Tobias Oetiker | 7 Jun 17:37 2009

RRDtool 1.4rc1 with RRDcached performance accelerator

After some more work on the build process, I have put out

  RRDtool 1.4 RC1

it is a copy of the current trunk snapshot

Please test this on the platform of your choice and report any
problems you find to

Below you find the NEWS file for 1.4. If you have any additions,
please tell me.

News for RRDtool 1.4
$Id: NEWS 1840 2009-06-07 11:16:07Z oetiker $

RRD Caching Daemon (rrdcached)
by Florian Forster and Kevin Brintnall

The RRD Caching Daemon can dramatically improve the 'update' performance
of your system.  Due to filehandling overheads, the time it takes todo one
update is virtually the same as to doing two updates in a row.

The Cache Daemon intercepts rrdtool update calls, assembling multiple
updates before writing them to the actual rrd file. When calling rrdtool
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