Right Effort | 3 May 11:14 2004

How about setting up yet another company?

Dear PostgreSQL lovers,

There have been discussions in advocacy list regarding ways to make
PostgreSQL ubiquitous and to expand market share. IMHO it can be
considered being more aggressive to help this community by our own
efforts than to sit and wait big commercial entities carrying suitcase
full of cash starting to sponsor this community or PostgreSQL related
projects. I, a long term PostgreSQL diehard, am talking about setting up
a company being capabable of leading its followers from everywhere to
charge against the competitors _now_ and seize the hight-end market share

I have an ERP system. It exclusively uses PostgreSQL as its DBMS. It is
developed in Borland C++Builder (BCB). It is a multilingual multiple-tier
thin client ERP system especially suits manufacturing and distribution
industries. All modules tightly integrate with accounting module. The
application server and the client program unfortunately requires Winodowz
at this moment. Some propaganda can be found in http://www.ress.tk

The procedure for this proposal begins by setting up a "headquarters".
Once this headquarters exists, it will immediately invite everyone on the
earth to setup "branch offices or subsidiaries" at any spot of the earth
surface. My idea is selling this ERP and starting to generate capital
through branch offices.

Now questions start to arise and my humble immature answers follow too

(Q1) What are the details for this headquarters?
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