Slávek Banko | 1 Oct 19:47 2014

Automatic updates to 'po' files


while I see the automatic commits to tde-i18n I was thrilled! Update 'po' 
files was prerequisite to enable the translation of new texts and thanks to 
your great work this is now possible!

Thank you very much!



Tini | 1 Oct 19:26 2014

Old Apps For Linux

Remember the good old days when things actually worked? :-D 
This is great for newer programs that don't work as well as the
older version.

Alexandre | 1 Oct 02:28 2014

PCLinuxOS doesn't use systemd


I saw in the last few weeks discussion about newer distros switching to systemd, and some persons here says they would use another distro to avoid systemd at all.

PCLinuxOS doesn't use systemd and have recent kernel, now at 3.16.xx, and it still has HAL, so it might be a good alternative for users who prefer classic startup sysvinit systems. Texstar, the one at the head of PCLinuxOS also said that he will stay away of systemd for as long as he is not forced to use it.

By the way, I will release in the next few days the new version of my PCLinuxOS non-official TDE remaster. It will still be based on super stable TDE, with the PCLinuxOS better than average user friendliness and hardware support, plus updated graphic style and less fat. Stay tuned! :) 

Thank you!
Kai Wuest | 27 Sep 15:15 2014

emerge qt-3.3.8d-r1 fails because of missing (?) xft

Hi list,

emerge  <at> preserved-rebuild

tries to emerge dev-qt/qt-3.3.8d-r1, which fails because of missing
The log says

Xft auto-detection... (-L/usr/lib64)
  Found in /usr/lib64
  Found in /usr/lib
  Found X11/Xft/Xft.h in /usr/include
  Found Xft version 2.3.1
  Could not find freetype2/freetype/freetype.h anywhere in 
/usr/X11R6/include  /usr/include /include
Xft disabled.
Xft support cannot be enabled due to functionality tests!
 Turn on verbose messaging (-v) to ./configure to see the final report.
 If you believe this message is in error you may use the continue
 switch (-continue) to ./configure to continue.
 * ERROR: dev-qt/qt-3.3.8d-r1::trinity failed (configure phase):
 *   (no error message)

media-libs/freetype 2.5.3-r1 is installed.

Any help appreciated

Greg Madden | 27 Sep 03:21 2014

Calendar part does not start

Debian Wheezy, TDE R14

I have the tdepim meta-package installed. I just noticed that the 
calendar no longer is available. 

Error dialog box pops up, no other info, or is there a Trinity specific 
error log somewhere?




Michael . | 19 Sep 07:33 2014

Minimal install of TDE

I'm about to start on making a live version of a minimal install of TDE for Cobber (Australasian Debian). I am wondering what are the absolute minimum packages required for a working TDE without applications. The intent behind the minimal install is to allow end users who want to choose the applications in their install to install only what they need and want. I will provide synaptic (or a TDE equivalent) for those who want a gui for package selection but there will be no office suite, games, graphics tools, music or video tools. In other words all I want is the visible desktop, menu etc so that the user can navigate enough to install more applications through their internet connection using either synaptic or a terminal.

Greg Madden | 19 Sep 05:37 2014

K3B blu-ray support

Just bought my first blu-ray drive, for data archives.  Support for 
blu-ray was added to K3B in version 2.0, current is 2.02.

Is it possible to add blu-ray support to legacy, v1.05 in TDE R14, K3B ?

I can  burn blu-ray with growisofs from the cli, prefer K3B.




Lisi Reisz | 18 Sep 17:17 2014

systemd and sysvinit, a question

Since this list seems prepared to stick to logic, facts and solutions, rather 
than heat and emotion, perhaps some kind soul would answer a question for me.

I have no opinion on init systems.  I accept what I am given and am grateful, 
but ....  

If sysvinit is as staggerigly marvellous as it is being painted by some, and 
if it was such a near thing that it got dropped as the Debian default init 
system, how come the vote was apparently between Upstart and systemd?  And 
given that it was a vote between Upstart and systemd, why are some people so 
up in arms and ranting that sysvinit was dropped by a meaningless margin?  
(The chairman's casting vote.)  When and how was the decison to drop sysvinit 
as the Debian default init system actually taken?


David Hare | 18 Sep 02:24 2014

TDE without systemd

I have today installed Debian Sid with TDE R14 on a Dell Inspiron 6400. 
I am very pleased to find everything (except suspend) seems to work fine 
with no systemd stuff whatsoever!

I have at the moment an older version of dbus (1.5.8-1) .. later 
versions bring libsystemd-login0 .. and libpulse0 from stable, later 
versions bring libsystemd0. TDE needs dbus, kaffeine needs libpulse0. 
These libs may not be a problem anyway.

Shutdown works. Usb notification/mounts work, which do not in other DE's 
without (or even with) systemd.

Do TDE users want freedom (as much as is possible) from systemd?

Does the TDE team have any particular policy towards systemd dependency?


Alexandre | 3 May 02:42 2014

PCLinuxOS non-official TDE remaster version 2014, April 30 is ready to download!

Hi everyone!

My PCLinuxOS TDE non-official remaster version 2014, April 30 is ready to download!

I call it non-official because it doesn't come from the PCLOS team and since it contains software coming from outside of
their repos, it is also not supported by them. It only has a special ''permission to exist'' from the PCLinuxOS dev team.

It can be seen as a whole as the much-loved PCLOS 2007, but fully updated and upgraded.
It is a complete system that can be used as a LiveDVD or it can be installed (from the LiveDVD).

New on this release:
-Fully updated PCLinuxOS 2014 base system
-Based on stable TDE
-A theme switch Zenity script to let the user switch between the more modern theme I use and TDE Classic theme, to please more users.
-A SuperKaramba theme pack
-XBMC media center and wine are new apps included on the DVD

On this LiveDVD:
-Tons of TDE software and major apps like LibreOffice, Firefox and Gimp

Login info (on the LiveDVD):
Regular user:guest    Password:guest
Super user: root    Password:root

System requirement:
A x86 computer with at least 384mb of RAM.
It is a 32bit system, but it can be installed on a 64bit system too.

Download link:
PCLinuxOS_no_TDE_remaster_30avril2014.iso 1.99 GB!bkgRCKpa!HMakiQTlomIlq9I3O-8Ib117XeAOP4qwKo91FDjfFrg

Please note that you will need to install the MEGA Download Manager Firefox (or Iceweasel) plugin to download a file of that size.
If you are unsure about itd, you can uninstall the plugin right after the download.

Md5 Sum:

If you like what you see, you can consider giving some money to the Trinity Desktop Environment project!

Give me your comments!
Uwe Brauer | 29 Apr 12:50 2014

3.5.12 vs 3.5.13 performance?


I have installed on a Thinkpad X200 (4 Giga RAM) Kubuntu 10.04+
I think trinity 3.5.12 (sudo dpkg -l | grep kde3) gives things like 

"adept-manager-kde3 4:3.5.12-0ubuntu6+r1124765 package manager for KDE3"

Now I have recently installed Lucid+trinity 3.5.13 on a much older
Thinkpad with just 1.5 Giga RAM.

I have the impression that the second installation is much faster, for
example the 

Control panel which I have at the botton of my screen needs ages to
disappear in the first installation but only miliseconds in the second.

Can anybody confirm this (so is a upgrade recommended?)


Uwe Brauer 
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