Scott Davis | 18 Apr 23:30 2014

Export data question


I’m exporting a field with hat sizes that are entered from radio buttons, and the buttons have a value of "7
1/2” for example.  It is a number field.

I store it as a variable and then set a field on a different layout with the value of the variable.

Why does it lose the formatting?

FileMaker Advanced 13, Apple Mavericks.

Scott R. Davis

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Who has the skinny on the FMP13 tooltip bug "</br>" appearing?

I thought I saw a thread on this:

Who has the skinny on the FMP13 tooltip bug "</br>" appearing?
WebDirect renders this when there are coded carriage returns.

Can anyone comment, please?

Jonn Howell
DataExperience, Inc.

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BEVERLY VOTH | 17 Apr 17:51 2014

[xpost]: FileMaker and SendGrid integration, any experience?

Using SendGrid <> to send mass email. What methods have you used if yes to the topic:
Plug-in, web services (with or without plug-in), ftp, or PHP/web or ?? to connect with FileMaker contact
data (send and receive).

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Dan Weiss | 17 Apr 17:23 2014

XPOST: WebDirect Method For Passing Account Name and Password

In IWP there was a method of passing the username and password in the URL string.  I realize this is a security
issue but for environments which are shared resources and security is not a great concern having this
method was critical in IWP.  No one is aware of a similar method in WebDirect.  Can anyone provide any help on
this ? Thanks!

Dan Weiss
Adatasol Custom Database Solutions
23810 East Baintree
Beachwood, OH 44122

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Paul Sandwijk | 17 Apr 12:52 2014

Configuring ODBC

Hi experts,

OSX 10.9.2
FMPA 11.0v4
ODBC Manager 1.0.12

For the first time I need to connect to an external MySQL database, so 
I've installed the ODBC driver for FMP 11 and downloaded ODBC Manager.
Then setting up a new system-DSN in the ODBC Manager, I enter all 
necessary credentials (IP address, name db, login, etc).
But when I run a test in ODBC Manager, I always get the message: 
"Communication Link failure."

Doesn't matter if I want to connect to an external db, or to my localhost.
There's no firewall active.

I have no clue where to look for a solution.
Anyone a hint?

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csinfo | 17 Apr 01:52 2014

Text delay issue after an FM v11 to FMv12 conversion

I have a customer that we just got done converting 20 databases from v11 to
v12 and have them hosted on a v12 server.
The odd behavior is when typing in a field there is a delay from key to key,
like the screen has to catch up to the keyboard. This only happens on the
largest database file 27k records and only when in browse mode. The fields
are indexed (but this should not matter when entering data) There are no
trigger scripts or formatting going on, just a plain old text fields.
Has anybody seen this before?
As a test, I created a new layout in FM12 with the default style and this
still happens.

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G. Pupita | 16 Apr 09:52 2014

IWP search error

Hello --

I'm trying to set up a search routine in FMP12 using Instant Web publishing, and failing

The script is stupid simple
Perform Script [ “Clear some global fields” ]
Set Field [ Globals::gLayout; Get ( LayoutName ) ]
Go to Layout [ "the search layout" ]
Set Field [ Globals::gR; 1 ]
Enter Find Mode [Pause]

The search layout is never reached: a scroll bar appears for a moment on the right side, but the user gets
stuck in the list layout he started from
The script obviously works in FM Desktop
I've checked permissions, and the search layout is accessible, the table has custom view permissions, the
script is among the executable ones
I've added a step to capture the last error following the last step, but no error gets returned

I've also tried with
Enter Find Mode []
Pause [Indefinitely]
to no avail

Finally I tried to switch on the run with full access privileges option, also to no avail

I fear it's a bug, which would force me to re-do the whole thing, but I'd like to hear comments and possibly
suggestions :)


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Simon Clement | 16 Apr 07:58 2014

Subject: Re: Database Security

You can go crazy trying to chase down all the exceptions that come with tracking how many days have

Using php and a webview to display the current date that you can use to populate a date field is useful though.

I also include a counter that increments each time the file is opened in demo mode with a script that warns the
user then quits when a predetermined number has been reached. This way, no matter what, a time will come
when the trial will expire.



Simon Clement
Arawak Database Solutions
27 Osborne Drive
Mt. Martha 3934

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> You could make it a little harder to defeat via clock reset by storing
> two fields:
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David Thorp | 16 Apr 02:00 2014

Help writing FM plugins

Hi all,

Writing this on behalf of a friend of mine who's having trouble subscribing to this list.  Hopefully he'll
have that sorted out in due course, but in the meantime, here's what he's looking for... (and I'll admit I
have my own curiosity about these questions too)...

He (and I too for that matter) seems to recall there was an email list around somewhere, like this fmpexperts
one, but specifically targeted at people trying to write FileMaker plugins, but neither of us can seem to
find any record of it now.  Does anyone have any idea what we're talking about?

On a more general note, he's having a hard time finding any decent documentation on the FileMaker plugin
API.  He's a decent C++ programmer, recent computer science graduate, and knows the basics of using
FileMaker itself, but there appear to be some things specific to the FileMaker Plugin API, such as the
fmx:: namespace, and various C++ functions available within the API including a FileMakerEvaluate ( ...
) function or something like that.

He's had a good look through the 24U plugin template, and accompanying documentation, and that has some
good step by step guides to it, but doesn't seem to really document the API itself (ie. the namespace and
functions as described above) - although he welcomes the possibility that he's missing something. 

Does anyone here have any ideas about where this stuff is documented or where he can get the kind of help that
will comprehensively explain it all?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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Brent Hedden | 15 Apr 23:33 2014

Autosizing, layout parts, and webdirect

Greeting Experts!
I'm working on a project that will use Webdirect, and I wanted to attempt to format it for a few different
screen sizes.

A few questions concerning this -

1) Can one autosize a layout part?  It appears that you can only autosize objects.
2) Is there a way to mimic the autosizing feature when used with Webdirect?  Similar to responsive web design
and/or relative width.  For the most part, I don't want white space if the window is sized larger.
3) What would be a 'better' way to detect the screen size (and take appropriate action) when using
Webdirect?  I was considering using OnLayoutEnter trigger?

Any help/advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated!

Brent Hedden | FileMaker Developer
P: 858.451.2383 x179
Brent.Hedden@... |


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Ken Newell | 15 Apr 17:55 2014

Custom Menu Question

I’ve been poking around without any luck on a custom menu question on Mac.  I would like to create a menu for
navigating to various windows.  The standard Windows Menu looks something like this where List Of windows
shows the various windows with a check mark next to the active window and the user can select a window to view.

New Window,
Show Window >
Hide Window
Minimize Window  cmd M
Tile Horizontally
Tile Vertically
Cascade Windows
Bring All To Front
List of Windows

What I would like to create is a Window menu that does not contain anything other than a list of the windows so
the user can select a window to go to.

It appears to menu that I can not dup the Windows Menu and delete the items that I don’t want.

Ken Newell

(858) 822-4348

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