Isaac Cajina | 26 Nov 07:39 2014

Lost Pass Word

I need to open some documents and I do not remember my pass word. I need
you help.

Isaac Cajina

e: isaac.cajina <at>
c: (323) 314 6430


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john herron | 26 Nov 07:55 2014

LO Basic: problem retrieving document Keywords property

For billing purposes I store parameters into the Description fields of 
LO text document properties.

Have no problems retrieving data entered in the Title, Subject, 
Description property fields by simply assigning the data to string 
However, when I try to assign to a string variable the contents of the 
Keywords property, I get the error message depicted in the following 
code screenshot:

Can anyone help me figure out what the problem might be?



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Steve Edmonds | 26 Nov 01:25 2014

Printing options.

In File> Printer Settings, under options is the device printer language 
setting (PDF/Postscript).

Is this a Libreoffice configuration or a system configuration. I ask 
because some documents print fine with postscript but not with PDF. If 
it is a LO function I will file a bug.
Thanks, steve


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wrerddg | 25 Nov 04:12 2014

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csanyipal | 23 Nov 09:41 2014

Setting up Hyperlink in Impress


I'm using LibreOffice version, Build: Arch Linux build-2
I'm trying to set up the color of the visited and unvisited hyperlinks on
slides with:
Tools > Options > Appearance > Unvisited Links, Visited Links

On some slides this works but on some slides dont. Why?

Best Regards from
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A | 22 Nov 04:43 2014

Re: Print Orientation (Calc)

I'm having a similar problem and I followed the below directions, which 
worked fine. However, I made a mistake in naming and I can't find a way 
to either rename the style, or delete it.

Any help?

LibreOffice 420m0(Build:2)
ubuntu 14.04

Thank you in advance.

- Andrew

On 05/05/2014 01:33 PM, Brian Barker wrote:
> At 11:47 05/05/2014 -0700, James E. Lang wrote:
>> When I set the print orientation for Sheet 1 to Landscape the print 
>> orientation for Sheet 2 is also changed even though the data on Sheet 
>> 2 is better printed with orientation = Portrait. What is the 
>> rationale for this behavior?
> Orientation is a property of page styles. When you change the 
> orientation of your first sheet, you are actually changing the 
> orientation of its page style and therefore of all sheets with the 
> same page style.
>> Is there a preference setting that unlinks the sheets with regard to 
>> print orientation?
> Give them different page styles:
> o Go to Format | Styles and Formatting ... (or click the Styles and 
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CVAlkan | 21 Nov 21:07 2014

Comments on pdf file size in 4.4 alpha; and a new bug?


I'm using 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 with a parallel installation of LibreOffice
Build ID: d273a60bfdbf9bb7623bed38667ec0647753157c - TinderBox:
Linux-rpm_deb-x86_64 <at> 46-TDF, Branch:master, Time: 2014-11-20_03:05:21 -
Locale: en_US

I installed this in parallel with my 4.3 installation mostly because of
having been burned so many times in the past by new bugs, but the recent
commentary on what are apparently "fixes" to the pdf export function
compelled me to try this alpha just to see; I often need to transfer pdfs of
documents and reducing sizes is important. (I often wondered why the files
were so huge, but never thought to question the sizes)

I can confirm that the 4.4 alpha does indeed produce significantly smaller
pdf sizes with (as far as I can tell) the same quality as earlier versions
have produced.

BUT - as usual, there is a huge caveat ... When I first tested this, I
thought that perhaps the smaller size resulted from the fact that Writer
just left out quite a few of my graphics, which didn't appear in the pdf. A
little further exploration, however, showed that they were not visible in
the document either, although were in fact still there - just hidden under
totally (and newly) opaque frames. Thinking that maybe this was a result of
some sloppy formatting on my part, I changed a few of the frames to 100%
transparency - permitting the graphic, which was already marked as "on top"
to be displayed in Writer and saved the file (yes - under a new name - I
have used betas before). I generated a new pdf and - viola - the graphics
whose frames I had "fixed" showed up in the pdf.
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Jay Ridgley | 21 Nov 15:12 2014

Problems with writer


One of my systems has developed a problem with writer and I am at a loss 
as how to fix it.

I get the following message when I try to open writer:

Component cannot be loaded, possibly broken or incomplete installation.
Full error message:
loading component library failed:

I looked on the net and the suggested fix for this message was reinstall
libre-office, and libre-writer, so I did that. I still get the message 
what else did I miss?

The other two systems I am using both work fine with writer. All of them 
work fine with calc.

I am running Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS with
LibreOffice (Build ID:420m0(Build 3)
all updates have been applied.


Jay Ridgley
jridgley2 at
Registered Linux User ID - 9115
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Ricky Charlet | 21 Nov 08:34 2014

writer: master doc from template not accepting changes to template

 I hope I have a work flow problem. I'll describe what I want, then describe
what I did. And hopefully someone can show me 'the right way'.

I'm writing a book. I have chosen the path of creating a chapter template + 
a master document + a sub document per chapter. Getting it all setup at
first worked out just like the "Writers Guide chapter 13" said. Thanks doc
team. That was good.

But a week or so later, after I'm working on chapter three, I decide I want
something new in my template.... I want my font changed from liberation
serif to new times roman.  I cannot find out how to (simply) get that change
communicated to *all* my sub documents so that they obey the new font.

Here is the work flow I tried:
1. create a template
   create a paragraph style: name=bookBasic, properties=some indentation +
liberation serif + font size 12 + regular
   create a paragraph style: name=indirect, properties=some indentation +
liberation serif + font size 12 + italic
   save as "a template" in ott
2. create chapters
   open the template from step 1
   drop in some filler text from
   set paragraph one to "bookBasic"
   set paragraph two to "indirect"
   save as "chapt 1" in odt
   save as "chapt 2" in odt
   save as "chapt 3" in odt 
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fred.spurrier | 20 Nov 21:20 2014

Libre office

Can you please tell me which type of documents WRITER will read. e.g.
Word, Works,? Open office,PDF etc.
Thank you for your help

Matt Price | 19 Nov 17:05 2014

macro to add annotation to selected text range


I am trying to add a really simple macro that I can bind to a key.  I just
want ot be able ot add checkmarks to student papers veyr quickly, so I
would like to select a sentence or other text range, then press a key, and
have the ckeckmark appear in a new comment.

I can almost do htis, using code stolen from the web:

rem -- misleadingly named macro adds a simple hceckmark at point, or in
response to highlighted text.
sub createComment
    rem create the annotation object
    oAnno =
    rem Chr 10004 is the decimal for hex code 2714, "heavy checkmark"
    oAnno.Content = Chr(10004)
    oAnno.Author = "Matt Price"
    oText = ThisComponent.Text
    rem check to see if anything is selected
    oSels = ThisComponent.getCurrentSelection()
    If Not IsNull(oSels) Then
        rem I don't know what to put in here
        oVC = ThisComponent.CurrentController.ViewCursor
        oText.insertTextContent(oVC.Start, oAnno, False)
    End If
end sub

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