David Cromer | 30 Sep 02:07 2014

Email Script Help.... please

I am running this on Filemaker 12 with FMP12 Server hosting.

This script is emailing just fine, but it is not attaching my file, and I
can't figure out what is wrong.   I get a warning that the file Behavior
Referral.pdf cannot be saved...

Set Variable [$Filename;Value:"Behavior Referral.pdf"]
Go to Layout [ the layout I want to save as pdf]
Save Records as PDF [Restore;No dialog;"$Filename";Current record]
Set Variable [$PDFPath;Value:Get (DocumentsPath ) & $Filename]
Send Mail [Send via SMTP Server;No Dialog; To: "my email address"; Subject:
"blah-blah"; Message: "Blah"; "Behavior Referral.pdf"]

I would like for the PDF to be saved on the users desktop.
The more specific your help, the better I can follow along.

Thanks much

Oh... and how does one respond to those that help me on this list?   Do I
just copy/paste the subject line?



David Cromer
St. Marys Jr/Sr High School
Proud Principal
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Kent Searight | 27 Sep 02:12 2014

Re: Server-side file import is stuck, not giving any error(s)


Something else you might want to try is opening the Excel file and doing a “Save As”, and then import the
newly saved file. I’ve found this to occasionally (and mysteriously) fix import issues with Excel
files. This might at least address a short term fix.

The suggestion by Christopher of avoiding .xls and .xlsx type files is really your best long term solution.

Lastly, you mention you’re hosting on Windows 2012 Server. Is it the R2 version? I’ve done testing with
FMS 13 on it and found that the script engine in FMS 13 ran amok on the R2 version on a server side script we were
trying to run. It required us to stop and restart the script engine with the command line every time it did
it. I should add that Windows 2012 R2 is NOT supported by FMI.

3rd Rock Data, Inc.

On Sep 26, 2014, at 4:29 PM, fmpexperts-request@... wrote:

> From: Christopher Bailey <chris@...>
> Subject: Re: Server-side file import is stuck, not giving any error(s)
> Date: September 26, 2014 at 3:37:42 PM PDT
> To: "fmpexperts@..." <fmpexperts@...>
> Reply-To: fmpexperts@...
> I guess the option is out, but if I were going to ask for a different file
> type, my golden rule for any time anyone is sending me something to import:
> ask for CSV.    Avoid XLS,  or even XLSX, whenever humanly possible.
> There are always problems.
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Brent Hedden | 26 Sep 21:57 2014

Server-side file import is stuck, not giving any error(s)

Now this is a real head-scratcher that I've been trying to diagnose for the past few hours.

FMS on a virtual Windows Server 2012 machine

I've got a certain process that will import XLS files on a FM server.  99% of the time importing works great.  On
occasion, it won't import a file, and the virtual client that was setup to process never goes away (logs
out).  The logs/errors show nothing - it's literally just hanging there at the Import File script step. It
doesn't appear to execute the Import line, as I see no increase in records when I monitor the table from
another user connection.   Doesn't matter if it's using PSOS or a Server-Side Script.  The user doesn't show
as using any resources according to the statistics, but other real users notice a slowdown when this
happens.  The only way to remedy this for now is to restart the FMSE service through the command line.  I see
nothing unusual with the XLS file, and even if th
 ere was, FM import has always thrown an error code.  I am able to import the file from a client connection, so
this is limited to the FMSE service.

This isn't just one file that I've noticed it with, but all of the problem ones have been XLS type.

I suspect this is a bug with FileMaker Server, but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue? 
If someone has a sandbox server that they can test this situation out with, I can provide the file that I'm
attempting to import

Thanks for any insight into this!

Brent Hedden | FileMaker Developer
P: 858.451.2383 x179
Brent.Hedden@... | www.nth.com


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Dan Weiss | 26 Sep 18:53 2014

Seure File Storage File Quantity

Does anyone have any idea how many secure folders are created for each container stored?  We have one
container field in our solution that is stored externally secure.  With 630 files stored, we have over
10,000 files / folders within the secure folder.  I have real concerns about backing up over time as we add
more and more containers.  Any comments appreciated.

Dan Weiss
Adatasol Custom Database Solutions
23810 East Baintree
Beachwood, OH 44122

Phone (440) 338-6874
Sales (800) 783-3346
AIM or SKYPE: adatasol

FileMaker Business Alliance Member
Adatasol FileMaker PodCast: http://podcast.adatasol.com

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Colm | 26 Sep 16:22 2014

a general question about naming things

Hi Experts

My question is not so much about naming conventions, as I'm sure there 
are at least several models, but what to actually call things within 
those structures.

Here's an example: I was working on data entry layouts and scripts to 
add new a record and to update an existing one. I realised that with a 
parameter or two, I could use the same script for both. The question was 
what to call it? I couldn't use 'Update', 'Amend' or 'Edit' or anything 
similar, because they all imply pre-existence, which doesn't apply to 
creating a new record. And 'CreateOrUpdate' or similar would be far too 

In the end, I decided on 'Action', which worked fine. Once I had that, 
everything else dropped into place.

Quite a trite example, I know, but it often seems to me that naming 
things 'properly' (by which I mean capturing their essence uniquely and 
untautologically) can be a very importance influence on a project.

There have been times when I've stared at pages of drawings of tables 
and relationships for ages, until I've realised that unintentionally 
I've given something the 'wrong' name, and nothing makes sense. Then I 
have a brainwave, and realise what it *should* be called, and everything 
comes together.

It may seem a somewhat more intuitive and less 'rational' approach, but 
it often works for me. Any thoughts on this gratefully appreciated.

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Zach Fleming | 26 Sep 15:15 2014

Best Map for FileMaker

What is the best map API for filemaker?  The solution we are working on is a FileMaker GO app. We have some
features we need it to be able to do.

1.  The map needs to get your current location, and mark it with a pin.
2.  Ability to move the pin marker (this would update the coordinates).
3.  Ability to scale to the size of the iPad both portrait and landscape.
4.  Ability to add layers.

Any ideas?

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Erratic Tool Tips in WebDirect

I am experiencing that tool tips often fail to appear on complex layouts in

This often happens on layouts with many objects, especially with filed
labels (text on screen) and seems to be universal with non-native FileMaker
images used as buttons. The behavior is inconsistent.

Can anyone comment please?


Jonn Howell

DataExperience, Inc.

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Stephen Wonfor | 24 Sep 23:41 2014

FMS13 Disconnects - Another space oddity...


Back in March I was having issues with a client setup (FMS13 on new MacMini) - clients were getting
disconnected without reason.  Server set to allow indefinite connections.  Apple provided a duplicate
Mini which replicated the issue.  Client got a MacPro and the issue has been reduced to every now and then but manageable.

So I am at another client location - 3 year old MacMini and FMS 13.  We get dropped once or twice an hour - even
right in the middle of typing...so we are hardly idle.

When I run IP Scanner (a great app) right after a disconnect I sometimes see the server IP, sometimes not.
The server also disappears as a shared drive, screen sharing fails.
We have tried another network connection.

This is a bit of a reach but...could FMServer 13 impact the machine IP address or network connections?  Seems
absurd, but client has insisted I ask.
Also, since the IP of the server is manually set might there be an issue with the router on that specific port? 
Seems absurd, but client has insisted I ask.



"In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd." ~Miguel de Cervantes
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Reimer Gary | 24 Sep 20:05 2014

trying to make a sql query to calculate a sum

Hello everyone;

I'm trying to do an executeSQL which does a select on a grand total from an order file for a specified customer
account. I can get it to list all the grand totals for all the customers orders, but when I add in the SUM
keyword I only get "?".

Here's an example that works:
Let (
$sqlQuery = " SELECT \"grand total\"     
FROM orders
    WHERE \"contact id\" = 23237 " ;
ExecuteSQL ( $sqlQuery ; "" ; "" )

Then I try this which gives me "?".:
Let (
$sqlQuery = " SELECT SUM( \"grand total\" )
    FROM orders
    WHERE \"contact id\" = 23237 " ;
ExecuteSQL ( $sqlQuery ; "" ; "" )

Could someone tell me where I'm going wrong?


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Colm | 24 Sep 13:49 2014

comparing two value lists

Hi Experts

The recent discussion about FilterValues, PatternCount, etc., has 
prompted me to ask a question about comparing value lists.

I have a solution with a search function which creates various value 
list variables of keys. One of the things it has is an 'And/Or' button. 
If it's set to 'And', I need to find values that are in both/all lists, 
and if it's set to 'Or' I need to find values that are in either/any 
list. (There could be up to 12 value list variables to check for 'And' 
or 'Or'.)

I have some scripts which perform these functions very nicely (two value 
lists at a time), but I'm wondering if there's not a simpler, and 
potentially faster, way of achieving it?


FMPexperts mailing list

Stan Millar | 24 Sep 02:27 2014

restrict a user to a single login instance

Hi all

I have a client whose staff log in to a database externally served by

This client has a number of users and pays for the access for each user.
This client is not being entirely honest with me and is sharing credentials
between a number of users.

I want to come up with a reliable way of restricting each set of
credentials to a single login instance.

A complication is that this client has a very unreliable internet
connection and can drop off the server at various times, sometimes several
times each day. The server sends me an email each time this happens.

I thought of using a session table to restrict each user to one instance
but this would fail if they dropped off and the session record was not
closed off. I could manually close off the user record when I receive an
email but that is not always practical and often they log back in before I
receive the email.

I have considered recording the user credentials and the NIC address of the
computer used for that login and then comparing that data when they logged
in again. If the session record is still active and it is a different NIC
with the same credentials, then disallow the login, but if it is the same
NIC then allow the login. AFAIK the users always use their assigned
computer, so there is little likelihood that a user would try a different
one to login if they dropped off.

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