Yongming Wang | 3 Aug 17:09 2015

tomcat bound to port 80


I'm new to DSpace. My situation is: DSpace 5.2 on RH Enterprise Linux 7, using jspui.

I'm trying to change the default tomcat port 8080 to 80. I searched the Internet and dspace mailing-list and
decided to use the following method:

Step one: modify [tomcat]/conf/server.xml, change connector port from 8080 to 80
Step two: install the AUTOBIND package. But instead my school IT department installed something called
"jsvc" which they told me is newer and better than AUTHBIND.

Now I got some internal error message when trying to access the application homepage at port 80. I'll paste
it below.

Does anyone have any suggestions and insight to this issue? 

Or in general, how do you change the 8080 port to 80 so user won't need to type 8080 to access the application?
What is the simplest way?

Thanks very much in advance!


Yongming Wang
Systems Librarian
The College of New Jersey Library
phone: 609-771-3337
email: wangyo@...
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Brown, Jacob | 3 Aug 17:21 2015

Generic DSpace servlet/webapp utilities?

Hi all,


I’m working (slowly) on a simple alternate web frontend for DSpace: https://github.com/kardeiz/disco.*


I was thinking that it would be nice if DSpace provided some implementation-agnostic utilities for a generic HttpServlet context.


For example, XMLUI and JSPUI provide their own wrappers for things like browsing, searching, recent submissions, etc., but in many cases the code used is very similar and not dependent on the specific framework. It would be possible to abstract out a lot of the functionality of these wrappers into utility methods that have signatures like `HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp`.


As a specific example, consider RecentSubmissionUtils. There is no reason this class has to be XMLUI specific; if it was in some shared package, JSPUI or any other framework could just use it directly to generate a list of recent submissions for a community or collection.


There are already a couple of servlet-related utilities in dspace-api at org.dspace.app.util.Util.


I don’t know if anything like this has ever been discussed, or if there are reasons it wouldn’t work. I know it would require a lot of collaboration between JSPUI and XMLUI developers. I guess this is something that should go on a DSpace “wishlist”; I apologize if this isn’t the correct place for that—




Jacob Brown



* In case anyone wants more information: this application is written in Scala and uses:


·         the DSpace API (5.x) for working with a local DSpace repository

·         Jersey for request routing (and not much else)

·         Twirl for HTML templating

·         xsbt-web-plugin for running in development and WAR packaging

·         Bower and Gulp for frontend asset management


In a little over 700 lines of Scala and a handful of HTML templates, this application provides a good portion (but certainly not all) of the non-administrative functionality of a normal XMLUI site, including home, community, collection, and item view pages, and search and browse interfaces (including sidebar facets).


Getting started should be as easy as:


git clone https://github.com/kardeiz/disco

cd disco

export DSPACE_DIR=/path/to/dspace






This application is under active development and is not a finished/polished product. Parts of it may be untested or in need of improvement. While this application should be mostly “read-only” in relation to your local DSpace installation, I would recommend against running it on a production server at this point. Use at your own risk.

Fernando Casas Osorio | 3 Aug 16:20 2015



Is possible that I assign permissions to a collection for a group can see an item, but not download files of this item?

Thanks for your help.

Fernando Casas Osorio
Code 2 dogears | 3 Aug 11:41 2015

what is the resource_type_id in metadatavalue table of dspace database?

I am new to dspace. I am retrieving values from dspace metadatavalue table. One think I don't understand is resource_type_id in metadatavalue table. Resource_type_id has specific values. It has value 3 for coleection name and its description, 0 for bitstreams etc
Code 2 dogears | 3 Aug 10:41 2015

retrieve collection name

I am doing dspace search project. Here I have created seperate item page. Now I have one problem. I am not able to retrieve collection name in in which item appears. Collection2item displays only collection id.Please help.
Olivier Nicole | 3 Aug 10:01 2015

Making an item non-requestable


In my repository, all bunddled items are not publically available, but
when an outsider click on the icon of an item, he he redirected to the
form that offers to request a copy of the document.

For one specific document, I would like to disable this possibility,
while keeping the item in the repository. Is that feasible?

Best regards,



Andrea Schweer | 2 Aug 23:27 2015

retrospectively assigning DOIs to live items

Hi all,

I'm looking into switching on DOIs for an existing DSpace repository 
with ~1,000 live items. We'd like to retrospectively generate DOIs for 
the live items. How do I do that? The documentation about the 
doi-organiser tool [1] says "Currently you cannot generate new DOIs with 
this tool. You can only send information about changes in your local 
DSpace database to the registration agency."

Does this mean I'd have to figure out how to change the state of the 
already live items to whatever the starting point of doi-organiser is 
(presumably "to be reserved")?




Dr Andrea Schweer
IRR Technical Specialist, ITS Information Systems
The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

Vishank Gupta | 31 Jul 19:22 2015

dspace 4.2 with jboss 5.2


   Did anyone install dspace 4.2 with jboss 5.1 and java 1.7 ?

Then plz tell me the process and needed .jar files in lib folder. 


From: Vishank Gupta

Sunil Sharma | 31 Jul 07:21 2015

OAI Harvest Data issue


I installed a test server and configure OAI-PMH server at my DSpace instance. When I harvest records or collection from DSpace Demo Server (http://demo.dspace.org/oai/request), Records are fetching properly.

But I want to fetch some Journal records (full replication) from WHO DSpace OAI server located at http://imsear.hellis.org/oai/request . I try to harvest a no.of collections, the connection test get successfully but no record get harvested. When I clicked "Import Now" it just display message "OAI server did not contain any updates on 2015-07-31" and no record get harvest.

Can anyone please try and help me to give the specific reason what is the actual problem?

Thanks in advance.


George Stanley Kozak | 30 Jul 23:08 2015

Question about search in DSpace 5.2



I am using DSpace 5.2 XMLUI (Mirage 2 theme - modified). 


Some users have reported to me that search doesn't seem to respect quoted phrases, to mean an exact phrase search.


If you search on "Cornell University" within, say, title. You get a lot of titles without that exact phrase.


Is there a setting in one of the config files that is causing this, or is this being caused by something else?


George Kozak

Digital Library Specialist

Cornell University Library Information Technologies (CUL-IT)

218 Olin Library

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853





Matt Sherman | 30 Jul 20:50 2015

Need Advice on DSpace Upload Error

Hi all,

I could use some help diagnosing an upload error I am getting when I try to upload files.  Any assistance would be appreciated as I am unsure what the issues is.  The error message is posted below.  Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Matt Sherman

Problem in creating the Request
Message: null
Description: No details available.
Sender: org.dspace.app.xmlui.cocoon.servlet.multipart.DSpaceMultipartFilter
Source: Cocoon Servlet
Malformed stream: No space left on device