please DON'T reply. (We don't need a jillion

The only reason I'm asking is to get a feel for whether or not we can
(or how SOON we can) drop support for Windows 9x.

To be completely honest continuing to support Win9x is getting to be
a pain (and in fact I suspect some non-Win9x-compatible changes may
have already accidentally wiggled their way into the code base[1]) so
I was wondering if maybe we shouldn't just drop support for it

This is just a feeler/inquiry! I'm *not* suggesting that we are (I
am) are actually planning to do so!

I'm only trying to get a *feel* for whether or not such *could*
*MAYBE* be done at some point in the future.

Sooo... anyone out there still using that insecure piece-of-crap
o/s?? :)

Thanks. :)
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Greg Price | 16 Apr 16:44 2006


Just to notify users of the REVIEW TSO command that
Release 40.1 is now available from the updates page
of and the "convenience pack"
and MVS 3.8 load module can be accessed from

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Fish | 17 Apr 22:28 2006

** CTCI-W32 version 3.1 Release Anouncement **

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I am very pleased to finally announce the release of version 3.1 of
my CTCI-W32 networking package for Hercules, known perhaps more
commonly as 'TunTap32':

  Main CTCI-W32 web page:

  Direct download URLs:

  What's New:

The "What's New" web page contains very detailed technical
descriptions of exactly what has changed. Perhaps TOO technical for
most people perhaps (since most of it deals with programming issues).
For the rest of you non-technical (non-programmer) types, here's what
basically has changed from a pure user's perspective:

                      WHAT'S NEW

 * CTCI-W32 now works with the latest 3.1 version of WinPCap.

 * You should no longer need 'IP Forwarding' enabled if you
   use a router. (If you don't use one though then you'll
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Fish | 20 Apr 09:55 2006

CTCI-W32 Loopback Adapter fix (was: having trouble when use the new CTCI package)

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shanyuliang wrote:


> Dear all,
> I always use MS loopback adapter before, it works fine. But
> today I replace the CTCI with the new CTCI package, I got error,
> the message is:
>   HHCTU002E Error opening TUN/TAP device: 02-00-4C-4F-4F-50:
>             No such file or directory.
> I did not change any other configrations, just replace the old
> CTCI with the new one. I try the TT32Test program, I found that
> it does not find my Loopback Adapter. Is it the problem?

Yes -- *obviously*.

> By the way, I can find the loopback Adapter by the "ipconfig -all"
> command. 

Dear shanyuliang (and everyone too):

Please try the new 3.1.1b version just uploaded today to my web site:
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