Slávek Banko | 20 Jul 16:22 2014

Docbook catalogs in SGML causes FTBFS

Hi all,

during the last build filelight on Debian 8 (Jessie), I came across a serious 
problem with Docbook - catalogs in SGML format is no longer supported. So I 
prepared a XML version of catalogs. Please, before I'll push the patch, test 
it on other distributions.

See bug 2077:



Darrell | 19 Jul 01:12 2014

Commits web page

The commits web page is fragmented. Using the script Slavek wrote several months ago, my local version of
the commit page contains quite a few more entries than the online version. There is a large gap between July
8 and July 14 and a gap between July 14 and today.


Dr. Nikolaus Klepp | 16 Jul 15:44 2014

how to get startet with pykdeextensions

Hi all!

Is there somewhere a little howto or working example code on how to get started with pykdeextensions on trinity?



Please do not email me anything that you are not comfortable also sharing with the NSA.

Michele Calgaro | 16 Jul 15:26 2014

New TDE Classic menu sidebar image proposed for v14.0.0

Dear all,
in bug 2074 Alex has proposed a new image for the TDE Classic menu sidebar for v14.0.0.
Before pushing it to GIT, I would like to hear your thoughts on the new look.
Personally I think it's great and more in style with the changes already made to KPersonalizer and the new
default splash screen.
I have attached a sample image of what a new menu looks like.


Darrell | 13 Jul 23:04 2014

Safely Remove is broken

Using the Safely Remove option no longer succeeds. The USB flash icon remains on the desktop.

The regression was introduced after June 24 as I do not experience the bug from that package set.


Slávek Banko | 13 Jul 20:39 2014

Missing entries in Amarok tray icon menu


I noticed in the Amarok tray icon menu are missing entries Restore and Quit. 
So far I have not determine whether this is due to commit f3088bc3...



Calvin Morrison | 13 Jul 15:50 2014


OK the internet guy is coming out finally so I can set up my mirror again


Darrell | 13 Jul 06:52 2014

Klipper icon is gone

New package set built today. The klipper icon is gone. The space occupied by the icon in the system tray is
being used and I can click the empty to open the klipper menu. Klipper is running. Just no icon is displayed.
I tried different icon sets and a fresh profile. No icon. Probably related to commit 745063fa.

Darrell | 4 May 19:12 2014

Taskbar icons

When changing the panel height from 37 to 38 pixels, the taskbar icon buttons start stacking. Is there a way
to stop that stacking behavior?

Slávek Banko | 3 May 13:22 2014

FYI: hal removed from Jessie

Michele, Tim,

as I noticed HAL has been removed from Jessie:

Revision 3841
Modified Wed Apr 23 13:19:34 2014 UTC (9 days, 21 hours ago) by biebl 
Mark the hal packages as kfreebsd-any hurd-any. On Linux they have been
superseded by udev/udisks/upower.

This means that kpowersave has no meaning build for Jessie.



Slávek Banko | 3 May 00:20 2014

FYI: libr and tdelibs are broken again on Jessie

Michele, Tim, others

well, libr and maybe tdelibs are broken again on Jessie. Update binutils broke 
the compatibility. I'll send updated libr package to build-farm, when I'll 
know that on the build-farm have been updated base build-root for Jessie.