Scot Loomis | 19 Sep 01:33 2014

scalability of FMP WebDirect


I know that FMP will put things out on the web quickly and easily, but I
don't have any experience with what the limitations might be and how to get
around them.

If a web site becomes moderately toy heavily used, will am FMP (served with
FMS) be able to keep up or will we have to use something else?
Scot Loomis
Taos, NM
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Colm | 18 Sep 17:15 2014

GTRR with no distinct TO

Hi Experts

Scenario: I have one table, 'TableA', with layouts 'LayoutA1' and 

I am on layout 'LayoutA1'. There is a current found set of 0 records, as 
a result of an unsuccessful Find.

I go to 'LayoutA2' to do a different Find (as 'LayoutA1' doesn't have 
the necessary fields). After that, I script a GTRR to 'TableA', using 
'LayoutA1', and it finds the correct record.

Is this supposed to happen? Are there any circumstances where it won't 
work, or is it safe to rely on? If it is, it seems to me a very useful 
little trick for swapping between layouts and staying on the same 
record. In the past I've done it either by making a special TO, or else 
by using a Find.


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Stephen Wonfor | 18 Sep 01:45 2014

Is there a "Best" tool for disk repairs for OSX?


I have a failing 1 TB seagate external drive.

I have tried Disk Utility, File Salvage, TechTool Pro and Drive Genius with conflicting and, so far
unsuccessful, results.  The disk needs repair, I am sure it is all about the catalog structure file, and it
would be really great if I could pull data from it.



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Zach Fleming | 17 Sep 15:14 2014

Mapbox Experience?

Is anyone familiar with Mapbox?  Someone brought up the idea of using Mapbox instead of Google Maps, and I was
wondering if anyone has had any experience using it.  Good? Bad?   

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Simon Clement | 17 Sep 08:16 2014

Insert from URL

I have an opening script that includes an insert from URL step. When the
URL isn't reachable for whatever reason the script just hangs with limited
options to escape particularly on IOS.

Is there a way to trap for a non responding URL in some way so I can get
around this?


Simon Clement
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Bob Patin | 16 Sep 21:56 2014

Repeatable crash

I have a global field that i use for filtering a portal; the script for it is simple. 

Using an OnObjectKeystroke trigger, I run a simple script that commits the filter’s contents and then
puts the cursor back into the filter field—so far so good.

The portal’s relationship looks to this field and filters its contents accordingly. If I see the record I
want, I click on that portal row, which runs this simple script:
Set Field [ client::g_portal_switch; client_CLIENT_searchstring::__kp_clientID ] // i use this for
formatting the currently-selected portal row

Go to Related Record [ From table: “client_CLIENT_g_portal_switch”; Using layout: <Current
Layout> ] [ Show only related records ] // goes to the selected record in the same layout

The filter works great; the problem doesn’t occur until I click on a portal row, and here’s another
interesting tidbit:

If my filtering produces a single result, and then I click on the desired row (the only one in the portal), it
works fine;

If my filtering produces 2 or more, FMPA 13 crashes immediately without any warning.

I tried following the process with the Debugger, but nothing shows—the application crashes before
anything shows up in the debugger.

I tried setting a specific layout instead of <current layout> — no difference;
I tried using Debugger — shows nothing, app just crashes (Mac running Mavericks)
I tried disabling one script step at a time—first the first step, then the 2nd—crashes the same either way.
I downloaded a backup and tried the same steps on a local copy—crashes just the same on my computer when the
file is local and run with FMPA 13.
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David Cromer | 16 Sep 20:19 2014

SMTP password field

I am having trouble with the password field in the SMTP settings.

I am using the Plain Password option.

It appears that the field only accepts text in quotations, such as,
"mypassword".   I want to have the a field's contents used.
I have tried a variety of calculations to try to put the field's contents
into quotations, unsuccessfully.   This password box will only accept text
in quotations.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

This solution is in FM13 and will run on FMPGo.



David Cromer
St. Marys Jr/Sr High School
Proud Principal
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Stephen Wonfor | 16 Sep 18:35 2014

FMS11 and ESS Tables - password issues


The setup.

FMS11 running on a Windows 7 box.
SQL db linked via external dsn.

Has been working like a charm for a few months.


We had to bounce the FMServer.
After restart we are getting password challenges to link to the SQL db.
Manage-->External Data Sources-->SQL db shows the correct user name and password.
These can be copy/pasted into the password dialog that pops up when we load a layout that uses the SQL data tables.
That works.

Is there any other place that the password would be stored?



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Salman Maidan | 16 Sep 17:36 2014

Re: FMPA Updater

Thanks to you all, Problem solved.

The invoice was based on (Central European Edition _ce), but the link which
was forwarded to us was for (International Edition _ie), so the _ie was
unknowingly downloaded and installed.
Then when we came to down load the updater, we went by the invoice and
downloaded the _ce edition, which obviously conflicted with the installed
International Edition.

Thanks again for your contribution.

On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 5:39 PM, Salman Maidan <maidanss@...> wrote:

> Sorry this was not suppose to be a posting for this group. My apologies.
> On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 5:38 PM, Salman Maidan <maidanss@...> wrote:
>> Thanks, Can you send me a link, because I follow the exact table for the
>> download and this is what I get.
>> On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 5:31 PM, Darren Terry <darren_terry@...>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Salman:  it sounds to me as if you've downloaded the FMP 13.0v3
>>> updater, instead of the FMPA 13.0v3 updater. Note that the 2 products have
>>> separate updaters to download.
>>> regards,
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Christian Schmitz | 16 Sep 13:57 2014

[ANN] MBS FileMaker Plugin 4.3 for OS X/Windows - More than 2700 Functions In One Plugin

Nickenich, Germany - (September 16th, 2014) -- MonkeyBread Software today is
pleased to announce MBS FileMaker Plugin 4.3 for Mac OS X or Windows, the
latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin
currently available for FileMaker Pro. As the leading database management
solution for Windows, Mac, and the web, the FileMaker Pro Integrated
Development Environment supports a plugin architecture that can easily
extend the feature set of the application. MBS FileMaker Plugin 4.3 has
been updated and now includes over 2700 different functions, and the
versatile plugin has gained more new functions:

For Mac OS X we added new functions for the toolbars in FileMaker. We can
save and restore the current configuration of the toolbar. This way you can
show and hide toolbar buttons by script commands. For example go to a
layout where you show a print button and than move to another layout
without a print button. Next you can change the background of the toolbar
to feature an image of your choice. And finally you can even add your own
custom toolbar items which call a script when clicked. So you can use the
toolbar to navigate your solution.

With our new SendMail functions you can create emails with multiple
recipients, multiple attachments and content as html, plain or rich text.
The composed email is than delivered to the SMTP server using our existing
CURL functions.

Our barcode functions for creating barcode images now can export images as
SVG, Postscript or bitmap picture files like JPEG or PNG. We added more
options for various barcodes like the error correction level for QR Codes.

For our SQL functions to connect to other databases, we added new options
to connect to MySQL with SSL encryption. We optimized the handling of PDF
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Colm | 16 Sep 13:40 2014

looking for examples of FMP on the web

Hi Experts

Does anyone either have, or know of, any FileMaker-based websites that 
can be viewed? Preferably something with a bit of bite to it, rather 
than simple queryable (queriable?) lists.

This is to show a client who wants to know what the possibilities are 
for FileMaker on the web, using technologies like PHP and Java Script, 
rather than IWP or WebDirect, neither of which would suit his needs at 
all. This would help my chances of securing the contract considerably.

Widening this out a bit, I know that many clients will not want their 
systems available for viewing, for client confidentiality reasons and so on.

So, when asked for examples of your work, how do you respond?


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