Mike Bird | 23 Jun 02:42 2016

Repeatable proxy 502 errors

Repeatable proxy 502 errors during apt-get update, e.g.:

W: Failed to fetch


502  Proxy Error

Appears to be due to no DNS A record for:

FWIW there is an A record for the above if "2" omitted.


deloptes | 17 Jun 17:08 2016

test target and code

Hi again,

I'm sorry to bother you again with this, but I asked once how I can add a
testing target.

I started then working on this tdepim libkcal testing stuff again. I still
have some issues when my "SUMMARY" or "DESCRIPTION" of event or todo are in
cyrillic. Unfortunately I was/am busy at work and I lost all threads ....
perhaps you know this feeling ... getting older.

I also found the key to building testing targets

DEB_MAKE_CHECK_TARGET=testing fakeroot debian/rules build

so I think the next exercise (may be long term one) would be to revive the
check/testing code laying around.

I think I have a good plan

1. fix the libkcal issue "SUMMARY" - "DESCRIPTION"
2. build syncevolution deb packages for TDE
3. fix the libkcal test cases (now a lot of them fail on some date issue -
perhaps because originally there was a local zoneinfo data included in the
code and now it is not there)
4. start migrating testing to CMake (first in the packages I already have
worked with)

what do you think?

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Fat-Zer | 21 Jun 00:24 2016

Re: My_Documents mangled UTF8

2016-05-10 15:28 GMT+03:00 deloptes <deloptes@...>:
> Hi,
> in the course of vcard and the encoding issue I ask herewith for help to
> solve another annoying utf8 encoding issue.
> Problem:
> Attached images show that My_Documents when language set to bg gets mangled.
> Unfortunately looking into this I found out it is mangled in
> /opt/trinity/share/apps/kdesktop/Desktop/My_Documents
> I tested in fresh install of TDE, but after first logout/login it changed
> I workaround it by fixing the file and removing the write permissions.
> I don't know where to look for the system:/ entry.
> regards

Have you fixed the encoding in the system-wide file
It should be enough. The same is required to be done in the kdebase repository.

Also note if you are able to demangle it with some {i,en}conv you, may
want to do the same for bn/be locales, they supposed to be mangled
same way...

Darrell | 4 May 19:12 2014

Taskbar icons

When changing the panel height from 37 to 38 pixels, the taskbar icon buttons start stacking. Is there a way
to stop that stacking behavior?

Slávek Banko | 3 May 13:22 2014

FYI: hal removed from Jessie

Michele, Tim,

as I noticed HAL has been removed from Jessie:

Revision 3841
Modified Wed Apr 23 13:19:34 2014 UTC (9 days, 21 hours ago) by biebl 
Mark the hal packages as kfreebsd-any hurd-any. On Linux they have been
superseded by udev/udisks/upower.

This means that kpowersave has no meaning build for Jessie.



Slávek Banko | 3 May 00:20 2014

FYI: libr and tdelibs are broken again on Jessie

Michele, Tim, others

well, libr and maybe tdelibs are broken again on Jessie. Update binutils broke 
the compatibility. I'll send updated libr package to build-farm, when I'll 
know that on the build-farm have been updated base build-root for Jessie.