VanBuskirk, Patricia | 20 Nov 18:15 2014

FMP 11 Adv

<<didn't see this go through to the list on the 1st attempt>>

I just switched PCs and our software folks cannot locate the install file for FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced.  
Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one?  We have the licenses, just need the install file. 
FileMaker's website only has 13 ... we're not quite there yet.

Trish V.

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David | 19 Nov 23:26 2014

FMSA 20.05 Memoery Leaks on OSX 10.8


Is anyone else experiencing a memory leak problem with FM Server Advanced 12.0v5 on OSX 10.8.4? My MacMini
server has 8GB RAM. 

It is locking up very day or so with multiple GB’s of page outs and swap memory used.

When it locks I sometimes lose the interface but can restart it using Remote Desktop

This did not happen with 12.0.4, but I also needed to migrate the whole thing to to a different server box
recently. I upgraded to 12.0v5 at the same time as the move, so I am not sure if it’s the move or the upgrade
that cause the problem.

In addition to serving FIleMaker client the server is running custom web publishing, PHP, IWP and SyncDeK.


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David | 19 Nov 22:53 2014

Using RAID to boot FMSA Server


My server is a MacMini with a Pegasus R6 RAID attached.

I configured a RAID partition to be the boot drive a couple of years ago.

I recently had a problem with the MacMini so switched the RAID to a different MacMini.

I have FM maintenance and needed to contact FileMaker support after that. The problem went to the 2nd level
but they would not help since they said booting the second Mac from the RAID is not supported. They said I
needed to reinstall on the second Mac.

Can anyone confirm... is moving RAID from one box to a spare box really not supported for FMSA?


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Kevin Frank | 17 Nov 07:06 2014

[FileMaker Hacks] The XML Wrap and Unwrap technique

Editor's Note: today we have a guest article with demo files by Italian 
developer Giuseppe Pupita, whose helpful and knowledgeable postings in 
various online forums are always worth reading. Here he presents a 
technique to move data between disconnected FileMaker systems. <>

Kevin Frank & Associates
FileMaker 7/8/9/10/11/12/13 Certified Developer
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Hans Gunnarsson | 16 Nov 11:59 2014

Connecting FM data to non apple mobile products...

Somehow it seems FM’s most touted “feature” FM Go is also one of it’s largest shortcomings as it
only provides access for iOS mobile devices.

When in need to connect non iOS mobile devices to FM, what would be the most “normal” path to pursue?


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John Weinshel | 15 Nov 02:48 2014

Second Instance of Apache on Yosemite Over FMS

I want to set up a web server on a Mac running 10.9.5, but Filemaker
Server has taken over Apache and port 80. I believe I've read here or
elsewhere about installing a second instance of Apache, but I cannot find
any leads.

Can anyone describe the process? If two Apache instances are running, how
do you distinguish them in the config files and in Terminal?


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Tom Langton | 15 Nov 01:55 2014

Re: Exporting from WebDirect

Does the debugger give you an error when you run it in FM client?
Does exporting to CVS via a script work with other files? Syntax in the
defined destination path all tidy? Permissions to that path enabled?
Maybe try with a completely different file to assure functionality is
working? Lastly, reboot?

Those are guesses, and just stating the obvious, I guess. I don’t remember
having problems with this. But once I had my plug in solution done, that’s
what I use.

Good luck!

On 11/14/14, 7:40 PM, "Jonn Howell at DataExperience, Inc."
<jonn <at>> wrote:

>Hi Tom,
>Thanks for response.
>1. Not a permissions issue.
>2. Pop-ups allowed.
>3. I have run a server script on other systems, where the queue for
>to report on is recorded in a table, and the server runs the export from
>ID stack stored in the record, and emails to the client, and then deletes
>the file. No plug-in. I can do that...but takes time.
>I cannot even get the script to fire off a csv export, but I CAN do it
>manually, and I do get that pop-up window in Chrome.
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Exporting from WebDirect


FileMaker Help says that exporting to WebDirect will NOT work for XML or
I cannot get it to export records even in ".csv" format.
It seems that a path is not needed, as WebDirect will ignore it, and send
the file browser default download path.
I get nothing, and I get no error.

Can anyone comment, please?

Jonn Howell
DataExperience, Inc.

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Christo | 13 Nov 18:18 2014

[ANNC] How To Video: Integrating Progress Bars in FileMaker Pro 13 Solutions

How to Video: Integrate a Progress Bar into your FileMaker Pro 13 Solutions

*By Richard Carlton Consulting & Excelisys, inc.*

While developing videos for their FileMaker Pro video course ( … RCC ran into our cool FileMaker Pro 13
progress bar demo file done by Andy Persons that helps you create and
integrate a progress bar into your FileMaker Pro 13 solutions.

You can easily add a progress bar to your FileMaker Pro 13 solution by
coping and pasting a few fields and a custom function from our demo file…
watch the video to learn the tricks to this solution.

Watch the video and get the demo files
- Christo
Excelisys, Inc.
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FMPexperts <at>
Bob Patin | 13 Nov 18:16 2014

Earliest version of Mac OS X w/ FMP 13?

I have a client who’s got some users on OS X 10.4 (Tiger); will FMP 13 run on it? I know that FM’s site says
anything before 10.6 isn’t supported, but I’m wondering if it’d actually install and run.


Bob Patin
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FMPexperts <at>
Stephen Wonfor | 12 Nov 23:10 2014

OSX ScreenCapture ShellScript Question


Not sure where I found this code, but it is rather cool.  I am trying to tweak the timing of it but without
success.  Doing this in FMP13A in 10.9.5.

Perform Applescript: do shell script "screencapture -w -c"

the -c is go to clipboard, the -w is for the current window

Basically this will select the current window and ready for screen snapshot.  It waits for the user to
"click" and the image will be placed on the clipboard.
What I am trying to do is to have the screen snap take without user involvement.

I note that "-T      <seconds> Take the picture after a delay of <seconds>, default is 5." sounds like it will
fire after 5 seconds.  Doesn't seem to.  Is there any hope?

I tried  do shell script "screencapture -w -c -T" which throws this error.  "Screencapture error:  illegal
option --T"

Perform Applescript: do shell script "screencapture -w -c T" does not crash but also does not execute after
5 seconds.
Perform Applescript: do shell script "screencapture -w -c T 1" does not crash but also does not execute
after 1 seconds.
Perform Applescript: do shell script "screencapture -w -c T1" does not crash but also does not execute
after 1 seconds.

It is noted that: BUGS - Better documentation is needed for this utility.
It is notes that I am rather hopeless in the Realm of the ShellScript.
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