Michele Calgaro | 16 Nov 05:34 2014

"Round-off" default splash screen

Alexandre, E.,
would it be possible for you to create a slightly modified version of the KSplash default theme with
"rounded" corners? 
I would like to compare a "rounded square" and a "full" square and see which one looks better. I think a
splashscreen may look a little better at login.
The file to modify are in tdebase/ksplashml/pics/themes/default, probably only splash_top.png and splash_bottom.png


Michele Calgaro | 13 Nov 04:23 2014

Unused folder in kcontrol

Tim, Slavek,
while working on bug 1850, I noticed that in tdebase/kcontrol there is an "accessibility" folder that is
not used at all 
(not even built). By the content of it, it is either an older version or a temporary development version of
the "access" 
folder, which is the KControl module for Regional & Accessibility --> Accessibility.
Removing the folder does not cause any build problem, but before doing that I thought I would ask in case any
of you had 
more information about it.
If there are no objections, I will proceed to remove it.


Alexandre | 9 Nov 22:45 2014

New TDE logo idea proposal


I made a new TDE logo, just to see what it could be, so I want to have your impressions on it.
I used as a base the aKregator icon from the KFaenza icon theme. I remove the logo in the middle and replaced it by TDE base logo, from the moon svg background. I used cooler blue color gradient than the original to replace the orange of the aKregator logo.

Tell me what you think! Thank you!

Timothy Pearson | 9 Nov 23:45 2014

Re: Contributor License Agreements status

> On Saturday 01 of November 2014 04:33:50 Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> > Just wondering: what is the status of CLAs? Have they been finalized?
>> > Cheers
>> >    Michele
>> Considering that the feedback we received was mostly neutral/positive,
>> and
>> that we haven't received any additional feedback for quite some time I
>> think we can consider them finalized.  I'll hold off for a couple days
>> just in case this message triggers further discussion.
>> Tim
> I note that almost the same question I posted more than 10 days ago and
> there
> was no further discussion. See:
> http://trinity-devel.pearsoncomputing.net/?0::13977
> --
> Slávek

OK, I am going to consider the CLAs finalized at this time.

Current TDE developers: please sign and return a copy via the instructions
on the Web site (assuming of course you have the legal right to do so--if
you do not, please contact me directly).


Darrell | 4 May 19:12 2014

Taskbar icons

When changing the panel height from 37 to 38 pixels, the taskbar icon buttons start stacking. Is there a way
to stop that stacking behavior?

Slávek Banko | 3 May 13:22 2014

FYI: hal removed from Jessie

Michele, Tim,

as I noticed HAL has been removed from Jessie:

Revision 3841
Modified Wed Apr 23 13:19:34 2014 UTC (9 days, 21 hours ago) by biebl 
Mark the hal packages as kfreebsd-any hurd-any. On Linux they have been
superseded by udev/udisks/upower.

This means that kpowersave has no meaning build for Jessie.



Slávek Banko | 3 May 00:20 2014

FYI: libr and tdelibs are broken again on Jessie

Michele, Tim, others

well, libr and maybe tdelibs are broken again on Jessie. Update binutils broke 
the compatibility. I'll send updated libr package to build-farm, when I'll 
know that on the build-farm have been updated base build-root for Jessie.




Werner Bast | 27 Apr 16:24 2014

Suggestion Metabug

Hi all,

by strolling through Bugzilla, especially Bug 2014, i've noticed that
there are several Bugs seems to have similar problems. Mainly:
 885: http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net/show_bug.cgi?id=885
1879: http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net/show_bug.cgi?id=1879
1887: http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net/show_bug.cgi?id=1887
1888: http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net/show_bug.cgi?id=1888
1892: http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net/show_bug.cgi?id=1892
1947: http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net/show_bug.cgi?id=1947
1971: http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net/show_bug.cgi?id=1971
1976: http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net/show_bug.cgi?id=1976

What about making an metabug to keep those bugs together and have an
overview over the status

Just my 2 cents

Greetings Werner

Darrell | 25 Apr 19:19 2014

Build failures

Fresh clean build last night. I ran into two build failures with tdegames and tdeaddons:


/dev/shm/tdegames/kpat/freecell-solver/move.c:468: undefined reference to `convert_freecell_num'


/dev/shm/tdeaddons/atlantikdesigner/designer/designer.cpp:30:29: fatal error:
atlantic/estate.h: No such file or directory

Any ideas?


Slávek Banko | 25 Apr 01:21 2014

Improve compton-tde configuration options

François, Darrell,

please can you test a set of patches from the bug report 2028? In my opinion, 
the patches look good and I'm ready to push. Soon I make a test build on all 
supported Debian and Ubuntu versions. So I would like if you can test some of 
your distributions.


Many thanks


Slávek Banko | 21 Apr 19:06 2014

TDE running on real MIPS hardware

Hi all,

when I was preparing my small builder for 'R14 preliminary stable-builds' 
alternative apt source, I did not plan other architectures than i386 and 
amd64. But then I made a few tests to probe ways to also build both arm 
architectures. The tests were successful, so they are now available all 
architectures as on the build-farm.

Given that builds for other platforms are going pretty well, I tried one more 
experiment. Because I have an older SGI Indy workstation, I tried on my small 
builder to build packages in addition for MIPS architecture. And experiment 
has succeeded. With little difficulty is now built 100% packages!

Graphics card on my SGI Indy hardware unfortunately only allows 8-bit color 
depth, and as I found on this color depth many TDE application crashes - see 
bug 2033. Attached screenshot is therefore from TightVNC server, where I set 
a higher color depth. I note that this machine has only 64 MiB RAM, so it is 
very slow. But it works!

Note: Packages for Wheezy on MIPS are available in my APT source. If someone 
has a better hardware than my SGI Indy (about 1995), you can try it and let 
know how it works for you :)