Reimer Gary | 27 Jan 22:36 2015

Trying to build a search criteria

Hello experts;

I have a solution that relates Contacts to sales opportunities for these contacts. Any orders created are
linked to their originating opportunity as well as the contact. Contacts have a Customer type and a
category code assigned to them. 

I have been asked to create an Opportunity report that will will included opportunities that match the
following criteria:

All opportunities:
whose status is "OPEN"
were created by a specified staff member
are NOT associated with Contacts 
	who have both ( a customer type of " Wholesale" and 
	are not assigned a category of "Printer")

My algorithm is:
Step 1:
Find all Opportunities that are Open and created by the specified staff member.
Step 2: 
Omit all Opportunities linked to a Wholesale Contact
Step 3: 
Extend the found set to include Opportunities that are linked to Contacts that are both Wholesale and
Printers. However I also include the criteria that the Opportunity must also be Open and was created by the
staff member so as to only extend Opportunities that also match the criteria in Step 1.

What I came up with was a script which includes the following:

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Ben Levitan | 26 Jan 06:22 2015

Get 3rd portal valueWe

We've discussed this before but age and brain cell loss...

I want to get the third (or nth) related record.  GetRepetition doesn't work.  I'm using "Go To Portal Row" and
Copy / Paste as my work around, but I'd like something cleaner.  Even better if I don't have to have the portal
on the layout at all.  Thanks!

With age, memory is the second thing to go.

Ben _____

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Peter Hinchliffe | 26 Jan 05:32 2015

Playing video content in WebDirect

I am working on a project in which I need to be able to play video content in a container field in WebDrect. It
all works perfectly on the desktop, but there is a problem when viewed on the web however, in that I can't get
the movies to play. I've followed all the rules and even gone back to basics: they are locally stored, they
are in .mp4 format, and the container fields are set as interactive. The server is also set to allow
progressive download. All of this set, but I still can't get them to play. All I get is a QuickTime Icon
displaying in the contianer filed space, usually with an iverlayed Question Mark. It's also  possible to
drag a movie directly into the container field in a browser, but it still doesn't help. 

OTOH, file attachments work fine. They can be downloaded and dealt with just as on the desktop. There must be
an answer, since all the documentation states that the movies should work fine, and it's difficult to find
any mention of others having similar problems. 

Can anyone on the list shed any light on this for me? Filemaker 13 Server and clients on Mac OS X. 

Peter Hinchliffe        Apwin Computer Services
FileMaker Pro Solutions Developer
Perth, Western Australia
Phone (618) 9332 6482    Mob 0403 046 948
Mac because I prefer it -- Windows because I have to.

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J Hall | 26 Jan 04:05 2015

Server Issues

So I’m getting Error 508 on my Laptop every time I reboot my laptop. I go in to server admin and put the same
License key in and update the key and everything starts back up fine. But why is it giving me the error. Oh,
And my laptop is currently the ONLY computer on the network.

J. Hall
Cell/Text/iMessage: 936-443-7653
Twitter: Egonj

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FMPexperts <at>

Best printer driver for Okidata ML320 tractor feed printer for FMP13

Anyone suggest the best printer driver?

>>> Okidata ML320 tractor feed printer for FMP13

I am getting page shifting on a FileMaker 13 system, recently converted from
FMP5 to FMP13, no changes. We are printing single page portrait invoices.
There is not sliding going on, and no page breaks but fields shift To a
second page, with no apparent reason. Margins all set now to 6.0 pt.


Jonn Howell
DataExperience, Inc.
FileMaker 13 Certified Developer
dba Bootcamp for FileMaker

Live life in excellence
Neither Renunciation nor Acquiescence

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Bob Patin | 24 Jan 16:52 2015

Problem deploying WPE with FM 13 Server & Mtn. Lion

I had FMS 13 running fine, WPE was running; the machine has OS X 10.8.5 running on it.

Yesterday I updated the JRE, and that’s when the problems started; the WPE no longer ran.

I uninstalled JRE, rolled back to an earlier version, hoping this would fix things, but I can’t get the WPE
to deploy. I’ve tried re-installing FMS 13 twice now, but the deployment assistant can’t “see”
the web server. I’ve started Apache on this machine, tried it with it running, then with it NOT running,
but neither seem to make any difference.

I’m at the point where I’m thinking I’ll have to do a complete OS re-install, but I hate to go through
all of that. If anyone has some wisdom to share, I’d appreciate it; thanks,

Bob Patin
Longterm Solutions
bob <at>
FileMaker 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 Certified Developer
iChat: bobpatin <at>
Twitter: bobpatin
FileMaker Consulting 
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David Cromer | 23 Jan 23:10 2015

FMPGo - How to cancel a running script

I am making a solution to run on FMPGo.   It will be a v13, running on v12

The script will be running a loop of pictures that could last for many many
minutes.   It is defined by the user.  So, if they choose 30 minutes, it
will run that long.     But, if the user starts the loop for 30 minutes,
but wants to stop or change the loop time, how can the user stop the script
without closing out FMPGo,  or using the iPad's Home Button?   I would like
for the user to click a button to stop the script, or something similar and
not confusing.

It seems that while the script is running, the user cannot enter a value
into a field, or even select a button.   On a laptop, the [Esc] key would
work, but what works on an iPad?

Thanks much.

Doug West | 23 Jan 17:59 2015

Recommendations for FileMaker-friendly IT company in New York City

Do any of you have a favorite IT company in New York City with Mac and 
Windows experience (including server virtualization and remote desktop 
services), preferably with FileMaker experience as well? I have a client 
in Manhattan who is frustrated with the response time of their current 
provider. They're a relatively small company dealing with lots of high 
resolution images, and they're diligent about paying their bills!

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Doug West
VP Product Development
Excelisys, Inc.
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Stephen Wonfor | 22 Jan 21:03 2015

FMP 13 - Conditional Formatting Conundrum


But for the fact that I can not figure this out I think it is really simple.
OSX 10.9.5 and FMPA 13.0v4

Every record has a unique serial id.  Text fields on a list view layout with conditional formatting (fill
color) where id_record = $$id_record.

A simple script on some data fields:

Set Variable( $$id_record; id_record)
Commit Records

Result: the more rows I click the more rows turn - and stay - orange.

A version that works:

Set Variable( $$id_record; id_record)
Commit Records
Enter Find Mode
Enter Browse Mode

Result: the clicked row turns orange, the other rows stay, or become, non-orange.

Another version that works:

Set Variable( $$id_record; id_record)
Commit Records
Refresh Window

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Jorge Biquez | 22 Jan 17:27 2015


Hello all.

I am learning PHP for being used with FM using CWP.

I am interested in exploring more about XML instead of PHP. Maybe it is 
more complex but I have a prospect that wants a solution and the 
information he wants to process is sent in XML only.

For those of you with experience with CWP.
Have you used XML CWP? If so
It is any advantage (speed, the language, other) that you have noticed 
compared with PHP?

Any special recommendation on working with XML?

Thanks in advance
Jorge Biquez
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David Powell | 22 Jan 11:35 2015

Script Control

Hi experts,

I'm writing a fairly complex processing script , where I need to log script
results in a log field for reference in other scripts that run at a later
I know that the easiest way is to exit script with a result flag, but I
keep hitting a readability issue.

Feels like the script should exit with false or 0 if there is an error -
however, from running the script debugger it feels instinctive that 0 means
there is no error.

It's just a daft naming convention thing, but wondered how others handle
this in practice.

Thanks and kind regards,


David Powell
Wulfgang Ltd
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