Updated Comparison of many standard (and non-standard) SQL features amongst 10 databases

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Jaybird 2.2.10 released

I have just released Jaybird 2.2.10.

The release can be downloaded from
http://www.firebirdsql.org/en/jdbc-driver/ or

The release is also available on maven(*):


* The artifactId depends on your target Java version: jaybird-jdk18,
jaybird-jdk17, or jaybird-jdk16.

The following has been changed or fixed since Jaybird 2.2.9:

* Improvement: Transmit encrypted password (isc_dpb_password_enc and 
isc_spb_password_enc) in pure java protocol (JDBC-406)
* Improvement: Specify isc_tpb_lock_timeout in transaction mapping 
* Fixed: DatabaseMetaData.supportsGetGeneratedKeys does not report real 
availability of generated keys feature (JDBC-412)
* Fixed: FBCachedClob throws SQLException instead of 
SQLFeatureNotSupportedException (JDBC-414)
* Fixed: Transaction mapping cannot be configured through JDBC URL 
* Fixed: FBSQLWarning.getMessage() could return null instead of message 

More information will be available in the release notes
(as soon as I can upload them).

Kind regards,
Mark Rotteveel

Mark Rotteveel

Posted by: Mark Rotteveel <mark <at> lawinegevaar.nl>


Re: Firebird Language Reference 2.5 (English) Beta 1 (pdf) and (html).

I tried to post some comments and suggestions to the newsgroup 
gmane.comp.db.firebird.documentation yesterday.
I cannot see the post (using Mozilla Thunderbird) - is it held in 
quarantine, disposed of, rejected, or something else?
The latest posts I can see in the newsgroup are dated 02.02.2016.


Aage J.

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New contender on Linux

Hi All,

What is your opinion from Firebird POV?






Firebird 3.0 RC2 packages for CentOS 7

First version of Centos7, RHEL7 Firebird 3.0 RC2 packages are here :

I hope that it will help to have more testing before final release.

Posted by: Philippe Makowski <pmakowski <at> ibphoenix.fr>


Unable to connect to Firebird on Linux guest in VirtualBox.

Hello guys,

After many, many, many hours of trying I've decided to seek for help:)  My situation is like this:

I have host machine - Windows 7 and I have guest machine Ubuntu 15.10 installed on VirtualBox. Thanks to the help on this forum, I've managed to install Firebird on Ubuntu and connect to it.

Now I want to connect to Firebird from my host machine. To do this, I've tried two connection methods: NAT and Bridge (chosen from VB Settings). Bridge is not working for me at all (I can't establish connection between machines). So I am trying the NAT, and as far as I understand I need to make a port forwarding.
So I've made such forwarding:
Protocol: TCP, Host IP:, Host Port: 9999, Guest IP Guest Port: 3050.

I am able to ping my host machine from guest. I am trying to connect via FlameRobin from my host machine like this: SYSDBA <at> and I am getting error: "unable to complete network request to host """

Could somone help me on this?

Thank you.

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What’s new with Pi 3

What’s new with Pi 3? Onboard WiFi/Bluetooth, a new 64-bit quadcore processor, and 50% more processing power.


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Fw: [firebird-support] Problem installing ODBC driver on CentOS 7 linux

Hello all!

Please somebody help me with installing ODBC driver on CcentOS linux. I need it to make Sphinx work.

I followed Marius Popa's instructions, from FB main site: http://www.firebirdnews.org/howto-install-firebird-odbc-driver-for-unixodbc-from-source/

First i installed firebird-superserver, gcc-c++ and unixodbc packets...no problem here.

But when compiling the ODBC driver i get this error:

[root <at> pali2 Gcc.lin]# make -f makefile.linux
../makefile.environ:6: ARCH is x86_64
../makefile.environ:21: ODBCMANAGER is unixODBC in /usr/lib64
../makefile.environ:50: FBINCDIR is /usr/lib64/firebird/include
../makefile.environ:56: FBLIBDIR is /usr/lib64/firebird/lib
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘Release_x86_64’: File exists
make: [createdirs] Error 1 (ignored)
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘Release_x86_64/obj’: File exists
make: [createdirs] Error 1 (ignored)
g++ -w -D_REENTRANT -D_PTHREADS -DEXTERNAL -DunixODBC -I/usr/include -I/usr/lib64/firebird/include -I/include -I/usr/lib64/firebird/include -fPIC -m64 -DNDEBUG -c ../../IscDbc/Attachment.cpp -o Release_x86_64/obj/Attachment.o
In file included from ../../IscDbc/Attachment.cpp:35:0:
../../IscDbc/IscDbc.h:33:19: fatal error: ibase.h: No such file or directory
 #include <ibase.h>
compilation terminated.
make: *** [Release_x86_64/obj/Attachment.o] Error 1

Then i tried another way:

I downloaded the ready-to-run version ODBC driver, from FB main site:
November 26, 2014 OdbcFb-LIB-
1.0 MB
Linux x86 Library

I unzipped and copied it to /usr/lib/firebird/libOdbcFb.so

I also made 2 another copies because the provided odbc config referred to libOdbcJdbc.so and libOdbcJdbcS.so files, and i had none of them. I guess the compiler should create them.

(Note: First i tried with symlinks, but not working i created real copies. But also not working.)

Here are odbc configs:

[root <at> pali2 Gcc.lin]# cat /etc/odbcinst.ini

Description = Firebird ODBC Driver
Driver = /usr/lib/firebird/libOdbcFb.so
Setup = /usr/lib/firebird/libOdbcJdbcS.so
Threading = 1
FileUsage = 1
CPTimeout =
CPReuse =

[root <at> pali2 Gcc.lin]# cat /etc/odbc.ini
Description = Firebird
Driver = Firebird
Dbname = localhost:/data/sample.fdb
Password = masterkey
Role =
CharacterSet = UTF8
ReadOnly = No
NoWait = No

When trying to connect i get this error:

[root <at> pali2 Gcc.lin]# isql -v sample
[01000][unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can't open lib '/usr/lib/firebird/libOdbcJdbc.so' : file not found
[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect

The /usr/lib/firebird/libOdbcJdbc.so file DOES EXIST.
On a forum i read that someone had the same issue and installing libstdc++ solved the problem.
But i had it installed before:

[root <at> pali2 Gcc.lin]# rpm -qa | grep libstdc++

Here is my system's architecture:

[root <at> pali2 Gcc.lin]# uname -a
Linux pali2 3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Nov 19 22:10:57 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Please help me!

Thank you,

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Firebird Language Reference 2.5 (English) Beta 1 (pdf) and (html).

Firebird Language Reference 2.5 (English) Beta 1 (pdf) and (html). The review of the translated text has got this far, thanks to the efforts of Paul Vinkenoog and Mark Rotteveel. Unfortunately, we didn't get any more Englsh speakers to help with the review, so there is still a way to go. (Helen Borrie).

If you find any typos or mistak es, please report to firebird-docs


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C++ Exception Handling

Dear all, (apologies if you receive multiple copies)

We are investigating the use of C++ exception handling constructs in well known open-source C++ systems, and have published some results in the last International Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation [1] 

We are expanding this research to a broader community, so I kindly invite you to answer our new version of the survey at:



Rodrigo Bonifácio (on behalf of the authors of this research effort).

[1] "The use of C++ exception handling constructs: A comprehensive study"

Posted by: Rodrigo Bonifacio <rbonifacio123 <at> gmail.com>


Database Workbench 5.1.10 released

This release adds a few small features and includes Windows Terminal Server support.

Change log available for version 5.1.x.

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