Pierzina, Todd | 24 Oct 17:25 2014

Database Developer in Chicago

Chicago-based Enova <http://enova.com/> is looking for PostgreSQL database developers. We're growing fast and are looking for the right people to join us. See the full job posting here: http://bit.ly/1v5ZKfz *Job Description* Database Developers report to one of our Engineering Managers, and work with production databases and software that serve thousands of customers per day around the world. *Our Database Development Team:* Each member constructs our core data repository for the business, feeding all other functions, and directly supporting Enova’s web applications. Projects can vary greatly, be it simply improving our databases, frameworks, and applications; or designing new subsystems to support 3rd party integration. We have a passion for data and quality and are seeking others who share our enthusiasm. We are constantly driven to work harder and learn new things not from some top-down initiative, but from the feeling that we owe it to our peers to keep up with their growth. We have passionate debates about technology with consensus in solutions, flexible team structures, an irrelevance of title in problem solving, and a desire to Do The Right Thing. As a Database Developer you will quickly have your code in our production databases and applications and be responsible for significant projects impacting the business, while designing and implementing significant database subsystems. To get ramped up in a timely fashion, you’ll go through a 30-day intensive training program where you are paired with a mentor to learn through interaction, lecture, and literature. No one grows as fast as the teacher, so once you’re settled in you can expect to be called upon to mentor others, including future new hires. *We speak this language:* We work with the absolute cutting edge of database technology. Our tools include PostgreSQL, psql, pgAdmin, bash, your favorite editor, and custom in house frameworks—plus . As a solid performer and contributor to the team, you can expect to attend national conferences, networking with core contributors to the PostgreSQL database community and further enhancing your skill set. *This is where YOU come in:* *As a Database Developer you will:* - Work in a full-stack team on business-critical projects. - Challenge decisions about the data we need to collect and leverage. - Work with Stakeholders and other teams on building the right solution. - Create schema, data structure, and design components for storage of critical assets. - Build tools that others use to keep ahead of the industry and competition. *You’re right for this job if you:* - Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or Masters Degree in Computer Science or equivalent - Are a self-starter with a passion for databases - Have 1-5 years experience in a PostgreSQL, Oracle, or Sybase database environment - Have a solid understanding of SQL and database design - Have proven experience designing a transactional database in 3rd normal form - Have experience in a production database environment - Have experience with a stored procedure language - Have UNIX or Linux experience *Kudos to you if you:* - Have experience working with PostgreSQL - Know Ruby on Rails - Know Perl, Python, or C - Have experience leading a team Job Location: Chicago, Illinois, United StatesPosition Type: Full-Time/Regular-- Todd Pierzina | Senior Manager of Software Engineering
Tuhina Jain | 22 Oct 12:45 2014

Adobe | Postrgress DBA Bangalore



Adobe – Bangalore is looking for an engineer with strong knowledge and experience in PostgresSQL for the Media Optimizer team.  Learn more about Media Optimizer at http://www.adobe.com/solutions/media-optimization.html 

If interested please contact me either on this mailing list or directly at tujain <at> adobe.com


A brief of the position:


Position Summary:

Adobe Media Optimizer is the first unified ad management system for digital marketing efforts across search, display and social media. It offers insight, control and automation for cross-channel ad campaign management and accurate revenue and budget forecasting. Adobe helps plan the most effective media mix for ad campaigns AMO (Adobe Media Optimizer) has a very complex and efficient production environment with a unique architecture. We have hundreds of machines, hosting a wide variety of applications and servers. Tens of TBs of data are sharded into thousands of databases spanning multiple datacentres across the world

The technical operations team works closely with the developers in planning releases and future development. We are looking for a highly experienced engineer with strong knowledge in PostgreSQL database administration who is interested in expanding into other operational responsibilities. If hired, you will get to work with some of the best talent in the industry in a highly energetic and fast paced environment. 



  • Ensure services are up and running with near zero downtime.   

  • Provide first level debugging of production issues and collaborate with appropriate teams in seeing issues to resolution.

  • Review our datacenter capabilities and capacity periodically and provision for the future. 


  • Strong knowledge and experience with PostgreSQL. 

  • Proficient in writing queries, function and triggers.

  • Proficient in analysing queries, locks, and statistic of indexes and tables usages.

  • Proficient in query optimization, should have hands on experience.

  • Proficient in troubleshooting the resource usages with DB machines.

  • Experience in setting up Standby server, Replication, daily backup.

  • Knowledge on tools like Londiste, PLPproxy, PGBouncer, PGBadger.

  • Strong knowledge on PostgreSQL architecture and internals.

  • Strong knowledge on scripting (Shell or Python).

  • Strong knowledge in troubleshooting issues with Linux (RedHat).

  • Knowledge on application servers like Httpd, Tomcat.

  • Knowledge on monitoring tools like Nagios / Mrtg / Cacti.

  • Knowledge on building tools like Jenkins. 

Additional Desired Skills:

  • Knowledge in Oracle administration and development.

  • Experience in debugging C/C++ application using gdb.

  • Experience in debugging hardware issues.

  • Networking experience. (Routing, DNS). 




Tuhina Jain  | Talent Team  |  Adobe  |  p 0120 444 4711| tujain <at> adobe.com




Kevin McGuire | 20 Oct 21:57 2014

Postgres DB Position in Dublin Ireland.

This position will be responsible for managing the database

infrastructure for all products delivered by WiLine Networks.


Primary responsibilities include:


  * Develop project estimates for database task.

  * Perform all database related tasks.

  * Develop database design documentation

  * Perform unit testing and debugging of database applications

  * Perform database tuning including monitoring, troubleshooting and

    optimizing performance. Implement database backup and recovery

    strategies including high availability.

  * Work as a member of a cross-functional development team.

  * Analyze and translate business requirements into data models

  * Develop and ensure proper usage of data modeling a, naming and

    description standards.



    Skills & Requirements


  * 2+ years SQL development experience

  * Any Postgresql experience with recent 9.0+ usage

  * 2+ year managing database production environments

  * Self-motivated learner

  * Experience with bash and/or Perl.

  * Experience with Linux and Unix operating systems a plus.



Please reply to jobs <at> voiceco.ie



Jon Scarbrough | 17 Oct 20:07 2014

PG Database developer/admin in Chicago suburbs

We are currently recruiting for a Postgresql solutions developer/administrator. This is a full time position in our offices in Des Plaines, IL.

Position announcement below. Please send resumes to jobs <at> where2getit.com.

Best regards,

Jon Scarbrough
VP Technology

Job Description

This position will be responsible for managing the database infrastructure for all products delivered by Where2GetIt. The database infrastructure is a 24x7 operation involving several terabytes of data as well as millions of consumers on a daily basis. The primary database used is Postgresql with secondary use of Oracle.

 Primary responsibilities include:

  • Develop project estimates for database task.
  • Perform all database related tasks.
  • Develop database design documentation
  • Perform unit testing and debugging of database applications
  • Perform database tuning including monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing performance. Implement database backup and recovery strategies including high availability.
  • Work as a member of a cross-functional development team.
  • Analyze and translate business requirements into data models
  • Develop and ensure proper usage of data modeling a, naming and description standards.

Skills & Requirements

  • 3+ years SQL development experience
  • 3+ years Postgresql experience with recent 9.0+ usage
  • 3+ year managing database production environments
  • Experience in high transaction volume environment
  • Experience with spatial database extensions.
  • Self motivated learner
  • Experience with Oracle a plus but not a hard requirement
  • Experience with bash and/or Perl.
  • Experience with Linux and Unix operating systems.

About Where2GetIt

Where2GetIt is a fast paced Internet organization in the middle of the hottest Internet growth areas, location based services. Our continued growth and success is dependent upon highly motivated and highly skilled individuals. If you want to join a team of like minded people, this is the place for you. With hundreds of brand name clients around the world, we help consumers find our client's products and services (either online or offline).  This position will have the opportunity to dip its toes into all aspects of the consumer experience. From front end AJAX, mobile applications (iPhone, Android), to social integration, to the spatial databases you'll be busy learning about the latest technologies in the LBS world. Our office is located 1 block from the NW Metra line in downtown Des Plaines, IL.
Elein | 13 Oct 20:41 2014

Fwd: Senior Programmer -- PostgreSQL required, San Jose/San Francisco/Utah/other?

sorry if this is a repeat. 

Elein Mustain

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Senior Programmer -- PostgreSQL required, San Jose/San Francisco/Utah/other?

I've been working here at Adobe for a couple of years doing database engineering for Postgres.  
They take good care of me and are flexible in many things.  Things aren't perfect, but they are pretty good.
People are bright.

This is for the ad management group efficient frontier which was bought by
Adobe.  I am looking for a cooperative, knowledgeable co-worker.  

Email me at either address if you are interested.  (I sell my friends if I can :)

Senior Programmer

·      Provide industry solutions for developing products using big data, replication of data across disparate databases.
·      Design and develop product features with development team in US and offshore
·      Work with development teams to assist them in all things related to databases.
·      Ability to break down high-level goals into manageable tasks and time lines
·      Provide thoughtful input at all stages of product development

·      BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent. MS a plus
·      10+ years of Software Industry experience.
·      Strong technical background with experience in any of the languages: C, C++, Java, and Python. Python is strongly preferred.
·      Database experience: PostgreSQL is a must
o   Performance tuning PostgreSQL
o   Assist development teams in optimizing for PostgreSQL
o   Designing and managing PostgreSQL database schemas
o   Proficient in SQL and advanced SQL
·      SQL Development experience with ETL with Oracle data
·      SQL Development experience assisting front end application developers
·      Should be able to code and work solo.
·      Web services, XML, Unix or Linux environments.
·      Must have experience in developing with distributed teams, work spread across geographies and time zones.
·      Background in Search Marketing/SEM/PPC is a big plus

elein <at> varlena.com aka
elein mustain <at> adobe.com 510-637-9106

Anna Antosiewicz | 9 Oct 18:01 2014

PostgreSQL Database Administrator - Horsham, Pennsylvania, U.S.A; Dublin, Ireland; New Delhi, India

Afilias (www.afilias.info), a global leader in advanced internet technologies, are seeking an experienced PostgreSQL / Slony DBA to join our Data Base Services team.


The position is open in any of our three office locations: Horsham, PA, Dublin, Ireland, or New Delhi, India. You need to be able to work at one of these three offices, this is not a telecommuting position.


- Do you want to work with the world's most advanced open-source database?

- Do you have passion for replicated database clusters in a 24x7 environment?

- Did you go to school with little Bobby tables?


If yes - this position is for you! Experience with Oracle, DB2, Sybase, or MS-SQL is an asset, but if you have been using PostgreSQL for the past few years (Slony experience is desired as well), and are looking to expand your experience – call us.!


- You will be part of a DBA team responsible for 100+ production, QA, and development PostgreSQL databases running in Slony clusters on Linux.

- You will provide day-to-day support during normal business hours, perform database maintenance (occasionally after hours and on weekends), and participate in a 24x7 on-call rotation.

- You will also work on development and technical projects with developers, system administrators, and members of other teams.


You should be comfortable working with open-source software. We have a track record of contributing back to the open-source products we use. You will be encouraged to contribute to these products, and your assistance in helping us to build better open-source software will be welcomed.


You must be able to explain the principals of good database administration, good data analysis, and good database schema design to non-database people.


You must also have some experience with most of the following technologies:

- RDBMS & Replication s/w (PostgreSQL & Slony are highly desired).

- SQL queries, triggers, and stored procedures' coding and improvements.

- Puppet or other deployment automation tools.

- Unix shell scripting, and basic Unix/Linux system administration skills.

- A major scripting language (Perl, Ruby, Python, etc.).

- Database performance & capacity monitoring tools (Hyperic, Zenoss, etc.).


Knowledge and experience with Data Administration concepts and tools (Metadata Repository, ETLs, etc.) is highly desired as well.


The work environment consists of normal business hours in the office, occasional travel to conferences, training, or other office locations


If you are interested to join an exciting team in a dynamic company send you resume to resumes2 <at> afilias.info


About the company:

Meet Afilias, the world’s leading provider of Internet infrastructure services that connect people to their data. Afilias’ reliable, secure, scalable, and globally available technology supports a wide range of applications including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS and mobile Web services like goMobi™ and DeviceAtlas™.


The technology that Afilias and its subsidiary companies, like dotMobi and RegistryPro, employ is designed to ensure that your services work 100% of the time. Afilias powers key pieces of the Internet's infrastructure, including the resolution of all .INFO, .ORG, .PRO and .MOBI domains.


Afilias' registry and DNS technology is operated on a globally distributed, multi-layered, diverse infrastructure that delivers state-of-the-art security to ensure uptime and to protect against malicious attacks. Afilias also supports leading-edge standards such as IPv6, DNSSEC and Internationalized Domain Names.


Afilias supports an array of top-level domain (TLD) registry and corporate DNS customers as well as millions of TLD and mobile Web users. Afilias' customers place high value on staying current with rapidly evolving technology, which is why our systems are built on vanguard, yet proven, technologies. Afilias ensures that our customers are always ready for the innovations that will dictate the future of the Internet.



Anna Antosiewicz, SPHR

Director, Human Resources

Afilias USA, Inc.

+1.215.706.5700 Ext. 107

anna <at> afilias.info





CS_DBA | 7 Oct 19:10 2014

Remote part time PostgreSQL DBA's needed


We're looking for a few solid PostgreSQL DBA's we can leverage as needed 
(which lately would be frequently).

Proficiency areas should include:
- basic admin skills
- backup /recovery
- Streaming replication
- Point in Time recovery
- Linux
- Linux scripting (bash, perl, python, etc)

Nice to have added skills:
- Database design / architecture
- Data Warehouse / DSS design

Send us your resume / CV  and desired hourly rate for consideration



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Noah Yetter | 1 Oct 22:26 2014

hiring Junior DBA / sysadmin at Craftsy in Denver


Shorter, less HR-esque job description:

We're looking for someone with Unix/Linux sysadmin experience who is interested in pursuing a DBA career track.  DBA experience is great but we intend to provide training in this area.  As career tracks go, DBA can be difficult to crack into, especially outside the Oracle/Microsoft space, so this is a very valuable opportunity. (We are open to candidates with more experience as well, don't be shy.)

We use mainly Postgres 9 and AWS Redshift, plus AWS DynamoDB, Apache Kafka and a tiny amount of MySQL.  We run 100% of our production infrastructure in AWS and always have.  This is a great chance to work and gain experience in a cloud-native shop.

Craftsy is a cool place to work and Denver is an awesome city to live in!  If you think you might be who we're looking for, apply at the link above or shoot me an email if you have questions.

Noah Yetter
Data Architect/DBA
noah <at> sympoz.com
www.sympoz.com | www.craftsy.com
Sympoz, Inc
999 18th Street
Suite 240 
Denver, CO 80202

Frédéric Maro | 19 Sep 08:57 2014

MobiquiThings - Open Position for a Pg Developer (PL/SQL, Python Perl, PHP)

Dear Pg Community,

My company MobiquiThings is currency looking for a Software Developer able to design, document and write code within Pg using PL/SQL stored procedures, or eventually relying on Python, Perl, C or any other suitable language. 
These stored procedures are running our Information System to deliver our services either on our Web Portal, or through APIs. PHP knowledge is therefore a plus.

MobiquiThings is a global mobile operator dedicated to M2M (machine-to-machine). The main office is located in Sophia-Antipolis, France. The job position is open there.

The candidate should demonstrate sufficient experience to get up to speed with minimum effort and to bring valuable contribution to the team in place. The compensation can be discussed according the experience of the candidate.

Should you be interested feel free to contact me (full details below).

Kind Regards,


Frédéric Maro
Chief Technology & Operations
Co-Founder & General Manager
Tel. + 33 9 7721 7240
Mob. UK +44 79377 00350
Mob. FR +33 6 4162 0111
Email: frederic <at> mobiquithings.net

Gray, Katie | 19 Sep 16:52 2014

Database Administrator (Postgresql), Washington DC

Database Administrator (Postgresql)

Keywords: Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, UNIX, Linux


With offices across the globe, the Enterprise Technologies team rises to the challenge of creating a technological environment that enables and empowers Advisory Board employees to leverage technology to access information, collaborate and efficiently meet the growing needs of our members. The team develops, implements, and supports the firm's technology agenda by designing, developing and integrating new information technology systems, coordinating and providing training, negotiating and managing information technology related contracts, and providing technology assistance and support


The current opening is based in in Washington, DC.


As a member of the Enterprise Technologies, Enterprise Data Management team, the DBA will be responsible for the implementation, configuration, maintenance, and performance of critical RDBMS systems, to ensure the availability and consistent performance of our corporate applications. This is a “hands-on” position requiring solid technical skills, along with troubleshooting and communications skills.


What you'll be doing:

- Manage Postgres and other open source databases through multiple product lifecycle environments, from development to mission-critical production systems, for applications with data warehouse and OLTP components

- Configure and maintain database servers and processes, including monitoring of system health and performance, to ensure high levels of performance, availability, and security

- Independently analyze, solve, and correct issues in real time, providing problem resolution end-to-end

- Provide 24x7 support for critical production systems on an on-call rotation basis

- Perform scheduled maintenance and support release deployment activities after hours

- Refine and automate regular processes, track issues, and document changes

- Apply data modeling techniques to ensure development and implementation support efforts meet integration and performance expectations

- Assist developers with complex query tuning, schema refinement and index management

- Assist in development of project plans and task lists

- Share domain and technical expertise, providing technical mentorship and cross-training to peers


Must Haves:

- Bachelor’s Degree

- 3 years of professional experience

- Experience operating a large scale production database environment

- Technical and troubleshooting skills with relational databases (Postgres, Mysql)

- Experience in independently performing root cause analysis and coming up with recommendations

- Experience in performance tuning, query optimization, replication techniques, clustering, LDAP authentication, partitioning and security issues

- Experience with backups, restores, recovery

- Experience with database security concepts, including access, auditing, and encryption.

- Knowledge and experience in Open Source solutions to include vetting patches, applying patches to the database and the open source tools, libraries, and daemons.

- Knowledge of High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Postgres and Mysql

- SQL Development (psql and tsql) experience with ability to write and troubleshoot SQL code (stored procedures, functions, tables, indexes, constraints)

- Experience with system monitoring tools


Even Better:

- Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field

- Professional experience as a DBA working on Window and Linux platforms

- Experience with logical and physical data modeling

- Postgres certification

- Knowledge of Industry standard ETL and BI tools and exposure to data warehousing architectures, service oriented architectures.

- Experience in healthcare or a HIPAA compliant environment including data de-identification

- Database operations experience in an Agile development environment

- Experience with other relational databases (SQL Server or Oracle) or NoSQL databases.

- Ability to lead others as well as guide and mentor less experienced personnel

- Ability to troubleshoot problems that arise

- Ability to organize and plan work independently

- Ability to work in a rapidly changing environment

- Ability to multi-task between different activities and teams

- Ability to communicate effectively both orally and written


Perks (A Few Of Many):

- Medical, dental, and vision insurance, dependents eligible

- 401(k) retirement plan with company match

- 20+ days paid time off and 10+ paid company holidays

- Daytime leave policy for community service (up to 10 hours a month)

- Wellness programs including gym discounts and incentives to promote healthy living

- Dynamic growth opportunities with merit-based promotion philosophy

- Benefits kick in day one, see the full details here


About Us

The Advisory Board Company (NASDAQ: ABCO) is a global technology, research and consulting firm partnering with 150,000 leaders in 3,700+ organizations across health care and higher education.  We combine the expertise of our 2,200+ employees around the world to find solutions to the most pressing challenges in health care. Our performance technology products offer user-friendly, Web-enabled dashboard platforms with tremendous analytic capabilities that generate more than $500 million in realized value annually for our members. These solutions focus on strategically important areas, including physician alignment, revenue cycle, accountable care, and surgical profitability. We thrive on innovation and the knowledge that we are creating real change in an industry that matters to everyone.


Connect with Us



Careers Twitter

Company Twitter

Community Impact Twitter


We are an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer. EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability.


If interested please apply online: https://corporate-advisory.icims.com/jobs/8331/database-administrator-%28postgresql%29/job

or email Katie Gray at grayk <at> advisory.com a copy of your resume



Katie Gray
Specialist, Career Management
The Advisory Board Company
202-266-5792 direct | 202-266-5700 fax
grayk <at> advisory.com | www.advisory.com

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Katie Gray
Specialist, Career Management
The Advisory Board Company
202-266-5792 direct | 202-266-5700 fax
grayk <at> advisory.com | www.advisory.com

Ranked as one of Forbes’ Most Innovative Growth Companies
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Joshua D. Drake | 18 Sep 19:14 2014

System Administrator with PostgreSQL experience

System administrator:

Command Prompt, Inc. is looking for an intermediate systems 
administrator and junior PostgreSQL administrator.

Command Prompt has provided PostgreSQL support, development, and hosting 
since 1997. We are looking for another person to join our stellar group 
of PostgreSQL systems experts.

We seek someone who has a deep knowledge of at least one UNIX-like 
system, and who knows how to manage heterogeneous systems well. You can 
demonstrate strong skills in basic systems administration. You have a 
clear understanding of how to administer several systems that are mostly 
the same, but that have small local differences. If you do not feel 
comfortable saying, "I'm not familiar with that in your environment," 
then reading the man page, and coming back with a test plan for 
deployment that will reveal problems with your strategy, this is not a 
job for you. The ability to imagine, propose, test, and deliver 
perfectly-integrated and easily-maintained solutions to users' problems 
is the key to success in this position. You work well in a team: you 
don't have to work 24 hours a day, because other people can always log 
into any system you maintain and know where everything is, how it got 
there, and how to add new things if they're needed.

You must know basic PostgreSQL administration, and understand how to set 
up, operate, and tune Postgres in elementary ways, such as installing 
from a package manager. You do not have to be a PostgreSQL guru, but if 
you are, that is a bonus.

You have systems administration capability with shell scripts, as well 
as either Perl or Python. As well as understanding (or quick to pick up) 
technologies such as DRBD and LVM2.

You have an interest in working on varied projects that use varied (and 
sometimes legacy) technologies.

Experience with Ruby on Rails web framework is a plus.

Command Prompt is a professional services company. You will be 
interfacing with customers, therefore customer service and 
professionalism is key.

Command Prompt employees usually work from their home offices. The 
position normally requires minimal travel. For this position, the 
successful candidate will be able to communicate effectively in English. 
English as a spoken second language is fine as long as the written 
skills are clear and effective.

This is a remote position and does not require residence in the United 

Applicants should send a resume to Angela Roberson, 
angela(at)commandprompt(dot)com, with the words "intermediate 
administrator" in the Subject line. Please include any text by way of a 
cover letter in the body of your email and not as a separate attachment.

Command Prompt, Inc. - http://www.commandprompt.com/  503-667-4564
PostgreSQL Support, Training, Professional Services and Development
High Availability, Oracle Conversion,  <at> cmdpromptinc
"If we send our children to Caesar for their education, we should
              not be surprised when they come back as Romans."


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