chandrakant dhutadmal | 27 Jul 07:32 2015

Presentation on Libre Office latest features

Hi All.
Can anybody point me towards a presentation with latest Libre Office features added into it ?
I am gonna talk about Libre Office in a school in Mumbai tomorrow. 

Regards,Chandrakant Dhutadmal.


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Italo Vignoli | 15 Jul 15:07 2015

Fwd: [libo-marketing-priv] CHANGE Marketing/General Release Call

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Subject: [libo-marketing-priv] CHANGE Marketing/General Release Call
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 14:56:45 +0200
From: Italo Vignoli <italo.vignoli <at>>
Reply-To: italo.vignoli <at>, italo <at>
To: libo-marketing-priv <at>

The Marketing/General Release Call is planned for Wednesday, July 15, at
1:30PM UTC (3:30PM CEST). Unfortunately, it looks like the schedule was
not fitting many people's schedules, and therefore we have had to choose
a time which is probably bad for many.

After the call we will circulate the minutes, and I will be available on
IRC (#libreoffice on during the following weekend.

The announcement of LibreOffice 5.0 is planned for Tuesday, August 4, at

A basic messaging document will be available later today, while the
first draft of the press release will be available during the week of
July 20.

We have switched from the private to the public conference room.

Here are the dial-in details for the conference call:

Brazil +55 11 39 57 39 03
Denmark +45 78 77 50 69
France +3 31 70 74 30 70
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Thanks for the support of the LO NA-DVD .iso file download

Since July 8th, when the ISO file for my LibreOffice NA-DVD [English] 
when online, I have had 90 downloads.

It had been a while, due to hardware and health issues, since I was able 
to upload an ISO file.  These numbers tell me that there are people out 
there that want my English DVD available for download.

So here is the break down of the Countries where the system is located 
and the OS of the system that has downloaded it.

Top OS is Windows - 73%
Top Country is the USA - 26%

[hopefully the HTML table works in this post]

	Country	Linux	Macintosh	Unknown	Windows	Total
1. 	United States 	17% 	0% 	4% 	79% 	24
2. 	Japan 	0% 	0% 	0% 	100% 	17
3. 	Germany 	18% 	0% 	45% 	36% 	11
4. 	Russia 	100% 	0% 	0% 	0% 	11
5. 	Italy 	0% 	0% 	0% 	100% 	8
6. 	Canada 	0% 	0% 	0% 	100% 	3
7. 	Portugal 	0% 	0% 	0% 	100% 	2
8. 	Poland 	0% 	0% 	0% 	100% 	2
9. 	United Kingdom 	0% 	0% 	0% 	100% 	1
10. 	Israel 	0% 	0% 	0% 	100% 	1
11. 	Australia 	0% 	0% 	0% 	100% 	1
12. 	Malaysia 	0% 	0% 	0% 	100% 	1
13. 	Denmark 	0% 	0% 	0% 	100% 	1
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Klaibson Ribeiro | 12 Jul 22:42 2015

Crowdfunding III Encounter Brazilin of LibreOffice

Good Afternoon.

The LibreOffice Community Brazil announces the III National LibreOffice 
meeting, on 6 and 7 November 2015 at the premises of IES College, Campus 
Campinas, in São José, in the Greater Florianópolis region.

The National Meeting is an opportunity for the Brazilian community of 
users and LibreOffice developers to interact and participate in lectures 
and workshops on the subject of LibreOffice Community of free software 
and the software itself, user-level and developer level.

The event workshops will address intermediate use of techniques of 
LibreOffice applications, spreadsheets, publishing texts, presentations, 
drawings and database. It will be an opportunity for stakeholders to 
have a first contact with the world of LibreOffice and start 
professional use of tools.

The lectures will cover the software development topics, open document 
standards and successes in the implementation of LibreOffice in the 
public and private sector. It will be a good opportunity to learn tips 
and solutions to the problems and challenges of a changing document 
editing tool.

For more information, please visit

Have a nice week.


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NA-DVD 4.4.4 ISO file uploading now

At this time - Tuesday July 7th 18:13 UTC - I am uploading the new 
NA-DVD .iso file to

It will take 8 to 10 hours [or more] to upload the 4 gig .iso via my 
Internet connection, due to the change in my service contract.

It has been awhile since my last creation of an ISO file version of an 
English LibreOffice DVD.  Now that I have better health and fixed one of 
my hardware issues, the NA-DVD LibreOffice 4.4.4 version will soon be 
ready for users to download and burn a copy of the DVD.

So hopefully by 12:00 Wednesday UTC, or sooner, it will show up on the 
following link:


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Eliane Domingos de Sousa | 3 Jul 13:54 2015

LibreOffice Magazine 17 is released

Hello Community,

I am proud to annouce the 17th edition of LibreOffice Magazine. The
cover page is about LibreOffice in the law offices in Brazil.

I would like to thanks all the volunteers involved in the edition 17.

About LibreOffice Magazine 17:

Have a nice day!

Eliane Domingos de Sousa
Comunidade LibreOffice Brasil
Membro do Conselho Diretor da TDF
Brazilian LibreOffice Community
TDF Member of the Board of Directors
Experimente o sistema de perguntas e respostas da Comunidade LibreOffice Brasil:

EDX Coworking & Business Club
Seu espaço de trabalho e negócios no centro do Rio de Janeiro


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Cor Nouws | 2 Jul 18:39 2015

nice weather for a LibreOffice Hackers/Users event in The Netherlands, next Sunday :)

Hi all,

Temperature will drop to as low as 26 degrees here. And the
trainingcenter where the Hackers/Users event is organized, is pretty
cool too :)
So are you in the area: welcome!


Cor Nouws
GPD key ID: 0xB13480A6 - 591A 30A7 36A0 CE3C 3D28  A038 E49D 7365 B134 80A6
- vrijwilliger
- volunteer
- The Document Foundation Membership Committee Member


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Sophie | 22 Jun 14:29 2015

Designs for TDF online shop

Hi all,

TDF is setting an online shop at

The items I've collected for the shop are listed below. Now, we need
designs for them and we need your help :)
Keep in mind that it should remain something simple (if it's too
complicated, the print won't work or will be expensive) and suitable
with our visual elements here

Please submit the designs on the wiki, license should be the one on the
wiki, and we will vote on those we want to see printed on the items.

    - simple white
    - contrasting green
    - drawstring bag
    - retrobag


    - normal
    - long sleeves
    - unisex hoodie
    - work vest
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Apollo D. Sharpe, Sr. | 20 Jun 04:36 2015

Due diligence: Permission for usage of LibreOffice


I'm not sure who to exactly send this to, but I represent Iron Rook 
Computing, LLC. In the coming months, we will be releasing a product 
that utilizes some of your software.As due diligence, I must officially 
ask for permission to mention the usage of your software, link to your 
websites, and use images that show your software in action. We would use 
these permissions in the following ways:

  * In our promotional material (written, digital, or otherwise)
  * In our customer support & troubleshooting systems
  * In any instance which such usage would be required to help users
    accomplish their task
  * In any instance which such usage would be required for our employees
    to their task

It's unfortunate that these things have to be done, sometimes, to cover 
our tails. I'm not sure who's actually in charge, so I'd appreciate 
you're help in getting over this hurdle.


Apollo D. Sharpe, Sr.
Iron Rook Computing, LLC


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Thorsten Behrens | 18 Jun 16:09 2015

Re: [libo-marketing-priv] BoD Newsletter

Italo Vignoli wrote:
> Draft of BoD newsletter attached. Will be distributed at the end of the
> month. Please add whatever you consider relevant.
Hi Italo,

reads great to me - maybe add items that are not really news, but
would benefit from some more publicity, like open job postings or


-- Thorsten

Italo Vignoli | 18 Jun 14:48 2015

IMPORTANT Doodle: "LibreOffice Marketing Meeting"

If you have not filled the Doodle for the next Marketing / Release
Meeting, please do it now. LibreOffice 5.0 will be announced in early
August, and we must discuss how to make this release the best ever.

The link to the poll is:

We look forward to meet you online soon! Cheers, Italo (for the entire
team at The Document Foundation)

Italo Vignoli - Marketing & PR
mobile +39.348.5653829 - email / jabber italo <at>
hangout / jabber italo.vignoli <at> - skype italovignoli
GPG Key ID - 0xAAB8D5C0
DB75 1534 3FD0 EA5F 56B5 FDA6 DE82 934C AAB8 D5C0


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