Robert Peters | 28 Feb 02:40 2015


Was "Re: [trinity-users] R14: where is the user administration"

A way to generate and remember passwords: use an algorithm.  Start
with a memorable sentence, for example:
   "Trinity Desktop is my #1 website"
Replace parts of it to make a password:
where TD stands for the site's name, and 14 is the number of letters in it.
So for Facebook you could use
Of course you would use a different phrase in which you could
substitute more special characters.
Now all you need is the website name to reconstruct the password.


Gene Heskett | 27 Feb 23:38 2015

clamscan etc log perms, can't keep logs

The default script that runs clamscan over a goodly portion of the system on a 
daily basis is haveing cron send messages to /var/spool/mail/mail, so I 
changed perms on that file so kmail could fetch it from the local mail box 
and set kmail up to do that.

I find I had about 125k worth of messages because the scripts I copied over 
from the old drive aren't quite compatible with this install.

I have fought tooth and nail with the system and it blanket denial of my 
ability to read a log file unless I either play with the parent locations 
ownership and permissions, so much so that I create in my home dir, a log 
subdir so that all these utilities could both write a log file and I could 
read it.

I am eventually going to have to create some logrotate entries to handle 
maintenance on these log files, but at least I can read them.

Which is the preferred method of dealing with this, my way, or hacking up 
owners and permissions all over the /var/log tree?


Cheers, Gene Heskett

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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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Gene Heskett | 27 Feb 11:22 2015

kmails filters disappear

Greetings; new sub to the list, had trinity installed for about a week.

It solved a huge fonts problem I had with wheezy's kmail.

However, it appears that everytime I add a new filter, an old one falls out of 
the list and quits working.  Since I have about 60 folders, I can only 
setup "sort to folder" rules for about 24 or so before this "culling" seems 
to start.  And the droppage does not effect the install presets, just the 
ones I've added, most of which were generated by the "filter on 
Subject/To:/From:"  in the message pulldown.  And then fine tuned for changes 
in [content] of the subject, and in the order of application.

I don't know if its too small a buffer assignment  for filters or what.

I have 8Gb of memory in this amd64 (phenom) powered box, so memory, within 
reason, should not be a problem.

Is this known?  A fix in progress?

2nd kmail related question...

Several previous versions of kmail, it has had a dbus port, by which I could 
have a 'new mail watcher' script send a message to kmail to have it go get 
that mail which had arrived in /var/spool/mail by way of a 
fetchmail/procmail/spamassassin/clamscan chain that has been running for 
several years here, unloading that duty from kmail.  So all it has to do is 
go get that mail when it comes in.

That script is now logging errors to the shell I started it in because the 
dbus target string doesn't exist.
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Lisi Reisz | 27 Feb 09:49 2015

Where do I find the start up file(s)

Where do I find the start up file(s) in oder to edit them.  Debian Wheezy and  

I _have_ STFW, RTFM (see my other plea for help).  Google has a passion for 
KDE4.  Pity I don't share it.


Lisi Reisz | 27 Feb 09:46 2015

Help! No, really - I want help with the help function. ;-)

I an stuck in this circle: see attached

What now?


dollyclone | 26 Feb 13:43 2015

cmake couldn't find Qt3

Hello, I have "FIND_PACKAGE( KDE3 REQUIRED )" in my CMakeLists.txt . In TDE 3.5.13 all goes well, but in r14 I am falling to error message processing cmake:

CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.0/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:136 (message):
  Could NOT find Qt3 (missing: QT_QT_LIBRARY QT_INCLUDE_DIR)
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  /usr/share/cmake-3.0/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:343 (_FPHSA_FAILURE_MESSAGE)
  /usr/share/cmake-3.0/Modules/FindQt3.cmake:234 (FIND_PACKAGE_HANDLE_STANDARD_ARGS)
  /usr/share/cmake-3.0/Modules/FindKDE3.cmake:173 (find_package)
  CMakeLists.txt:81 (FIND_PACKAGE)

Howto fix ?, Dolly

Uwe Brauer | 26 Feb 12:22 2015

R14: where is the user administration


I just installed R14 on Ubuntu 14.04 and everything went
smoothly. Thanks to the team!

However I opened the control center and I cannot find the user
administration tool and am familiar with. Is this included any new


Uwe Brauer 
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Felix Miata | 24 Feb 04:24 2015

cannot install R14 to openSUSE 13.2 says do this
(after purging KDE3):

rpm --import
zypper ar -t YUM$(uname
-i) trinity
zypper ar -t YUM trinity-noarch


Line 1:
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not found
import read failed(2).

Lines 2 & 3:.
Specified local path does not exist or is not accesible
Specified local path does not exist or is not accesible

Ping does work.

I tried manual creation of *.repo in /etc/zypp/repos.d/ based on a working v13 installation to 64 bit on
another machine. Zypper claims to refresh them (apparently valid), but anything I try to (32 bit P4 HT;
uname -i = i386) install results in unmet deps. e.g. needed by trinity-tdm can't find; trinity-tdebase cant find needed by trinity-arts.

How does one install to 32 bit openSUSE?

"The wise are known for their understanding, and pleasant
words are persuasive." Proverbs 16:21 (New Living Translation)

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Felix Miata  ***

westlake | 23 Feb 04:03 2015

kmix issue with mwheelevent in TDE

hi tde fans! I notice there's the systemtray kmix applet which works 
quite well in TDE for managing sound volume but there's a little benign 
issue here with r14 on debian jessie.

When I use the mousewheel over the kmix volume speaker in the system 
tray, the volume changes but when the kmix icon is clicked on to expand 
showing the vol indicator, the position of the vol indicator remains 

not a top priority of course so I'm patient to see a fix on this..


Baron | 20 Feb 22:11 2015


Hi All,

I've got an odd problem.  I've just installed Debian Jessie with TDE 
14.0.  For some reason, if I try to reply to a news (Usenet) posting 
using Knode, I get a pop up asking me to insert a valid email address 
in the Identity section.  If I don't select any post then I get the 
expected new post window.

I've deleted "knoderc" and recreated it, deleted all the groups and 
re-selected them without any change.

I did use "apt install" to get knode since Jessie didn't come with it 

Thanks for any help.

Best Regards:

Michele Calgaro | 20 Feb 10:33 2015

Re: kpdf problems

On 01/21/2015 05:03 AM, Will Hill wrote:
> On Saturday 17 January 2015, Dan Youngquist wrote:
>>> 2. It "forgets" a page as soon as it's no longer displayed, and has to re-render it to display it again. 
>>> as though Memory Usage is set to Low instead of Normal or Aggressive, but the setting makes no difference.
>>> This is very inconvenient in cases where it takes more than a fraction of a second to render a page, which is
>>> the case with most of the PDFs I use.
> I tested this on TDE 13.2 and saw that the default behavior is to start the new page with a scaled thumbnail
> then to render.  You have to scroll quickly to see this.
I am not able to reproduce the problem if the settings is Aggressive. Even scrolling very fast seems to work fine.
Only when changing to Low or Normal I see the re-rendering behavior.
Just my 2 cents.