John Marquardt | 22 Jul 19:56 2014

Re: FMPexperts Digest, Vol 77, Issue 43

Hi Mike,
Since you stated that there were recent changes to the network/SAN.
Check with the network admin to make sure the Filemaker Servers
are on the same subnet as the clients. If they aren¹t, you won¹t see
them by default in the ³Open Remote² dialog. You¹ll have to Add them
using ³Favorite Hosts² where you can add the correct IP or DNS name. Once
that¹s been added, a user clicks on the appropriate server and the list
of databases will appear.

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>John - thanks for the detailed response.
>It's a mixture of Windows & Mac (I use Windows).  I can't see Bonjour in
>Task Manager, but I've just restarted the FP13 server (via the consolde)
>and it immediately appeared in the open remote dialogue, so I assume
>Bonjour is still ok.
>The workaround I've been using for those users who are accustomed to
>accessing files via open remote is to get them to paste in the network
>file path.  Fortunately that does work.
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Stephen Wonfor | 22 Jul 19:20 2014

SQL and FMP11 - swapping table DSN question...


We have FMServer 11 with a db tapping into a mYSQL system. 
I have Filemaker aimed at a particular DSN. eg.  DSN1.
The SQL coders have loaded data into a separate but identical group of tables - DSN2.
Can I just go into the relationship graph and change the source DSN for the tables I have been working on?  eg.
point at DSN2 instead of DSN1?



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Simon Clement | 21 Jul 14:42 2014

Objects and tab panels

Having the same object appear within a number of different tabs in the same tab panel usually means a lot of
copying and pasting.

Here's an alternative.

Create a layout and add a tab panel with at least two tabs.

Place an object onto the layout, be-it a text field a button or a graphic, so that it lies outside the tab panel.

Use the inspector to alter the position of the object by adjusting the position controls so it now falls
within the tab area.

Move between tabs and note how the object appears within all tabs.

Give the object a name and the name is preserved within all tabs. Change any parameters of the object and they
change under all tabs so it's acting very much as a single item.

Delete the object from one tab and it disappears from all tabs.

But move the object at all by dragging and it will no longer appear in any tab but the current one.

This is useful but unexpected.

Is it a feature or a bug?

FMP Advanced 13 MAC OS X 10.9.3


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dealTek | 20 Jul 19:52 2014

CWP oddities with Server 13?

Hi all,

I'm having some trouble trying to use CWP to connect to FileMaker 13 server.

I have done this ok with FMS 11 but 13 is giving me issues.

I tried the simple demo file FMServer_Sample - created a user and pass with basically full permissions and
fmphp privileges etc.

created a simple layout with some fields including 'Status'

did a basic search  on that layout and get errors like:

Error: Field is missing

and other issues

As a test I put the same demo but v11 file on a fms11 server and no problems....

Is there something odd with FM 13 and server and web php publishing?

Ben Levitan | 19 Jul 20:35 2014

Pulling HTML Code from Webviewer

Well, it's working great but how did I do it?

I have a script that pulls data from an HTML page from WebViewer.  I use  GetLayoutObjectAttribute (
"MyWebViewer" ; "Content" ) to set a global field with the HTML code from Webviewer and then I pull the data I
need from there.

I've got a need to do this again, but can't seem to reproduce this.  
In my previous solution the Webviewer is showing my data as HTML code.  That's what I want.

In my new solution, the Webviewer is showing my data rendered as an HTLM page. When I use
GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "MyWebViewer" ; "Content" ) on that Webviewer I get nothing.  

How do I control if the Webviewer shows content as HTML or rendered?  Or is it something else?

Thanks in advance, Experts.

Ben Levitan 

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Hans Gunnarsson | 18 Jul 16:48 2014

Filemaker and Google calendar

I would like to have FM interact with Google calendars…

Can anyone point me at something to read so I can figure out what is viable to do and how to do it?

I'm thinking, for starters, to simply display already existing calendars in a web viewer window.
Then have a script in Filemaker display, in the web viewer, the proper calendar depending on the record
being viewed in FM.
Intertwining what people are already using to a FM system they are building.

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Hans Gunnarsson | 18 Jul 16:12 2014

Writing generic scripts?

I'm wondering if it is a viable option to write generic scripts in FM?
And I'm wondering on how to create code that does not break if the names of fields or layouts change?

Do we know of any reading material that might help me in my quest?

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Keith M. Rettig | 18 Jul 06:44 2014

EMV Terminals

Has anybody found any success in finding any of the EMV terminals (chip and PIN card readers) that work with
FMPro on a Mac?
Given the prevalence of the chip credit cards in Europe, I am really hoping someone there has figured this
out already. . .
I would love to get ahead of the forthcoming PCI/DSS requirements.

Thanks for any leads,
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Bob Patin | 17 Jul 18:58 2014

Client needing more copies of FMP 11... source?

I have a client using FMP 11 who doesn’t want to upgrade all her existing licenses to FMP 13; does anyone
have a source for copies of FMP 11 (10 would do as well)? I looked on eBay, found very little there, saw a
couple of copies on Amazon, but am hoping someone has a better suggestion.

I don’t believe FMI will sell FMP 11 anymore; someone correct me if that’s not true.


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Steve Cassidy | 17 Jul 08:51 2014

Open Remote problem, .fp7

Hi all

Database (50+ files) hosted on a Mac Mini (not sure of exact OS at this moment) using FMS10.

Dynamic IP address, resolved using DynDNS.

I'm on the other side of the world. Sometimes I can use Open Remote (FMP10, FMP11) to open the database; I get a
list of all available files as expected. Everyone is happy.

Other times, seemingly at random, I cannot use Open Remote – it's as if there's no FMS at that address.

Ah, you say, it's a DynDNS problem.... We've been assuming that for months...

OK, so I check the IP address returned by DynDNS (and try using that instead in Open Remote). Nothing.

Time difference permitting, I contact the FMS admin who is 8 hours ahead of me. She tries Open Remote (from a
location within a few tens of km from the server) and has no problems. She can use the DynDNS domain or the IP
address that is not working for me.

Often, though this is hard to verify because of time difference issues (like me being in bed), it seems that
her act of doing Open Remote changes something – and suddenly all is right for me again.

Having read of other people with SSL certificate problems, I wondered if this might also be similar. But
no-one has mentioned the kind of random on/off situation that I see. It feels more like some kind of
sleep/wake or idle problem, but I can't imagine where/how.

This is seriously hampering our workflow.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Am I overlooking something obvious?

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PSoS - Failure on SMTP Email & Custom Functions

Folks, Who's got the link to the most thorough PSoS (Perform Script on
Server) guide?

I have failure issues:

1. PSoS - Failure on SMTP Email
2. PSoS - Custom Functions


Jonn Howell
DataExperience, Inc.

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