Dave Lers | 2 May 20:31 2016

Re: Re: Re: Plans on updating Konqueror?

Kate Draven wrote:
>> andre_debian@... wrote:
>> > On Monday 02 May 2016 13:09:56 Lisi Reisz wrote:
>> >> On Monday 02 May 2016 12:00:51 andre_debian@... wrote:
>> >> > I think that Konqueror is not a navigator
>> >> It used to be a superb one.  For years it was my browser of
>> choice.
>> > I'm asking myself how you can consider that Konqueror
>> > "is a superb one" navigator.
>> It depends on your definition of "navigator". Almost everything I do
>> on my PC is done using Konqueror as a navigator to
>> view/play/edit/run
>> files/programs, local and remote - things no other web browser or
>> file
>> manager can do. While Konqueror is essentially my desktop and could
>> get me anyhere I want/need to go, sometimes the menu or taskbar are
>> faster/easier.
>> That said, it is frustrating that I can only use Konqueror to view
>> websites I know it can handle. I still use Konqueror as a gateway
>> browser ('open with Chromium') because there are enough of my
>> regular
>> sites that still work in Konqueror and I prefer the
>> simpler/depreciated Google interface. Maybe I'm stubborn, but
>> Iceweasel and Chromium are pigs and not something to leave running
>> when you're using a Pi2 PC.
>> ...It's probably a pipe dream, but it would be real nice if there
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Dave | 2 May 15:02 2016


Speaking of Amarok, has anyone have a lyrics app to work

Paul | 2 May 01:16 2016

Plans on updating Konqueror?


I recently downloaded and installed TDE on Ubuntu, and so far I'm liking the 
environment alot. I like how all the applications are integrated with each 
other. However, I am having issues with the Konqueror web browser, where many 
websites are not rendering properly. I have looked up the issue and found 
that the KHTML engine that is used by Konqueror has not been updated for some 
time and is behind the rendering errors. I have installed both Firefox and 
Chromium but none of them integrate well as Konqueror does.

On websites that work with Konqueror, I like the fact when I click on a video 
link, a picture, a file archive, a sound file, or any other type of file, it 
automatically opens up in the corresponding application and the program, 
Kaffine for example, starts streaming the video file. I cannot get the same 
kind of integration with Firefox or Chromium. I have tried setting the 
default RSS subscription program to Akregator, but it doesn't seem to 
redirect the request to that program. I have tried having video files open up 
in Kaffine, but the browser downloads the whole video first instead of 
opening up Kaffine and streaming it. One other minor complaint I have is that 
the interfaces don't match well with TDE either, as there doesn't seem to be 
a lot of QT based browsers that have up-to-date browser engines.

I was wondering if there are any plans on updating the KTML engine or 
Konqueror in general to work with modern websites and to have that great 
intergratedness that makes me like Konqueror. I would have been happy to work 
on this project myself but as I don't know how to code at all, this isn't a 
pheasble route for me.

Thanks for any info you may give,
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andre_debian | 25 Apr 19:07 2016

Error message DCOP server on boot TDE


This is the second time that I have this message on boot of TDE :

"There was an error setting up interprocess for TDE.
Could not read network connection list
~/..DCOP server_debian-room_0
Please check thant the DCOP server is running !"

I press OK and no bad result after booting on TDE.

What happens et what to do to avoid the message ?

Thanks by advance.


Gene Heskett | 24 Apr 13:57 2016

This mornings update failed for 1 file


According to the requester at the end of the update:

W: Failed to fetch 
  404  Not Found

Should I be worried?

Cheers, Gene Heskett

"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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Alessandro Vercelli | 22 Apr 08:36 2016

Re: Re: Cannot login on TDE

---- On Thu, 21 Apr 2016 22:53:59 +0200 Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org> wrote ----
On Thursday 21 April 2016 11:22:10 Alessandro Vercelli wrote:
> Before login in TDM, I selected "Safe Session" and tried login which failed
> (as almost expected); so I selected "TDE" session again and it worked (even
> if I do not why).

Because Safe Session is a non-GUI session, therefore no TDE. Select TDE and
you will get TDE as you discovered.


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Hi Lisi,
after installation, the GUI profile is "default" which means the DISPLAYMANAGER environment is used, I suppose.

When I tried to login, after installation, it didn't work (as showed in my first email)


trying to workaround somehow, I selected "Safe Session" and it failed again (as expected); after that, I re-selected "TDE" profile and it worked.

In last 10 years, I used the most common DMs in Linux (KDM 2 and 3, XDM, GDM) and also TDM on Ubuntu/Debian: none of those needed this "trick" to work.

So, I believe I've been lucky :)

Thanks fr your help,

Jan Stolarek | 22 Apr 10:17 2016

Re: KPowersave stopped working

Thanks for your reply Rolf. I will try your tips sometime next week - I only have access to this 
machine on Mondays and Tuesdays ;-) OI have seen the skeleton file before posting, but the truth 
is it looks quite daunting. I was hoping someone might already have a file for starting HAL but 
if not I guess I'll have to write it myself.


Dnia środa, 20 kwietnia 2016, Rolf Schmidt napisał:
> Hi Jan
> > That being said, how do I make hald start during system boot? I have hald
> > binary in /usr/sbin but I am missing startup scripts in /etc/init.d.
> > During Good Old Times it was enough to create a script that run the
> > required command and place that script in directory corresponding to a
> > given runlevel (in case of Debian this would be /etc/rc5.d). But this
> > does not seem to work. Does anyone have a script that starts up hald and
> > could perhaps post it to the list?
> Search for the file "skeleton" in /etc/init.d. Copy this file perhaps to
> "hald.sh" and edit it. If you have finished run "update-rc.d" to
> aktivate the skript. Read also the README-File in /etc/init.d
> BTW: Runlevel 2 is the prefered runlevel in debian.
> Hope that helps
> Rolf

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Rolf Schmidt | 22 Apr 08:48 2016

Re: KPowersave stopped working

Hi Jan

Get you a start script up and running with the tips I've get you?