dealTek | 27 Nov 22:23 2015

AUDIO TESTING in filemaker go v14 - mic choice seems problematic

Hi all,

AUDIO TESTING in filemaker go v 14

I set up (for iOS iPhone 6s) - insert from device - type = microphone and when I tested the audio recording - it
sounds far away.

So, upon further inspection, it seems that the audio microphone filemaker chose was the mic from the rear
back, not from the phone mic (front/bottom), so it doesn't sound as good as it should for 'normal' use.

Simple test: start audio recording in fm go 14 and talk normally to the front / bottom area - like a phone call -
and then turn the phone around and talk into the back side.

When you play it back you will notice that the BACK sounds much better than the front which has greater room
noise and more distance.

A quick comparison to any IOS recoding app proves the 'NORMAL' mic is the front/bottom mic - not the back.

Now, realize that when choosing video - you have the choice of front or back camera - THIS IS NICE!

So, what we need is either to set the audio on 'normal' expected use FRONT/BOTTOM mic - or it would be nice to
have a choice of front or back in script prefs.

Has anyone tested and can confirm my understanding?

Is this a bug that should be reported to filemaker?

dealTek | 27 Nov 22:15 2015

FileMaker Go Version 14 Design Issues

Hi Folks,

First of all happy Thanksgiving!

I am designing a file on my Macbook Pro laptop for FileMaker Go Version 14

I am having issues with creating forms and buttons with fonts etc. related to design  issues.

For example I will create some buttons that fit perfectly on the MacBook laptop – but when I move the app to
FileMaker go – some of the buttons are not the right size and some of the fonts can get cut off and other
design size related issues. 

Or possibly I will make a list view that has a field with a Verdana font and a tight box with little padding in
the  body message that can show two lines correctly in the MacBook – but part of the font gets cut off in the
filemaker Go version.

Question: how do I set things up so that the MacBook pro version is exactly the same proportions and looking
correct in the FileMaker go version?

Is I have to give extra field room for the IOS version (see below) - is there some kind of formula for this so I
don't have to go back and forth from mac to iOS for testing?

Fonts render slightly differently on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch than they do on the desktop. Increase
the field height to prevent the bottoms of characters, such as “g”, from being cut off.  

Dave - DealTek
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Dan Kelly | 27 Nov 15:31 2015

Curser Issue

Wanted to through this there for ideas, I setup a few laptops for a
customer, one is acting as the server, in parts of the program when tying
into a text field the curser lags behind 2 letters, on another computer
different section the curser looks is one letter too far, and the strange
thing it ONLY happens in FileMaker, anyone seen this, FMS 13 and FMP 14

Best Regards

Dan Kelly


954 663 1630

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HOnza Koudelka | 26 Nov 11:55 2015

[ANN] 24U released 24U Appearance OSAX 4.0.1

Prague, CZ -- November 26, 2015 -- 24U released 24U Appearance OSAX 4.0.1

New version of the popular easy-to-use AppleScript(R) scripting addition for interacting with user
brings support for OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11

24U Software announces the version 4.0.1 of 24U Appearance OSAX. The scripting addition for Mac users
allows AppleScript script writers to interact with users via dialogs, notifications, alerts, progress
indicators, and floating messages without the need to use a complex development tool, such as Xcode.

The new version ensures that scripts created on older OS X will still work even on the new OS version, and
brings support for OS?X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11, better stability in FileMaker(R) Pro, persisting
keyboard focus, and improved memory management.

24U Appearance OSAX is a scripting addition that allows user to:

- Dynamically build up dialogs with input fields to easily prompt the user for data input
- Use pop-up menus in your dialogs to simplify choosing values from predefined lists
- Validate entered data directly in dialogs to avoid inconveniently re-appearing dialogs
- Indicate progress via progress bar to keep user calm while waiting for your script to finish
- Display floating messages to provide user with detailed runtime information, such as log

Availability and Pricing

24U Appearance OSAX is available as a shareware. User can install 24U Appearance OSAX, and try it out for the
period of 14 days free of charge. After this period, 24U Appearance OSAX can stop working and require a
registration code. User will get this code after he pays for a license.

Licenses for 24U Appearance OSAX start at US$49 per user.

The new version is available as a free update for every owner of the version 4.0. Existing customers of
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Riley Waugh | 26 Nov 05:23 2015

Allow user to choose to revert record after several field entries

Did you ever wake up and realized you had been asleep for a few weeks?  Why I seem to have forgotten the layout
setup choice of  detecting automatically save record changes I just don’t know.

Riley Waugh
riley.waugh <at>

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FMPexperts <at>
Tom Myers | 26 Nov 04:42 2015

FMP Go 14 and bluetooth Scanner

We have our bluetooth barcode scanner set to send a enter after scanning. In FMP Go 13. 

We have a script that 
	- goes to a layout, 
	- enters the field we want to put the barcode in
	- enter find mode with a pause

Then when the user scans a barcode it would enter the barcode, then append a CRLF and the script would continue.

But now with FMP Go 14, using the same barcode scanner this doesn’t continue the script.

Does anyone have any insight on why this is happening and how to get around it. (I hate to revert to using a
timed script.)


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FMPexperts <at>
Riley Waugh | 26 Nov 04:27 2015

Allow user to choose to revert record after several field entries

I have a  layout with 100 or so fields from the layout’s table, as well as some fields from related TOs.

I want the user to be able to make changes to any field(s) and, upon leaving the layout or going to the
next/previous record, be presented with a choice of saving or reverting changes made.

Option 1 - Easy enough to make the layout all globals and populate them upon record load, and then present the
save changes / revert option upon the next record load, but then the user is presented with the dialog
anytime a new record loads, even if no changes were made.  This can be annoying when moving through a found
set without making any changes.

Option 2  - Alternatively, I can choose not to use globals and present the same choice based on a script
trigger firing on record commit which happens before the commit so the reversion of record is possible. 
This will avoid presenting the save/revert when no changes have been made.  The problem with this is that it
will be triggered if the user clicks in any dead (non-field) space.

To prevent the clicking in dead space I can eliminate all dead space by putting global fields in the
background of the layout (and in the back every tab panel and portal) that run a script of “exit
script.”  But that seems awkward and designed to cause real problems with any future layout revisions.

Is there something that I am missing that is obvious, clever, simple, outlandish…?

Riley Waugh
riley.waugh <at>

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FMPexperts <at>
Pia Oliver | 26 Nov 02:05 2015

how do I trigger an unstored calculation?

I have a calculated field which is unstored. How do I get it to 
"trigger" -to do the calculation? I have set the calc field to let me 
know how many days to an event (it calcs a date field) but once the date 
is entered it does not change. Am I missing something obvious?



-- <>

"The problem is not that there are problems.
The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is 
a problem."

Theodore Rubin
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Stephen Wonfor | 26 Nov 01:14 2015

Behaviour change FMP13 to 14 - Duplicate Records (OSX)


Client showed me this today.

His system dates back to FMP5 - been through a lot since then.  He is "responsible" enough to be given real
Filemaker menus.  He was running FMP13. of his procedures involves creating new products then entering locations into a portal.
For years he has entered the location info then pressed Command D to duplicate the record and make a few
tweaks to the product - eg. light beige is now moderate beige.  The cursor was always in one of the portal
fields.  Parent would duplicate.
Upgraded him to FMP14.
He now reports that, with the cursor in a portal field, that the portal row duplicates but the parent record
does not.
I was able to watch this happen.

Made a little sample db from the starter solutions (Estimates) and was able to reproduce this behaviour. 
FMP14 would duplicate the portal row, FMP13 would duplicate the parent.  Interestingly in FMP14 the
portal will populate with data rows but as soon as the record is committed they vanish.  Looking at the child
table I note that the match field does not get a value but many orphan records are created.

If it is agreed that this is "odd" I will post as a bug or whatever they are called these days in the Filemaker
Community website.



I wrote an ad for Apple Computer: "Macintosh - We might not get everything right, but at least we knew the
century was going to end."  ~Douglas Adams
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Jonathan Fletcher | 25 Nov 23:58 2015

PSoS and multi-file solutions

My Fellow FileMaker Fanatics:

Has the issue with Perform Script on Sever and authentication failure in multi-file solutions been
resolved yet. I can’t find anything about this particular issue and FileMaker 14. Everything I google
about it ends up talking about FM13.

If it’s still an issue, is there a hack or a workaround that makes it useful in a multi-file solution? 



Jonathan Fletcher
jonathan <at>

Kentuckiana FileMaker Developers Group
Next Meeting: 12/15/15

FMPexperts mailing list
FMPexperts <at>
Jorge Biquez | 25 Nov 18:59 2015

Unknown errors. Now Error 307

Hello all.

FMS V14 with FMP V14 and FMPA V14

I have a solution with a client, 15 users that access the solution (100 
Mb the size of the file) and an average of 5 users at most using the system.

Today they received and UNKWOWN FILEMAKER ERROR NO. 307.

IS there any documentation I can consult to try to determine what caused 
th error? ANd that way convert on known the cause of that unkown error?
Tried to post with the image but the mailing list software says the 
message was too big. Nothing there really, just a pop up window with the 

The user closed his session, open it again and did what he was going to 
do. NO error this time . This same procedure, nothing fancy at all, is 
done 15 times a day.

Thanks in advance.

Jorge Biquez
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