Paul Helling | 31 Jul 16:33 2015

Trouble with self-join


I work with the database at a botanical garden. The primary table is a Plants table that has records of all the
plants. Through the field "plant id", Plants is linked to other tables, including Notes and Images. This
is because the staff can write notes and take pictures of plants and these records are linked to the plant
record. The staff is also evaluated on how many notes and images they have in a year.

To count notes per staff member per year, I made a self-join relationship in the notes table with a field
note_author as the match field. A field gen_(year) assigns a note a value based on a year using If logic.
Right now, I have gen_2014 and gen_2015, so a note from 2015 would have gen_2014 = 0 and gen_2015 = 1. A field
tally _(year) = Sum(notes 2 for self join::gen_(year) ) counts the notes per year. To display these
values, I made another table, Staff. The Staff table has a field user_name. I made a relationship between
staff::user_name and notes::note_author. A layout made with the Staff table has field total that is a
calculation equal to notes::tally_(year). This works.

For images, I tried doing the same thing. Filemaker wouldn't let me make a relationship between Images and
Staff so it made a table Staff 2 for me. These are matched via staff::user_name and images::photographer.
I have a gen_(year) and tally_year(field) in images and a self-join in images matching the field
photographer. A field total_images is a calculation equal to tally_(year) When I go to the Staff layout to
display the images total, the total is 0 for all staff even though most have taken pictures.

To troubleshoot this, I deleted the relationship between Notes and Staff. This prevented Filemaker from
finding values associated with images and with notes; the fields in the layout were blank. When I
recreated the relationship, the notes totals were correct for all the staff but the images totals were
still 0 for everybody.

Why is that the self-join only works once? What can I do to fix this or what can I do instead?

Paul Helling
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David | 30 Jul 22:04 2015

MSDS / SDS Authoring, Management and Translation System


Is anyone aware of a solution to author, version-track and manage translation of MSDS / SDS documents?


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Tom Lists | 30 Jul 22:00 2015

Filemaker 14 "NO ACCESS" even when account has "FULL ACCESS"

I had a user who’s account was set for full access come to me about not being able to see a valuelist based on a table.

I logged in with my account also set for full access and all worked fine.

I went back to her machine and in Data Viewer I validated she had FULL ACCESS privileges and what account she
was logged in on.

I then went to a layout that was based on that table and it showed NO ACCESS for all values.

I checked here security settings and they were exactly the same as mine.  Both locally authenticated by
filemaker.  (We are running on server)

I then logged her out and she logged back in and all was well. 

Anyone have ANY idea of what happened here?  Or what I should do to try to understand it in the future.


Tom Myers
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dealTek | 30 Jul 03:41 2015

Can we make a mac friendly - simple script to safely shut down FMS 13?

Hi all, [xpost]

I am wondering if the following is possible:

Mac with Filemaker Server 13

From another Mac client machine, is it possible that some NON-Technical pre assigned person could somehow
automatically run a bash script through SSH (maybe made with applescript or automator ) to safely close
all running filemaker files on the server and then shut down the filemaker server - and get a response back
that shutdown was successful and then possibly restart the whole Mac OS server?

This may be needed in case of some kind of issue / emergency when maybe the regular interface is not available
and a tech pro is unavailable.

Peter Newland | 29 Jul 15:39 2015

Frustrating FileMaker Server 14 attempted installation on Windows Server


Just a little frustration trying to install FMserver 14 on a Windows Server.

FileMaker Support Knowledge Base

2 Jun 2015]/ says [in part]...

    /'The default web ports for FileMaker Server are 80 for web
    connections (http) and 443 for secure SSL web connec tions (https).
    FileMaker Server 14 introduced the option to specify alternate ports
    for these types of traffic. //*During installation *//you may
    specify any other available ports that aren't in use by another
    service.' / [emphasis mine]

Note that it says this option will be presented '...during installation...'

It isn't...and FileMaker Technical Support tell me that I *MUST* have 
port 80 open for the installation but can change it afterwards - 
Catch22! Not only that but they seem unaware of the conundrum and could 
not offer any help.

The installation is on a remote server, administered by others, where 
port 80 is being used for a variety of other purposes and cannot easily 
be closed.
While I would love to have a workaround I'm posting this mainly as a 
'warning' to others who might be tempted to believe software 
documentation or perhaps I'm missing something which is blindingly 
obvious to others - wouldn't be the first time.
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Reimer Gary | 28 Jul 16:50 2015

can't enable XML on FileMaker server 13.10

Hello experts;

First my configuration:
FileMaker Server 13.10 on a Mac Mini running OX 10.9.5
most recent version of Zulu installed

I've been using Zulu for calendar integration for a year or so. It has worked very well. Sometime recently (I
don't know exactly when) the CalDav link between Calendar and Zulu on the server stopped working.
Recently we had an OS crash on the server but I don't know if that was the day it stopped working. 360Works who
provide support for Zulu have been very attentive trying to help me solve the problem. The last suggestion
I received was to unistall and reinstall FileMaker Server. That process was done, twice last night but XML
is still shown as disabled in the FileMaker Server Status window while it is checked off as enabled in the
Web Publishing window.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what my next step should be? Thanks in advance for any help you can


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RE: Pushing FileMaker Server 14 Limits


Please reference previous response to Brian.

After a recent upgrade to Server 14, I see a SERIOUS slowdown due to a large
number of simultaneous, asynchronous, lengthy script running. These are big,
looping scripts, across hundreds of records, performing complex
substitutions and record creation and stuffing.

HOWEVER: The scripts are not stalling out completely, which they seem to
have been doing in FileMaker Server 13. I do see performance improvements,
with Server 14, but script optimization is required.

My purpose here is to find out if anyone can mention whether they have
observed that SCRIPTS seem to be far more taxing than other services.



Jonn Howell

DataExperience, Inc.

Certified FileMaker Developer

dba Bootcamp for FileMaker

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Pushing FileMaker Server 14 Limits

I have been building a system in FM14, and perhaps pushing FileMaker Server
14 to its capacity.

While we have YET to separate the server install to a two-machine
configuration (planned to happen soon), it seems that the combined demands
of Script Schedules and Perform Script on Server are using more resources
than all the FileMaker client and WebDirect user activity combined. I have
at times triggered Error Code 812 - "Exceeded host's capacity".

I cannot seem to get a benchmark for this, but it appears that running
complex scripts on the server (by a combination of the above two methods)
taxes the server more than FMP and WebDirect, combined.

Are server side scripts more demanding than rendering a database for the
same number of users as scripts running?

Can anyone comment on this?


Jonn Howell

DataExperience, Inc.

Certified FileMaker Developer

dba Bootcamp for FileMaker

 <mailto:jonn@...> jonn@...

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FileMaker Server Log erros - "authentication failed on databse" - but it all works

I am receiving a big number of "errors" from the FileMaker Server Log:

"authentication failed on database"

However, the system works, and the scripts are getting run. Separately, we
have noticed than trying to add or change a script schedule causes the
Server Admin Console to give a yellow message:

"No scripts are available for the specified account", and yet selecting the
"Next" button a second time takes me into the schedule to be added or

The system mostly as externally authenticated accounts, but the Admin Panel
is locally authenticated by the Admin user (of course).

Anyone know how to eliminate these log errors?

Could these two issues be related?


Jonn Howell

DataExperience, Inc.

Certified FileMaker Developer

dba Bootcamp for FileMaker

 <mailto:jonn@...> jonn@...
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Ness, David | 27 Jul 21:05 2015

I need Salesforce to create a record in FileMaker

I need to be able to have Salesforce CREATE and populate a new record in a FileMaker table. This needs to be
initiated from the Salesforce side (write to FileMaker), NOT from the FileMaker side (read from Salesforce).

Q: We already have ODBC connections set up for Salesforce to READ data from FileMaker Server v13/14, but can
an ODBC client (Salesforce) be used to create a record?

If the answer is no, my backup plan is to install RestFM, which I would assume could allow for this. But never
having used RESTful, I'm hoping to avoid this.

David Ness
FileMaker & Web Applications Developer

Bonded Builders Warranty Group
St. Petersburg, Florida USA
800-749-0381 x4923

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James McAlister | 27 Jul 16:00 2015

Refreshing portal after Perform Script on Server

I’m just beginning to use PSoS and have a small problem that I need to know
how best to handle.

On my Purchases layout I’ve been entering data into a portal which lists
ticket items associated with that purchase. Whenever a new ticket item is
added (via a script attached to a button or by a script trigger) a new
record for the ticket item is created in the purchase items table and
appears in the portal. This all works (without using PSoS) even with a slow
internet connection to the server, and the portal eventually refreshes
nicely to display the proper details for the ticket item.

The slowest part of the process, however, is the creation of the related
record through the portal, and I’m trying to speed up the process by
running my add record script with PSoS. I’m passing a script parameter with
both layout name and record number to the PSoS script to establish context,
and I can see that the record count in the related table purchase items
table increase by one with almost no delay, but the portal does not update
to display the new record once PSoS has done its work and the script
terminates. If, however, I manually click into a field outside the portal,
the new record appears.

If I script the selection of a field outside the portal and put in a small
(2 second) time delay before then going to the newly added portal row for
entry of new data, the portal refreshes, and all appears to work well. But
surely I”m missing something simple due to my ignorance here in getting the
portal to refresh without selecting the field outside the portal and adding
the 2 second delay.

I hope I’ve explained this well enough for someone to comment. The files is
hosted on FMS 13 and accessed by FMP13, FMP14 and FMGO.
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