Kirk Larson | 26 Jul 00:21 2016

RE: Double field on portal row to create a drop down value list with name and ID.

I have a solution that, in a portal row, I stack a join id field and put a name filed on top of that. I use that to
put multiple items in the portal.   

The ID field has a drop down value list from the description table. 

For this example I moved the name field over so you could see what I'm doing. I normally have them on top of each
other so you only see the name.

At the developers conference, Jonathan told me I can't use that for web direct.

This is very handy and an easy way for my customer to populate the portal.

What do you use? 

Kirk Larson


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Keith M. Rettig | 25 Jul 02:41 2016

Two easy clarifications please

I am fairly certain about both of these; I am just looking for a friend to confirm.

Let’s say I have five database files that are archives (from various dates) of the source database file. 
If the id field is marked as “unique” and I import all five archive files into one new file, can I be
confident that I will end up with no duplicate records?  I am pretty sure all the records are unique but I
would be much happier if I knew for sure it will work.  There are millions of records…takes hours for each
file to import.

I generate some data export files every week for a customer.  The Excel file has the column headers as the
formal name of the fields; including some referred fields from other tables.  So I get
“location_city”, “location_state”, and “name_of_other_table::user_name_first”. 
Customer wants more user friendly names; such as “city”, “state”, and “name_first”.  I said
that wasn’t possible unless I generated “printed” reports via PDF and if I did that he wouldn’t
get the data in the format offered by Excel (i.e., sortable, easy to make pivot table, etc.).
I suppose I could have a lame record show first in the list and have friendly names as values and not put the
column headers in.
Is there a smarter way I don’t know about?

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James McAlister | 22 Jul 22:52 2016

Importing Dropbox link

I currently have about 60 video files in a local Dropbox directory, and I'd
like to import their names into a Filemaker table. I can do this, but I'd
also like to get the corresponding Dropbox link for each file also and put
them in a field in the same table as the file names. I can get a link
easily by right-clicking the file in the Finder and selecting "Copy Dropbox
link," but is there a way to access this information from within Filemaker?

Since I may need to do this occasionally for several hundred files, having
some way to automate the process would be good.

Using FMP15A on OS X 10.11.6.

Thanks for any ideas!
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Christopher Bailey | 19 Jul 17:32 2016

FMP 15 direct installer

Anybody have the "secret" URL for the installer for latest revision of
Filemaker 15? 

(I think there's been at least 1 revision, yes?) 



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Ben Levitan LLC | 19 Jul 01:27 2016

Rendering JSON in Webviewer

I have a need to determine the physical address of a GPS point.

For Example if I have Latitude and Longitude of: 
29.32339, -81.05491

I want to get the data:
1239 Ocean Shore Boulevard, Ormond Beach, Florida 32176  USA

I'm using this URL form to fetch the information:, -81.05491

I expected that I could create this string via a simple calculation and render this into the webviewer. 

This is the field that the Webviewer uses.  But instead of rendering the page so that I can parse the
information I need from the contents of the Webviewer I get a "Open or Save this File" Dialog box.   If I open
the file, I have the information I want but this is not the result I want.  I regularly set the Webviewer to a
URL and extract information but it's not working this time.

Any idea?   If I take the above URL and put it into a Chrome Browser, the page renders properly.  If I put it in an IE
browser, I get the same "Open or Save this File" Dialog box.

The goal is to be able to take the Lat / Long in a record and determine the Street Address.  

Any idea what's going on with the browser or the programmer?

Ben Levitan 

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HOnza Koudelka | 18 Jul 02:18 2016

[ANN] SYNELOGIS eliminates paperwork in freight transportation with help of 24U and FileMaker Platform

LAS VEGAS -- July 18, 2016 -- Small company brings European freight transportation to the 21st century via
modern technologies and a custom FileMaker app developed by 24U.

SYNELOGIS s.r.o., the Czech Republic based logistics company is achieving its mission to reform European
freight transportation by using a custom app developed in partnership with 24U Software within 6 weeks
using the FileMaker Platform.

The SYNELOGIS company strives to bring synergy to logistic processes by using modern technologies and
sharing data between sales, transportation, stock, logistics, and the customer in real time.

"Our company can provide information to the customer immediately with the help of modern technologies.
Current trends are that in the future we won't need papers. My strive so that the customer does not have to
sign a paper he throws away later. We use tablets and these devices help us to minimize the time information
needs to flow from the supplier to the customer," says Ji ?  im?k, SYNELOGIS CEO.

At the beginning of 2016, SYNELOGIS got a new opportunity to replace an inefficient hauler by starting
their own freight transportation business. This opportunity was conditioned by the requirement to
start the operation from the 1st of March, i.e. in less than two months.

SYNELOGIS partnered with the FileMaker Business Alliance Member 24U s.r.o. to create a custom app called
Synetrans within only 6 weeks to achieve the goal of taking advantage of their unique opportunity.

"By using the FileMaker Platform for development, we were not only able to create the app in such a short
time, but also to flexibly modify the app in response to requirements coming from the experience after
deployment," said Milan Zach, lead developer at 24U.

Dispatchers use the app to plan routes to efficiently deliver shipments to their destinations. Synetrans
lets them see an up-to-date analysis of expected cost and profit from the very beginning.

Truck drivers use a mobile version of the custom app, based on FileMaker Go, on the iPad. as a complete
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Stephen Wonfor | 16 Jul 00:38 2016

Friday as always. Incrementing numbers puzzle.


I have a string of numbers that get pushed to a web site that are used to arrange products in a particular order.
The users have used decimals to get things to fit in gaps.
Turns out this affects the website sorting.  Seems it needs integers.
The sort string = 1,2,3,4,4.1,4.2,5 etc.
Trying unsuccessfully to write a script that would reset the numbers to something like this: 5,10,15,20…
I assume it is possible - just not for me today.  Any thoughts?



 “Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy builds girl” - Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1927). 

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Keith M. Rettig | 15 Jul 21:12 2016

Export with one-to-many field

Maybe this is easy and I am just not thinking it through correctly…

Exporting records from a table.
One of the fields on the table is a portal; a one-to-many relationship.  So it is showing multiple records via
this relationship.
When I export the data, as expected it adds multiple lines after the data from the source record for the
additional values for this field.  For instance i get three rows in Excel; one with all of the data and two
with just this column filled in.  All as expected and I appreciate that it works this way.

However, we are only really concerned about the first record in this relationship (the TO sorts them
correctly).  At least that is true for this report.
How do I export the data but only get the one record via the relationship without creating yet another field
(presumably get Nth record) or an even more specific portal?

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Stephen Wonfor | 15 Jul 20:17 2016

One-off Field security question


I have an FMP solution where I need to allow a general user to be able to change data in one field in a restricted table.
Is there a simple way to do this?  Current brain is not working well today.



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Hans Gunnarsson | 15 Jul 16:14 2016

Add privilege set to account?

I have a client with close to 30 different filemaker files that the staff members open using their credentials

The problem of course is that when someone quits and is replaced by a new person then each file needs to be edited.


I had thought of creating a staff management file that would accept some information and/or settings and
then propagate the data to the othert files by calling a script in each file.

However it seems this is not possible as privilege sets need to be entered by hand rather then from a calculation.
The user name and password can come from a calculation but not the privilege set.


I could of course define a set of users  like Admin1, Admin2, Edit and View.
But then I wouldn’t know which user changed the contents of a datafile unless he actually uses his
assigned machine.


I know that it is possible to use external authentication but even then I need to assign a privilege set to
each group defined on the authentication server.


Does anyone here know if there is a way around this problem?

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Jorge Biquez | 14 Jul 22:41 2016

Documents and Images in container fields to PDF

Hello all.
One prospect of client use lot of contracts and documents from different 
sources. It is a Human Resources company.
They want that all new documents they get for the containers will be 
converted to PDF and also to convert all the ones they have stored until 
The documents or images (word and excel documents and GIF , JPG, BPM, 
for images) now are embedded on the solution. They want me to do the 
process to separate the images/documents from the database

I asked something similar before to the list. The new detail is they 
manage word and excel files.

As with other prospect,  I told them about the MBS plug ins (MBS and 
DynaPDF). I guess the combination solve this .
What I do not have clear is if the best is to let the server, running a 
script, handle the conversion or the user . From what I have read it can 
be done in the users machine or in the server and of course the cost of 
licenses is an issue.

Can anyone could share your comments and experiencie if you have solved 
similar issues?

Thanks in advance.
Jorge Biquez
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