Marco | 3 Oct 03:52 2015

Kmail distortion of headings from recent Thunderbird messages.

Hi all,

When reading messages in Kmail sent to me by (2) correspondents using Thunderbird (v38), the FROM and the TO
fields of the messages are not correctly represented: the French accents in the sender's real name and in
the real names in the recipient list are distorted. For example, René becomes Renc3a9. This is quite
annoying when I want to reply to a list with many names with French accents.

This problem does not apply to the body of message, where all accents are ok. I noticed that the problem
started on August 30 where i also noticed the two correspondents upgraded to version 38 of Thunderbird for
windoze. Earlier messages are ok. 

I have been using Kmail on my desktop computer for many years without any problems. It is the current version
(1.9.10) supplied by Trinity. I use Ubuntu Precise with Trinity R 14.0.2. 

I tried changing character settings in 'appearance' within Kmail preferences in various combinations,
with utf-8 and iso-8859-1 to no avail. Is this something that I need to set correctly in Kmail or something
wrong with Tbird? My wife can read those same headings fine on her laptop using Tbird. 

Any ideas? 


Lisi Reisz | 2 Oct 19:47 2015

Slávek's repository

I have just tried to install TDE, but have been told that Slávek's repository 
is not accessible. ???  I'll try Tim's for now.


Greg Madden | 1 Oct 05:04 2015

kmail, imap, ssl issue

Trying to setup a clients new email. The new client is imap, user/passwd and 
ssl port 993 recieving and 465 sending mails. The sending works fine, the 
receiving says it is checking account  xxx for new mail but that is far as it 
goes. No error messages popup. 

Never used ssl/tls before do not know where to look for error mressages.

Searched the trinity user archives, not much mention of imap/ssl. 



Greg M

Tim WIlliams | 29 Sep 12:14 2015

Missing task bar on a laptop with a "part time" external monitor

Hi All,

I've got another problem after upgrading to Mageia 5/Trinity r14.

When working for clients on-site, I will usually take my own laptop with 
me and plugin into an external monitor + keyboard while there. I have a 
script which automatically detects and extends the desktop to the 
external monitor when I log in. My task bar defaults to the external 
monitor when present and is shown on the laptop screen when there is no 
external monitor. This has been working perfectly for years.

However, after my latest upgrade, the taskbar no longer displays on the 
laptop screen if I boot up after having previously used the external 
monitor, making my desktop unusable.

The problem seems to be that the taskbar display is now "fixed" to 
whichever monitor it was last set to display on, regardless of whether 
that monitor is actually present or not. The external monitor output 
isn't actually being enabled due to a mis-detection, there is no signal 
output on the monitor port and the desktop has not been extended off the 
visible area of the laptop screen in any way.

The only solution I have found so far is to plug into an external 
monitor, enable that monitor with an extended desktop using my script 
(which runs xrandr) and manually drag the taskbar back to the laptop 
screen. This is OK when I have a monitor available, but if I'm out and 
about with no monitor available, I'm a bit stuck and have to use XFCE 

Ideally it would be nice if the prior behaviour was restored, but I'd 
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ant | 29 Sep 11:41 2015

Failed to mount SD card

Inserting an SD card into the reader gives a desktop icon.

fdisk -l  gives: 
	/dev/sdc1  *     8192 15759359 15751168  7.5G  b W95 FAT32

and I can mount it as root and read it fine using:
	mount /dev/sdc1 /media/camera/

But trying to mount it with konqueror gives:

Unable to mount this device.
Potential reasons include:
Improper device and/or user privilege level
Corrupt data on storage device
Technical details:
No supported mounting methods were detected on your system

Any clues, anyone?
(Trinity R14.0.1. And kded is running)



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Felix Miata | 29 Sep 05:01 2015

startx exits instantly in Mageia 5/R14 (where to set global default session type?)

Fresh minimal HTTP Mageia 5 installation today, followed by minimalist TDE
installation attempt using urpmi.

Unless startx has /opt/trinity/bin/starttde appended, desktop briefly paints,
then back to vtty from which started. If started from greeter, TDE session is
OK, though many items are missing from systemsettings, e.g. TDE components,
required to reach session manager.

Nothing clueful in Xorg.0.log. This is all that's in .xsession-errors after
attempting startx:
/etc/X11/Xsession: line 108: /usr/sbin/chksession: No such file or directory
/root/Music was removed, reassigning MUSIC to homedir
/root/Pictures was removed, reassigning PICTURES to homedir
/root/Videos was removed, reassigning VIDEOS to homedir
/etc/X11/Xsession: line 175: xclock: command not found
/etc/X11/Xsession: line 176: xvt: command not found
/etc/X11/Xsession: line 185: /usr/bin/xsm: No such file or directory

Where does global default session type need to be set? /etc/sysconfig/desktop
with DISPLAYMANAGER=/opt/trinity/bin/tdm doesn't to it. doesn't help.

"The wise are known for their understanding, and pleasant
words are persuasive." Proverbs 16:21 (New Living Translation)

 Team OS/2 ** Reg. Linux User #211409 ** a11y rocks!

Felix Miata  ***

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midi-pascal | 27 Sep 14:20 2015

Porting to TDE: Missing include files


Porting a KDE3 theme (Baghira) to TDE, the include files kdecoration.h 
and kdecorationfactory.h are missing from my TDE and tqt dev trees.

I can see that some TDE sources include them - i.e. 
r14.0.1/twin-styles/kde1/kde1client.h, r14.0.1/twin-styles/icewm/icewm.h 
and some others - so I think I am missing a dev package but I do not 
know which one.

A hint from a member of the TDE dev team would be greatly appreciated!


midi-pascal | 26 Sep 13:37 2015

Crash on shutdown


Since a fresh installation of TDE R14.0.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 on a 
new computer from the live TDE iso, TDE crashes during the shutdown.
This happens from the beginning i.e. before I installed anything more 
than the initial install.

I saved the back trace from the TDE CrashHandler so here it is:

Qt4TDEStyle: No such file or directory.
[New LWP 2281]
[New LWP 2280]
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Using host libthread_db library "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/".
81    ../sysdeps/unix/syscall-template.S: No such file or directory.
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 63, in <module>
     from libstdcxx.v6.printers import register_libstdcxx_printers
ImportError: No module named 'libstdcxx'

==== (gdb) bt ====
[TDECrash handler]
#5  0x00000000005b763d in ?? ()
#6  0x00000000005b79b7 in PyErr_WarnEx ()
#7  0x00007fc71dfe3917 in ?? () from 
#8  0x00007fc71e912ae1 in g_logv () from 
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Gene Heskett | 26 Sep 05:42 2015

kmail Mail transport


I have trolled thru the configs but haven't managed to find a way to link 
the Identity used to send a mail, to the Mail transport used to send the 
msg.  Since I have an account at the tv station at least as long as I 
live, I have used that old & overloaded qmail server since I helped 
install it 16 years ago.

But shentel has now set up a new server of their own after about 2 years 
of excedrin headaches caused by farming it out to gmail, and of course I 
have an account there because its my ISP and phone company too.

In the folder properties, one can set the sender Identity, which works  
well, but to use the 20x faster shentel server when I am using a shenetl 
ID, I have to manually select it from the pulldown on the right.

Can this not be linked to be automaticly selected according to the folder 
I launched a reply in?

If not, its a future feature request.


Cheers, Gene Heskett

"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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Lisi Reisz | 25 Sep 23:04 2015

Trinity mirrors

Is there a list anywhere of Trinity mirrors?

If so, where?

What mirror are people using for


Thierry de Coulon | 25 Sep 23:02 2015

TDE Powersave "Freeze"

Hello all,

On my test Ubuntu install on a Thinkpad, TDEPowersave offers "Suspend to RAM" 
and "Freeze". The first works well and I understand what it does (I get the 
small "moon crescent" glowing.

However, I dont really understand what "Freeze" is supposed to be. It seems it 
turns the screen, harddisc and WiFi off but Bluetooth stays on... and I don't 
know what else.