deloptes | 23 May 00:15 2016

Testing target in cmake

I was wondering how one can add a testing target in cmake just as it is done
in the in tedelibs and tedepim. There you have

check-local: .......

but I don't know how to do it in cmake, so that it compiles but does not run
tests except you say make check-local.
I think general rule is required and probably added to the tde cmake. I or
we could then re-add the tests that were skipped when moving to cmake.

deloptes | 17 May 20:46 2016

TDEPIM cmake question

can someone help quickly please. I am facing an issue with vCal format
conversion "quoted printable" and charset: UTF-8.
I git cloned the tdepim package and following previous instructions I
updated submodule for cmake.
I do mkdir testbuild ; cd testbuild; cmake ..; make but nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong? This same procedure worked for tdelibs and some other

I wanted to debug having the know how to add test capabilities - I wanted to
add testing for libkcal and wanted to compile but in vain.

Thanks in advance

PS: the problem is that fromString is not working (fails) for TODO.

Felix Miata | 15 May 10:21 2016

Re: suse 42.1 - crucial(?) trinity package(s) require an unavailable package

François Andriot composed on 2016-05-14 12:19 (UTC+0200):

> Felix Miata a écrit :

>> > The "trinity-libarts-akode" package requires the library
>> > "", which is supposed to be provided by "trinity-akode" package.
>> > In your case, zypper found that it was provided by "libakode".

>> > Notice that the Trinity's package for Akode is split in several smaller
>> > package, e.g. "trinity-akode" and several "libakode_xxx".

>> > I do not even have any 'libakode' package available in my 42.1
>> > installation,

>> I didn't expect anyone would, since there is no such package in 42.1
>> repos for zypper to find.

>> > so where does it come from ?
>> > Maybe it is inherited from a previous opensuse release that you have
>> > upgraded , or it comes from another 3rd party repository...

>> 42.1 in this case is an upgrade (zypper dup) from _Factory_ (before
>> the name change to Tumbleweed, from an installation last upgraded as
>> Factory in December 2014). What I don't understand is how to get rid
>> of the libakode package when the package manager claims other packages
>> depend on it. Will rpm -e --nodeps not break the TDE packages that
>> zypper claims depend on it? Why doesn't zypper recognize the trinity*
>> package(s) you mention as providing the required libs? Are the Trinity
>> packages broken WRT dependencies?

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Darrell | 4 May 19:12 2014

Taskbar icons

When changing the panel height from 37 to 38 pixels, the taskbar icon buttons start stacking. Is there a way
to stop that stacking behavior?

Slávek Banko | 3 May 13:22 2014

FYI: hal removed from Jessie

Michele, Tim,

as I noticed HAL has been removed from Jessie:

Revision 3841
Modified Wed Apr 23 13:19:34 2014 UTC (9 days, 21 hours ago) by biebl 
Mark the hal packages as kfreebsd-any hurd-any. On Linux they have been
superseded by udev/udisks/upower.

This means that kpowersave has no meaning build for Jessie.



Slávek Banko | 3 May 00:20 2014

FYI: libr and tdelibs are broken again on Jessie

Michele, Tim, others

well, libr and maybe tdelibs are broken again on Jessie. Update binutils broke 
the compatibility. I'll send updated libr package to build-farm, when I'll 
know that on the build-farm have been updated base build-root for Jessie.