Juergen Borleis | 16 Apr 08:54 2014

Re: Mini2440 displays

Hi László,

please ask FriendlyARM related questions at our community mailing list [1].

On Tuesday 15 April 2014 19:32:56 László Körmöczi wrote:
> I am working with FriendlyARM mini2440 and Pengutronix and trying to
> compile OSELAS BSP. I want to set the display type, but it do not show up
> in menuconfig (ptxdist kernelconfig -> Device drivers -> Graphic support ->
> Support for frame buffer devices, the display type should be under S3C2410
> LCD framebuffer support). I did not find any solutions searching on the
> net, that's why I am asking you how I can enable it.
> Thank you for your answer in advance.

Selecting the display in the kernel config is the FriendlyARM way. In the 
Pengutronix BSP (which does not correlate to everything FriendlyARM has made) 
all known displays are supported at once. You select the correct one at 
runtime instead.

Read section 4.2.3. in the manual [2] for further details.


[1] http://www.pengutronix.de/mailinglists/index_en.html


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Juergen Beisert | 27 Mar 10:16 2014

Re: Oselas BSP

Hi Sven,

please use our community mailing list[1] for such kind of questions.

On Thursday 27 March 2014 09:38:52 Sven Steenbock wrote:
> ich verwende schon seit geraumer Zeit Linux Boards von Phytec und habe
> darüber die OSELAS BSP sowie ptxdist kennengelernt.
> Mittlerweile nutze ich das System auch für andere Hardwareplatformen und
> wollte daher meine Reository Struktur etwas vereinfachen.
> Nach meiner Vorstellung möchte ich nur noch ein BSP-Repository haben
> und alle projekt/hardware-spezifischen Dinge über die Konfiguration
> steuern. (So wie es jetzt z.b. bereits für den Kernel der Fall ist.)
> Dazu wollte ich nun, um in Zukunft einfacher aktualisieren zu können,
> statt einem Downloadpaket das git-Repository clonen.
> Auf der Pengutronix Git-Seite sehe ich jedoch, dass Sie für diverse
> Architekturen eigene Repositorys pflegen. Warum machen Sie das?

What architectures do you mean here? PowerPC, ARM or x86? Or Mini2440, 
BeagleBone and RaspberryPi? The latter one are platforms. And each platform 
brings its own settings which are only valid for exactly this one.

There is no restriction using these platforms in parallel in one BSP. That's 
how PTXdist is designed for (at least if different platforms share the same 

> (Und ist der Grund dafür eventuell ein Argument gegen das von mir
> beschriebene Konzept?)
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Pawel Suchanecki | 20 Feb 23:49 2014

Mini2440 very long boot time

Dear list,

My Mini2440 boards running Linux 3.7.1-ptx-2012.12.0 on JFFS2 based
root filesystems take very long to boot (as shown below), so I am
looking for a way of solving this issue.

There is a possibility that boards with "long boot time problem" are
not halted properly (powered off before the system halts), although
they do not report more bad blocks than the others. Can this be the
root cause of the problem?

What else can cause this behaviour?

I know that mount time for JFFS2 increases with number of files
stored, but in my case the number of files is pretty much the same in
both cases.

Does this happen due to JFFS2 index generation & garbage collection processes?

If so, shouldn't the boot time reduce on next boot once garbage
collector finishes its work and there are no new writes? (actually
there are new to /etc/mtab for instance)

I assume that switching rootfs to UBIFS will help to aid this issue,
am I correct?

Long boot time case:

[   18.430000] devtmpfs: mounted
[   18.435000] Freeing init memory: 120K
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ian c | 9 Feb 20:29 2014

Netlink Trigger GPIO

Dear Experts,

I am developing an application that communicate with CAN driver (socketcan) using netlink. I tried to
configure the kernel using ptxdist to enable the CAN LED trigger feature but it wont work. Has anybody in
this forum successfully enable the CAN LED trigger netlink based?

Thanks and Best Regards, 		 	   		  

Ilian Tsachev | 21 Dec 19:44 2013

LCD S70 & Tyni6410 not working with U-Boot from NAND

My LCD i 800*480 S70 and Tyni6410 is runing Linux and QT fine from SDCARD 
but LCD is not working when boot with U-Boot from NAND although I get 
console on serial port. 
If I program SuperBoot-6410 into NAND and press "B(Boot)" option from 
console terminal the same images(kernel and fs) run well from NAND.
There some differences in the console output:

With SuperBoot (after pressing "B" option):
S3C64XX: PLL settings, A=532000000, M=532000000, E=24000000
spi-bus: source is mout_epll (0), rate is 24000000
FB1: map_video_memory: dma=5d700000 cpu=ff400000 size=000bb800
FB1: map_video_memory: dma=5c800000 cpu=ff500000 size=000bb800

With Uboot:
S3C64XX: PLL settings, A=532000000, M=266000000, E=84666666
spi-bus: source is mout_epll (0), rate is 84666666
FB1: map_video_memory: dma=5c800000 cpu=ff400000 size=000bb800
FB1: map_video_memory: dma=5c900000 cpu=ff500000 size=000bb800

With osciloscope I see that BitClock (VCLK) frequency is 33.2523MHz all 

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Pawel Suchanecki | 19 Dec 12:23 2013

mini2440 pwm beeper works unreliably

Dear list,

I run Linux 3.7.1 built with ptxdist 2012.12.0 on mini2440.

I have the /dev/input/beeper device ready:

root <at> xxx:~ dmesg | grep pwm
s3c24xx-pwm s3c24xx-pwm.0: tin at 25312500, tdiv at 25312500, tin=divclk, base 0
input: pwm-beeper as /devices/platform/s3c24xx-pwm.0/pwm-beeper/input/input1

The ring-bell tool is producing sound, however the beeper fails to
mute (turn off the beeping sound) very often, like every other time (a
few per 10 runs).

What the be the root cause of this?
Is there any known solution?

I also created a simple code tone-uni.c (should have based it on
ring-bell.c) that looks like:


int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    int fd, version, ret;
    struct input_event event;

    if (argc < 3) {
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Dave Festing | 17 Dec 10:48 2013

date and hwclock not reading the same

On the 9thDec - date and hwclock changed from displaying the same time to
the hwclock being correct BUT date showing a time 13 hours ahead of my
current local time. Only on my mini2440s running either the 2012.12
Pengutronix BSP or the 2013.09 version   

Now, 13 hours is the difference between NZDT and UTC, but UTC should read 13
hours behind NZDT ... if anything.

I get around this little problem by adding a line in /etc/init.d/startup

   hwclock --hctosys

so that every time the machine reboots they are "synchronised".

I have read that date can sometimes get confused about what to correctly
display.  Seeing as my other Linux machines display date and hwclock
properly, both mini2440s show the same problem I can only conclude that this
is something to do with the files that date uses.

Any suggestions to where I should look?


Ryan Fernandez | 28 Oct 21:40 2013

Mini6410 boot from SDHC card help

Hello everyone.  This is my first question for the group.  

I would like to boot PTXdist on my Mini6410 but I need more space than I have with a SD card so I need to boot an
SDHC card.  Is there any possible way to do this?  I have very little experience with this board so any help
would be appreciated.

Jürgen Beisert | 28 Oct 09:17 2013

Re: Problem with PTX on Mini6410 board

Hi Ryan,

as Robert already mentioned, please use our oselas.community mailinglist for
such kind of questions [1]

On Monday 28 October 2013 00:25:55 Ryan Fernandez wrote:
> I'm not sure if this will get to the right person, but I'm trying
> to use PTX on my mini6410 and I need to flash it using the
> mini6410-flasher.  It only flashes on a card that is 2gb or smaller.  How
> do I flash it on a larger card?

With our BSP it is still not possible. The tool you mentioned can handle it, 
but the bootloader needs some special configuration to support the sector 
layout on SDHC cards (due to a bug in the SoC's ROM firmware the sector layout 
differs for SDSC and SDHC cards). And I wasn't able to find this special 
configuration yet.


[1] "Community Mailing Lists for generic Board Support Packages"

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Dave | 20 Oct 20:56 2013

PTXdist 2013.09.0 freezes

Thought I would try 2013.09.0 with kernel 3.11 and have been trying to sort
a problem as follows:

- at random times the cursor will stop flashing and even though px aux shows
that my application is running it is not.  I can still navigate directories
and look at files, so something is still working.

Nothing appears in the log files in /var/log (daemon.log, thttpd.log,
kern.log and user.log)

Any hints on where to look next would be appreciated.


mind entropy | 11 Oct 11:43 2013



  I have changed mode in spi_board_info to have SPI_MODE_2 i.e. have
CPOL as inactive high. When I check the lines on the scope I am seeing
the line low as if I have selected SPI_MODE_0. Can someone confirm