Programatically updating Aliases.conf and virtualization

Hi all

Using FireBird as the back end the Aliases.conf file needs to be updated at runtime.  Now Windows 7 does not like me updating this file
C:\Program Files (x86)\Firebird\Firebird_2_5\aliases.conf

It will update a copy instead
C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Firebird\Firebird_2_5\aliases.conf

Not wanting to update folder permissions of Firebird what is the best way to tackle updating without virtualizing this file.  This becomes important because when users connect over the LAN they will only connect using the alias as stored in this file where as the local update of the file on the server has been virtualized so essentailly the users won't be able to connect to the intended database.

Please advise

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Firebird - Where we stand and where we go

The virtual session that Dmitry Yemanov gave last year for the 11th Firebird Developers Dayis now publicly available in YouTube.

The video is in English, and there are subtitles in PT-BR available. In this video, Dmitry talks about the most recent developments done in FB 3, comment about the reasons for the delays of the releases, what can we spect for the future, etc.

Obs: Please note that this session was recorded August/2014.

Firebird - Onde estamos, para onde vamos...

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Historic Question

I'm just having fun with 64 bit support in PHP and while drafting a
reply I suddenly thought. "When did 64bit BIGINT appear in Firebird?"
Were generators always 64 bit or did they evolve from 32bit. I probably
knew the answer at one point, but those grey cells have long since been
detached from the recall subroutines :)


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Interbase price in 1990

Whikle searching for Interbase Software Corporation I found this announcement for ib 3.0 


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Samsung Unveils SSD Delivering Speeds of Over 2 GB/s

It can be good for database servers with these specs : 

With a PCIe 2.0 interface, the SM951 has sequential speeds up to 1,600MB/s read and 1,350MB/s write and random performance of 130,000 IOPS read and 85,000 IOPS write.

viea hackernews

Samsung Unveils SSD Delivering Speeds of Over 2 GB/s | Hacker News

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Jaybird 2.2.6 released

We're happy to announce the release of Jaybird 2.2.6, just in time for 
the new year.

See http://www.firebirdsql.org/en/jdbc-driver/ for more information and 
download links.

Happy New Year to you all.


Mark Rotteveel




Vote for Firebird as Database of the Year 2014 at LinuxQuestions

Vote for Firebird as Database of the Year 2014 at LinuxQuestions (must be registered user with at least one Linux related post)


Spread the word on all forums and Firebird communities

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Testing the Firebird 3 protocol enhancements

In case you have slow networks 


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You can install and use Firebird on new ARMv8 ubuntu devices

ARMv8 X-Gene X-C1 Development Systems, powered by 14.04 LTS, now available.

You can install and use Firebird on new ARMv8 (64bit) ubuntu devices

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i have a account in issue-tracker, the username is 'flyingfb', the email address is not exist. who can tell me how can i get the password

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Firebird Language Reference - Firebird needs your help

Hi All,

The Firebird Project is pleased to announce that the Firebird 2.5 
Language Reference is now available in Russian. It can be downloaded via 
the Firebird SQL documentation page 

Why is it only available in Russian? Moscow Exchange (www.moex.com), one 
of the biggest Firebird users in the world, and IBSurgeon 
(www.ib-aid.com) sponsored the documentation development in their native 
language as well as using the Russian speaking Firebird core developers 
to oversee the work and ensure its quality.

The next step is to extend this documentation to cover Firebird 3.0's 
new features, on which work is already taking place. However this work 
is also in Russian.

In order to translate the Firebird Language Reference into English, the 
Firebird Documentation Project needs additional funds.

It needs approximately $7000 US Dollars to translate almost 500 pages of 
Firebird documentation into English using a professional translation 
service, to ensure the quality of translation.

To get the Firebird 2.5 and 3.0 Language Reference in English in the 
first quarter of 2015, please help the Firebird Project now with a 
donation via PayPal (please use button Fund Docs):

All money donated will be used translate the Firebird documentation and, 
if the $7000.00 amount is exceeded, the money will then be used for 
further development of other sections of the documentation e.g. the 
"Firebird Operations Guide" etc.

Alexey Kovyazin

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