Gabriel Rauter | 11 Jul 12:04 2016

Reminder End of Survey: Relevance of Configuration Systems in Free and Open Source Software

I would like to gently remind anyone interested that the survey will
be closed on 18.07.2016.
As stated in the previous mailing we are interested in the experience
and opinion of people
involved in both FLOSS and configuration systems. This includes
developers who use or have used
configuration related artefacts in their contributions. e.g. also
accessing and using environment
variables for configuration.

As concern of my credibility where raised on two mailing lists I would
like to be clearer in this regard.

For concerns regarding using a gmail address: I barely use my
university email, only when explicitly needed.
Why? Because it is a temporary mail address. Once I finished my
studies it will be deactivated. Also I use my
gmail address for contributions. If you still have any concerns feel
free to contact me at e1026292 at tuwien ac at
or check my github profile

As for concerns regarding the Elektra Initiative itself you can see
its members at
In addition you can see offered thesis at

We also hold regular meetings. If you are living near Vienna and are
interested in the topic of configuration
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c.buhtz | 6 Jul 14:47 2016

Why is Microsoft allowed to use "OpenDocument"?

I am a software developer and using LibreOffice (LO) on a Linux
environment. But sometimes I have to deal with Word-users.
In such a mixed working group I found out that Word doesn't "respect"
the OpenDocument format.

I had a very(!) simple ODT file created with LO. Only text and headings
created with style sheets (german: "Formatvorlage").
Open and re-save that file with word "destroy" the structure of the
style sheets and something more. e.g. "heading 1-3" becomes just

I am sure you know such problems.

I want to understand why it is that way?

I am not so deep in the topic and in the documents about that. But I
think OpenDocument is a well documented and specified standard.

As I described I observed that Word doesn't fit to that standard. But
Word lie to the user and offer to open and save OpenDocument files.

Of course I know why Microsoft software behave like that - destroying
open and free standards.

The question is why is Microsoft allowed to use "OpenDocument" that way?

Isn't there a juristic way to restrict that?

And is the OD-standard really so wishy-washy that the behaviour I
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Fulano Diego Perez | 1 Jul 09:05 2016

open cl debian

which additoinal packages/settings are required to enable open cl
support for libreoffice in debian/linux?

diff between windows/linux shows open cl in use from help-about

i try in linux with a discrete nvidia driver

nothing listed in help


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Samiur Rahman | 29 Jun 21:36 2016

An "Unicode Editor"

We need an "Unicode Editor." It will allow you to select a certain unicode
range, such as a specific language or script, and then choose from a number
of fonts that support that range, or give the opportunity to download or
buy a font that supports that range.


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Caolán McNamara | 28 Jun 16:59 2016

security related information, CVE-2016-4324

Parsing the Rich Text Format character style index was insufficiently
checked for validity. Documents can be constructed which dereference an
iterator to the first entry of an empty STL container.

All users are recommended to upgrade to LibreOffice >= 5.1.4

Thanks to the researchers working with Cisco Talos Security
Intelligence and Research Group for discovering this flaw.



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Gabriel Rauter | 14 Jun 20:48 2016

Survey: Relevance of Configuration Systems in Free and Open Source Software

Dear developers, contributors and caretakers of free and open source
If you are involved in the development of free and open source software
(FLOSS) you are the person we are looking for.

It would be a great help if you take this survey:

It will be available till 18.07.2016 (anywhere on earth).

For every thoroughly and not anonymously finished survey € 40 cent will be
donated to one of the following organizations of your choice:

For every thoroughly and not anonymously finished survey € 40 (at least €
200 in total) cent will be donated.
The donation goes to one organisation of your choice.
You need to enter your e-mail address to participate.
Then you can select between following projects:

- LimeSurvey (LimeService, kindly hosts this survey)
- SPI (General Donation: 0 A.D., LibreOffice, Debian, ArchLinux, …)
- Mozilla (Firefox)
- Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia)

So if you know anyone suited for this survey please feel free to share it.

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Fulano Diego Perez | 4 Jun 13:05 2016

where is debian help ?

each time selecting LO help, this link wants to load:

but how do you access the local help, what format is it in ?

$ du -sh /usr/share/libreoffice/help/
25M    /usr/share/libreoffice/help/

$ aptitude show libreoffice-help-en-gb
Package: libreoffice-help-en-gb         
State: installed
Automatically installed: no
Version: 1:5.1.3-1
Priority: optional
Section: doc
Maintainer: Debian LibreOffice Maintainers
<debian-openoffice <at>>
Architecture: all
Uncompressed Size: 25.1 M
Depends: libreoffice-l10n-en-gb, libreoffice-style-default,
libreoffice-writer | language-support-translations-en,
libreoffice-common (= 1:5.1.3-1)
PreDepends: dpkg (>= 1.17.13)
Recommends: libreoffice-core (> 1:5.1.3) | language-support-translations-en
Provides: libreoffice-help-5.1
Description: office productivity suite -- English_british help
 LibreOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite that provides
a near drop-in replacement for Microsoft(R) Office.
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bobw | 27 May 13:08 2016

calc and updating external links

Probably I do something wrong,but I do not know what.
I made a simple test with two sheets.
in the second sheet in A1 I made an external link to a website
select all html
in sheet 1 I made a reference to one cell of sheet two (an element what I
suppose would be updated, and this is OK)

But when the update is done (manually or automatic) not only sheet 2 is
updated but sheet 1 is overwritten by all elements of sheet2 and not as I
expected only one cell.

What is wrong?

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Matthew Berry | 18 May 09:58 2016

Comments from an entrepreneur running an SME

Good Morning,

I operate a small group of companies.

Thank-you for offering a MS Office type solution to those opposed to MS 
built-in obsolescence on our still used Office2000 Professional. I have 
donated to your cause and will continue to do so on a regular basis, as 
I do so for other valuable causes (Wikipedia, ...).

That being said, I believe in using systems that work and that I can 
manage myself, unfortunately not (yet) including Linux (I tried in 1997 
and haven't had time since).

As such, I have avoided leaving our official XP operating system 
(beefing up recommended Internet security systems) until my well 
configured 9-year old twin-core ASUS notebook finally began to have 
reliability issues (now converted to office system as it's operating 
characteristics are still far from obsolete), but my multi-core i7 HP 
(acquired some time ago, but that I have avoided using except for 
Autodesk programs) came with the 8.1 operating system (and without a disk).

Note that I have also avoided using cloud-based resources as I believe 
that one must take care of critical systems and data oneself, and I have 
never really appreciated the "new improved" MS Office" products, that 
never really got better than our product.

Our official multi-license Office2000 Professional initially installed 
OK (yes, even WORD2000 was working!) on my 8.1 laptop, but MS automatic 
updates (installed somewhat late) have just killed WORD2000 and even 
restoring the system to a former point prior to these "critical" updates 
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Sripad R Naik | 14 May 21:11 2016

Problem with Calc Chart Y Axis Title Problem


I just upgraded my Libreoffice 5.0.3 to 5.1.3. I have problem with Y axis
Title. Earlier it used to align along the Y axis (parallel to Y Axis). Now
all my earlier graphs also show Yaxis title horizontally. I tried to change
it but it does not change. I tried to create a new Graph. Still same problem
with Y-axis.

I am not sure weather it is a Bug? Anybody came across this problem? Please

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Klaibson Ribeiro | 10 May 20:37 2016

Released LibreOffice For Dummies v2

Good Afternoon.

After five years, he came out the second version of LibreOffice For 
Dummies, in 2015, launched a Crownfunding campaign to leverage resources 
for printing of this book, but to no success, I decided to leave it in 
digital format.

The first version of the ebook had ample success, with over 11,000 
downloads recorded to the MegaUpload off the air in 2012 and many other 
copies distributed throughout Brazil, without the need to download.

In this version, and remove any reference to the extinct BrOffice.Org, 
because at the time I was writing this book were in transition period, 
updated all prints also been updated installation ways on Linux and 
Windows and in addition bonus of how to install LibreOffice on Mac OS.

This update comes at a good time, while Brazil is in crisis and 
thousands of companies, having to renew their licenses and need to 
reduce costs, certainly will opt for the use of LibreOffice.

Download for details can be found in

Good week.


Graduado em Administração de Empresas - UNISUL CRA/SC - 28721
Especialista em Educação Tecnológica e Profissional - CETIQT/Senai
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