Slávek Banko | 6 Jul 02:10 2015

R14.0.1 enters into phase freeze

Hi all,

on knowledge it is given that today R14.0.1 enters into phase freeze.

Now underway to build and publish the latest updates. Soon will be available
in the 'preliminary-stable-builds' repository. On Bugzilla is available a list
of bugs that were closed within R14.0.1. On Wiki is available detailed
changelog of commits.

Related links:

Thank you for your help and support.

Joseph Thames | 5 Jul 19:13 2015

Konqueror automatic http:// prefix in url address


I am provisioning a new Ubuntu 14.04 VPS distro with TDE R14 installed via SSH. I managed to get a remote TDE desktop via X2GO on a Macbook (I couldn't get X2GO to work on a Linux PC, and the VPS vendor no longer supports FreeNX). I normally use SFTP in konqueror to cut and paste file and directory transfers between machines.

When I try to enter an sftp:// url, Konqueror prefixes it with http://. How do I stop this behavior.

Joseph 'Bear' Thames
MetaCalculus, LLC and Meta Science Foundation
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beartham <at>
André | 3 Jul 12:56 2015

uninstall kdewallet


How to uninstall "kdewallet" on tde-trinity ?

I don't find any packages with the name *wallet*.

Best regards.


Slávek Banko | 2 Jul 17:45 2015

Initial import of FreeBSD ports

Hi all,

if you're interested, to tde-packagind was committed initial import of
FreeBSD 'ports'. For now, just to the branch r14.0.x. There are all the
main packages (except tdebindings) and the necessary dependencies. The
script to run TDM is not yet included in the ports.

However, there is one major problem that prevents the smooth use of Trinity
on FreeBSD - problem with threads - see bug 2462.

Related links:


Felmon Davis | 30 Jun 00:29 2015

live flashdrive with exegnu (or something)


I'm using David Hare's exegnu with Jessie but for this purpose 
anything Trinity-esque will do.

I'd like to make a live flashdrive that will be wifi-ready so it's got 
to have the atheros firmware. not quite sure how to achieve this. 
doing up a live flashdrive is easy, it's getting the non-free firmware 
stuff to run that's the problem.

quick tips?



Felmon Davis

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Timothy Pearson | 28 Jun 21:18 2015

Server Maintenance


Most TDE services will be going down around 18:30 GMT 6/28/2015 for
scheduled maintenance.  Estimated service restoration is on or before
01:00 GMT 6/29/2015.

pix3l | 26 Jun 20:26 2015

Unable to mount ntfs devices

I'm using TDE on Debian 8, and never had a problem on mounting ntfs usb 
drives, until I removed systemd from my system in favor of sysvinit.
Since that, ,my ntfs-3g package was removed, but after reinstallation 
I'm getting this error:

Unable to mount this device.
Potential reasons include:
Improper device and/or user privilege level
Corrupt data on storage device
Technical details:
No supported mounting methods were detected on your

Is this a bug or just I need some dependency?
I can't figure out this problem alone...


Curt Howland | 24 Jun 15:59 2015

Trinity on Debian Jessie

I changed a laptop to Debian Jessie, sadly to discover afterwards what
I should have looked up first, that Trinity is not yet fully released
for Jessie.

I should have looked. I should have looked. I should have looked.

Mea maxima culpa.

So anyway, I put the mirror in place, but haven't found
the "install full desktop" meta-package to start the ball rolling.

Can someone remind me what it's called?




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kanenas | 23 Jun 21:24 2015

sid 64bit live cd looses grub

tried the latest livecd on 64 bit sid, installed it on a virtualbox vm, when 
trying to boot the following message comes up.

error: file '/boot/grub/i386pc/normal.mod' not found .

when i look, there is nothing in /boot/grub/i386-pc/.

if i recall correctly, the 32 bit version originally had the same problem.

if it is of any importance, the guest os is 64 bit wheezy, latest updates, 
mostly running tde14.

Lisi Reisz | 23 Jun 17:48 2015

Fwd: New quote for you which might apply to the Trinity desktop

Hello, list,
I couldn't resist passing on the quotation, which hopefully means that I 
communicated the essence of TDE.  And while I was at it, I have forwarded the 
rest of what Mike said.  (With his permission, of course.)

This is the blind person for whom I have made enquiries.  I have encouraged 
the idea that he might be able to render it accessible to the blind.  I 
stressed how accessible friendly TDE is in general.

I gather a lot depends on what TDE uses in the way of Qt.  I knew he would ask 
about that, and had tried to look it up in advance (sorry about my ignorance: 
without looking it up, I just know that something in that area has been 
changing), but sadly the website was down, so I said that I would find out 
for him, though I haven't yet done so.

Still, if someone could render TDE accessible to the blind, that would be 
great.  It is so good for the partially sighted.  And this is the chap who 
re-coded the sound-chip firmware on the Raspberry Pi because the sound was 
too poor to be usable by someone blind.

My stars throughout.
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*****Subject: New quote for you which might apply to the Trinity desktop*****
Date: Tuesday 23 June 2015, 15:56:18
From: Mike Ray <mike@...>
To: Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@...>

Hello Lisi,

I enjoyed the talk about Trinity at the weekend.  I will certainly be
having a look at the online resources about it and trying to find out if
it might be at least on the way to accessibility for me.

Here's a nice quote for you:

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when
there is nothing left to take away." Antoine de Saint Exupery


Michael A. Ray
Witley, Surrey, South-east UK

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Raspberry VI:


Dr. Nikolaus Klepp | 23 Jun 17:32 2015

Java and font antialiasing

Hi all!

When I start any java awt application (e.g. "arduino") on TDE, the fonts art antialiased.
When I do the same thing on e.g. FVWM, then only the fonts of the java applications are not antialiased, all
others are.

Does by chance anybody know why that is so? I thought it's something with the Xresources, but setting these
on fvwm to the same values as under TDEdoes not kame a difference.



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