Iyer M | 25 Oct 18:49 2014

How to enable Date range search in version 4.2

Hi All,

We want to have date range search in DSpace version 4.2 and want to provide jquery calendar in Start Date and End Date for ease of use. Request guidance for doing this.

Thanks in Advance.

Muthu Iyer
vinod mishra | 24 Oct 07:22 2014

Re: xmlui error

Dear Mr. Hilton,

Thank you for your untiring support, actually i am using port 8080 and discovery.cfg config is:


However i do not understand why JSPUI is working fine on LAN but not xmlui. Please advice as i could able to migrate my data from 1.2.1 to current version with your assistance but regarding installation i did not changed port 80 as you suggested due to some reason or ease for me.

Please suggest any easy alternative in my current situation.

On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 4:14 PM, Hilton Gibson <hilton.gibson-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org> wrote:

Hilton Gibson
Ubuntu Linux Systems Administrator
JS Gericke Library
Room 1025C
Stellenbosch University
Private Bag X5036
South Africa

Tel: +27 21 808 4100 | Cell: +27 84 646 4758

On 9 October 2014 12:14, vinod mishra <mishravk79-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org> wrote:
Dear All,

I have recently migrated from 1.2.1 to 4.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 OS everything seems to be working fine on jspui interface but xmlui interface gives error while searching the documents with any key words, however rest of the browse feature works fine on xmlui interface: Screenshot is attached for your ready reference while heating the search with any keyword. Please assist ! I have migrated data by the following methods: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSDOC4x/Multi-Version+Upgrade+Tips+and+Tricks

Option 2: Install Fresh and Upgrade your Data

With Regards,
Vinod Kumar Mishra,
Assistant Librarian,
Biju Patnaik Central Library (BPCL),
NIT Rourkela.

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With Regards,
Vinod Kumar Mishra,
Assistant Librarian,
Biju Patnaik Central Library (BPCL),
NIT Rourkela.
Robin Harper | 24 Oct 01:00 2014

Search between a range of dates


Apologies if I am missing something blindingly obvious, but is it possible to configure discovery to allow
searching between a range of dates, e.g. all items issued between 25 October 1999 and 15 January 2000?

Many thanks,


FABIO ROSA | 24 Oct 00:10 2014

Deleting a collection

I'm trying to delete a collection that was included for harvesting. An message error data integrity is appearing.

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: update or delete on table "item" violates foreign key constraint "bi_2_dmap_item_id_fkey" on table "bi_2_dmap"
Detail: Key (item_id)=(9707) is still referenced from table "bi_2_dmap".

This is a bug in 4 .x ?

Fabio Rosa

Daniel Alvarez Mendez | 23 Oct 23:59 2014

dspace 4.1 locate spanish

Good afternoon, I have a doubt in customizing dspace 4.1 for the default language is Spanish, not English, I was modifying the file and let dspace.cfg itself:

webui.supported.locales = es, en, de, pt

default.locale = es_CO

Since I live in Colombia, but the language of the interface is in English

Thanks for the time. Sorry my inglish

"lo esencial es invisible a los ojos solo con el corazón se puede ver bien"

ATT: Daniel Alvarez Méndez
Tim Au Yeung | 23 Oct 19:27 2014

Automatic embargo in 4.2?

Is there a way to impose an automatic embargo in 4.2 using the new embargo system? The idea is that a submission would be embargoed to a specific date as soon as it is submitted and approved without intervention from either the submitter or approver.

Stefanie Behnke | 23 Oct 11:33 2014

Problems with Active Directory using XMLUI

Dear all,


We are using DSpace 3.1 with the jspui and the xmlui (Mirage theme) interface

I experienced the following:



/dspace/config/modules/authentication-ldap.cfg with:

id_field =sAMAccountName


works well with jspui,

but it does not work with xmlui.  Can you please give me any hint, how I can manage to get it worked with the xmlui interface?


Any help is very appreciated.









Patrick Rynhart | 23 Oct 05:19 2014

Emailing someone for any Workflow State Change


Our Repository Manager would like to receive an email for all state 
changes associated with submission of an item to our DSpace Repository. 
  For example, when an item is first submitted (i.e. prior to approval) 
they would like to be sent an informational email.  Likewise whenever a 
change occurs in the workflow, up and to including Archiving.  I'm not 
familiar enough with DSpace customisation to know whether this is 
possible - can someone please advise ?

Thanks in Advance,

Patrick Rynhart.

Keir Vaughan-Taylor | 23 Oct 01:20 2014

Re: Solr Statistics now working DSpace 4.1

Although more testing is appropriate I believe statistics it is now.
Thank you for the link posted by Hilton Gibson on rebuilding the
statistics from scratch. 

At our site (Sydney University) when we upgrade or create a new instance
of DSpace for some new purpose, we usually make a clone of a working
machine. We then give it a new IP and name, enter the name and IP into
the DNS alter the hosts and DSpace config files to reflect the new name
then do the upgrade (or whatever).

Running the unix command "strings: on the stats database files in
there are references to the old machine name and this suggested to me
this was a possible source of the problems and we needed to rebuild
statistics within the new machine identity.

The link from Hilton is a little out dated the new procedure should be

1. Backup <dspaceRoot>/solr/statistics/data
2. Delete <dspaceRoot>/solr/statistics/data
4. Reboot your machine
5. Convert old log files

cd <dspaceRoot>/log
ITEM=`ls dspace.log.*`
for i in $ITEM ; do
	<dspaceRoot>/bin/dspace stats-log-converter -i $i -o $i.solr

6. Import converted log files

cd <dspaceRoot>/log
ITEM=`ls *.solr`
for i in $ITEM ; do
	<dspaceRoot>/bin/dspace stats-log-importer -i $i

The statistics counts on any particular item appear correct and are updating counts of test accesses.


Keir Vaughan-Taylor
ERA DSpace Administrator
Rm:123 Fisher Library University of Sydney
ph:+61 2 9351 7408
mb:+61 434 606 885

gaia0611 | 22 Oct 22:55 2014

DSpace 4.x stopped sending notifications suddenly


I can't get what happened exactly, but from one moment to another Dspace
just suddenly stopped sending notifications (when new articles are added, or
new users are registered). No adjustments or modifications were made before
this happend.

To make sure that nothing went wrong with the mail account I'm using to send
the emails I tried the following:

[dspace directory]/bin/dspace test-email

And it actually worked, the test mail was perfectly sent however the
notifications still don't. What can I do to solve this problem?

I appreciate the help.

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Pottinger, Hardy J. | 22 Oct 21:56 2014

DSpace 5.0 testing help needed

Hi, I am writing on behalf of the DSpace 5.0 Release Team. We need your help. The following pull requests need
testing before we can accept them into DSpace 5.0. Many of these PRs are JSPUI-related, and thus require
the testing of a JSPUI user. The 5.0 RT does not have a JSPUI expert in our number, so, we're calling on the
whole community to help with this effort.

The JSPUI Pull Requests that require testing are:

https://github.com/dspace/dspace/pull/518 (DS-1968 Select the collection already selected in the
previous operation)
https://github.com/dspace/dspace/pull/447 (DS-1880 New Language menu for JSPUI)
https://github.com/dspace/dspace/pull/701 (DS-1227 Tag cloud for any browse index or Discovery facet)
https://github.com/dspace/dspace/pull/659 (DS-2162: Per item configurable visual indicators for
browse and search results) 
https://github.com/dspace/dspace/pull/660 (DS-2163: Multilingual support for browse indexes and
discovery facets)
https://github.com/dspace/dspace/pull/620 (DS-2113: JSPUI HTML5 upload should store Bitstreams)
https://github.com/dspace/dspace/pull/548 (DS-2021: Upgrade DSpace JSPUI to the last bootstrap version)
https://github.com/dspace/dspace/pull/524 (DS-1951 Global Setting to stop Explicit Authentication
Trigger for GET-DSObject requests)
https://github.com/dspace/dspace/pull/445 (DS-125 Date type repeatable in the submission)

This next PR is not specific to JSPUI, but does require testing:

https://github.com/dspace/dspace/pull/621 (DS-2119 EZID IdentifierProvider Metadata Mapping)

As I mentioned in a previous note, the feature freeze deadline has been extended to Monday October 27. Which
is four days from now. Time is drawing short to get these pull requests merged into DSpace 5.0. If you can
make room in your schedule to test any of these out, we would be really grateful for the help.