Tom Robinson | 28 Nov 22:01 2014

Almost all themes deprecated in 13.0v4

FMP/FMPA 13.0v4 is out, and the release notes have a large table of deprecated layout themes… in fact from
my calcs the only ones we're left with are the 11 Aspire ones, and 2 Classic Refined.


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Reimer Gary | 27 Nov 21:27 2014

can't open files on server since upgrade


I just upgraded to Yosemite and FMS and now none of the databases have the bullet in the column
GO/PRO. As a result I can't open any of the files.

The upgrade process I followed was:
1. uninstall FMS 13
2. Upgrade to Yosemite
3. Install FMS
4. Upgrade FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 to 13.0v4.

The admin account I'm using to open the local copy of my FileMaker file has a privilege set with "Access via
FileMaker Network" checked. Actually, it's all the same as before I did the upgrades.

Is it possible there is some OS X permissions problem? If so, where would I look to fix it?


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John Valean Baily | 26 Nov 19:44 2014

Connection Failed

Hi Listers,

Installed FMS 13.05 onto a clean Mac Mini running Mavericks.

Installs correctly, but I cannot upload a file (using FMPA sharing upload).

Indicates 'Connection Failed'!


John Valean (Val) Baily
FBA Member
Sent from my iPhone
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Hans Gunnarsson | 26 Nov 12:57 2014

Problem communicating with XML services in FM server

Hello all

I built a solution that communicates with a larger SQL system.
We receive research requests and deliver research replies


To receive Request data from the SQL system XML files are saved automatically to a shared folder.

Then in the FM solution a user clicks a button to import these Request files into a set of tables designed for
this purpose. Amongst the data imported is a Request ID or each request.

A copy of each of these requests is also kept on the SQL system.

The data is then processed in FM and a reply record containing the RequestID created for each Request in a
reply table.

A user then enters a specific request in the SQL system and presses a button “Get Reply”

A string similar to:

is sent to the XML service on FM server and the result read into the SQL system.


Now comes the dumb part...

If we receive a request regarding a patient.
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Riley Waugh | 26 Nov 00:53 2014

Does value of $$Variable exist in table

I want to set a global variable $$DATE to next Friday’s date.  Okay, I can do that.  But if next Friday is a
holiday I have a problem.

I have a table HOLDIAYS which has two fields.  Holidays, and NextWorkDay.

When setting the variable $$DATE I want to check to see if next Friday is a holiday in my table of holidays.  If
it is,  then I want $$DATE to be the value of NextWorkDay.

Any sweet way to do this?

Riley Waugh
riley.waugh <at>

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Reimer Gary | 25 Nov 18:48 2014

2 questions re summary fields

Hello experts;

I have an order entry and tracking system that is in daily use. Yesterday I built a layout that displays
assembly requirements based on the number of orders to be shipped each day and the predicted total
assembly time for the orders for each day.

The goal is to show the assembly hours required for each day compared to the number of assemblers available
for each day.

Each order has an assemblyHours field that is the total hours required to assemble the order. I added a
summaryAssembly field as total of assemblyHours. I also have an Assembler table which has a record for
each work day showing the date, number of assemblers that will be working and the hours per day that each
assembler works. There is a calculated field that calculates the number of assembler-hours available
for each day.

The Order table is related to the Assembler table by Order:scheduledDateToShip and Assembler::date. 

The layout has a context of Order. It has a header, a Sub-summary area when sorted by scheduledDateToShip
and a Trailing Grand Summary. The Sub-summary part has have the summaryAssembly field as well as the
Assembler fields showing available assembler hours. The Trailing Grand Summary part has the
summaryAssembly field in it. There is no body part.

My script first finds all orders that have scheduledDateToShip >= today and then sorts based on
scheduledDateToShip. The layout is displayed as a List.

Related to this I have two questions:
1. The layout displays a list of days and their total assembly time as I need and expect. But the
summaryAssembly field in the Grand Total part comes up empty. Can someone help figure out why I don't get a
grand total of summaryAssembly?
2. Another requirement is to display the shortage or surplus of workers for each day. I thought that I could
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Jennifer | 25 Nov 02:18 2014

Eliminating fields from a recursive CF


	I have a custom function that pulls all values from a related field, but I would like to limit the results
returned.  Here's what I have so far:

cf_csList ( _field ; _start ; _end )


  GetNthRecord ( _field ; _start ) & 

  Case ( _end > _start ;
      "," & cf_csList ( _field ; _start + 1 ; _end )

	How can I eliminate certain records from what's returned?  If the related field has a value that ends in,
say, 'pld', how could I get this calc to skip it, no matter if it's the first record, in the middle, or at the end?

	I tried this, but it doesn't help:

Let (
_start = If ( Right ( _field ; 3 ) = "pld" ; _start + 1 ; _start ) ; 

  GetNthRecord ( _field ; _start ) & 

  Case ( _end > _start ;
      "," & cf_csList ( _field ; _start + 1 ; _end )
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dealTek | 24 Nov 23:09 2014

field lookup question...

Hi all,

Is there way to set a field lookup to "Last Related Record" rather than "First Related Record" ?

David | 24 Nov 22:02 2014

Handsfree fast barcode reader for FM Go

Has anybody successfully used a handsfree barcode reader with FM GO?

Handsfree is the key word here, similar to those in grocery-store self-service lines. 

Something robust like this would be good: <>

Preferably, the scanner is wired to the iOS device rather than connected via Bluetooth.



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Grant Gelinas-Brown | 24 Nov 16:53 2014

The Manage Menu

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the menu for "Manage" (Database,
Value lists etc) appear in the bottom left corner when you click the Manage

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VanBuskirk, Patricia | 20 Nov 18:15 2014

FMP 11 Adv

<<didn't see this go through to the list on the 1st attempt>>

I just switched PCs and our software folks cannot locate the install file for FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced.  
Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one?  We have the licenses, just need the install file. 
FileMaker's website only has 13 ... we're not quite there yet.

Trish V.

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