Darrell | 1 Oct 21:22 2014

Libmagic patches


I see some preparatory patches for moving to libmagic for mime detection. Will these patches cause
breakage until completed? If yes, please post something to the list when the conversion is complete or
ready for testing.


Slávek Banko | 1 Oct 19:13 2014

Information about new errors for all active developers

Hi all, 

on the bug 2127 happened that because of the lack of information about its 
existence, on the same problem we are actively working three developers 
simultaneously. It is a luxury that we can not afford!

It could be that the information about the new bugs automatically receive all 
active developers? I mean, Tim, Slávek, Michele, François and Darrell.

What do you think?



Alexandre | 29 Sep 20:06 2014

PCLinuxOS packages not accessible anymore


(This message is mainly for François Androit, who build the PCLinuxOS packages)

I am currently updating my PCLinuxOS remaster, and I saw that the package you built for me last spring aren't available anymore. I will still build the next release of my remaster on super stable

Here is the place where they were stored:
rpm trinity-3.5.13/RPMS/i386 3rdparty applications dependencies extras libraries main
rpm trinity-3.5.13/RPMS/noarch applications dependencies extras main

Can you look at making them available please?

Thank you very much Merci beaucoup!
Timothy Butterworth | 27 Sep 03:37 2014

Development Activity


Is this project still actively maintained? It appears to have been a
while since the last update.

Are there any new development goals planned?

Would any of you be interested in migrating this to openSUSE Open
Build Service to automate the packaging and distribution for multiple


The reason I ask is because we have some community member in openSUSE
that are intentionally using EOL versions of openSUSE to avoid KDE 4
for as long as possible. I would like to make TDE a openSUSE desktop
option for them with a OBS repo.

This could hopefully help all of you pick up some additional developers as well.



Slávek Banko | 24 Sep 23:36 2014

New CMake warning CMP0026

Hi all,

during the current building, I noticed on the Debian Jessie that we have new 
trouble with newer CMake:

CMake Warning (dev) at cmake/modules/TDEMacros.cmake:434 
  Policy CMP0026 is not set: Disallow use of the LOCATION target property.
  Run "cmake --help-policy CMP0026" for policy details.  Use the cmake_policy
  command to set the policy and suppress this warning.

  The LOCATION property should not be read from target
  "kgreet_classic-module".  Use the target name directly with
  add_custom_command, or use the generator expression $<TARGET_FILE>, as

There are many such reports on the same topic. I do not know if simply setting 
the old behavior is the right way.


See: http://www.cmake.org/cmake/help/v3.0/policy/CMP0026.html

What do you think?



Slávek Banko | 24 Sep 20:04 2014

knewstuff (not)renamed

Hi all, Tim,

during current build tdebase I ran into a problem because knewstuff-shared was 
renamed to tdenewstuff-shared. So, I fixed all CMakeLists.txt. At the same 
time, I assumed that was renamed library knewstuff and I also fixed in the 
same way automake builds. But now I noticed that libknewstuff.so was not 

Now I'm so confused as to whether or not to be renamed libknewstuff?

What is your opinion?



Alexandre | 19 Sep 00:57 2014

New showFoto splash


Here is a new splash for showFoto. I just slightly modified the second choice splash we had for digiKam.

Tell me what you think! Thank you!

Alexandre | 19 Sep 00:41 2014

TDEUI update for Kontact (it has been forgotten...)


At the time I did the TDEUI update, I forgot about the Kontact TDEUI page, because I didn't know its existence...
To see this page, go in Help/Introduction page
So, here is the files for the update.

If anyone here has ideas of parts of TDE where graphic design could be changed/updated, please let me know!
I also added the Gimp xcf ''source'' file for the ribbon, as Michele wanted to keep it for digiKam. It is better to have it.

Thank you!
Attachment (about.zip): application/zip, 25 KiB

Timothy Pearson | 17 Sep 20:32 2014

Re: Amarok, TDevelop, Konqueror crashes in Debian/Testing

> Tim, Slavek, all,
> it seems as if in Debian/Testing there is a critical bug that makes
> applications crashing. At first I noticed Amarok crashing at startup, but
> recently while investigating bug 1859 I had a lot of crashes on TDevelop
> as well. I can also crash Konqueror in the exact same way.
> The crash logs reveals a common path for both types (see attached files),
> so it is not an isolated bug.
> I have also been able to replicate the same exact problem on a clean
> "first run" Debian/Testing environment inside a VM.
> At first sight, the crash has something to do with Javascript
> interpretation or html page rendering.
> I have open bug report 2116 for this problem.
> Debian/Testing is not a stable release yet, but considering that it will
> likely be frozen in November I think we need to add the problem above to
> v14.0.0 bug list. What is your opinion?
> Cheers
>   Michele

It does need to be added to the R14 bug list unfortunately.

How are you testing this?  The Debian Jessie builds on the nightly build
server are not in a functional state; are you building from source?

Michele Calgaro | 19 Sep 05:03 2014

R: [trinity-devel] New theme for amarok

> Here is a new sidebar theme for amarok, derived from the kubuntu amarok theme. It fits with the new TDEUI.
> The stock amarok theme is already good, but it would be nice if this one could be added to the list.

With a temporary dirty hack I got Amarok to work on my system and I could test the new theme.
Pushed to Git in commit 51b05a8 as additional theme. Thanks!


Michele Calgaro | 18 Sep 05:33 2014

Re: Re: Opinion on new background wallpaper for R14

>I don't remember the discussion, so I may have just overlooked this part
>of it.  I would like to keep the wallpapers available instead of using the obsolete folder.

The removed wallpapers have been reinstated in their original location.
I have filed bug report 2118 for the "tree-like categorized" wallpaper idea.