Zach Fleming | 2 Sep 15:51 2014

Weather API?

I have been asked if there is a way to make the dashboard on a solution look and function like the "Weather
Channel App" dashboard.   My guess is that would be using a weather channel API, but unfortunately I have no
idea how to make that happen inside the solution.  I already signed up and recieved an API key if that is in
fact the way to go.  If that is, what would be the next steps?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  
I'm using FMA13.

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pixi | 1 Sep 18:49 2014

[ANN] Invitiation: "The FileMaker Advent Calendar 2014"

BERLIN, GERMANY, September 1, 2014:
Egbert A. Friedrich of is inviting to take part in the
"FileMaker Advent Calendar 2014".
With the success of the "FileMaker Advent Calendar 2013" we think the
intention worked out much better than expected and therefore we'll offer it
again in 2014.
The calendar will contain some "best practices", some resources people can
have fun with and/or learn a thing (or two).
It is also a good way to show your skills to a very broad range of
developers AND customers.

To send your submission please use this file:

The deadline is October 15, 2014 and first come, first serve! is one of the few FileMaker Platinum Members in Central
Europe, FileMaker Trainer and FileMaker Certified Developer since v9

Made in Germany. Handmade!
pixi | 1 Sep 18:48 2014

[ANN] .fmp[x]Berlin 2015

BERLIN, GERMANY, September 1, 2014:
Egbert A. Friedrich of is pleased to announce the third
edition of .fmp[x]Berlin, THE pan-European Unconference for FileMaker
Developer. It will take place in Berlin from June, 4 - 6, 2015.

With the kind support and participation of some of the finest brains in
Europe it has become one of the most inspiring and indispensable events in
the FileMaker-World to share knowledge on a higher level.
The necessity of such an event lead to the decision to hold this each year
beginning of June.

Further information can always be found here first: or by
following us on twitter  <at> dotfmp
The registration will open as soon as the location is final!
All data from the previous event is still available here: is one of the few FileMaker Platinum Members in Central
Europe, FileMaker Trainer and FileMaker Certified Developer since v9

Made in Germany. Handmade!
O'Donoghue Books | 1 Sep 15:48 2014

Problem with reducing by 1

 Greetings experts

I am using this format in order to reduce quantity field by one whenever an item is sold

quantity-Case(Invoices via Invoice Number::Date>("1/1/1900"); 1; 0 )

It works fine on a couple of computers but for some reason or other, the it doesn't work on the main server computer.


Sean O'Donoghue

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Patrick Neame | 1 Sep 10:56 2014

(Off, slightly) Server hardware

Dear all, 

We're going to be moving from FMSA 8 to FMS 13 in the nearish future which sadly means saying goodbye to Bruce,
our ageing Xserve. The question arises as to what kit to get as a replacement. 

A Mac mini (server?} is the obvious starting point but having read FileMaker's general guide for hardware
requirements I have some doubts, particularly in respect of the hard drive RPM. Upgrading to a flash drive
is an option but along with adding more RAM the price starts to creep up (£1000 ish). 

I'm therefore giving some thoughts to a Windows machine but have no idea where to start and if we did take that
route I'd have to be certain of setting it up from scratch and being able to let it run with no interference. 

I dare say there are as many options as there are developers but I'd much appreciate hearing a few thoughts on
the subject. 

The other option is having the files hosted and I'd prefer to use a UK company for that just for the ease of
paying as much as anything.

Our three or four files aren't particularly big and have very few containers. I don't know whether the
relationships graph is especially complicated or not. We'll be getting five FMP licenses and five
simultaneous web direct connections so nothing particularly heavy duty.

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Bob Patin | 31 Aug 16:48 2014

[off] Trying to enable MySQL on Mac OS X Server

I'm trying to get MySQL going on a Mac OS X Server; I've actually tried on 3 separate machines, with no success.

On machine #1, I can see that MySQL Server is running, but I can't connect to the database that I created.

On machines 2 & 3, I can't even login to the server.

If anyone knows how to get me going, I would gladly pay for your expertise; thanks,

Bob Patin
Longterm Solutions
FileMaker 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 Certified Developer
iChat: bobpatin@...
Twitter: bobpatin
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Ben Levitan | 30 Aug 00:17 2014

Send Mail Path as a Variable

Experts, I have stored files that are associated to individual records in a table -
The fields are:

Record No    /     Document Name   /   File_Path

File path is the full path in Windows 7 to a document.  Example is -


Currently I can click on a button to open the file using OpenURL(File_Path).
I'm trying to add a button that allows me to e-mail the same file with a second button.  I'd like to simply use
the built in FM SMTP function. 

It seems that you can set all the fields in SendMail, using a variable except the "Attachment".  Am I missing

I've done this before using a work around.  I set the "attachment" path to a simple name such as
C:\this_file.pdf and then using a plug-in I move and rename the file I want to send to "this_file.pdf". 
This works fine but now I've got a mix of files to send;  .doc, .pdf, .xls etc.  I could create a bunch of paths
but that's going to get klugey.  

Thanks All
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Dan Kelly | 29 Aug 18:37 2014

Stop Service

How do you stop the FileMaker service on a Mac when updating to server
version 5?


Best regards,

Dan Kelly

Yachtlink Engineering Inc.

1 954-663-1630


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Scott Howard | 29 Aug 16:54 2014

Re: FMPexperts Digest, Vol 78, Issue 50

Hi Brent,

Many years ago, in FileMaker Pro 8.5, I think, I built a solution to do
this without any plugins or XML, but it only worked on Windows. Scribe - a
wonderfully magical plugin - did not exist and I didn't know XML well
enough to write a stylesheet. Franky, I don't remember all the details, but
I leveraged Word's merge and macro features. I created a Word document with
merge fields from the FileMaker solution and stored it in a container
field. A script exported the document to the Desktop and opened it. The
merge fields populated the document with the data and macros saved the
document as a standard Word document, not a merge document (this can be
done manually in Word). All the user saw after clicking the button was his
or her letter in Word.

I am sorry that I do not recall more specifics.

Take care,




Scott Howard, Certified FileMaker Developer
(205) 837-4805 • scott <at>

Scott Howard Consulting  |  Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 3:09 PM, <fmpexperts-request <at>>
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Rhys Twitty | 29 Aug 01:34 2014

Manual(s) for FM Server 13 set up?

I have been tasked with being the sys admin for FM Pro 13 at a non-profit.
Need a lot of help setting up FM Server, adding/configuring clients, and
internet access via WebDirect. They have licenses for 1 FM Advanced
connection (me) and 5 concurrent connections + Server. I installed the
Server to a dedicated machine and enabled WebDirect. No local network
connections; everything will be browser accessible. This is my first server
install and FM administration job.

I am a very linear person so am looking for something on the order of an FM
Administrator's Manual or an article on same. Does anything exist?  I have
the *FM Missing Manual* but it is focused on users, not setup. None of the
support docs I have seen at the FM website, so far, take you from
download/install to releasing it for the users. Have tried gleaning what I
need from various videos and pdf's but they leave gaps in the process as I
understand it. I promise undying gratitude to anyone who can solve this

*Rhys Twitty*

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dissemination, distribution, copying or use of this message and any
attachment is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in
error, please notify us immediately by replying to the message and
permanently delete it from your computer and destroy any printout thereof.
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Fitzgerald, Theodore C | 28 Aug 22:32 2014

[OFF] PHP / FileMaker developer job opening at the University of Iowa


The Enterprise Services Application Development group at the University of Iowa is looking for a web
application and database solutions developer with some FileMaker expertise.

The ideal candidate will have experience with PHP web development as well as FileMaker development.  Many
of our PHP applications are built with FileMaker as the backend.  Some of the tools we use to accomplish this
are the CodeIgniter PHP framework and FX.php.  We also administer FileMaker Server for hosted campus
solutions, so experience with FM Server is a plus.  Those with experience in other languages or general
database development with a desire to work in PHP and FileMaker are still encouraged to apply.

You can view the full job posting here:

If you know anyone who might be interested, please forward this on to them!



Application Developer
ITS-Enterprise Services
2800 UCC
University of Iowa
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