Eric Scheid | 19 Dec 06:16 2014

scripted importing of references to non-image files?

I see there is a way to import references to a folder of image files, but not document files (.docx, .xlsx, etc)

What are the ways to do this in a script? Is a plugin required, or can it be managed with native
functions/script commands

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Bob Patin | 19 Dec 04:51 2014

Using MBS to print a PDF from inside a container

It appears that the Monkeybread plugin will print a PDF from within a container field, but I've been unable
to get it to work.

Has anyone used it for this purpose, or found another method to accomplish this? The end users will be using
FileMaker Go 13 on iPads, connecting to a hosted file.

Thanks for any input,

Bob Patin
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Limit to Recursion in Custom Functions?


FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced:
What is the current:

>>> Limit to Recursion in Custom Functions - non-tail recursion
>>> Limit to Recursion in Custom Functions - tail recursion

Jonn Howell
DataExperience, Inc.

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Jorge Biquez | 18 Dec 07:00 2014

Filtering records in a solution.

Hello all

I was wondering if you can give your comments on the following.

What do you consider is the best method for a solution where you need 
that some people , sales people, access different layouts and reports 
with the information of all the sales from clients but of course that 
only have access to  the information of their respective clients?

Talking with a colleage about this he told me that for him is better to 
copy to temporal databases the information of the respective sales 
person , that way  in those duplicated tables there is only information 
of his/her clients. That could be of help if there are not so many 
records and not too many tables. Otherwise I feel that is not 
applicable. Of course working this way requires time and could load the 
server if lot of sales people is working at the same time.

I told him that of course the other solution is "to filter" each table 
using a find for the code of the sales person and with that you will 
receive the only the information you need. This works fine  but could be 
complicated if people has access to a "find all" command and they by 
accident retrieve all the records or when they need to do finds in the 
find (possible for sue and works fine) but that you have to control 
always how to work with the restricted set of data.

We also agree that another solution is to control all at layout level , 
I mean at the fields of that layout and there with scripts control that 
only "valid-filtered-records" could be seen.

We were talking about how in old good times , the command "SET FILTER TO 
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Kevin Frank | 18 Dec 05:56 2014

[FileMaker Hacks] What is happening when FileMaker Server becomes overloaded (and how to avoid it)


I am pleased and honored to present the first in what I hope will become 
a series of articles by guest author Nick Lightbody of Deskspace Systems 


Kevin Frank & Associates
FileMaker 7/8/9/10/11/12/13 Certified Developer
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Keith M. Rettig | 17 Dec 22:08 2014

Redundancy guidelines

To avoid the pressure of downed services while I address any Filemaker Server issues, I would like to have a
second server ready in waiting.
What’s the best way to go about this?

Obviously I need a second machine.
I am waffling on whether this second machine needs to be powerful or not.  I suppose if the primary server goes
down, I would rather have a slow but functional backup database running to handle queries while I fix the
primary server than to have the services down (the state I was in yesterday).  However, if the problem is
severe and the primary server is down for three days while I wait for a new part to arrive, I would rather have
comparable hardware running the backup server.

Also obvious, I need a second copy of FMS running.
I assume I have to purchase a second copy of FMS; unfortunately that’s $1950 at a minimum.  Sure, I can pay
$650 a year to have it sit there doing nothing 99.9% of the time; peace of mind, yes but I is that the best way
(economically, strategically, convenience, etc.).  Can I have my current copy installed and ready to go
on a second machine if and only if I am not using it?

There are syncing solutions out there so this is an issue that requires time to solve but the answers are
already out there.  I suspect that given what generally goes wrong, I can either copy the then current
database over to this second machine, switch the Lasso or web connection and away I go.  Lesser solution,
copy the hourly backups to the second machine and go with that.  Yes I lost an hours' worth of data, but again I
am back up and running in just a few minutes.

I suppose another strategy is to simply have two FMS servers running all the time.  Split my databases across
the two of them and if one goes down just move one to the other and proceed.  Arguably this allows me to extract
value out of the second copy throughout the year.  Of course, if lightning strikes or if it is a real disaster
then I probably lose both servers to the problem at the same time; then I would be wishing for that unused but
prepared spare machine in the corner ready to be plugged in at a moment’s notice.
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Salman Maidan | 17 Dec 17:56 2014

Single or multiple data tables

FMPA 13, Win 8.1

Hi Experts, (Sorry about the lengthy post)

I have a solution for keeping BP Data (blood pressure), BP is measured many
times a day, and the data is kept in a BP table.

The solution has months in Month Table; a script creates Many days in a
Days Table for each Month, and each Day has many related BP DATA records in
a BP Table.

Days are shown in portal for each month record, by highlighting a
particular day in the portal, BP readings are shown for the highlighted day
in a separate BP DATA portal.

Month--------< Days -----------< BP DATA

That is the solution in its simple form, but the solution has many reports
and charts which rely on many TOs and relationships, and I shouldn’t bore
you with all that here.

My Dilemma is this. I need to add Diabetes DATA to the solution in a
similar way as BP DATA; bearing in mind the reports and charts will be
different for each Illness. (Maybe add other Illness DATA in future)

My Question is which is the best way to go?

1.       Have a new Diabetes DATA table and new table for each new Illness,
which will mean many more TOs and relationships for each new set of reports
and charts, or
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James McAlister | 17 Dec 16:42 2014

[OT] Filemaker desktop icons wrong

I realize that this is a bit off topic, but I have a small but irritating
problem after migrating my Macbook Pro (early 2001) from one SSD to a
larger one. After doing so, the icons for Filemaker (on the desktop only)
are incorrect. They appear properly in the Finder.

One the desktop, I see three icon versions: 1) the correct version for
files converted from FP7 extensions, 2) a blank white icon  and 3) a black
square icon with the letters “exec” in green for non-converted FMP12 files.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Filemaker, used the Get Info box for the
icons to try and change the default application for all instances, rebuilt
and even deleted the launch services database. Of course, I rebooted many
times and have even booted in safe mode and tried to make changes of the
default app. I’m still stuck with three icons.

I’m running FMPA 13.0.4 on Yosemite 10.10.1 and would sure appreciate any
suggestions on how to get the “real” icons back.


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Keith M. Rettig | 17 Dec 00:59 2014

Re: Emergency help needed; WPE not working right with Lasso

It was.  It is.  I turned it off, saved, turned it on, saved again.  It is again. :)

Then tried this link

and get error 20602

Does that help anyone?
Starting to indicate a re-install is necessary?

Thank you Jesse.
I am assuming that when I updated to 13.05 and the FMS updater also updated my Java to 7.71 that isn’t a
problem for all my fantastic 360Works plugins?


On Dec 16, 2014, at 3:36 PM, Jesse Barnum <jesse@...> wrote:

>> On Dec 16, 2014, at 6:20 PM, Keith M. Rettig <krettig@...> wrote:
>> <FMPXMLRESULT xmlns="">
>> <PRODUCT BUILD="11/11/2014" NAME="FileMaker Web Publishing Engine" VERSION=""/>
>> Seems error code 802 means the “unable to open file” which suggests to me that WPE isn’t really working.
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Keith M. Rettig | 17 Dec 00:20 2014

Emergency help needed; WPE not working right with Lasso

Filemaker Server 13 on Mac (10.9.5).

I am pretty sure this is what caused the error; the hard drive ran out of space for the backup script (customer
submitting way more records then expected so I miscalculated when I would have issues with my aggressive
backup scheduled).  I was saving 7 weeklies, 8 dailies, and 24 hourlies.

Got this error:   FileMaker Server quitting! An unrecoverable error occurred: global temporary file damaged

So I deleted some of the old backups; now there is plenty of space.
Installed latest update (I was waiting for a quiet night to do it but figured it was offline, might as well run
it). So now running

All my scheduled scripts disappeared; reconstructed some of them (via web admin).

For awhile after the crash, web publishing was showing as not running (it should be; for Lasso).
Multiple times turned off web publishing, save, turn on, reboot, etc.  No luck.
Moved  wpe.conf  file out of   Filemaker Server/Web Publishing/conf    directory.  rebooted; now it says WPE is
working.  But its not.

When I try  via web
browser, I get;

<PRODUCT BUILD="11/11/2014" NAME="FileMaker Web Publishing Engine" VERSION=""/>

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HOnza Koudelka | 16 Dec 18:21 2014

[ANN] 24U Software releases 24U FM Bench 1.2

Prague, CZ -- December 16, 2014 -- 24U Software today announced an immediate availability of 24U FM Bench,
version 1.2. The updated version brings improved FileMaker Go measurement with maximum accuracy,
compatibility across the whole FileMaker 13 product line, and other minor improvements.

What is new in version 1.2

- Full support of FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Server 13
- Stability and compatibility improvement
- New version of Toolbox Plug-In with auto installation included
- Bottleneck Finder - highlighted items with long waiting time (>30s)
- Improved ability to benchmark solutions running on FileMaker Go
- Improved time settings in Session Browser

24U FM Bench?is the ultimate benchmarking tool for optimizing FileMaker 13 product line and business
processes. 24U FM Bench helps developers with the whole optimization process from benchmarking through
analyzing, identifying bottleneck, optimizing, and reporting results. It can be also used to monitor,
analyze, and optimize business processes, as long as these processes can begin and end with performing
some action in a FileMaker driven information system.

24U FM Bench pricing:

US$ 1,177 per server (covers 1 FileMaker Server, unlimited users, 1 year maintenance)
US$ 197 per seat (covers 1 FileMaker Server, 1 user, 1 year maintenance)

The update is free for current customers. For others is there a free copy of FM Bench Detective by signing up
for FileMaker performance optimization tips.

More info:

This announcement is intentionally brief to not bother members of
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