andre_debian | 26 Apr 22:58 2015

TDE and kernel 3.16


Does TDE accepts the Kernel 3.16.0 (Debian Jessie) ?

Because when I try to install "linux-headers-3.16.0-4-686-pae",
here below the answer : 

Delete the folowing packages :
1)      cpp-4.7
2)      g++-4.7
3)      gcc-4.7
4)      gcc-4.7-base
5)      kdebase-kio-plugins-trinity
6)      kdebase-trinity
7)      kdesktop-trinity
8)      kmail-trinity
9)      konq-plugins-trinity
10)     konqueror-nsplugins-trinity
11)     konqueror-trinity



Dr. Nikolaus Klepp | 23 Apr 16:01 2015

Site certificate expired

Could somebody please fix the https certificate? Firefox does not load
because it expired :-(



Please do not email me anything that you are not comfortable also sharing with the NSA.

Dr. Nikolaus Klepp
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A-4810 Gmunden
Tel.: +43 650 82 11 724
email: office@...

Jan Stolarek | 22 Apr 19:34 2015

Helping with translations

Trinity devs,

I'd like to help with updating Polish translation of Trinity. The first time I asked about this 
was a long long time ago (year ago? maybe two?) and the reply was that a stable release is 
planned Real Soon Now and all effort is going into that and so the translations have to wait. So 
perhaps now that R14 is out is a good moment for this? I would need someone to guide me through 
technical details of how to do a translation.


Politechnika Łódzka
Lodz University of Technology

Treść tej wiadomości zawiera informacje przeznaczone tylko dla adresata.
Jeżeli nie jesteście Państwo jej adresatem, bądź otrzymaliście ją przez pomyłkę
prosimy o powiadomienie o tym nadawcy oraz trwałe jej usunięcie.

This email contains information intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed.
If you are not the intended recipient or if you have received this message in error,
please notify the sender and delete it from your system.

Gene Heskett | 19 Apr 21:39 2015

Updateing an old Mint n14 xfce install

Greetings all;

I finally lugged my lappy in and plugged it in with the idea of makeing 
sure I had a working email setup for the install of Jessie on this 
machine.  Had to reboot twice, I assume because its is sorely in need of 
a new battery.  The special xenomai kernel that can run LinuxCNC in 
simulation mode found something it didn't like first time up.  Both 
times the boot was delayed by a 10 minute spell of what I assume was 
e2fsck since the drive led was on during those times.

It is now booted, and a 64 bit version of Min 17.1 is now a download in 
progress since all the repo's for mint 14 have vanished like the morning 
fog.  Xfce version I believe since this thing is certifiably in the Ford 
model T horsepower range today.

Are there any gotcha's other than the formatter during the install and 
network crap I'll have to nuke after the install before I burn it and 

I have a mouse plugged in.  As I see that on 14, both the touchpad and 
the mouse are active, what is the name of the utility that completely 
disables the touchpad if a real mouse is found?

Thanks all.

Cheers, Gene Heskett

"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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Baron | 19 Apr 13:11 2015

Desktop fails to load.

Hi guys,

New problem !  Following an upgrade to Debian Jessie, TDE 14 Desktop, 
when booting up, everything is fine until the machine gets 
to "Loading the Desktop".  At this point it seems to hang for a 
minute or so before becoming a blank blue screen with only the mouse 
cursor present.  From here the only thing that can be done is to 
select VT1 and login manually, typing "startx" gets to the Desktop.

I've noticed that only VT1 will get to the Desktop and all the other 
terminals except VT8 leave you with a blue background, whilst VT8 now 
has just a tiny blinking cursor on a black screen which has no 
response to anything.

Where do I need to look in order to put things back to normal ?

Thanks in advance.


Best Regards:

Gene Heskett | 16 Apr 15:41 2015

gpg keys missing, how to fix?

Hi all;

Whenever I do a package-manager or synaptic refresh, I am getting a 
squawk about missing keys, specifically about a mozilla update from 

And I just discovered that this error window can now be highlighted for a 
copy/paste, the lack of which I have silently bitched about for years.  

Whoever fixed that I owe a case of suds to, hold up ypur hand and 
identify yourself.  Thank you very much.

So here is the error message from synaptic:
W: GPG error: wheezy-backports Release: The 
following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not 
available: NO_PUBKEY 85A3D26506C4AE2A
W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is 
not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: wheezy-updates Release: The following signatures 
were invalid: BADSIG 8B48AD6246925553 Debian Archive Automatic Signing 
Key (7.0/wheezy) <ftpmaster@...>

W: Failed to fetch  
Unable to find expected entry 'updates/binary-i386/Packages' in Release 
file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)

W: Failed to fetch  

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rolf | 16 Apr 12:02 2015

Re: Libreoffice crash


> Today a libreoffice was deployed for jessie and it crashes allway with a
> sigsegv in R14 (nothing else testable here).
> I purged all libreoffice files and reinstalled it completly new but it
> crashes too.
> Do you or some one else has an idea why and a solution?
Can someowne confirm my problem? 

Fine regards

Alexandre | 16 Oct 04:14 2014

RE: What is the value of a HP ProLiant ML370 G4 server?

> > This server is very fast, but I don't have much use for it.
> >
> > I'd like to know if it still has a money value, and how much would it
> > still worth in production? I want to sell it, but I have no idea of what
> > could be a fair/good price for it. Could it be useful for this project?
> I have a server similar to that one (IBM NetFinity) sitting gathering dust
> I'm afraid. They aren't worth much these days; any savings in hardware
> costs get chewed up in electricity in the first few months of operation.
> Older Intel hardware is extremely power hungry; add to that the heat load
> on the cooling systems in a datacenter and you have a server best used for
> experimentation/learning. It's probably only worth a couple hundred
> dollars at best.
> Tim

Good to know! When I bought it, I though that I could use it as a regular computer, but it needs 15 minutes before it gets to GRUB, just to do its power on self tests. After that, the 8 big redundant fans makes it very disagreeable to use, plus the Ati Rage XL doesn't show rage at all when it comes to drive today's large screens.

I'll try to sell it on Kijiji before this elephant makes a hole in the floor. :)
Alexandre | 3 May 02:42 2014

PCLinuxOS non-official TDE remaster version 2014, April 30 is ready to download!

Hi everyone!

My PCLinuxOS TDE non-official remaster version 2014, April 30 is ready to download!

I call it non-official because it doesn't come from the PCLOS team and since it contains software coming from outside of
their repos, it is also not supported by them. It only has a special ''permission to exist'' from the PCLinuxOS dev team.

It can be seen as a whole as the much-loved PCLOS 2007, but fully updated and upgraded.
It is a complete system that can be used as a LiveDVD or it can be installed (from the LiveDVD).

New on this release:
-Fully updated PCLinuxOS 2014 base system
-Based on stable TDE
-A theme switch Zenity script to let the user switch between the more modern theme I use and TDE Classic theme, to please more users.
-A SuperKaramba theme pack
-XBMC media center and wine are new apps included on the DVD

On this LiveDVD:
-Tons of TDE software and major apps like LibreOffice, Firefox and Gimp

Login info (on the LiveDVD):
Regular user:guest    Password:guest
Super user: root    Password:root

System requirement:
A x86 computer with at least 384mb of RAM.
It is a 32bit system, but it can be installed on a 64bit system too.

Download link:
PCLinuxOS_no_TDE_remaster_30avril2014.iso 1.99 GB!bkgRCKpa!HMakiQTlomIlq9I3O-8Ib117XeAOP4qwKo91FDjfFrg

Please note that you will need to install the MEGA Download Manager Firefox (or Iceweasel) plugin to download a file of that size.
If you are unsure about itd, you can uninstall the plugin right after the download.

Md5 Sum:

If you like what you see, you can consider giving some money to the Trinity Desktop Environment project!

Give me your comments!
Uwe Brauer | 29 Apr 12:50 2014

3.5.12 vs 3.5.13 performance?


I have installed on a Thinkpad X200 (4 Giga RAM) Kubuntu 10.04+
I think trinity 3.5.12 (sudo dpkg -l | grep kde3) gives things like 

"adept-manager-kde3 4:3.5.12-0ubuntu6+r1124765 package manager for KDE3"

Now I have recently installed Lucid+trinity 3.5.13 on a much older
Thinkpad with just 1.5 Giga RAM.

I have the impression that the second installation is much faster, for
example the 

Control panel which I have at the botton of my screen needs ages to
disappear in the first installation but only miliseconds in the second.

Can anybody confirm this (so is a upgrade recommended?)


Uwe Brauer 
Attachment (smime.p7s): application/pkcs7-signature, 7531 bytes
Alexandre | 27 Apr 16:27 2014

What about Mir and Wayland future support?


Looks like X11 is will come to the end of its life in the next few years, while Ubuntu talks of Mir and there is also Wayland. Will it be possible to adapt TDE and TQt3 for these new graphic frameworks?

Here is some links on it: