Tremblay, Eric | 6 Jul 15:19 2015

ELDK 4.1 priority inversion question.

Hi there,

I know, this is old stuff but the product was developed with that at the time.

I have looked all over the web but can't seem to find an answer to my questions, so I'm trying you directly.

We are using ELDK 4.1 with Linux kernel  I'm trying to figure out if priority inversion(in the user
space) is supported and if yes, how to enable it.

I have found on the web that priority inversion was introduce in Linux kernel 2.6.18.

I have found that in "pthread.h" in ELDK, the interface to set the protocol is there but when I try to use it,
the compiler says it doesn't know about it.

The architecture is the PowerPC(Power Quick II) ppc_82xx.

There compiler error is:

/home/Fremen/vdriveDEV/app/common/src/app_diagmgr.cpp: In function 'void DiagMgr_InitializeDataMembers()':

/home/Fremen/vdriveDEV/app/common/src/app_diagmgr.cpp:1322: error:
'pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol' was not declared in this scope

I know that the error mean it cannot find the function declaration.  What I don't know is why since it is
declare in the pthread.h that I have included And the compiler can find the header file because it would
complain if not.

The other thing I saw on the web was about a compiler & linker option to add "-pthread".  I did add it just to try
but it did not make any difference.
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Vijay Shrivastav | 4 Jul 02:28 2015

device tree bindings for cascaded i2c switches


looking for some help in creating the device tree file. I have a chain of
9548 i2c mux/switch. On boot Linux is creating /dev/i2c* device files for
all the channels of the first level 9548, but the no i2c bus device files
area created for second level 9548 channels. Also other devices such as
EEPROM and temperature sensors are ignored.

Attached here is the section of the dts file, for PPC. Is this is a
restriction in how i2c busses are traversed  or there is something wrong in
the declaration? Linux kernel is 2.6.27.


--dts file--

IIC0: i2c <at> ef600700 {

compatible = "ibm,iic-460ex", "ibm,iic";

reg = <0xef600700 0x00000014>;

interrupt-parent = <&UIC0>;

interrupts = <0x2 0x4>; 

#address-cells = <1>;

#size-cells = <0>;

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ibragimov | 1 Jul 17:05 2015

MCV hardware

Hello, I use sysroot

and DENX_MCV_reference C2

I try to get access to PIO IOB5A through /dev/mem

#define MAP_PIO_BASE_ADDR       (0xFF200000)    ///< lwAxiMaster Base 
#define MAP_PIO_SIZE            (0x00100000)
#define IOB5A_OFFS              (0x000800C0)    // GPIO IOB5A offset 
from lwAxiMaster Base Address

int fd = open("/dev/mem", O_RDWR|O_SYNC);
unsigned int * mem_ptr = (unsigned int*)mmap(NULL, MAP_PIO_SIZE, 
io_val = mem_ptr[IOB5A_OFFS/sizeof(unsigned int)];

And here I've got Bus error with
Unhandled fault: external abort on non-linefetch (0x018) at 0xb6c590c0

Do core-image-lsb-sdk-mcvevk.tar.bz2 supports HPS PIO of 
DENX_MCV_reference C2 ?
ibragimov | 24 Jun 15:15 2015

MCVEVK manual questions
Page references to resistors RefDes. But where can I find schematic or 
position of this components?

    3. Installation of U-Boot and U-Boot SPL to eMMC

The default boot media for MCVEVK is eMMC, but this setup can be 
overriden by followingdocumentation 

link is incorrect. It is link to the page with M53EVK
Where can I find information on booting from SD-card?

    2. Build recovery Quartus II project

*$ git clone

link is incorrect
Where can I find Recovery-C2 project?

  7.3.6 Pin Header

Three 40 pin pin header provide IO Pins of MCV.
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ibragimov | 23 Jun 10:53 2015

Building kernel module - recordmcount: not found

I am trying to compile kernel module for qemuarm with ELDK.
I used manual to build 
system. And system runs.
But I can not to build kernel module.

to build module I use next steps:
cd ~/.../git/eldk
BUILD_NAME=$(git branch | sed -ne '/(detached from /d' -e 's/$/-/' -e 
's/^\* //p')$(git log --format="%ad-%h" --date=short HEAD^\!)
TEMPLATECONF=meta-eldk/conf source oe-init-build-env 

cd tmp/workspace/Kernel_hello/    # here is my module source
make -C $SDKTARGETSYSROOT"/usr/src/kernel" M=$PWD modules

system says
/bin/sh: 1:

not found

in the sysroots/qemuarm/usr/src/kernel/scripts/recordmcount directory - exists
recordmcount - absent

Where can I found correct builders, sources or manual to build kernel 
modules with ELDK?
K Richard Pixley | 3 Jun 00:56 2015

u-boot tftp on second network interface?

Can I configure u-boot to tftp from the second network interface?

And if so, how?

belatronix | 29 May 14:48 2015

ELDK 5.6 Xenomai Build stops when choosing MACHINE=mpc5200

i failed to build the ELDK 5.6 with Xenomai support ( MACHINE=mpc5200 bitbake
core-image-minimal-xenomai )

I got an Error in Task 194:
git/eldk/meta-eldk/recipes-kernel/xenomai/, do_configure) failed
with exit code '1'

Why does it try to patch the Kernel Version 3.14.43 instead of the 3.14.22 which is selected in  

The Log Output:

| Hunk #12 succeeded at 2740 (offset 4 lines).
| Hunk #13 succeeded at 2750 (offset 4 lines).
| Hunk #14 succeeded at 2824 (offset 4 lines).
| Hunk #15 succeeded at 3519 (offset 6 lines).
| Hunk #16 succeeded at 4614 (offset 7 lines).
| Hunk #17 succeeded at 8058 (offset 13 lines).
| checking file kernel/sched/core.c.orig
| checking file kernel/sched/wait.c
| checking file kernel/signal.c
Hunk #8 succeeded at 2535 (offset 4 lines).
Hunk #9 succeeded at 2582 (offset 4 lines).
Hunk #10 succeeded at 2669 (offset 4 lines).
Hunk #11 succeeded at 2683 (offset 4 lines).
Hunk #12 succeeded at 2740 (offset 4 lines).
Hunk #13 succeeded at 2750 (offset 4 lines).
Hunk #14 succeeded at 2824 (offset 4 lines).
Hunk #15 succeeded at 3519 (offset 6 lines).
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Panagiotis Tamtamis | 23 May 11:40 2015

QA Issue: python3 modules ELF binary has relocations in .text


After build I have the following warnings:

#bitbake python3

WARNING: QA Issue: ELF binary
'/home/tamis/straus/opt/eldk/build/p2020-v5.6_20150512-2015-03-03-3449f10-e500v2/tmp/work/ppce500v2-linux-gnuspe/python3/3.3.3-r0.0/packages-split/python3-misc/usr/lib/python3.3/lib-dynload/_' has relocations in .text
WARNING: QA Issue: ELF binary
'/home/tamis/straus/opt/eldk/build/p2020-v5.6_20150512-2015-03-03-3449f10-e500v2/tmp/work/ppce500v2-linux-gnuspe/python3/3.3.3-r0.0/packages-split/python3-misc/usr/lib/python3.3/lib-dynload/_' has relocations in .text
WARNING: QA Issue: ELF binary
'/home/tamis/straus/opt/eldk/build/p2020-v5.6_20150512-2015-03-03-3449f10-e500v2/tmp/work/ppce500v2-linux-gnuspe/python3/3.3.3-r0.0/packages-split/python3-misc/usr/lib/python3.3/lib-dynload/' has relocations in .text
WARNING: QA Issue: ELF binary
'/home/tamis/straus/opt/eldk/build/p2020-v5.6_20150512-2015-03-03-3449f10-e500v2/tmp/work/ppce500v2-linux-gnuspe/python3/3.3.3-r0.0/packages-split/python3-misc/usr/lib/python3.3/lib-dynload/_' has relocations in .text
WARNING: QA Issue: ELF binary
'/home/tamis/straus/opt/eldk/build/p2020-v5.6_20150512-2015-03-03-3449f10-e500v2/tmp/work/ppce500v2-linux-gnuspe/python3/3.3.3-r0.0/packages-split/python3-misc/usr/lib/python3.3/lib-dynload/_' has relocations in .text
WARNING: QA Issue: ELF binary
'/home/tamis/straus/opt/eldk/build/p2020-v5.6_20150512-2015-03-03-3449f10-e500v2/tmp/work/ppce500v2-linux-gnuspe/python3/3.3.3-r0.0/packages-split/python3-misc/usr/lib/python3.3/lib-dynload/_' has relocations in .text
WARNING: QA Issue: ELF binary
'/home/tamis/straus/opt/eldk/build/p2020-v5.6_20150512-2015-03-03-3449f10-e500v2/tmp/work/ppce500v2-linux-gnuspe/python3/3.3.3-r0.0/packages-split/python3-misc/usr/lib/python3.3/lib-dynload/_' has relocations in .text

I gone to build log and I saw the following:
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K Richard Pixley | 16 May 00:30 2015

compiling u-boot/tools/env

I've just upgraded to a more recent version of u-boot for one of my 
targets.  And now I'm thoroughly stumped on how to build fw_printenv.

The README says to use CROSS_COMPILE, but that doesn't include all the 
other environment variables from sourcing my eldk environment file.  It 
also doesn't work.  Attempting to build hides /everything/ so I can't 
even tell what compiler is being used.  It /says/ HOSTCC, which is 
wrong, and it should know better.  And neither setting HOSTCC nor CC on 
the command line produces anything useful, (of course, it's hidden, so I 
can't tell if it's really taking effect anyway).

Shouldn't this thing just be a simple "$(CC) -o fw_printenv *.c"?  I 
tried that, and tried adding -I options to find the headers, but 
apparently some of the u-boot headers are intended to replace standard 
system library headers.  I suppose that might make sense for standalone 
u-boot, but not for fw_printenv that runs inside a running linux.

This is the most opaque Makefile I've seen in years, btw.  Kudos.


How do I build fw_printenv for my target, (ie, in a cross 
configuration), using my eldk toolchain?  What's the secret?

I checked top-of-tree in git and it looks like the same arrangement in 
the code I was handed by a vendor that's marked 2014.07.  So whatever 
the secret is, I'm guessing that it's the same secret as is used for 

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ibragimov | 24 Apr 16:41 2015

Error in building ELDK, probably bad links

Hello, I'm try to build
MACHINE=generic-armv7a-hf bitbake core-image-lsb-sdk

in local.conf i've add
EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "tools-debug eclipse-debug debug-tweaks"

I've got warnings and error:

DEBUG: Mirror fetch failure for url 
(original url: git://;protocol=git)
DEBUG: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 8, output:
2015-04-24 17:30:56 ERROR 404: Not Found.


WARNING: Failed to fetch URL git://;protocol=git, 
attempting MIRRORS if available
DEBUG: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 128, output:
Cloning into bare repository 
fatal: read error: Connection reset by peer


DEBUG: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 8, output:
2015-04-24 17:31:05 ERROR 404: Not Found.

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ibragimov | 24 Apr 11:04 2015

Building ELDK for Altera SoC

i want to build ELDK for SoM MCV.
I have not hardware now and I can not to test my work with hardware.
I try to build ELDK for Altera and follow
And I have question on adopting build for Altera.
In step
  - You can now edit "conf/local.conf" to make any local adjustments you 
i do not see altera-meta.
Is it not used in ELDK for MCV?
Or I should customize my build with steps not shown in with git clone 
git://, editing bblayers.conf or 
similar ways?