prabu p | 10 Jun 18:49 2010

Need help on calling stored procedure from ibatis

                As I am new to ibatis, I need your help on calling stored
procedure from ibatis.

Here is the code I am trying to call stored procedure, but it is not

Stored procedure as follows:-

getRadiusData( rc  OUT SYS_REFCURSOR,ArgFromDate in varchar2,ArgEndDate in
rptType VARCHAR2,timeRange VARCHAR2, authStatus  VARCHAR2,userName
VARCHAR2,identityGroup VARCHAR2 ,
netwokDeviceGroup  VARCHAR2 ,netwokDevicename  VARCHAR2 ,accessService 
VARCHAR2 ,identityStore  VARCHAR2 ,
acsInstance  VARCHAR2,Failure_Reason  VARCHAR2,Calling_Station_ID 
VARCHAR2,Device_IP_Address  VARCHAR2,
Audit_Session_ID VARCHAR2,ACS_Session_ID VARCHAR2, Acct_Session_ID
CTS_Security_Group VARCHAR2,  Show_SGT_Assign VARCHAR2, Show_SGT_Environment
VARCHAR2,ID number ,
isDrillDown number)

XDEQueriesMap.xml file has entry as follows:-

    <procedure id="getRadiusData" parameterClass="java.util.HashMap"
          {call getRadiusData(?, #FromDate#, #ToDate#,
#AuthenticationStatus#, #TimeRange#, 'All', #UserName#, 'All', 'All', 'All',
'All', 'All', 'All', #FailureReason#,
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shyam.kumar.mangayil | 4 Jun 11:42 2010

What is the JDK version required for iBatis latest


  I have two queries :

-  What is the latest GA version of iBatis ? Is it 3.0.2 GA

-  What is the JDK version required for the iBatis for this version


 Would be grateful if you could answer this question .


Thanks and Regards,


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Henri Yandell | 22 May 03:45 2010

Moving iBatis to the Attic

My feeling is that the iBatis PMC wish to move to the Attic, this
would mean the project becoming read-only.

If anyone of the iBatis committers are -1 to moving it to the Attic,
please speak up on this thread in the next week (i.e. by Friday 28th
May 19:00 PST).

This is the proposed text that would be sent to the board as a
resolution at the next board meeting.

Termination of the iBatis PMC

       WHEREAS, the Board of Directors deems it no longer in the best
       interest of the Foundation to continue the Apache iBatis project
       due to inactivity

       NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Apache iBatis
       project is hereby terminated; and be it further

       RESOLVED, that the Attic PMC be and hereby is tasked with
       oversight over the software developed by the Apache iBatis
       Project; and be it further

       RESOLVED, that the office of "Vice President, Apache iBatis" is
       hereby terminated; and be it further

       RESOLVED, that the Apache iBatis PMC is hereby terminated.

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Clinton Begin | 21 May 09:54 2010

[ANNOUNCEMENT] iBATIS Project Team Moving to Google Code


Eight years ago in 2002, I created the iBATIS Data Mapper and introduced SQL Mapping as an approach to persistence layer development.  Shortly thereafter, I donated the iBATIS name and code to the Apache Software Foundation.  The ASF has been the home of iBATIS for the past six years. 

A lot changes in six years.  By 2010 we've seen a great deal of innovation and change in the areas of development methodology, source control, social networking and open-source infrastructure.  As part of the ASF, iBATIS has had only limited ability to benefit from some of these new developments -- some of which are not all that new anymore.

Our project has a committed team, a vibrant community, a great culture of cooperation and some exciting new releases.  But we believe we can make it even better. 

Therefore, the entire core development team of iBATIS has decided to continue the development of the framework at a new home and with a new name. 

This includes all of the iBATIS for Java committers:

  * Clinton Begin
  * Brandon Goodin
  * Jeff Butler
  * Larry Meadors
  * Nathan Maves
  * Kai Grabfelder

And all of the iBATIS.NET committers:

  * Michael McCurrey
  * Ron Grabowski
  * Michael Schall


Both the Java and .NET project teams have forked the software to Google Code, where they'll continue to maintain it and create new releases.

 * The names of the new projects are:  MyBatis and MyBatis.NET
 * The website for the new projects is:
 * Java Google Code Project:
 * .NET Google Code Project:


Some answers to obvious questions:

 * The license will not change
 * Your code will be fully compatible
 * The package names and namespaces won't change anytime soon
 * iBATIS 2 and 3 will be supported, with both 2.3.5 GA and 3.0.1 GA releases becoming available immediately
 * iBATIS.NET 1.x and 3.x will be supported, with a new release coming available soon
 * None of the existing Apache resources will be deleted
 * The Apache project will be archived in the Apache Attic, if or when it becomes stale


  * Now - The Confluence wiki is already frozen (due to login issues)
  * By June 23rd - The Jira issue tracker will be changed to read-only mode
  * By June 30th - The team (mentioned above) will unsubscribe from the Apache mailing lists
  * July 1st, 2010 - Marks the 8th birthday of the framework!


We believe can improve a number of things by making this move, including (but not limited to):

  * Lighter process
  * More frequent releases
  * Unified infrastructure
  * Modernized tools (source control etc.)
  * Build and deployment automation
  * Easier to use mailing lists
  * Single sign-on for users
  * Greater community involvement
  * More productive development team


There are only a few things you need to do immediately, and a couple that you'll need to do eventually.

  1. Sign up for new mailing lists (now)
  2. Use the new issue tracker and wiki (now)
  3. Change bookmarks / links to the new site (now)
  4. Download new build (when you need your next build)
  5. Change DTD/XSD DOCTYPE headers in XML files (after you upgrade in #4, but old doctypes will work with the new framework too)

Full details for each of these steps can be found at the following Wiki page.

Making this move is a big decision and a lot of work.  However, we truly believe that the efforts will pay off. 

We'd like to thank the Apache Software Foundation for the past six years of working together.

We'll see you all on the other side.


Clinton Begin
Original Creator of iBATIS

Clemens Fuchslocher (JIRA | 15 May 15:17 2010

Created: (IBATIS-790) Wiki sign up not working

Wiki sign up not working

                 Key: IBATIS-790
             Project: iBatis for Java
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Clemens Fuchslocher

The sign up form doesn't work and the CAPTCHA is broken too.


Tim Williams | 13 May 13:49 2010

License header in source files

Hi Devs,
I just downloaded the iBATIS 3 GA (Candidate) and peeked at the
accompanying sources.  I'm wondering why they're missing the
appropriate license headers[1]?


[1] -

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Clinton Begin | 30 Apr 22:51 2010


The iBATIS Wiki has moved.  It was not moved by us, or with our
knowledge, but we apologize for the inconvenience anyway.

The new link is:

I will update the links on the website ASAP, but was
also unreachable last night, so I was unable to do so.

I'll respond to this message once the site links are corrected.


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innes.johnston | 28 Apr 15:21 2010

Wiki down?

Hi all

Just in case you are not aware, the iBatis wiki seems to be down. Selecting any link returns an empty page eg

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Travis | 20 Apr 17:38 2010

iBatis 3 Java, an annotation for select, with result map in XML

Hi there,

I recently have been upgrading my iBatis 2.x projects to now use iBatis 
3.  I really appreciate the work done to create this new Mapper 
interface. And related I have started to play with having some of the 
simpler queries live as  <at> Select annotations on the mapper interface 
method now instead of in the XML.

I noticed for the  <at> Select annotation, it is possible to have the results 
of the statement mapped to a java bean if I use the  <at> Results annotation.

Would it be possible to create a new annotation (or does one exist 
already and I just have not found it yet),  where I can specify that 
 <at> Select results should be a <resultMap>  that exists in the mapper XML 
file ?

For example,

Consider a "country" table,

    CODE varchar(2) NOT NULL,
    ISO_CODE varchar(3) NOT NULL,
    NAME varchar(2147483647),
    COUNTRY_CODE varchar(10),

And the java Bean,

public class Country {
   Long    id;
   String  code;         // 2 digit ISO country code
   String  isoCode;      // 3 digit ISO country code
   String  name;         // string name
   String  countryCode;  // the telephone dialing prefix (e.g. +1)
   boolean active = true;

   // and all the get()  set() methods for these bean properties

And then the mapper interface,

public interface CountryDAO {

   * Selects all country entries.
   * Though it appears when we use the annotations, we need to specify 
the results every time ?
    <at> Select( value = { "select * from country where active = true" })
    <at> Results(value = {
        <at> Result(property="id"),
        <at> Result(property="code"),
        <at> Result(property="isoCode", column="iso_code"),
        <at> Result(property="name", column="name"),
        <at> Result(property="countryCode", column="country_code"),
        <at> Result(property="active", column="active")
   List<Country> getAllActive();

   // TODO: all these methods would also be select queries, where I 
would want the same results map as above
   Country getById(Long id);
   Country getByCode(String code);
   Country getByIsoCode(String isoCode);

Where, instead of the  <at> Results  annotation, which would need to be 
duplicated with its nested  <at> Result annotations on every select method 
that I want to return the same mapping, what I would wish to have would 
be something like a

 <at> ResultMap(value="myMapperID")

annotation, where the myMapperID would be the ID of a <resultMap> I have 
declared in the mapper's xml file that will be included by the 
SqlMapConfig.xml (which I have anyway to bind to this mapper interface, 
and also because I have some more complex queries declared in the xml 
mapper file too).

Where in this example, I already have a

<mapper namespace="CountryDAO">

<resultMap type="Country" id="countryResult">
<result property="id" column="id"/>
<result property="code" column="code"/>
<result property="isoCode" column="iso_code"/>
<result property="name" column="name"/>
<result property="countryCode" column="country_code"/>
<result property="active" column="active"/>

So this wishful  <at> ResultMap annotation would then make the mapper 
interface look like:

public interface CountryDAO {

    <at> Select( value = { "select * from country where active = true" })
    <at> ResultMap(value = "countryResult")
   List<Country> getAllActive();

   // and now other things that want to select into this map can do so, 
re-using the single map declaration
   // that is referenced in the xml.

    <at> Select( value = { "select * from country where id = #{id} })
    <at> ResultMap(value = "countryResult")
   Country getById(Long id);

    <at> Select( value = { "select * from country where code = #{code} })
    <at> ResultMap(value = "countryResult")
   Country getByCode(String code);

    <at> Select( value = { "select * from country where isoCode = #{isoCode} })
    <at> ResultMap(value = "countryResult")
   Country getByIsoCode(String isoCode);

I think having something like this  <at> ResultMap annotation would be a good 
thing to have,  what do you think?


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Clinton Begin | 13 Apr 03:44 2010

[VOTE] Use Sonatype Nexus for Maven Releases

Hi all,

This vote is to determine whether we'd like our [Java] project to use the Sonatype Nexus product deployed at to simplify our releases and perhaps enable more frequent releases such as nightly etc.

More information is available here:

The biggest change is that we'll have to move our artifacts off of and allow them to be managed exclusively by Nexus.

As usual:

+1 yay
0 yawn
-1 nay


Clinton Begin | 29 Mar 02:10 2010

Changed Maven Artifact ID and location for iBATIS 3

I hope nobody minds, but I've changed the artifact ID for iBATIS 3 to avoid the duplication of the "3" version number. 

Previously the maven coordinates were something like ibatis-3-core-3.0, which looked funny.  With the new coordinates, it will simply be ibatis-core-3.0.  Much nicer.


In addition, we currently publish iBATIS 3 to:

I'd like to move it to a more consistent and appropriate spot to better follow maven conventions:

I've also completely removed the Ant build, and now iBATIS 3 builds and assembles completely with Maven.

Some day I'll probably move the migrations to their own module, but currently migrations just gets packaged as a second assembly as part of iBATIS core.   It's non-intrusive, as we don't ever deploy migrations to the repository -- it's just a command line tool that uses the ibatis libraries.  Like I say though, we'll move it out as soon as it becomes more intrusive than it is.

I hope you're all cool with the changes.  I'm quite happy with it (despite an odd corruption of the HTML reports generated from surefire tests, but I can live with it for now, until we figure it out).

All of these changes will be evident in the next Beta release, which will likely be the GA candidate release.