Muhammet Kara | 24 Jun 14:09 2016

About the Progress Bar on the Document Recovery Dialog

Hello Devs,

I am simplifying the Document Recovery Dialog.[0][1]

I made LO crash with many documents, and observed its behavior during 
recovery. And there was nothing in the blank space where the progress 
bar should appear. Thus, as the "Recovery document:" label along with 
the 'progress bar' under that seems broken/useless, I would like to kill 
them too. (Besides, the recovery progress is already being indicated in 
the list box below.)

What do you think? Any objections?


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Heiko Tietze | 24 Jun 16:21 2016

Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2016-Jun-24

    + Kendy, Rishabh, Heiko, Samuel, Susobhan, Akshay, Szymon, Cor, Jay (late)

Easy hacks that need code pointers
    + (export all pages in Draw)
    + (labels at pages frame in Draw)
    + Move easyhacks and proposed EH into the wiki?
      + Go with that
    + ESC decision how to handle EH without codepointer
      + proposed easyhacks will receive keyword easyhack but need further infos
      + without codepointer/mentor set NEEDINFO

Confirmed easy hacks
    + (more arrowheads)
    + (Quickstarter)

Enhancement requests that could be solved per extension
     + (eyedropper tool/color reader;
requires access to statusbar)

Google Summer of Code

  * Template Manager (Akshay)
        + Removal of remote view from template manager in 5.3 (Akshay)
            + dead and buggy code, created long time ago (Akshay)
            + hidden if experimental mode is not enabled, crashes frequently
            + Thumbnails are required for each template in template view area, which is not possible for remote files
                + No way to download previews for each available template
(Continue reading)

Aarushi | 24 Jun 15:38 2016

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Manuel De Franceschi | 24 Jun 14:46 2016

Manuel De Franceschi license statement

All of my past & future contributions to LibreOffice may be licensed under the MPLv2/LGPLv3+ dual license.
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CppCheck Report Failure

A new cppcheck report is available at :

    The script generating this report was run at :
        2016-19-06_02:00:05 with user buildslave at host vm140 as
/home/buildslave/source/dev-tools/cppcheck/ -s
/home/buildslave/source/libo-core -c /home/buildslave/source/cppcheck -w /home/buildslave/tmp/www

    It can be found and improved here:;a=blob;f=cppcheck/

Attachment (cppcheck-report.log.gz): application/octet-stream, 158 KiB
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Christian Lohmaier | 23 Jun 15:48 2016

[ANN] LibreOffice 5.2.0 RC1 available

Dear Community,

The Document Foundation is pleased to announce the first release
candidate of LibreOffice 5.2.0. The upcoming 5.2.0 will be the first
release of our fresh 5.2 line. Please be aware that LibreOffice 5.2.0
RC1 has not been flagged as ready for production use yet, however feel
free to give it a try instead of 5.0.6 of 5.1.4.

A work-in-progress list of new features in LibreOffice 5.2 can be
found at

The release is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X from our QA
builds download page at

Windows builds are also provided in 64bit version.

Developers and QA might also be interested in the symbol server for
windows debug information (see

Should you find bugs, please report them to our Bugzilla:

A good way to assess the release candidate quality is to run some
specific manual tests on it, our TCM wiki page has more details:

For other ways to get involved with this exciting project - you can
e.g. contribute code:

translate LibreOffice to your language:

or help with funding our operations:

A list of known issues and fixed bugs compared to 5.2.0 beta2 is
available from our wiki:

Let us close again with a BIG Thank You! to all of you having
contributed to the LibreOffice project - this release would not have
been possible without your help.

On behalf of the Community,

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Rishabh Kumar | 23 Jun 10:52 2016

GSoC Week 4 : Area Fill


Last week I completed the following tasks - 

1. Created a new pattern tab - 

2. Moved bitmap controls from Area tab -

3. Multiple color palettes in color dialog -

Work planned for this week - 

1. Make changes and merge the commits and to master.

2. Move all the fill style tabs inside the area tab

Warm Regards

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Akshay Deep | 23 Jun 10:24 2016

GSoC Week 4: Redesigning the Template Manager

    I'm working with on the Template Manager as my GSoC project. (Mentors: Samuel Mehrbrodt and Yousuf Philips)

Last week, I fixed some bugs and enhancement requests in start center. I worked on few remaining parts of my project. I am also working on a writer enhancement (GotoPage Dialog),

This week, I'll provide the documentation team with the list of changes I've done to template manager and will continue with the other tasks.

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Michael Meeks | 22 Jun 22:00 2016

Menu -> VclPtr ...

Hi Noel,

	Had a quick read of:

	Looks rather good to me - all the instances which you highlight as
'dodgy' look really odd to me even in the pre-existing code ;-) deleting
items that still have private pointers lurking around in child
containers is ... ;-) 'interesting'.

	"delete pFoo->LetMePokeInYourInnards()"

	is a curious use of pFoo ;-)

	What do you think of the attached to fix that ? (not compile tested
sadly - but hopefully squashes nicely and achieves what we want ?

	Would love to have some of that automated UI testing stuff implemented
at this stage - but absent that, if it works with some manual testing -
it'd be good to get in I think; while an impressive change - it's far
smaller and less disruptive than the original VclPtr stuff I think =)




michael.meeks <at> <><, GM Collabora Productivity
 Skype: mmeeks, Google Hangout: mejmeeks <at>
 (M) +44 7795 666 147 - timezone usually UK / Europe
Attachment (de-dogify.diff): text/x-patch, 6007 bytes
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Adam Saunders | 22 Jun 17:38 2016

Collabora Online 1.0 Roadmap and Questions

Hi all,

I'm in the midst of writing a news article about the Collabora Online
1.0 release. I had a couple questions for you:

1. (a) It appears that the 1.0 release is missing a number of features
that could be found in vanilla LibreOffice binaries (e.g. a number of
functions for spreadsheets, "track changes" style editing in the
document editor, spellchecking, etc.). How come?

(b) Is the only spreadsheet function available in 1.0 SUM? I wasn't able
to find any other shortcuts for functions in the spreadsheet editor.

(c) Is the real-time editing preview in CODE available in the 1.0 demo?
I wasn't able to find it...

2. Are there plans to reintroduce these features in future releases?

3. What distinguishes Collabora Online from competitors such as Open365
( or OnlyOffice (

4. What is the target "market" for Collabora Online? Primarily business
enterprises/non-profits/government agencies?

5. What "value-added" services could I get as, say, a corporation
contracting with Collabora to get enhancements and/or support for
Collabora Online?

Thanks very much for any answers you can provide. It's an interesting

Adam Saunders

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Crashtest VM | 22 Jun 10:51 2016

Crash test update

New crashtest update available at
Attachment (exportCrashes.csv): application/octet-stream, 8098 bytes
Attachment (importCrash.csv): application/octet-stream, 62 KiB
Attachment (validationErrors.csv): application/octet-stream, 11 KiB
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