mailman | 1 Jul 13:30 2011

Guidelines for LINUX5250 mailing list

Monthly posting of the guidelines for participation in the LINUX5250
Mailing List.

Answers to common questions, including installation issues for FreeBSD,
Linux and Windows are included in the documentation in the README file
in the source tarball, the manual included with the Windows installer,
and the other documentation found on our web site at

Answers to other questions which may have already been asked are available in
the linux5250 email list archive, which is available at

Keep to the subject.  The topic of the list is the Linux Tn5250
Emulation project.   (Though, the name "Linux" is a misnomer, since
the software will work in Microsoft Windows and any modern Unix or
Unix-like operating system)

When quoting messages, do not quote the entire message.  Just quote the
parts that are needed to make the appropriate references.

Flames are absolutely prohibited.  If you disagree with someone, feel
free to argue the facts, but no personal attacks will be tolerated.

The official language of the LINUX5250 Mailing List is English.

Do not post personal messages.  Please use direct E-Mail.  This list is
international in scope and personal messages just end up costing money.

Please do not use HTML to format messages ... not everyone has a HTML
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