James McAlister | 1 Apr 00:16 2015

Save as PDF in landscape

I have several reports I need to save as PDF in landscape mode in both
Windows and Mac with FMPA13.0v5 and am having trouble with the Windows
operation. The layout is wide, and in my export script I have these two

Print Setup [Restore]
Save Records As PDF [Restore; “$path”;Records being browsed]

On the Mac the Print Setup step gives me the option to set a percentage
reduction in addition to orientation, and landscape with 80% reduction
gives the output that I desire. On Windows, however, I’m not able to set a
reduction, so even landscape doesn’t incorporate all of the desired print
area. Maybe I’m missing another setting somewhere.

What are my options? I know I can design print layouts with the fields
arranged so as to fit on a 8.5x11 page in landscape and use those to export
as PDF, but hesitate because of the effort since the current layouts work
just fine for screen display.

Suggestions would be appreciated.


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Keith M. Rettig | 31 Mar 22:01 2015

FMS 13v5's httpd.conf file

Sorry for the repeat post.  Still trying to solve the problem but have refined the issue (and changed off from
Digest mode of this list as well).

Anyone out there willing to send me a copy of their   /Library/Filemaker Server/HTTPServer/conf/    files?
	Specifically, I need the http.conf and httpd.conf.2.2 files

It seems Apple or FMS deleted them when I reboot the machine after editing them (trying to placate a PCI scan).

Secondarily, can someone confirm how FMS forces its own web server to load rather than Apache?
	I am concerned that the Apple's Apache server is loading rather than Filemaker’s instance of the web server.

Thank you,
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Keith M. Rettig | 31 Mar 18:52 2015

Quick Help! httpd.conf file missing

I am on digest (since I am scrambling I can’t figure out how to change for today) so someone sending
directly to me would be very helpful.

Rebooted my FMPro Server 13.5 and it deleted the httpd.conf file in which I made one small change to via
TextEdit (I changed the email address as a test; hadn’t done enough yet to warrant saving my work in
another file).
It also deleted the httpd.conf.2.2 file.

I assume it did it because I had added myself in Sharing& Permissions so that I was able to edit the file. 

Anyone willing to send me the two files?  Or tell me the fastest way to return them to the machine.
Lasso can’t connect to the database server without it running apparently.

Thank you for considering,

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Robert Diorio | 30 Mar 19:02 2015

Sending Data to Web_-Based Filemaker Database inside a URL String

Hello Experts,

I have sent data to other web databases from Filemaker simply by including
the data in a url string...as in the example below

www.database.com/new record?FirstName=John&LastName=Smith&Source=import

Is it possible for other databases to send data to my filemaker database by
including data in a url string?


Robert Diorio
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dealTek | 29 Mar 00:56 2015

fm sub summary page number issue - any workarounds for this?

Hi all,

I was working on a report in FileMaker 11 that had sub summary leading – and I set it to page break before each
occurrence and also restart the page numbers after each occurrence. (same happened in v 13 for me)

Problem: at the start of each sub summary - the pages all number with duplicate first number like: 1 1 2 3 4 5

sub summary 1
1 1 2 3 4 5

sub summary 2
1 1 2

sub summary 3
1 1 2 3 4


- this is on a new test file I made from scratch
- on my real file - the numbers start from 0! like:

sub summary 1
0 1 2 3 4 5

sub summary 2
0 1 2


Q: Are there any workarounds for this?
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Stephen Wonfor | 28 Mar 20:48 2015

A Math question. (Not a discussion of randomness)


A client requires Filemaker 11 to generate unique 15 character endorsement codes in the form "39Kjh-py65W-4MNB9".
The set of characters we use numbers 57 in total - alphanumerics with "is that a 1 or a capital I" chars removed.
We came up with the idea of a loop where we have all 57 chars stacked into $$Chars and then, through 15 loops, we
grab a random char from the variable using GetValue($$Chars;round(57*random;0)).
It seems highly unlikely that we'd generate the same string twice.

What we became curious about was what the odds might be that we would pull the same code.  ie. Generating the
same 15 random numbers in the same order again.  Anyone with sufficient mathematical chops to provide us
with the odds on this happening?



"Random chance was not a sufficient explanation of the Universe — in fact, random chance was not
sufficient to explain random chance." ~Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

"Albert Einstein once declared that his second greatest idea after the theory of relativity was to add an
egg while cooking soup in order to produce a soft-boiled egg without having an extra pot to wash." ~The Internet
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Grant Gelinas-Brown | 27 Mar 15:49 2015

Public facing webdirect page (no authentication)

I have a fairly simple requirement of publishing a short list (30) of
schools with some of their details such address, number of students etc. We
are replacing one of our websites which can no longer be maintained
(developer has disappeared on us) with Squarespace and would like to use a
simple iFrame to pull data directly from our database, the most accurate
source of this information.

First, is it possible to publish a single layout publicly via WebDirect
without authenticating? If not... /end.

If yes, what is the recommended approach?

This page does not see a huge amount of traffic, but is important for those
seeking the information.

Pointers to resources on how to accomplish this, recommendations, and
thoughts are all welcome.

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Robert Diorio | 27 Mar 14:15 2015

FMP 13 API Integration

I am working with a client who offers API Integration thru the following
html code.
which works simply by posting this type code into a web page...

any ideas how to get this automated in filemaker , so that it will send the
from the current record in Filemaker?

<form action="https://clientsname.acaexpress.com/api/createapplicant">
<input name="FirstName" placeholder="First Name" value="mickey" /><br />
<input name="LastName" placeholder="Last Name" value="Mouse" /><br />

<input name ="ReturnUrl" type="hidden" value="
https://clientsname.acaexpress.com/#/" />
<input name="NPN" type="hidden" value="1723456789" /><!­­ required! ­­>
<input name="Source" type="hidden" value="import" />



Robert Diorio
215 622-4185
enrolltek <at> gmail.com
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Hans Gunnarsson | 26 Mar 23:12 2015

Problem populating variable

I seem to suffer from a serious case of writers block…

I want to populate a variable $Value inside a loop where I loop between the fields in a record.
The fields are simply named f1, f2 etc

At first I thought about doing something like "Tablename::f” & $j where $j contains a numeric value
corresponding to the number in the fieldname.
This probably will not work as it probably returns a text rather than an actual fieldname.


So I’m thinking if this would be the correct way?

Go to field tablename::f1
Place the contents of the first field into a variable which then contains a year value


Got to next field
Set Variable ($Value;Get(ActiveFieldName))

End loop

Or if there is an even better way to do this?

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Daniel Weiss | 26 Mar 16:10 2015

Need Help With Integration

Hi There -

We are doing a FileMaker project for a client that requires integration with a third party application. 
They have a API that uses JSON calls.  I need someone with this experience who is reliable to do the work.  If
you are interested I can send you the API information so you can get me an estimate.  Timeframe would be
immediate if the cost is acceptable to my client.  Please respond off-list.  Thanks.

Daniel Weiss
Adatasol Custom Database Solutions
23810 East Baintree
Beachwood, OH 44122

Phone (440) 338-6874
Sales (800) 783-3346
www.adatasol.com <http://www.adatasol.com/>
AIM or SKYPE: adatasol

Interested In partnering with Adatasol?  Email us to schedule a free lunch now.

FileMaker Business Alliance Member

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Bob Patin | 25 Mar 19:36 2015

Odd FMPA 13 container behavior

If I turn a container’s fill color to NONE, I can no longer double-click on it to see its assigned script;
nor can I click it and drag it on the layout.

Anyone else seeing this?

Bob Patin
Longterm Solutions
bob <at> longtermsolutions.com
FileMaker 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 Certified Developer
iChat: bobpatin <at> me.com
Twitter: bobpatin
FileMaker Consulting 
FileMaker Hosting for all versions of FileMaker
PHP • Full email services • Free DNS hosting • Colocation • Consulting

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