vaarnan | 19 Apr 12:23 2014

Make addto check for ".txt"


I had a patch to make addto's behaviour similar to "listfiles" where it checks if there is a ".txt" file in the todo directory before failing with a "file not found"

Do let me know if it's alright here.





Re: [todotxt] Privacy with Dropbox and iOS app

You can easily store todo.txt and associated plugins on many file share services. I use owncloud which I host on my own server. With that you have the option of using the owncloud client or a WebDav mount. The only issue is the phone app doesn't support connecting to owncloud. I don't use todo.txt outside of the cli though so it doesn't bother me. I wrote full instructions on how to do this on the todo wiki at Github.

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From: "Daniel" <>
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Subject: [todotxt] Privacy with Dropbox and iOS app
Date: Fri, Apr 18, 2014 5:47 AM

Dropbox is being massively watched by NSA... What about a WebDAV support for syncing the todo file?


John Niendorf | 18 Apr 14:46 2014

Privacy question

Hi Guys,

I'm in Sweden and have not kept up as well as I should. What's this about Snowden releasing documents showing
the NSA intercepts all data stored in Dropbox?

For that matter have the phone manufacturers simply given the NSA root access to the phones?


mdan312 | 16 Apr 12:35 2014

Privacy issue of DropBox for iOS and Androïd TODOTXT

Snowden has proved that every file put on DropBox is intercepted and
archived by NSA and possibly others.
 What about supporting a simple private WebDAV ? It would be more open and
private (OwnCloud, etc..)

I do not want every single todo task I plan to be read by people who do not
have to go into others' business


Integrate todo.txt into Tasker

I've written some stuff for Tasker to add lists and tasks to Tasker arrays. It's pretty complicated and I'm sure has some bugs but it's working nicely for me. Please note, it's written against Simpletask and may not support all parts of the format sensible.

Creation dates are assumed to start a line, if present, and are stripped out. If a task doesn't have a priority it is given ~, which is handy for me since it could sensible indicate undefined and it's ascii number follows the alphabet so can be sorted nicely. Multiple contexts are supported.

Please find the past with details here:

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Daniel | 18 Apr 11:47 2014

Privacy with Dropbox and iOS app

Dropbox is being massively watched by NSA...
What about a WebDAV support for syncing the todo file?

Alex Ramos | 13 Apr 15:06 2014

The wrong items are getting archived

I am staring to notice that when I "do" a task, sometimes the wrong task is getting completed and archived.  Its a pretty serious issue.

Anyone have any ideas?



MREMARAMOS:~ alex.ramos$ t ls
36 Reconcile <at> Concur charge for Pittsburgh Marriot

MREMARAMOS:~ alex.ramos$ t do 36
36 x 2014-04-13 Poll <at> Team about +CreateNow App Contest
TODO: 36 marked as done.


jhbrown | 8 Apr 15:19 2014

Resolution for an iOS app crash

I've found one reason the 1.8 iOS app crashes -- if the local and remote versions of the todo.txt file differ, there's a bad cast to a (DropboxFile *) where the underlying pointer is to an (NSPathStore2 *) -- basically just a string pointer.  You can reproduce the problem by taking your iOS device offline, then editing the todo.txt file on the device and also on your computer.  When you bring your device back online, the app will crash, and then keep crashing forever.  The following tweak solves the problem:

diff --git a/Classes/TodoTxtAppDelegate.m b/Classes/TodoTxtAppDelegate.m

index 6df516c..44c92e7 100644

--- a/Classes/TodoTxtAppDelegate.m

+++ b/Classes/TodoTxtAppDelegate.m

<at> <at> -351,7 +351,7 <at> <at> static NSString * const kLoginScreenSegueNotAnimatedIdentifier = <at> "LoginScreenSe

              NSString *message = [NSString

                                   stringWithFormat: <at> "Oops! There is a newer version of your % <at> file in Dropbox. "

                                   "Do you want to upload your local changes, or download the Dropbox version?",

-                                  [[(DropboxFile *)error.userInfo[kRCUploadConflictFileKey] localFile] lastPathComponent]

+                                  [(NSString *)error.userInfo[kRCUploadConflictFileKey] lastPathComponent]



              UIAlertView *alert =



JR | 27 Mar 16:22 2014

todo.txt in powershell

About a year ago, I wrote a basic port of in Powershell.  I see that somebody else has created another version back in July.  I have updated my version so it follows the todo.txt guidelines as laid out in the todotxt GitHub rules page.  I have also added basic plugin capabilities and wrote a Google Tasks syncing plugin.  The sync part is not fully tested, though.  I was able to use my local task file to create a list and populate it and then maintain it (adding, moving, priority changes, etc.), but I have not fully tested the synchronization flow which uses some fuzzy logic.  I probably will soon, but if somebody else is daring, let me know how it goes.  If using the plugin, it does support autosync, so that it keep the local file up-to-date with the Google Task list without having to run a full-on sync.



Peter Silva | 27 Mar 02:42 2014

Re: Re: Simple Task and Priorities

OK, 2nd patch implementing prio: syntax as per consensus...

zenzen% diff*
<             # remove priority once item is done
<             sed -i.bak $item"s/^(.) //" "$TODO_FILE"
>             # reformat priority once item is done
>             sed -i.bak $item 's/^(\(.\))\(.*$\)/\2 prio:\1/' "$TODO_FILE"



Re: [todotxt] Todo.txt for Android at Google Cloud Platform Live

Wow congratulations!

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From: "Gina Trapani" <>
To: "todotxt" <>
Subject: [todotxt] Todo.txt for Android at Google Cloud Platform Live
Date: Tue, Mar 25, 2014 7:32 PM

Really cool project news: today at their developer event, Google demo'ed how easy it is to add their new Cloud Platform functionality to an app that syncs to the cloud, and they did it using Todo.txt for Android! Here's the video - this link should start right to the start of the Todo.txt bit. My favorite part is when the presenting Googler called Todo.txt "nothing groundbreaking but it's a nice little app." I took that as a compliment. Congrats all around to our Android developers. I've asked Google for a pull request. -- --