Should I backup .bashrc before upgrading Debian?

Hi everyone,

I've installed todo.txt on Debian Wheezy & defined the 't' alias.

Do I need to backup .bashrc before upgrading to Deb Jessie so that settings remain unchanged?


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Creating a symbolic link to todo.cfg

I installed the `Todo.txt CLI` with Homebrew:

$ brew install todo-txt

I then attempted to create a new task:

$ todo.sh add "Test"

Fatal Error: Cannot read configuration file /Users/Mike/.todo/config

I can fix this by creating a symbolic link to todo.cfg:

$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/todo-txt/2.10/todo.cfg /Users/Mike/.todo/config

But, I'm guessing that the symlink will break the next time Brew updates the todo-txt program. Is this the case?

If so, is there a more elegant way to overcome this?


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TodoTxtMac 1.5.0 - Great GUI client for Mac

If you are on the Mac platform, please consider trying TodoTxtMac, which is a free, open source native Cocoa todo.txt app. I have put a lot of work into it since its initial release, about a year ago, and it has matured into a fast, attractive, and stable GUI client with a ton of features. It is keyboard-centric, like Todotxt.net on Windows (which I also contribute to). If you tried it before and passed on it, please try it again. I'd love more users.

Web site (with screenshots): TodoTxtMac

Downloads: mjdescy/TodoTxtMac


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using todo.txt with other tools


I am getting back into the habit of using my todo list and I have created several IFTTT recipes to sync events with my todo list. 

For example if i create a new Google Calendar event it is added to my todo.txt. I also create a daily review item. I am looking to see if there is any addon services to do the opposite - add a Google Calendar event when I create a new todo item?

I've looked at the addons and I can't find what I am looking for - I don't know if I am not looking hard enough or if it doesn't exist. Or if I can hack a solution using something like IFTTT, Pipes, or Zapier.



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todotxt.net 3.2.0 - filters, appending text, word wrap and a lot more

Mike ( <at> mjdescy) has put in a massive amount of work into this release, including:
- more preset filters (you can now have up to 9)
- intellisense to the filters window
- the negation of due-date filters, eg "-due:future" will show you all tasks that do not have a due date set after today
- appending text to multiple selected tasks (shortcut: t)
- selecting multiple tasks and copy to clipboard
- optional case-insensitive intellisense
- optional word-wrap
- many, many small UI tweaks and bugfixes

A big thanks to <at> Piscean and <at> adamzolotarev for their contributions too.

Please see the [full list of the issues closed since the last relea se](https://github.com/benrhughes/todotxt.net/issues?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aclosed+sort%3Aupdated-desc+closed%3A%3E2014-12-07+) for more details.



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Not optimized for iPhone 6

In the iOS Appstore, the Todo.txt Touch app is incorrectly described as being "optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus," but this is incorrect (the app is running in scaled mode).

Does Gina have plans to update to native resolution so that it properly displays on larger iPhones? If not, she really should remove this incorrect claim under compatibility.

I don't download apps that aren't compatible because they are an eyesore and everything is scaled up and mildly pixelated (including the keyboard), making for a poor user experience. I like Todo.txt and used it years ago on Android and with the CLI. I stopped using it when I switched to iOS because the original green design was too ugly. But now the design looks clean and I would love to start using Todo.txt again across devices.

Does anyone know how difficult this would be to update? All other apps that I use updated months ago. I assume it can't be much of a change considering the simple UI of this app. This SO link might help if she needs some suggestions: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25754942/how-to-enable-native-resolution-for-apps-on-iphone-6-and-6-plus



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Tarball releases should preserve executable bits


I'm a huge fan of the todo.txt idea. It's all very well-done. I just
have one nit: it'd be nice if tarball'd releases preserved the
executable bit on todo.sh. Then you could just tell people to extract
with tar, instead of having to invoke chmod. Based on the group
ownership in the archive, I'm guessing you're on Mac OS X, right? On my
GNU Tar, executable bits are preserved when creating tarballs, and based
on the FreeBSD tar(1) manpage I found, it seems like that version
preserves executable bits, too. Perhaps Apple has patched FreeBSD tar to
do weird things?

I'd go ahead and report a GitHub Issue, but apparently I need to check
with this list first. Hence this email.


Alex Jordan

Non latin todo text file format


How does the todo.txt file format work with non latin character sets ? Are there rules for languages like Japanese, Traditional Chinese, etc. regarding the fixed tokens ?

e.g, does a Japanese user need to mark a completed task with 'x' or can one use a kanji/katakana character ? Idem for priority (X) markers.

What if one of these tokens need more than one character ? 

Are there todo.txt-related tools that already deal with these languages ?

Thanks in advance,


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No colors - OS X 10.9 - Terminall.app - zsh default shell

Sorry - I ain't a computer genius...

I have zsh as my default shell running inside OSX 10.9's Terminal app. Todo.txt is not displaying any colors. I assume this has got something to do with the bash being called by the todo.sh script. But, I ain't a computer genius...

Any suggestions on how to get colors working?


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todotxt.sh no colorized output OS X 10.9.5 Terminal.app


I've been trying out todotxt,sh again - it's really great and I like it. I am running it on Mac OS X 10.9.5 in
Terminal.app. Perhaps I'm missing something but I'm not getting any colorized output from todo
commands. I don't think it should matter but my default shell is zsh.

I get colorized output from zsh commands.
If I switch to bash, i get colorized output from shell commands like `ls`, since adding `export LSCOLORS=1`
to my .bashrc file.

I'd love to figure out how to get colors working with todo.sh. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

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todotxt-machine suggestions

Hi !

I've tested the lastest version of todotxt-machine, and its very fine, i see that fixed somme bugs, and its mutch more better, great work :-D
Its very good by example if you forget to regist a task of yesterday or of the last weak ! ;-)

But when you create a new task, it autocomplete projects (+project) and contexts ( <at> context) based in tasks in todo.txt file !

Too many times, i had to see a tree of tasks, to see the name of projects and contexts of done tasks, to create a new task, with a existing project and context !

An d if todotxt-machine, when create a new task autocomplete projects and contexts based in todo and done tasks, it will mutch more better ... !
That is my suggestion ;-)


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