Richard DeShong | 24 Apr 22:46 2014

Record Creation DateTime

Any way to get() the record creation date and or time?  I know about
auto-enter options.  But what about after a record is created.  Any way to
access this info?
Zach Fleming | 23 Apr 23:21 2014

Photo ID Number

Ok guys, I have a layout "ASSESSMENT" with a portal for photos from my "COMMENTS" table (each record could
have anywhere from 1 to more than 50 photos).  Each photo has to have it's own ID.  
The way I want the photo ID displayed is:  RECORD NUMBER - PHOTO NUMBER
I can't figure out how to get the photo number to start a new count for each record starting back at one.  So as an
example, if I have three records with three photos each the PHOTO IDs would look like this:
Record 11-11-21-3
Record 22-12-22-3
Record 33-13-23-3
Thanks in advance!  You guys are always so helpful!

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David Powell | 23 Apr 10:39 2014

Webdirect Button Graphics

Dear Experts,

I'm doing some work with WebDirect and having a problem with button

In FM13, the ability to add hover states to a button graphic by using a
different coloured/styled icon works very efffectively in the client.
However, when viewing in a browser through webdirect The button object
appears and works correctly, but does not display the graphics in any
state. This is the same for a pop-over or vanilla button.

Has anyone else observed this and maybe found a fix?

Many thanks as always,


David Powell
Wulfgang Ltd
m: 07712 524 894
a: 65 Glendale Gardens, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 2BG
e: david@...
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Bruce Robertson | 23 Apr 07:45 2014

ESS Sudden Problems

I have a system where we have been using the Actual Tech ODBC drivers to talk to a MySQL db that is part of a
Wordpress based web site hosted at

The system has worked for years.

Now suddenly it is asking for authentication when it did not ask before; and the authentication is failing
when the original values are entered.

The authentication values are stored in the server-based ODBC setup.

The web site people claim that nothing has changed.
Nothing has changed on the FileMaker side.

A few detail:

FileMaker Server 11.0v5
FileMaker Pro 11.0v4
FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v4
Actual Open Source driver 3.2.3

Various Macs running FileMaker 11 compatible versions of MacOS.
10.8.5 in my case.

Are there any known issues or changes that might be related?

Bruce Robertson
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Jay Gonzales | 22 Apr 22:33 2014

Re: Filemaker and API connectivity

There are various ways to integrate FileMaker with Web Services and other APIs (REST/SOAP/XML/JSON/etc.):

FileMaker's built-in "Insert from URL" (for GET/POST requests)
MonkeyBread Software (MBS) FileMaker plug-in
Troi URL plugin
RESTfm plugin and/or BaseElements plugin
360Works ScriptMaster plugin
SmartPill PHP plugin
bBox plugin
Feedzon service

Depending on the approach, you’ll need to take care of things like authenticating the connection to the
Web service/API, parsing the data that’s returned, etc.


Jay Gonzales

Aaron Woitkovich wrote:
> We have a website that we utilize which provides API access.   I am not very familiar with this technology, is
it possible to use Filemaker to connect to an API source and import all records contained in those tables?
> I can see the API has a field map, if possible I'd like to connect to the API and obtain all the corresponding records?
> If this isn't possible, does anyone know of a tool that would accomplish this type of task?
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Reimer Gary | 22 Apr 17:41 2014

trigger from a web viewer

Hi everyone;

I have a script that looks through the html contents of a web viewer to make sure the user has logged into their
correct moneris account. My checking works fine, but I can't figure out how to trigger a script to display a
warning message if the account is wrong. I tried using a message with conditional formatting, but the
window doesn't refresh when the web site is logged in in the web viewer. I'd be happy with either the refresh
of the window triggered by the web viewer or a script trigger. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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Aaron Woitkovich | 22 Apr 15:43 2014

Filemaker and API connectivity

Hello Experts,

We have a website that we utilize which provides API access.   I am not very familiar with this technology, is
it possible to use Filemaker to connect to an API source and import all records contained in those tables?

I can see the API has a field map, if possible I'd like to connect to the API and obtain all the corresponding records?
If this isn't possible, does anyone know of a tool that would accomplish this type of task?

Many thanks for your assistance,

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Reimer Gary | 21 Apr 21:46 2014

error message starting FileMaker Pro Advance 12

Hi everyone;

Suddenly last week ( or at least suddenly to me since I didn't notice anything different happening ) I
started getting an error message when starting up FMPA 12 on my MacBook Air.

The Message reads:
"FileMaker Pro cannot start Instant Web Publishing
because FileMaker Server or another instance of 
FileMaker Pro is running on this machine."

I have FileMaker 13 Server installed on my computer so I went to the admin-console and turned of everything
in the server. However I still get the message. And, I do not have another copy of FileMaker running on my computer.

Is the presence of FMS 13 on my computer the issue, even though I have turned it off? Or is it something else?


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Bowers, Steven N | 21 Apr 21:34 2014

Recommended FileMaker "CRM Solutions"...


Can any of you recommend what you consider to be fantastic "CRM solutions?"  (Yes, Customer Relationship
Management solutions.  I know that phrase is overused and can mean a range of things.)

There's a unit at The University of Iowa that will be working with small businesses in local cities (Iowa
City, Cedar Rapids).  They'd like to recommend tools/technologies that small businesses could find
useful.  I've recommended to them that FileMaker-and FileMaker-based solutions-make sense for small
businesses for a variety of reasons.  They'd like to gain familiarity with a CRM system based in FileMaker,
first by meeting their own needs-which are primarily contact management-then be able to recommend it to
small businesses.

I'd like the solution to not be locked down, so that our developers could customize it, even if that was
re-branding.  And, ideally, the system could provide contact-management to the extent of integrated email.

Let me know any you think are top-notch and contain at least solid contact-management features.  Thanks for
the input.

Steve Bowers
ITS - Enterprise Services
2800 University Capitol Centre
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA  52242-5500
319-335-5474  Fax 319-335-5505

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John Valean Baily | 21 Apr 21:25 2014

Communication Breakdown #2

Hi Listers,

Some weeks ago I asked if any one on the list had come across an Admin Server error 404 (FMS 13).
I got no response.

Here's the follow up that confirms that with a file size in excess of 16 Gig, using the external container
process, will not allow that file to be downloaded to a client machine using the Admin Server > Download
Database command, freezing the process and reporting the 404 error:

I recently had need to work with Document Management and the external container processes using Mavericks
and FMS 13. I’m using a brand new MacMini running Mavericks as a server (8gig RAM).

The one file is 16.3 gig, which I uploaded to the server using FMPA13’s upload process. Once on the server,
I ran the external container enabling processes, reducing the file from 16 GiG to 60 Mb. No reported errors.

Tested the file from a client using FMPA 13. It works fine.

As a last test, I then tried to use the Admin Server capability to download the (closed) file to my client
desktop using the Download Database command.

After five minutes I got a Communication problem, error 404.
Tried again same thing.
Tried another file (163 gig) on another server, same processes, same error.
Ran the Recover on the file locally, no reported errors.
Duplicated the upload/container processes, same error.

Contacted FMI Tech Support. Paid my money, they started delving.
They used my original file (sans pictures) of about 60 Mbytes.

They could not reproduce the problem until they ballooned the file up to 16 Gig, at which size the error
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Dan Kelly | 20 Apr 14:07 2014

Admin Console will not open

I still have a few couple  that have installed FMS 12 on Windows 8 or
Windows server 2012 and the admin console will not open because of Java.

I've tried what I could, service runs, program runs, databases are being
served, but can't open the console to make changes.

Best regards,

Dan Kelly

Yachtlink Engineering Inc.

1 954-663-1630


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