Kirk Larson | 27 May 23:15 2016


I've been a member of this forum for a while now, this is the first time asking for advice.

I've written an extensive FM solution.

I like the way software can create a competitive advantage for companies.

I also really like the creating and innovation aspects of developing and want to move into it full time.

I am not a certified FM developer, but I'm preparing now to take the test and get certified.

My questions for are:

What would you do to become a developer at your level?

What would you do starting out to get a new independent business up and running.

Instead of starting a business, would you go to work for someone first?

If I went to work for someone how much demand is there?

Do developers get independents to assist them in what they are doing... would I be able to get work that way?
If so what suggestions do you have to approach them?

How do you market your skills to attract new business?

How much sales/marketing effort vs. developing does it take starting out?

Anything else you think I should know, that I have not asked?

Thank you for responding, I know you are busy.
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Zach Fleming | 27 May 07:18 2016

FMS14 and Windows 10

We've been running FMS14 with no issues. We just upgraded our systems to Windows 10 and now can't access our
hosted files. Help!
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Stephen Wonfor | 27 May 00:45 2016

FMP 14 Import Folder of Images, and then some...


Is it normal behaviour for FMP 14 on OSX to make 3 copies of each image when importing from a folder of images?
The container is using external storage.  Original is a PDF.  I note that I have
"TrainerNotice_Workshop_7382.pdf” in the folder I am importing from and
"TrainerNotice_Workshop_7382.pdf” and "TrainerNotice_Workshop_7382.jpg” and
“TrainerNotice_Workshop_7382.png” in the external storage folder.

Is this  “feature” I missed a setting for?



"My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people." ---Orson Welles

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Tim Ballering | 26 May 17:42 2016

Zapier and FMP

Is anyone using Zapier to integrate the rest of the world with FMP?  

I see some possibilities using the Zapier Webhooks tool along with a CWP PHP page to add rows too a FMP table
when events occur and possible post FMP held data to other tools.

Tim Ballering

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Colm | 26 May 16:08 2016

global variables vs global fields in portals in Popovers

Hi Experts

This relates to a question I asked recently about selecting records in 

The global field contains a numeric ID for the record being selected, 
and if the button on the row is clicked, it changes to contain that ID. 
Conditional formatting is used to give the button's text no colour value 
if it's not equal to the global field, otherwise it's black. It contains 
a tick.

This works mostly well, but there are times I have to click the button 
twice, and also times when there are two records displaying ticks, when 
they're shouldn't be (they are definitely unique in their table).

But if I use a global variable instead, all kinds of weirdness happens. 
All the records have ticks, or only some of them do.

The field is being pretty dynamic, though it's sticking sometimes, but 
the variable, I'm not sure what's happening here. I thought they were 
dynamic too. It works better when the button is not in a portal, and 
even better when it's not in a popover, but in those circumstances, 
there's only one being displayed. I'd just like it to be consistent!

This is a hosted solution, and I'm accessing it with FMPA 13.

Can someone please explain any of this behaviour? Many thanks.


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jvbaily | 25 May 23:56 2016

usefull info


I guess you are interested in that stuff, here is a useful link <>

Very truly yours, jvbaily@...

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Patrick Neame | 25 May 11:18 2016

Calculation brain fade

Hello All,

I’m throwing a little something together for me to use in FM GO at the Le Mans 24 hour race and just can’t
work out why this calc isn’t working.

I want to count how many cars in each class (LMP 1, LMP 2, GT AM, GT Pro) are using Michelin and how many using
Dunlop tyres. So I have a field that creates a flag for each tyre with the following calculation:-

Michelin flag =  If ( 



GetValue ( ValueListItems ( "LeMans" ; "Tyres" ) ; 2 )   ; 1  ;  "zzz”)

In the Data Viewer I can see that for Record NNN the Tyre is Michelin and that the value returned by the
GetValue argument is also Michelin so the flag should show a 1 but instead shows the default zzz.

A simple 

If ( 



“Michelin” ;   1 ; "zzz”)

works as expected but isn’t really the best way to do it. So if anyone can see anything obviously wrong with
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Christian Schmitz | 24 May 13:53 2016

[ANN] MBS FileMaker Plugin 6.2 for OS X/Windows - More than 3900 Functions In One Plugin

Nickenich, Germany - (May 24th, 2016) -- MonkeyBread Software today is
pleased to announce MBS FileMaker Plugin 6.2 for Mac OS X or Windows, the
latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin
currently available for FileMaker Pro. As the leading database management
solution for Windows, Mac, and the web, the FileMaker Pro Integrated
Development Environment supports a plugin architecture that can easily
extend the feature set of the application. MBS FileMaker Plugin 6.2 has
been updated and now includes over 3900 different functions, and the
versatile plugin has gained more new functions:

Our latest plugin has been tested and optimized for latest FileMaker 15
release. While we support FileMaker 15 since version 6.0 already, a few
issues have been found and fixed when using FileMaker 15. Finally as
FileMaker 15 now runs 64-bit on Mac, we fixed a few issues related to
64-bit, too.

We got new functions for RSA signatures and encryption. You can generate a
new private key and extract the public key. Using the private key you can
sign some data and later check signature with public key. For encryption
you can use either private or public key to encrypt. On the other side you
decrypt using the other key. This way you can encrypt on one side using
private key and decrypt on other side with public key.

Our new Events functions allow you to query calendars on Mac OS X for
events and reminders. You can create, modify and delete entries as needed.
Those new functions are 64-bit only. For 32-bit you can use existing
Calendar functions.

For SQL we got new functions to convert BLOB to container value. New XML
functions allow you to format XML or create a canonical version.
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Colm | 23 May 16:32 2016

selecting records in filtered portals

Hi Experts

This is the related thread I mentioned...

I have a portal, not based on a base table, but one of its TOs, so it's 
already effectively 'filtered' by the relationship, and the portal is 
also directly filtered. Out of a few hundred records in the table, only 
maybe half a dozen or so may be visible.

What I need to do is to select only one of those half a dozen records, 
and to display an icon showing it is selected on the portal row, using 
conditional formatting, or 'hide object when' in the Inspector.

Other users may be doing the same thing, and although it's very unlikely 
the same record would appear in different users' portals at the same 
time, it is just possible. So I think I need a field in the portal's 
table which will contain a value list of the users that have currently 
selected that record. Is that the best way of doing it? But even then, 
two users could be trying to update the same field at the same time. How 
does one get round this?

I can't use GTRR to select the records to set, because of the filter, 
unless I also did a Find/Constrain. Is this the best way in this case, 
or is there a better way? I haven't read enough about the selector 
connector yet to determine if it can help here. Can someone please advise?

I'm hoping that I've over-thought this, and there's a simple way I 
haven't thought of! :)

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Eric Scheid | 23 May 10:26 2016

the reverse of GetAsCSS(text) ?

Is there something that will do the reverse of GetAsCSS(text) ?

That is, take a chunk of html, and render out just the visible text as plain text?

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Colm | 21 May 19:09 2016

unexpected scroll bars in popovers

Hi Experts

I've got a popover that has a portal in it, and a few fields and buttons 
below the portal. On the portal row is a button which selects that 
record. In order for it to do what it needs to do, it has to go to 
another layout and come back. (What it does is to find all records, 
replace the selection field with zero, then find the required record, 
and set it to 1.) But I don't think this matters, as it doesn't go to 
the other layout within the popover.

Coming back to the popover on the original layout is no problem, but I'm 
getting something that looks like a scroll bar appearing briefly on the 
right of the popover, if I don't leave quite a gap on the popover below 
the actual objects on it.

It doesn't cover the entire height of the popover: it's all of the 
portal, plus about half what's left. Specifically, the popover is 550px 
high, and this scroll bar takes up 457. The bottom of the lowest object 
in the popover is 25px from the popover's outer bottom edge. The 
resolution of the monitor is 1920px x 1080px.

If I make the popover 652px high, then the scroll bar doesn't appear. 
But there is now a gap of 127px between the bottom of the lowest object 
on the popover, and the outer bottom edge of the popover (117px to the 
inner edge). 651px, and it's back again!

It doesn't seem to make any difference whether the popover is on top of 
other objects, as the same thing happens if I put the same popover 
button on a blank layout. Using Freeze Window or Commit Records doesn't 
make any difference either (I suppose I didn't really expect them to!).
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