Seema Jethani | 1 Jul 00:48 2016

[ANN] Riak KV 2.0.7

Riak Users,
Riak 2.0.7 was released on June 27th and can be downloaded from the downloads page[1]. This release contains new updates to batching and Solr, Cuttlefish configurations, an OTP upgrade, and fixes for two product advisories[2]Please review the Release Notes [3] for more details before upgrading.

Seema Jethani
Director of Product Management, Basho
4083455739 | <at> seemaj 
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Humberto Rodriguez | 30 Jun 15:02 2016

Rick TS error

Hi, have anyone got this error "vm.args needs to have a -name parameter.” I was trying to test last version (1.3.0) of Riak TS, but every time that I try to start it fails and show me that message

I am using Mac OS The Captain 

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Norman Khine | 29 Jun 21:32 2016

Amazon EFS and Riak cluster

Hi, with Amazon announcing Elastic File System today, I am curious to know if is a good idea to use EFS?

Any advice much appreciated.

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Guido Medina | 29 Jun 16:02 2016

Riak Java client question


Are there any plans on releasing a Riak Java client with Netty-4.1.x?

The reasoning for this is that some projects like Vert.x 3.3.0 for 
example are already on Netty-4.1.x and AFAIK Netty's 4.1.x isn't just a 
drop in replacement for 4.0.x

Would it make sense to support another Riak Java client, say version 
2.1.x with Netty-4.1.x as a way to move forward?

Or maybe Riak 2.0.x works with Netty 4.1.x? but I doubt it.

Best regards,

Michael Gnatz | 26 Jun 21:55 2016

exception when listing keys

I am loading very few (around 10!)  rows in my single machine installation (CentOS 7) and with

client.execute(new ListKeys.Builder(TABLE).build());
I get

Caused by: com.basho.riak.client.core.netty.RiakResponseException: {worker_crash,
    at com.basho.riak.client.core.RiakMessage.getRiakErrorFromPbuf(
    at com.basho.riak.client.core.RiakMessage.<init>(
    at com.basho.riak.client.core.RiakMessage.<init>(
    at com.basho.riak.client.core.netty.RiakMessageCodec.decode(
    at io.netty.handler.codec.ByteToMessageCodec$1.decode(
    at io.netty.handler.codec.ByteToMessageDecoder.callDecode(
    at io.netty.handler.codec.ByteToMessageDecoder.channelRead(
    at io.netty.handler.codec.ByteToMessageCodec.channelRead(
    at io.netty.util.concurrent.SingleThreadEventExecutor$
    at io.netty.util.concurrent.DefaultThreadFactory$

This does not always happen, but at times.
Any ideas? So far riak is not fun at all.

Regards, Michael

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Michael Gnatz | 26 Jun 13:26 2016

data cleanup?

Some newbie question... I want to use Riak TS for saving my time series 
data and I am wondering, how I do the cleanup?
Can I configure somehow that data older than 24 hours gets garbage 
Marcin Skoczylas | 23 Jun 15:50 2016

Growth of processing queues


We have a RIAK cluster with 5 nodes. Since few days we see that 2 of our clusters are quickly getting high number of items in mailbox, giving overall low performance of the cluster (even up to tenths of seconds for processing). But 3 nodes are almost idle... We nailed down that requests are hitting quite big objects (>200kB) and we think this could be the issue.

Are you have similar experience with such processing schema? What parameters shall we tweak to allow Riak handle these requests more quickly and off-load nodes to rest of the cluster?

Thanks in advance,

Marcin Skoczylas, Ph.D.
QBurst |

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Nagy, Attila | 22 Jun 14:34 2016

Memory backend doesn't work (with multi backend)?


Trying to use the memory backend via multi.

What I did:
in riak.conf:
storage_backend = multi

Then creating a bucket type:
riak-admin bucket-type create os_cache '{"props": {"write_once": 
riak-admin bucket-type activate os_cache

Then I PUT an object:
curl -v -XPUT -H "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" 
'http://localhost:8098/types/os_cache/buckets/os_cache/keys/test1' -d 'test'

Mext, I shut down all of the servers at once, leaving nothing in the 
cluster, then restarting them.
And a new get for the above URL returns "test".

When I set storage_backend to memory, it works as expected, after a full 
cluster stop, the bucket is empty.
Alexander Sicular | 18 Jun 01:43 2016

Riak Recap, June 17th, 2016


Many items to review this weekend. A number of client library updates, a blog post and some github repos along with the mailing list review, as per usual.

As always, we want to hear from you. Let me know if you’re working on or speaking about something Riak related and would like a shoutout. I’ll get your talk, project or blog post in the next Riak Recap.

## Announcements

  • Ruby Client 2.4.0 - gzip support, connection timeouts and time conversions [0].

  • Golang 1.7.0 - initial Riak TS support [1].

  • Python 2.5.3 - bug fix release [2].

  • Node 2.2.0 - compatibility with Riak TS 1.3, backoff on retries, timeouts among other updates [3].

## Community Code and Walkthroughs

  • Craig Vitter has started a JDBC client for Riak TS. Take it out for a spin, contributions welcome [4].

  • Stephen Etheridge recently spoke at the PyData London meetup and here’s a link to the repo he reviewed there [5].

  • My blog post on data modeling in Riak TS was recently published on Basho’s blog [6].

##Community Events

  • Basho will be at O’Reilly’s Velocity conference in Santa Clara next week [7]. Stop by and say hello.

## Jobs at Basho

Interested in working on distributed computing related problems or helping our community with theirs? We’re hiring.

  • Client Services Engineer (USA) [8].

  • Developer Advocate (London and US) [9].

Yes, you can work from home!

## Recently Answered

  • Russell Brown answers a StackOverflow question on context for Riak KV’s Flag datatype [10].

  • Norman is looking to use Riak as a session store backing his NodeJS app. Luke and Alex let him know that Riak is well suited as a session store backing but we do not have all the framework/language combinations readily available. The proposal is to use the memcached session store lib as a stub and swap out the memcached client lib with Riaks NodeJS client lib [11].

  • A number of folks work with Jan to troubleshoot how best to restart a Riak cluster in Kubernetes [12]. Riak likes statefulness between reboots. Some managers will bring a node back with a new name, that needs to be addressed. Take a look at our Mesos integration if you’re working in that environment [13].

  • Guillaume is looking to mass update all json objects in his cluster and update the structure [14]. Consider Riak KV is non-relational by nature and all values are opaque to it. Riak KV also has no SQL like language to do a select/update cycle.

  • Magnus helps Satish get Riak Control working on Riak KV 1.4.12 [15]. I would recommend updating to the latest version at your earliest convenience ;)

  • Luke reminds Abhinav to follow the tuning guidelines when working through performance related issues [16]. Ryan also points out that the minimum production deployment recommendation is five nodes [17]. When writing three replicas to a cluster with less than five nodes you are guaranteed to have more that one copy written to the same physical machine in for some set of data.

  • Henrik is looking for official work on Solaris/OmniOS/illumos support [18]. It’s true, we will no longer be supporting those environments. Take a look at Ubuntu’s support for ZFS if you are looking to use that filesystem in your environment.

  • In a similar request to Guillaume’s, Ricardo is also looking to mass update his json documents [19]. Luke links to some advanced map/reduce that may help get the job done [20].

  • Gianluca presents a data retrieval data modeling question [21] and is looking for recommendations on how best to proceed.

## Open Discussions

  • Russell and Luke continue to work with Vladyslav on sibling explosion in Riak CS [22].

  • Johnny is looking for some help on his bitcask merge issue [23].

  • Vladyslav is looking for clarification on the meaning of “riak-admin node down” [24], particularly in the face of node failure during a cluster resizing operation.

  • Kyle is looking for information on Riak TS drop table functionality and HTTP auth support [25].

  • Guillaume kicks off a conversation on custom Solr configs [26] and Luke points to an open issue on github reviewing some considerations [27].

  • Anil is looking for ways to copy Solr indecies from one machine to another [28].

  • Murali is looking for information around Riak S2 (formerly CS) performance on a single node [29].

  • Vladimir asks the list for help with the following warning “perflists do not satisfy the n_val” [30].

  • Alex is looking for advice regarding whether or not Riak TS would be better suited in certain use cases over Riak KV for his social network project [31].

  • Michael is looking for some guidance on properly sizing a Riak S2 cluster [32].

  • Psterk is looking for help on using hadoops’s distcpy to copy files from Riak S2 to hadoop [33][34].

Peace and love,

-Alexander Sicular

Solution Architect, Basho

<at> siculars




































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Luke Bakken | 17 Jun 22:01 2016

Riak Node.js client 2.2.0 released

Hello everyone,

I released version 2.2.0 of the Riak Node.js client today. More
information is available at the following links:


Luke Bakken
lbakken <at>
Vladyslav Zakhozhai | 16 Jun 22:27 2016

riak-admin down NODE meaning


I thought that I know the meaning of command riak-admin down NODE pretty sure. Till this evening.

So the question is what is explicit meaning of this command?

My opinion was the following. During ownership handoff (maybe hinted handoffs also, I am not sure) when one of the members of riak cluster fails handoff stops till riak-admin down FAILED_NODE_NAME provided.

For example there is 7 nodes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. F and G are the nodes just joined to riak cluster and are awaiting to receive partitions from A, B and C. During ownership handoff node E fails. In this case all ownership handoffs may be stopped till riak-admin down E command is provided.

Am I right? Or when I provide such command all ring will be replanned?

Unfortunately description of this command is not clear in official docs.

Today when my cluster plan was almost completed one of the riak nodes failed (this node was not a participant in ownership handoffs). And then in riak-admin ring-status I see 5 partitions is awaiting ownership transfer instead of only one.

It confused me very match. I was looking forward to complete this cluster plan to join new nodes to cluster. In my case I need to wait for completion of ownership transfer for this 5 partition that can took 5-7 days (existing nodes experiencing lack of resources). Unfortunately I do not have so much time.

Thank you. 
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