mariuz | 11 Apr 18:43 2014

Redsoft database used in large scale linux installs for Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP Russia)

Management of Information Technology of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) Russia announced  a new phase
of implementation of the free software and “import information technology” – the appearance of
their own GNU / Linux distribution called GosLinux. 
Among the major software components of the distribution used in the FSSP Russia, referred to the : Apache
Tomcat application server and “Red Soft” database based on relational open source database Firebird.

And i see a new version of Red Database is released


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mariuz | 2 Apr 14:13 2014

Upgrading idpl 1.0 license to 2.0 so we can be gpl compatible

Just noticed Mozilla license v1.1 was upgraded to v 2.0 maybe is time for firebird to do so for all new code (This license has been superseded by the Mozilla Public License 2.0; please use the MPL 2.0 instead of 1.1.)
It should be easy doable for new code 


mariuz | 3 Apr 11:13 2014

Firebird vs HSQLDB

I quote :
"While Firebird is a fine database in professional circles, it’s not well-suited for an end-user product like Base. Actually, as Base is tuned for Firebird over a number of years the end-user experience will slowly improve. But relative to a modern database engine like HSQLDB 2.x, or even the bundled HSQLDB 1.8, you’ll find that Firebird is much harder to use out-of-the-box. Firebird bears the marks of a bygone era in database history. … So all things considered, Java (JRE) installation is nothing compared to the difficulties users will encounter with a relic like Firebird."
Originally spoted here 


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jay.pandya | 31 Mar 10:33 2014

Firebird - Interbase connection


I did not know where to put following queries, so I am asking this to both general and support forums.

One of our application tool/software is using Interbase as the Database server, which is, of course, a licensed RDBMS.

Our tool works with both Interbase and Firebird 1.5.6.

I am aware that Firebird is open source SQL RDBMS.

I have few doubts which are as follow :


If we use Firebird for our future use, is the latest version of Firebird would be compatible with our tool ?
we have to make major changes in our source code to be able to work with Firebird 2.* ?


As Firebird is an open source RDBMS, is there any licensing issue attached to it ?
I mean, Is using only Firebird would/should eliminate the licensing thing attached with when using Interbase as an RDBMS with our tool ?

OR Am I understanding it completely wrong ?

I hope you understood my queries and your reply would clarify my doubts.

Jay Pandya.
Software Engineer, TCMS
Locomotives & Equipment,
Bombardier Transportation India Limited.

Ph No: +91 265 6699155
E-Mail: jay.pandya <at>

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mariuz | 14 Mar 10:24 2014

A tutorial introduction to Sqitch change management on Firebird

This tutorial  explains how to create a sqitch-enabled Firebird project, use a VCS for deployment
planning, and work with other developers to make sure changes remain in sync and in the proper order


Peter Morris | 12 Mar 22:52 2014

InterBase for Amiga

My friend collects retro hardware/software.  I was at his house recently
and he was showing me his new Amiga stuff.  There on the shelf I saw the
word "InterBase" written on the side of a box.  I took it down and had a
look, and it really is InterBase for the Amiga.

I had no idea such a thing existed!  I was so excited I joined this group
just so that I could post some photos, how cool is that?

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]


Carlos H. Cantu | 11 Mar 14:00 2014

Products using Firebird


I'm thinking about building a compilation of products (specially
very popular products or from the well known companies) that uses Firebird.

If you know any of this, please reply with some basic information:

Product name
Short description of what the product does
Link to product site
Link to product page containing information that it uses FB (if possible)

Some that I'm aware of:

Citrix EdgeSight (from Citrix)
Kerio Mailserver (from Kerio)
AVG Internet Security Business Edition (from AVG)

Carlos H. Cantu - -


mariuz | 10 Mar 10:04 2014

MySQL versus Firebird

I decided to compare the current versions of MySQL 5.6 and Firebird SQL 2.5. I only looked at features that end users can see, without benchmarking


Helen Borrie | 4 Mar 08:08 2014

Firebird Goes Front Page

Firebird is on the cover of this month's issue of C++Builder Developer's Journal.  The 2-part article
inside, by Iskander Shafikov, discusses how to use Firebird in the C++Builder IDE.  Serious Firebirders
are invited to request a free PDF or HTML copy of this issue.
You can view the preview cover at the BCBJ website for a
limited time.  To request your free copy, email the Editor-in-Chief, Damon Chandler, 
mailto:editor <at>



mariuz | 28 Feb 20:49 2014

When utf-8 is handled correctly : Firebird vs Mysql

UTF-8 is handled correctly by Firebird and Flamerobin You can create a new db with utf-8 charset as default and then you can insert/select

Unicode codepoint U+1F638 a perfectly valid Emoji character

and then you can compare with mysql case where utf-8 is not utf-8


Paul Beach | 27 Feb 10:33 2014

Re: About the "decrasing passion" of Firebird users.

Interesting reading ...

Bruce Momjian: PostrgreSQL Prefers the Scenic Route on E Commerce Times.