Michele Calgaro | 18 Dec 14:37 2014

bug 236: user feedback needed

Bug 236 (http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net/show_bug.cgi?id=236) is about KOrganizer and the length
of a new ToDo event
when selecting a single slot in the day agenda.
The behavior is awkward because different from when longer intervals are selected.
I would like some feedback from users/developers about the best way to fix it.
Proposed options:

1) leave everything as it is. The user can change the above option to get a 15 minutes interval. IMO, a little awkward.

2) leave everything as it is but change the default value of the "Default duration of new appointment" to 15 minutes,
so that by default double-clicking on a 15 minutes interval gives a 15 minutes interval. Users can still
change the
default interval if they want.

3) ignore the "Default duration" option and just use the length of the actual interval selected in the agenda.

4) others...

IMO, option 3 or 2 will do. Please put forward your suggestions.
The bug will be fixed as part of R14.0.1.

Darrell | 17 Dec 20:40 2014

Can't search mail list archives

Error message:

Error: Failed to load KinoSearch modules.


Darrell | 17 Dec 20:39 2014

Fedora spec files


If you can find time, would you please make available an archive of the Fedora 21 spec files for R14? I would
like to try compiling.

Much appreciated if you would do that. :)


Mike Bird | 17 Dec 17:06 2014

Trinity threading

Open question about Trinity threading on LWN if somebody
wants to answer it ...



Slávek Banko | 17 Dec 01:40 2014

Rules for commit patches to r14.0.x branch

Hi all,

while working on v3.5.13.x was a rule that the patches have always been first 
pushed to the master branch and then cherry-picked to v3.5.13-sru branch 
(with necessary modifications). Directly to v3.5.13-sru patches were pushed 
very rarely - if they were specific to v3.5.13.x. As an example, the current 
patch for setting the target release in tdelibs.

I suppose for r14.0.x branch I will not be alone, who will incorporate patches 
into this maintenance branch, so I would like to determine, whether we will 
work also on r14.0.x branch under these rules?

Michele, what is your opinion?



Timothy Pearson | 16 Dec 22:25 2014

Trinity Desktop Environment R14.0.0 Released!

The Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) development team is pleased to
announce the immediate availability of the new TDE R14.0.0 release.  The
Trinity Desktop Environment is a complete software desktop environment
designed for Unix-like operating systems, intended for computer users
preferring a traditional desktop model, and is free/libre software.

Unlike previous releases TDE R14.0.0 has been in development for over two
years. This extended development period has allowed us to create a better,
more stable and more feature-rich product than previous TDE releases. R14
is brimming with new features, such as a new hardware manager based on
udev (HAL is no longer required), full network-manager 0.9 support, a
brand new compositor (compton), built-in threading support, and much more!

Version scheme change

Also new in this release is a change from the KDE v3.5.x series
versioning.  In line with our new, separate identity, and to avoid
incorrect comparisons with KDE SC based on version number alone, we are
dropping the old versioning scheme and replacing it with our new R-series
versioning scheme.  Each new release from this point forward will be
identified with three numbers prefixed with an R (standing for "Release");
the first number is the major series, the second is the minor series, and
the last is the Stable Release Update (SRU) identifier.  A stable series
will be indicated by a single Rxx.yy identifier, e.g. R14.0.  Major
overhauls of the codebase that significantly and permanently change the
way TDE functions, such as the transition from HAL to the TDE Hardware
Library or the new style engine, will only occur when the major series
number increments.  Normal, incremental development, including new
features, will be indicated with an increment of the minor version number.
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Timothy Pearson | 16 Dec 06:19 2014

TDE R14.0.0 release delay


I am delaying the R14.0.0 release by one day in light of the recently
discovered problems with our primary mirror, and also so that I have time
to clean up the press release.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Darrell | 15 Dec 23:05 2014

Previous TDE review

To late to test for the offical R14.0.0 release, but better late than never (R14.0.1). Some Trinity (TDE
3.5.13.x) quirks noted in a January 2014 review by Dedoimedo:


* Difficulty installing from repositories.

* The default icon theme felt outdated.

* No network manager tool was available in the default desktop.

* Embedded webcam did not work.

* Zerconf did not work because avahi was not installed.

His conclusion:

"TDE must be a completely simple and smooth framework, otherwise it stands no chance against the
competition. This is the prerequisite, even before you start thinking about discussing the pros and cons
of its layout, use and whatnot. It must be as trivial as all others."

My notes:

He used a Live CD and thus, some of the quirks would be caused by the person making the iso rather than with
upstream TDE.

While I have been a long-time Slackware user, nowadays I use mostly Fedora and LMDE. I lack build experience
on those systems, but when the wiki is updated with R14 installation links, I will test installing TDE on
those two distros.

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Michele Calgaro | 15 Dec 03:56 2014

"Current Distribution Functionality Test Results" wiki page *badly* outdated

the wiki page https://wiki.trinitydesktop.org/Current_Distribution_Functionality_Test_Results
is *badly* outdated. I
suggest we remove it. Is that ok?

Timothy Pearson | 11 Dec 18:03 2014

TDE GIT thaw, build farm status, and future direction


The R14 hard freeze in GIT is now lifted for work to start on our first
R14-series SRU.  R14.0.0 packages are now uploading to the mirror system
and we are currently on schedule for a Dec. 15 release.

The nightly build system is currently offline for maintenance.  In
addition we will be dropping nightly build support for the following
Ubuntu versions:

This means the nightly builds will be available for the following
distributions and versions:


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Mike Bird | 11 Dec 04:48 2014

Package renames and autoremove

The upgrade from to R14 includes a lot of package

After a clean i386 Wheezy install of kde-trinity
is upgraded to R14 RC2, an "apt-get autoremove" removes
48 transitional dummy packages.  This is good.

However there are still (roughly) 15 transitional dummy
packages whose descriptions say they can be safely
uninstalled.  All that is preventing them from being
uninstalled is two meta packages - kde-trinity and
kde-core-trinity.  And so the conscientious sysadmin
removes the two unnecessary meta packages and the
(roughly) 15 remaining transitional dummy packages.

And the next "apt-get autoremove" eats 290 packages
which is most of Trinity.

If you had less than a normal kde-trinity installation
of this problem hits you much sooner and
without uninstalling any meta packages.

What to do?  Something in the release notes?