Jade Koskela | 26 Aug 23:25 2014



I am looking into dmp files which we collect when our application crashes. Using google breakpad/stackwalking I am generating the stacktrace. The crash looks like this:

Crash reason:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS / 0x0000000d
Crash address: 0x0

Thread 10 (crashed)
 0  psqlodbcw.so!SC_Execute    + 0x10bd

I couldn't get the source line so I had to dig through the assembly.
I was able to determine the error is happening on line statement.c line 2191 (from the latest version in the repository).

numcols = QR_NumResultCols(tres);
   (this expands to)
numcols = tres->fields->num_fields  

The crash happens on the dereference of fields. It could be a null pointer, I'm not sure because I can't reproduce the error.
I have generated a patch to handle the null pointer case.
Attachment (QR_NumResultCols-NullCheck.patch): application/octet-stream, 1326 bytes


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Sandeep Thakkar | 18 Aug 13:50 2014

psqlodbc build with libpq on OS X


We were building psqlodbc-09.03.0300 on OS  X with configure options as "--disable-dependency-tracking --with-iodbc --with-libpq=<PG_INSTALL_PATH> --prefix=<INSTALL_PATH>
" and found that libpq was being linked from /usr/lib and not from the $PG_INSTALL_PATH.. May be because the system iodbc-config returns:

$ iodbc-config --libs
-L/usr/lib  -liodbc -liodbcinst"

To make sure it picks the libpq from the Server installation that we built, I had to patch configure script:

--- configure.org       2014-08-18 16:22:19.484004002 +0500
+++ configure   2014-08-18 16:22:55.537736693 +0500
<at> <at> -4301,7 +4301,7 <at> <at>
                if test -d "$with_libpq"; then
                        CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS -I$with_libpq/include"
-                       LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -L$with_libpq/lib"
+                       LDFLAGS="-L$with_libpq/lib $LDFLAGS"
                        if test -x "$with_libpq"; then

Does this looks fine?

Sandeep Thakkar

Barry Bell | 14 Aug 18:31 2014

Postgress, report opening multiple connections

I have a report with a table and child tables. (BIRT)
The problem: Each call of dataset open a connection to the source but does not close it after dataset execution.
(This does not happen under a different DB like Oracle or Mysql)

Is it possible to force the closing of the transaction in the end of dataset execution?
The report crash after a while (too much IDLE transactions)


Any ideas?



Keith Handlon | 12 Aug 21:26 2014

09.03.0300 aix build, the archive no longer conatins the shared object

I’m building the driver on aix just like I did for some older versions and the resulting libpsqlodbcw.a archive file (previously was psqlodbcw.a too) contains he individual object files instead of the psqlodbcw.so.


Did something change and I need to set another configure option?

David Hedberg | 9 Aug 18:29 2014

[PATCH] Return the correct column names in SQLTables

As noted in bug #1007689, the column names returned from SQLTables
differs between ODBCv2 and ODBCv3. This patch was needed to be able to
list the tables when trying to import data in Excel 2010/PowerPivot.

A somewhat unrelated question:
There is one more "fix" needed to get the import of data in PowerPivot
working properly, and that is because PowerPivot insists on creating
the query with mssql-style quotes. (select [schema].[table].* instead
of select "schema"."table".* ..).

I have not managed to find any way of making it issue the query with
the correct form of quoting. Unless anyone reading this happens to
know of a way, would you accept a patch that adds an option to the
driver that makes it translate []-style quoting to ""-style quoting?

David Hedberg


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Not received any mail from community

From last two weeks I have not received any mail. Just wanted to check if am the only one who is not receiving the mail!
Prakash I.
Jade Koskela | 25 Jul 18:38 2014

SSPI support

What is the support for sspi connections?
I am seeing a crash in the latest release of the driver on PC. 
The build from the repository doesn't reproduce, it seems there was a patch last month. 
However, when I run 'test connection' from the Windows ODBC Admin on a DSN, it gives a warning that says 'sspi not supported'. 
I found an old post (2012) that said sspi was supported in the 64bit version. This was a 32 bit build. 
Is that the issue? The connection seem to work, the only problem was the warning when testing the connection.

Jade Koskela
Tableau Software
Jade Koskela | 25 Jul 02:06 2014

Release Build


I was wondering what the next schedule of release was going to be? We have a couple of bugs that have been addressed since the last release.

Jade Koskela
Tableau Software
Michael Paquier | 24 Jul 07:13 2014

New release of pgodbc 09.03.XXXX before 9.4 series?

Hi all,

Should we consider soon a last release of odbc 03.03.XXXX before the 9.4 series?
This would be a good timing, considering as well that the latest
driver release was done two months ago and that a couple of bugs have
been fixed since. This would give us a well some time to integrate
correctly the protocol simplification patches that are waiting to be


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Personnel | 23 Jul 19:14 2014

Can't update views with pgsql-odbc



I use PostgreSQL 9.2.8 and 9.34 64-bit on Windows or Linux, and psqlodbc v. 09.03.0300 64 bit on Windows 7/ 8.1 Pro.

In my Access 2013 application I can’t delete / insert /modify the views linked on the PostgreSQL server.

These views can be updated by SQL queries in PSQL or pgAdmin III.

So I create à light DB containing only 2 tables and 2 updatable views (one using rules like in PG 8, the other using a trigger) and I try to find a solution …

On a Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-bit box with MS Access 2007 I can modify only if :

-          Using a System Data Source (located in registry HKLM\Software\ODBC) with :

o   The postgres user

o   Connecting to a PostgreSQL 9.2.8 on CentOS 6.5 64-bits

o   Using the defauts values

-          The view based on rules works, not the other using trigger (new in PG 9.1)

On the 64-bit boxes, Windows 7 Pro SP1 and Windows 8.1 Update 1, no result.


Is the PG ODBC driver permitting to update a view or not ?


I can send you my test database (8 KB) for your tests …


Thanks for any solution.



luc <at> rolland-fr.com

Lizeth Solís | 15 Jul 17:58 2014

odbc for unix

Good morning.  Please If you could answer this question.  I would be so gratefull.


I want to use heterogeneous service  from Oracle to integrate Oracle – Postgres.

And to use this, I need and ODBC driver installed in my unix server (AIX 7.1).


I downloaded this one psqlodbc-09.03.0300.tar.gz  from  your web page,  from the route SRC.


And i’m applying this document:


Compiling psqlODBC on Unix

Following psqlODBC's move away from the main PostgreSQL source tree, Peter Eisentraut was kind enough provide a build environment for us which is now included in psqlODBC tarballs.


To install, just try something like:

% tar -zxvf psqlodbc-xx.xx.xxxx.tar.gz

% cd psqlodbc-xx.xx.xxxx

% ./configure

% make

% make install




But I get this error post apply ./configure



checking for a BSD-compatible install... config/install-sh -c

checking whether build environment is sane... yes

checking for a thread-safe mkdir -p... config/install-sh -c -d

checking for gawk... no

checking for mawk... no

checking for nawk... nawk

checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes

checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles... no

checking for gcc... no

checking for cc... no

checking for cl.exe... no

configure: error: in `/opt/odbc/psqlodbc-09.03.0300':

configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

See `config.log' for more details



My server is UNIX – AIX 7.1  and Im executing this one like ROOT.


Please could you help me with this?  Thanks a lot!!!