Santi Kumar | 19 Dec 20:33 2014

What is RiakResponseException "unknown message code 56"


While creating a index and bucket in Java client, I was getting this error. I remember getting the same earlier but I didn't remember. Can anyone throw some light on that. When do we get this error and how to resolve this?

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Alex De la rosa | 19 Dec 12:37 2014

deleting a register (Python client)

Hi there,

This is a pretty dumb question but I think I have never recalled doing it before. Imagine that I have a register called "something" with a value:


If later on I want to remove this "something" register from the riak map object, how to do it? I don't seem to find anywhere in the documentation how to remove a register.

I could set up an empty string: obj.registers['something'].assign(''), as I see that when you fetch a register that doesn't exist it returns an empty string instead of a None. Is this the only way? Or can we remove it in some other way?

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Nghiep Thoi Minh | 19 Dec 10:56 2014

RiakCS has error Crash report

I have a riak system consist of 5 nodes, when i start riak, riakcs then it's appear following error:

2014-12-19 14:26:55.667 [error] <0.14696.39> CRASH REPORT Process <0.14696.39> with 0 neighbours crashed with reason: no case clause matching {ok,{http_error,"  \n"},<<>>} in mochiweb_http:request/3 line 107
2014-12-19 14:47:00.433 [error] <0.27872.38> CRASH REPORT Process <0.27872.38> with 0 neighbours crashed with reason: no case clause matching {ok,{http_error,"  \n"},<<>>} in mochiweb_http:request/3 line 107
2014-12-19 14:56:05.405 [error] <0.17704.39> CRASH REPORT Process <0.17704.39> with 0 neighbours crashed with reason: no case clause matching {ok,{http_error,"  \n"},<<>>} in mochiweb_http:request/3 line 107
2014-12-19 15:18:23.942 [error] <0.28311.39> CRASH REPORT Process <0.28311.39> with 0 neighbours crashed with reason: no case clause matching {ok,{http_error,"  \n"},<<>>} in mochiweb_http:request/3 line 107

. I don't understand what's it error?
Any cheers?
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Brett Hazen | 19 Dec 02:01 2014

Riak Python Client 2.2.0 Released

Hey Riak Users,
We've just pushed an update to the official Python client to
PyPi [1]. This package includes support for Python 3, specifically
3.3 and 3.4.  This version uses the native SSL security instead
of pyOpenSSL [2] which is still required for the Python 2 series.
The ability to use bucket types for Map/Reduce jobs and to delete
data types was also added.
Documentation on the API has been updated [3], too.
Please see our Release Notes [4] for a complete list of bugs we
addressed.  For all other known issues, please refer to the
issue tracker on Github [5].
Brett Hazen <brett <at>>
Software Engineer
Basho Technologies, Inc.

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Seema Jethani | 18 Dec 00:58 2014

[ANN] Riak CS 1.5.3

Riak Users,Riak CS 1.5.3 has been released and can be downloaded from the downloads page[1]. This release contains a fix for storage calculations and updates to avoid sibling explosion and add configurable timeouts for Riak interactions. Please review the Release Notes [2] for more details before upgrading.

Seema Jethani
Director of Product Management, Basho
4083455739 | <at> seemaj 
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Oliver Soell | 17 Dec 20:57 2014

risk attach not working properly after operation

Hi everyone,

I have a couple riak clusters and was operating on one this week. I updated the riak docker container on one of the nodes (updating from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2, but using a completely different container source), and renamed the node at the same time (followed the “rename” process - downed old nodename, brought up node with no ring, cluster join, cluster force-replace).

That was all well and good, but now “riak attach” isn’t giving me the love I thought I should get:

(c_1494_riak <at>> {ok, Ring} = riak_core_ring_manager:get_my_ring().
** exception error: no match of right hand side value {error,no_ring}
(c_1494_riak <at>> 

I’d done this before my upgrade and it returned the valid ring. I can successfully riak ping, riak-admin ring-status, etc.

Any idea what I did? Thanks!

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mtakahashi-ivi | 17 Dec 16:34 2014

Can connect by HTTPS when security enabled


I'm trying authentication by using riak-ruby-vagrant(*).

But I can not connect HTTPS when I enabled security.

If I ignore certificate, I can get expected response from riak.
Here it is.

Problem is if I remove "-k" option from curl command, tls related error
How can I connect riak-ruby-vagrant with HTTPS?
I know this is not riak's problem, but I could not find a cause of this
problem for a couple of days.
Please someone help!

Thank you,
Masanori Takahashi

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Felix Scheffer | 17 Dec 15:12 2014

RiakCS with Riak 2.x

Hi everybody,

I read in the documentation that RiakCS 1.5.x cannot be used with Riak 2. Are there any plans to release a version of RiakCS that can be used with Riak 2.x in the near future?

Felix Scheffer
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Juan Luis Francés | 16 Dec 19:52 2014

Re: Memory-backend TTL


Do you have any update about this issue? I am affected by the same memory leak. Sadly, this problem does the
Riak memory backend useless in production.

You can reproduce it with this dirty script (be careful, it is resource intensive):

- 1 Riak node 2.0.1. 
- riak.conf:

buckets.default.n_val = 1
buckets.default.last_write_wins = true
buckets.default.r = 1
buckets.default.w = 1
multi_backend.memory.storage_backend = memory
multi_backend.memory.memory_backend.ttl = 90s
multi_backend.memory.memory_backend.max_memory_per_vnode = 250MB

# curl

Is there any bug report opened in github where to follow this issue?

Best regards,
Juan Luis Francés

2014-10-20 15:43 GMT+02:00 Luke Bakken:
>Thanks for all the detailed information. This is not expected
>behavior. What MIME type are you using for storing the long integer
>data (64 binary bits, I assume)?
>I'd like to try and reproduce this. There have been issues with TTL
>and max_memory but they should have been fixed for Riak 2.0.
>Luke Bakken
>Engineer / CSE
>lbakken <at>
>On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 1:56 AM, Lucas Grijander
> Hi Luke,
> Indeed, when removed the thousands of requests, the memory is stabilized.
> However the memory consumption is still very high:
> riak-admin status |grep memory
> memory_total : 18494760128
> memory_processes : 145363184
> memory_processes_used : 142886424
> memory_system : 18349396944
> memory_atom : 561761
> memory_atom_used : 554496
> memory_binary : 7108243240
> memory_code : 13917820
> memory_ets : 11200328880
> I have test also with Riak 1.4.10 and the performance is the same.
> Is it normal that the "memory_ets" has more than 10GB when we have a
> "ring_size" of 16 and a max_memory_per_vnode = 250MB?
> 2014-10-15 20:50 GMT+02:00 Lucas Grijander:
>> Hi Luke.
>> About the first issue:
>> - From the beginning, the servers are all running ntpd. They are Ubuntu
>> 14.04 and the ntpd service is installed and running by default.
>> - Anti-entropy was also disabled from the beginning:
>> {anti_entropy,{off,[]}},
>> About the second issue, I am perplex because, after 2 restarts of the Riak
>> server, just now there is a big memory consumption but is not growing like
>> the previous days. The only change was to remove this code (it was used
>> thousands of times/s). It was a possible workaround about the previous
>> problem with the TTL but this code now is useless because the TTL is working
>> fine with this node alone:
>> self.db.delete((key)
>> self.db.get(key, r=1)
>> # riak-admin status|grep memory
>> memory_total : 18617871264
>> memory_processes : 224480232
>> memory_processes_used : 222700176
>> memory_system : 18393391032
>> memory_atom : 561761
>> memory_atom_used : 552862
>> memory_binary : 7135206080
>> memory_code : 13779729
>> memory_ets : 11209256232
>> The problem is that I don't remember if the code change was after or
>> before the second restart. I am going to restart the riak server again and I
>> will report you about if the "possible memory leak" is reproduced.
>> This is the props of the bucket:
>> {"props":{"allow_mult":false,"backend":"ttl_stg","basic_quorum":false,"big_vclock":50,"chash_keyfun":{"mod":"riak_core_util","fun":"chash_std_keyfun"},"dvv_enabled":false,"dw":"quorum","last_write_wins":true,"linkfun":{"mod":"riak_kv_wm_link_walker","fun":"mapreduce_linkfun"},"n_val":1,"name":"ttl_stg","notfound_ok":true,"old_vclock":86400,"postcommit":[],"pr":0,"precommit":[],"pw":0,"r":1,"rw":"quorum","small_vclock":50,"w":1,"young_vclock":20}}
>> About the data that we put into the bucket are all with this schema:
>> KEY: Alphanumeric with a length of 47
>> DATA: Long integer.
>> # riak-admin status|grep puts
>> vnode_puts : 84708
>> vnode_puts_total : 123127430
>> node_puts : 83169
>> node_puts_total : 123128062
>> # riak-admin status|grep gets
>> vnode_gets : 162314
>> vnode_gets_total : 240433213
>> node_gets : 162317
>> node_gets_total : 240433216

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Harold Hsu | 14 Dec 08:26 2014

handoff.ip invalid, must be a valid IP address

Hi all,

Newbie here.  I'm following the Five-minute Install guide, trying to setup riak on a Linux Mint VirtualBox VM.  Here's what I've done:

- Cloned the source from GitHub.
- Ran make all.
- Ran make devrel DEVNODES=5

When I try to run "dev/dev1/bin/riak console", it failed with the following message:

23:18:02.052 [error] handoff.ip invalid, must be a valid IP address
23:18:02.058 [error] Error generating configuration in phase validation
23:18:02.058 [error] handoff.ip invalid, must be a valid IP address
Error generating config with cuttlefish
  run `riak config generate -l debug` for more information.

Any idea what I did wrong?

Here's the output from the given debug command:

23:18:17.107 [debug] Lager installed handler error_logger_lager_h into error_logger
23:18:17.120 [debug] Supervisor gr_param_sup started gr_param:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_params) at pid <0.53.0>
23:18:17.121 [debug] Supervisor gr_counter_sup started gr_counter:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_counters) at pid <0.54.0>
23:18:17.121 [debug] Supervisor gr_manager_sup started gr_manager:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_params_mgr, gr_lager_default_tracer_params, []) at pid <0.55.0>
23:18:17.121 [debug] Supervisor gr_manager_sup started gr_manager:start_link(gr_lager_default_tracer_counters_mgr, gr_lager_default_tracer_counters, [{input,0},{filter,0},{output,0}]) at pid <0.56.0>
23:18:17.548 [debug] Lager installed handler lager_backend_throttle into lager_event
23:18:17.884 [debug] Cuttlefish set to debug level logging
23:18:17.884 [info] Application lager started on node nonode <at> nohost
23:18:17.885 [info] Checking /home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../etc/app.config exists... false
23:18:17.885 [info] Checking /home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../etc/vm.args exists... false
23:18:17.885 [info] No app.config or vm.args detected in /home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../etc, activating cuttlefish
23:18:17.885 [debug] Generating config in: "/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/data/generated.configs/app.2014."
23:18:17.886 [debug] SchemaFiles: ["/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/10-riak.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/11-erlang_vm.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/12-riak_core.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/13-riak_api.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/14-riak_kv.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/15-riak_sysmon.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/16-bitcask.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/17-bitcask_multi.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/18-riak_control.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/20-multi_backend.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/21-leveldb.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/22-leveldb_multi.schema","/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/30-yokozuna.schema"]
23:18:18.018 [debug] ConfFiles: ["/home/hhsu/riak/dev/dev1/bin/../etc/riak.conf"]
23:18:18.138 [debug] Adding Defaults
23:18:18.139 [debug] Right Hand Side Substitutions
23:18:18.140 [debug] Applying Datatypes
23:18:18.184 [debug] Validation
23:18:18.185 [error] handoff.ip invalid, must be a valid IP address
23:18:18.185 [error] Error generating configuration in phase validation
23:18:18.185 [error] handoff.ip invalid, must be a valid IP address

Thanks in advance,

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Santi Kumar | 15 Dec 11:08 2014

RiakSearch with java-client

I'm tying to use Riak Search 2.0 with java client. Couldn't find any good documentation around that so I'm trying on my own. I've created my own custom schema and want to setup this to my index. While executing the StoreSchema command, was getting below error with some message bits.

com.basho.riak.client.core.netty.RiakResponseException: Error processing incoming message: error:function_clause:xxxxxxx

Here is how I'm adding the Custom schema and adding index. Let me know If I'm doing something wrong

public static void buildSearchIndex(String bucketName,String indexName) throws Exception{

    InputStream systemResourceAsStream = ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream("./veradocs-solr-schema.xml");

    String schema = IOUtils.toString(systemResourceAsStream,"UTF-8");

    RiakClient client = RiakClientUtil.getClient();

    YokozunaSchema yschema = new YokozunaSchema("veradocs-rs", schema);

    StoreSchema storeSchemaOp = new StoreSchema.Builder(yschema).build();


    YokozunaIndex vdIndex = new YokozunaIndex(indexName,schema);

    StoreIndex storeIndex =

        new StoreIndex.Builder(vdIndex).build();


    Namespace catsBucket = new Namespace(bucketName);

    StoreBucketProperties storeBucketProps = new StoreBucketProperties.Builder(catsBucket)



    RiakFuture<Void,Namespace> executeAsync = client.executeAsync(storeBucketProps);




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