Lorne Walton | 1 Mar 22:39 2015

"New or Open File" dialog at FMPro launch

Hi Experts. This question makes me feel like a newbie…

In previous versions of FMPro (now using 13.0v5) there was an option “Don’t show this again” that
kept that annoying dialog from popping up at launch. I don’t see it now. Is there a way to turn it off?

Why? I have a number of FMPro apps that I use on a daily or almost daily basis, and I like to launch them using a
keyboard combination. The above dialog just gets in the way.


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John Winfield | 28 Feb 19:33 2015


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Christopher Bailey | 28 Feb 00:51 2015

File recovery question

Does anyone know:

You recover a file (for sake of example, with no advanced options), and let
us say the file had some "data corruption" --- schema and layouts and
scripts are fine --- but there were some indexing problems.

At the end of the recover, would it report problems in this case?  Or,
might it say the usual happy "recover built a new database without
detecting any problems   [. . . . . . . ]  Field indices:  rebuilt".

Does the closing remark "field indices rebuilt" include situation(s) where
the field indices might have been broken?  Or would you see a warning in
that case?  (like "Field indices had problems and were rebuild") ?

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Checking for multiple errors in a script

I should know this, but I do not:

How do I flush errors in a script, such that each time I check for errors in
one same script, I catch whether the LAST STEP I just performed threw an

It seems not enough to catch "Get ( LastError )", as that may have been


Jonn Howell
DataExperience, Inc.

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Kent Searight | 27 Feb 22:32 2015

Re: Primer for Window Controls in Windows

Great tip on how to un-maximize a window on Windows. I’ll definitely be putting it to good use.


Kent Searight
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> Subject: Re: Primer for Window Controls in Windows
> Would be cool to have a debugger status function (hello plugin authors?).
> But there are times debugging when I'd want to see those utility
> windows, and other times I wouldn't. So for me, the global variable or
> modifier key methods are ultimately more useful.
> By the way, I don't think anyone's mentioned, a simple and reliable
> way to un-maximize a Windows window is:
> Move/Resize Window[ Get(WindowWidth) ]
> On a Mac, this leaves your window as is. On Windows, it will make the
> window one pixel narrower. So there is a perceptible change to the
> user, but it's about as minimal as you can make it.
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Alexey Dubov | 27 Feb 20:25 2015

FileMaker Go and Push Notifications

Hi all,

This video is showing my progress with integration Push Notification Service with FileMaker Go:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnvPMx0Ndtc <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnvPMx0Ndtc>
It was done for my clients In-House project.
If you have some questions/ideas, please email me:
a.dubov@... <mailto:a.dubov@...>

Best regards,
Oleksiy Dubov

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dealTek | 26 Feb 20:56 2015

fmp v13 not remembering local file login & pass info

new macbook pro retina w 10.10 xxx???

fmp v13 not remembering local file login & pass info on a mac even when you check = remember pass in keychain

Q: how to get this working in mac yosemite?

Richard DeShong | 25 Feb 20:12 2015

Stutter apologies

Apologies for the duplicate emails.  Not seeing this when I send to other
people (I'm going to do more testing).
Jay Gonzales | 25 Feb 19:16 2015

Re: [ANN] MBS FileMaker Plugin 5.0 for OS X/Windows - More than 3000 Functions In One Plugin

I thought John’s comment was softly worded. And open to debate.

And since I’m practicing limerick writing for St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll share this:

There once was a comment pedantic,
That disgruntled with it’s aim semantic.
At the risk of recursion,
I’ll chime in that I don’t mind this discursion,
But perhaps I am just a romantic.

On a more useful note...

The idea that MBS FM Plug-in is built “from other libraries” supports the notion that this product is
based on established code. To me, that’s a good thing. And a slightly better hedge against the “hit by a
bus” question that started this sub-threaddit.

Some of our developers use the MBS Plug-in quite frequently, and love it. We were just discussing something
similar to Diego’s use for SQL. Here’s what two of our developers had to say:

“[The MBS FileMaker Plug-in] has been working fantastically in conjunction with ESS, querying MySQL
tables with between 100k and 2m records and returning results in under a second.”


> Um, okay, Mr. Pedant, I fail to see how this "enlightenment" applies to any comments in this thread?!
> Instead of pedantries I only hear disgruntalties ( I may have just made up this word... :)
> Is this the beginning of a gripe towards this plug-in or it's developer?
> The other posts have been rather complementary.
> Leland Long
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Kevin Frank | 25 Feb 16:50 2015

[FileMaker Hacks] Interview with Ray Cologon

An in-depth conversation with Dr. Ray Cologon re: his upcoming FileMaker 
Master Classes.


Kevin Frank & Associates
FileMaker 7/8/9/10/11/12/13 Certified Developer
blog: www.filemakerhacks.com
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Simon Clement | 25 Feb 00:30 2015

Reset a password for a user

Dear Team

I would like to be able for a user to have the option to send an email to
an email address, that they previously specified in security preferences,
containing an access password  for occasions when they have lost or
forgotten their own access password.

Note: Access password in this case is a secondary level password hidden in
a text field, not a FileMaker Pro file access password.

I obviously can't use the user's email client as who ever makes the request
will see the generated email. I realise the answer lies in using a SMPT
setup to generate and send the email covertly.

However I am getting no where in searching for a way to do this for the
many users using my runtime solution in many different locations.

Can anyone please point me to a method or a service or a workaround that
would allow this?

Thank you!


Simon Clement
Arawak Database Solutions
27 Osborne Drive
Mt. Martha 3934
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