Kevin Frank | 27 Jun 01:21 2016

[FileMaker Hacks] Virtual List Reporting, part 2

> Welcome back for the second and concluding installment in our 
> exploration of Virtual List Reporting (a.k.a. VLR)... to briefly 
> recap, here are some benefits of VLR:
>   * Flexible framework accommodates complex reporting challenges
>   * Fast performance
>   * No need to tamper with schema in your data tables or on the
>     relationships graph
>   * Unlike traditional FM reports, you can easily combine data from
>     unrelated tables
>   * Under certain circumstances, VLRs can be much faster to develop
>     than traditional FM reports

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Is this what is expected?

Hi all,

I am using FileMaker version 14.0.6

I noticed something odd - I need some clarification,

I Created a simple file with zero records and just 2 fields:

txt1 = text  (global)
content  = "test"

calc1 = text calc (global)
contents = "sometext " & txt1 & " moretext"

issue: if I update the calc options in field definitions:

with 0 records: the calc is *NOT* auto updated on the layout (it DOES update if I alter txt1 contents)

with 1 or more records: the calc *IS* auto updated on the layout

after I alter the calc, I would expect to see the layout calc field update. Am I incorrect in assuming this?

Is this the expected behavior?

John May | 24 Jun 22:07 2016

[ANN] Point In Space Announces FileMaker Pro 15 Hosting Information



CARRBORO, NC, June 24, 2016 - Point In Space Internet Solutions today 
released information regarding hosting FileMaker Pro 15 databases on 
their services.

"FileMaker 15 provides many updates to the FileMaker product line, 
including new functions, improved scripting and enhanced security" says 
John May, Point In Space's President.

Current Point In Space customers should contact the company directly 
regarding details on migrating from previous FileMaker versions.

For complete details on Point In Space's FileMaker Pro 15 hosting, visit

About Point In Space Internet Solutions

Point In Space Internet Solutions is a North Carolina based company 
specializing in FileMaker Pro, MySQL, PHP, Lasso Professional, Web, 
E-Mail, Listserv and FTP hosting solutions.

For more information, visit Point In Space's web site at , or contact them at info@... 
or (800) 664-8610.

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Portal Tool main row Color?

Hi all,

FM 14..

Is there a way to color the body row of the portal - so the main background is not white?

when I click on portal then in appearance graphic fill I can change colors - but nothing happens...

Marc Berezin | 23 Jun 20:56 2016

looping print script hangs

Hi Experts,

FMP v12, Windows 7, as a client of FM Server 12.

I have a script to batch print a form that does the following:

1. Find records.
2. Goto first record
2. Loop:
	a. GTRR 
	b. Print a form from this table.
	c. Back to original found set.
	d. Goto next record (exit after last)

The found set is usually 30-50 records, and for each, the related records from which the form prints consist
of 4-10 records. After printing two (or a few more) of these forms, the process hangs; user gets the blue
swirly guy. User has to use Task Manager to force-quit Filemaker, at which time it displays “Filemaker
Pro is Not Responding”. It’s such a simple script, and I don’t know why it’s doing this!

Thanks for any suggestions!
Marc Berezin
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Zach Fleming | 23 Jun 15:39 2016

Hosted Files Unavailable

We're using FMS14 for Windows... I tried to access our hosted files via FMGO on iPad, but unfortunately it
says "No Files Available".  Typically when this happens, we restart the server computer and everything
works. Not so fortunate today. Any ideas?

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Stephen Wonfor | 22 Jun 22:23 2016

ESS datatype issue


I have an FMP11 database linked to external ESS tables (SQL).
There are two fields - each in a different external table - that show <No Access>.
When I examine the external tables I note that both fields show a datatype of “Unknown”.
The SQL dev’s assure me that this is not the case.  ie.  they are “known”.
I can access all the other fields without issue.
I have resynced the tables - same issue.



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Christian Schmitz | 22 Jun 13:40 2016

[ANN] MBS FileMaker iOS SDK Extension 0.2

Nickenich, Germany - (June 22nd, 2016) -- MonkeyBread Software today is
pleased to announce MBS FileMaker iOS SDK Extension 0.2, the first
extension available for FileMaker's iOS SDK used to create branded iOS apps
based on FileMaker Go.

Currently we have no plugin SDK for FileMaker iOS SDK or FileMaker Go, so
we can't port our MBS FileMaker Plugin with over 4000 functions to iOS. But
we created a different way to add a few useful functions for iOS SDK. The
result is this new library for you!

Version 0.2 adds 5 more commands for writing a file, deleting a file, doing
activities to block display sleep and check network availability.

By installing our library into your iOS app, you can now use nine commands:

version: Shows version of the extension.
events.authorize: Asks iOS for permissions to access calendars.
events.newevent: Creates a new calendar event for the calendar on iOS.
events.newreminder: Creates a new reminder.
activity.begin: Start activity and disable display sleep.
activity.end: End activity.
Files.WriteTextFile: Write text file in UTF-8
Files.DeleteFile: Delete a file.
Network.Available: Check if we have Wifi, Cellular or no network available.

We may add more commands in the future based on feedback of users.
So far this works fine for creating events/reminders in our iOS SDK based solutions.

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Gary Reimer | 21 Jun 20:59 2016

Any known problem with Webviewer in a popover?


Have there been any issues reported with webviewers in popovers as compared to the same webviewer on a layout.

Recently I made some changes to my solution. To process credit card transactions I had a layout with a
webviewer that linked to the Moneris website. As a part of some other improvements to my solution I changed
the window to a popover on the Order layout using a go to object to open the popover. I assigned a script
trigger to the popover to block popover closure except for clicking a Close button. 

The user process is to open the payment popover, manually log into Moneris in the webviewer, manually enter
the payment transaction details and click the "process transaction" button on the Moneris website. Now I
have received a report from one of my operators that sometimes (3 times so far in the past week) when she
clicks the process transaction button, she is immediately logged out of her Moneris account and the
transaction has not been processed.

I'm using FileMaker Pro 13 on a Mac OS X (macOS) 10.10.

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Bob Patin | 21 Jun 20:08 2016

Any speed issues accessing databases on FMS14 with FMP12 client

I have a client who asked that question... to my knowledge there aren't any speed issues, but there was a WAN
improvement with v13 and then again with v14, is that correct?

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Hans Gunnarsson | 21 Jun 11:38 2016

[XPOST] Filemaker and SOAP

Hello everyone...

I have discussed this earlier on the chat but now I need to check if anything new has happened on this front...

I’m looking into the creation of a “realtime” invoicing system that fetches information from the
same service I was trying to connect to when I first looked into this.

At that time I and another developer over here looked at a few solutions.
The MBS plugin, which my colleges did not get to work.
The BE plugin which I didn’t get to work
The Scriptmaster framework which we got to work by creating a set of Java functionality to translate the
packages from one form to the other and back. The problem with using Scriptmaster was that the Mac kept
asking for Java 6 while the libraries used needed Java 7 or newer.

So we ended up creating a standalone gateway service which is running on a virtual machine.

Then everyone using FM and needing to connect to the service in question was able to do so using this gateway.


Now we need to expand on this service so I would like to ask:

"Is using a gateway, like we did, still the proper way to go or is there some new software or new methods we
should be looking into?"

Kind regards


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