Jan Stolarek | 27 Jul 13:13 2015

Debugging stability

Hi all,

in the recent weeks I am experiencing serious stability issues on two of my machines running KDE 
3. I know KDE 3 is not Trinity and whatever the causes are they might be fixed in Trinity, but 
nevertheless I believe that the debugging techniques are identical for KDE and Trinity. That's 
why I'm asking for help here.

Machine 1
On first of my machines I am experiencing random desktop freezes around two times a day (this 
started around 2 weeks ago). When this happens the current application becomes irresponsive and I 
am unable to switch to different application by using Alt-tab or by clicking on the task bar. I 
am able to kill the graphical environment using Ctrl-Alt-Backspace or go to text console 
(Ctrl-Alt-F1) to kill tasks. I was unable to find any program that, when killed, would unfreeze 
the desktop. The only puzzling thing is that killing Firefox seems to make it a zombie process.

Machine 2
That machine experiences random problems when loading the desktop after login. The problem 
manifests itself with an error message from KDE panel saying 
that "'/home/USER/.local/share/applications/foo.desktop' service is broken" (where foo is an 
application like Skype, Firefox, etc.) and then the KDE panel becomes irresponsive. Again, this 
is random and sometimes the desktop loads correctly.

In both cases I have no idea how to debug the encountered problems. Are there any logs that could 
point me the source of the problems? Are there any diagnostics that I could run? Any ideas 
appreciated as I fell clueless.


Politechnika Łódzka
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Lisi Reisz | 27 Jul 00:54 2015

Running GUI programs as root in 14

In the absence of kdesu, or tdesu, how do you run eg KWrite or Konqueror as 
root in 14 on Debian?  Even gksu seems still to be missing this time.


André | 26 Jul 20:25 2015

A message when the batterry will be empty soon


I'm searching an application able to prevent
when the battery of my laptop will be empty soon.

Does this application exist with tde-trinity ?
(or outside of TDE).

I see that the battery is empty after about 3 hours
on my HP laptop on Jessie 64 bits,
and 8 hours with Windows-8.



Lisi Reisz | 26 Jul 17:06 2015

tdm .deb - clarify

This is exactly what I have been asked for:

"Can you send me the *.deb which ships the tdm init script, so I can have a
look at it's init script and maintainer scripts."


Lisi Reisz | 26 Jul 17:01 2015

14 tdm .deb

How/where do I find the tdm .deb for 14?  I'm writing this on a box running


Lisi Reisz | 24 Jul 16:03 2015

Key for mirror.ntmm.orgmirror.ntmm.org/trinity

What is the key for mirror.ntmm.org/trinity?  Or: how do I look to see what 
key I am using?


Bro. Michael Henry | 23 Jul 07:32 2015

Kexi and MS-Access databases

In order to import MS-Access databases, the kexi-mdb-driver needs to be 
installed. Has it been ported already? 


Bro Michael Henry
Associate Pastor
Monticello Christian Church


Office: 870-367-2561

1 Timothy 1:15 "This is a faithful saying worthy of all acception, that 
Messiah Yeshua came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief."

Baron | 21 Jul 13:40 2015

Bug ?

Hi Guys.

Using Jessie, TDE 14.0.1
I think I might have found a bug.  Can anybody confirm this behaviour.
If Iceweasel is open/running I cannot start Kmail.  If I close 
Iceweasel then Kmail starts up fine.  It seems OK the other way 



Best Regards:

Lisi Reisz | 20 Jul 21:47 2015

Which State is Trinity based in?

Which State is Trinity based in?  I.e., where, in the most general terms, is 
Timothy's server farm?  (The USA is _too_ vague for my current discussion.)  
(Of the weather.)


Slávek Banko | 21 Jul 19:47 2015

Re: Plugged media notifier not opening precise 12.04

Dne čt 16. července 2015 Nigel Henry napsal(a):
> My usb harddrive will not open the plugged media notifier on Precise 12.04
> with TDE
> If I log out and back in to the xfce4 desktop the usb harddrive is detected
> and mounts ok.
> I also have Lucid 10.04 with TDE and Hardy 8.04 with KDE3 on the same
> machine and the plugged media notifier works ok on them.
> On a new machine I have recently installed Precise 12.04 with TDE
> which installed with no problems whatsoever (Asrock M3A785GM-LE/128M) and
> the plugged media notifier works as expected.
> On the Precise 12.04 with the problem, I ran tail -f /var/log/syslog and
> the usb harddrive is detected ok and shows the two partitions on it as
> below.
> Jul  7 12:30:28 ubuntu-desktop kernel: [ 5924.180024] usb 1-7: new
> high-speed USB device number 4 using ehci_hcd
> Jul  7 12:30:28 ubuntu-desktop kernel: [ 5924.248237] hub 1-0:1.0: unable
> to enumerate USB device on port 7
> Jul  7 12:30:28 ubuntu-desktop kernel: [ 5924.704028] usb 2-7: new
> full-speed USB device number 4 using ohci_hcd
> Jul  7 12:30:28 ubuntu-desktop kernel: [ 5924.904956] usb 2-7: not running
> at top speed; connect to a high speed hub
> Jul  7 12:30:28 ubuntu-desktop kernel: [ 5924.934473] usb-storage 2-7:1.0:
> Quirks match for vid 152d pid 2329: 8020
> Jul  7 12:30:28 ubuntu-desktop kernel: [ 5924.936142] scsi7 : usb-storage
> 2-7:1.0
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Alexandre | 16 Oct 04:14 2014

RE: What is the value of a HP ProLiant ML370 G4 server?

> > This server is very fast, but I don't have much use for it.
> >
> > I'd like to know if it still has a money value, and how much would it
> > still worth in production? I want to sell it, but I have no idea of what
> > could be a fair/good price for it. Could it be useful for this project?
> I have a server similar to that one (IBM NetFinity) sitting gathering dust
> I'm afraid. They aren't worth much these days; any savings in hardware
> costs get chewed up in electricity in the first few months of operation.
> Older Intel hardware is extremely power hungry; add to that the heat load
> on the cooling systems in a datacenter and you have a server best used for
> experimentation/learning. It's probably only worth a couple hundred
> dollars at best.
> Tim

Good to know! When I bought it, I though that I could use it as a regular computer, but it needs 15 minutes before it gets to GRUB, just to do its power on self tests. After that, the 8 big redundant fans makes it very disagreeable to use, plus the Ati Rage XL doesn't show rage at all when it comes to drive today's large screens.

I'll try to sell it on Kijiji before this elephant makes a hole in the floor. :)