Nirmalya Roy | 1 Sep 06:50 2011

[Dbworld] First International Workshop on Computing and Networking for Internet of Things (CoMNet-IoT 2012)


The First International Workshop on Computing and Networking for
Internet of Things (CoMNet-IoT 2012) 
January 3-6, 2012, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong,
China in conjunction with ICDCN 2012        

Internet of Things (IoT) has been considered as an innovative and
imminent information infrastructure enabling to ubiquitously network
various machines, physical devices, and objects, denoted as things, for
environment sensing, information sharing and collaboration in
intelligent and autonomous manner. IoT poses a number of new challenges
and opportunities for computing and networking due to the large scale
and complexity of the system, and heterogeneity of the things and
networks, constrained by limited resources of the things and the

The objective of CoMNet-IoT 2012 is to provide a platform to exchange
ideas, present results, share experience, stimulate new research, and
foster collaborations among researchers, professionals, and application
developers on the various aspects of computing and networking
technologies for IoT. Topics of interests include but are not limited to
the following issues related to IoT:
* System component design, e.g., RFID, sensors, actuator, antennas, etc.
* System and network architectures, e.g., service oriented architecture
* Quality of service (QoS) provisioning
* Sensing and sensor signal processing 
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claudio soriente | 1 Sep 10:49 2011

[Dbworld] Sixth International School on Security for Wireless Networking


 (Apologies for multiple copies)

 SWING 2011

 Sixth International School

 on Security for Wireless Networking

 October 30th - 4th  November 2011, Bertinoro, Italy


 *** Announcement ***

 General Information
 Security and privacy in wireless networking has recently emerged as
one of the most challenging research areas in computer science.
SWING11 will focus on cutting-edge research in the area of privacy,
security and authentication for wireless networking. The school format
fosters close interaction between the students and the lecturers that
are expected to work together on open problems of contemporary
 Participation to the School allows to earn ECTS credits.

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mehdi snene | 1 Sep 13:36 2011

[Dbworld] Call for papers IESS2012, Geneva, Switzerland

Second call for papers : Third International Conference of Exploring Services Science

15th -17th February 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

Services represent the most growing sector of the economy in industrialized nations. Services Science,
introduced by IBM in 2002, arises from the rapid development of services across the industrial world and
the need to analyze and study the organization, deployment, maintenance and operation of those related
IT based and IT supported services. Services Science represents an interdisciplinary approach to the
systematic innovation in service systems, integrating management, social, legal and engineering
aspects to address the theoretical and practical aspects of the challenging services industry and its economy.

Building on previous editions (2010 and 2011) and the growing momentum in this emerging and exciting
discipline, IESS is further strengthening its position as an academic conference focusing on the
exploratory aspects surrounding services science. Acknowledging the relative recency of this area and
its essential interdisciplinary setting the goal of IESS is to offer academics, researchers and
practitioners of all disciplines this exploratory outlet to communicate and share their results. To
achieve the best possible mix of disciplines and approaches, the call for papers is structured around
general research thematic and specific tracks. General research thematic includes Service
Engineering and Service Management. Specific tracks cover several domains and represent a more
specialized research area.

For IESS1.2, we invite authors to submit their original research manuscript to the conference either in
one of the following tracks below:

    * General Track 1: Service engineering Web-services, Service-oriented architectures, Ubiquitous &
mobile computing, Service orchestration, choreography, composition, COTS, Enterprise
architectures and Service security and safety engineering.
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Guadalupe Ortiz | 1 Sep 14:03 2011


                                CALL FOR PAPERS


                                  WAS4FI 2011

  Held in conjunction with ServiceWave 2011 October 28th 2011, Poznan, Poland

                    Paper Submission Extended: September 9th 2011


Future Internet has emerged as a  new initiative to pave a novel  infrastructure
linked to objects and things of the real world to meet the changing global needs
of business andsociety.Technologies such as those based on XML and RDF or OWL to
describe data  and semantic  information, SOAP  or REST  to define protocols and
BPEL or  BPMN to  orchestratebusiness processes  are being  increasingly used to
specify Future  Internet services  in a  standardized manner,  which will  allow
software and data no longer to be stored anddistributed on individual computers.
Instead, multitenancy will enable their  remote access as Software as  a Service
(SaaS), even by performing the integration into largernetworks of  communicating
software  (eg, a  mashup or  a plug-in  to a  Cloud platform).  Future Internet
applications   will  have   to  support   the  interoperability   between  many
diversestakeholders by governing the  convergence and life-cycle of  Internet of
Contents  (IoC),  Services  (IoS),  Things  (IoT),  and  Networks  (IoN).  These
applications should handledynamic and  continuous changes: for instance,  in the
provisioning of services, availability  of things and contents,  connectivity of
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Habib M. Ammari | 1 Sep 16:04 2011

[Dbworld] Call for Papers: IQ2S 2012

                        IQ2S 2012

The Fourth International Workshop on Information Quality
    and Quality of Service for Pervasive Computing
in Conjunction with IEEE PERCOM 2012<>
          Lugano, Switzerland, March 19, 2012

The objective of this workshop is to provide a forum to exchange ideas, present results, share experience,
stimulate new research, and foster collaborations among researchers, professionals, and application
developers on the various aspects of QoI and QoS for pervasive computing.

Original papers addressing both theoretical and practical aspects of QoI and QoS provisioning in
pervasive computing are solicited. Papers describing experience on real prototype implementations
are particularly welcome. Topics of interest addressing the challenging joint aspects of QoI and QoS include:

*   Joint QoI- & QoS-driven system design and architectural principles
*   Network services (time sync, QoS) for target/event detection, localization, tracking and classification
*   QoI-aware wireless sensor networking
*   Energy-efficient data fusion, sensor fault analysis, sensor data cleansing
*   QoS for task mapping and scheduling
*   Coordinated QoS for cross-layer, cross-application, and cross-node integration (including QoI-QoS integration)
*   Query optimization for event processing in pervasive environments
*   Data and query models for QoI-aware event processing
*   Adaptive QoI and QoS under dynamic environments
*   Trust, security, privacy, and data provenance issues in QoI and QoS
*   QoI characterization, representation, performance metrics, and evaluation
*   QoI and QoS for emerging pervasive computing applications
*   Quality of Experience (QoE) issues for pervasive applications
*   Value of information and quality of action for sensor/actuator networks
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Michelangelo Ceci | 1 Sep 16:17 2011

[Dbworld] Mining Complex Patterns (MCP 2011) - Call for Participation

AI*IA Workshop on Mining Complex Patterns (MCP 2011)
Palermo, Italy, September 17, 2011

in conjunction with the XII International Conference of the Italian
Association for Artificial Intelligence,
AI*IA 2011 Palermo Italy, September 15-17, 2011

Scientific Program

10:00-10:10 Opening
10:10-11:10 Invited Talk
       (Saso Dzeroski) On ontology of Data Mining

First Session
11:10-12:35 [25 min]	(Stefano Ferilli, Fabio Leuzzi and Fulvio Rotella)
       Cooperating Techniques for Extracting Conceptual Taxonomies from Text
12:35-13:00 [25 min]	(Elena Baralis, Luca Cagliero, Alessandro Fiori and Saima Jabeen)
       PatTexSum: A Pattern-based Text Summarizer

13:00-14:30 Lunch

Second Session
14:30-14:55  [25 min] (Elena Bellodi and Fabrizio Riguzzi)
       An Expectation Maximization Algorithm for Probabilistic Logic Programs
14:55-15:10  [15 min] (Gianni Costa, Giuseppe Manco, Riccardo Ortale and Ritacco Ettore)
	Clustering XML Documents by Structure: a Hierarchical Approach
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Matthias Schubert | 1 Sep 17:29 2011

[Dbworld] CfP: 1st ACM SIGSPATIAL Int. Workshop on Managing and Mining Virtual Environments (MAMIVE'11)

		MAMIVE 2011
1st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Managing and Mining Virtual Environments
		      November 1, 2011
		     2011 Chicago,Il,US
	In conjunction with ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2011
	           November 1-4, 2011
	           2011 Chicago,Il,US
* Papers due: 		2nd September 2011, 11:59 pm (PST)
* Notification: 	14th October  2011
* Camera-ready copies:  26th October  2011

Virtual Environments are computer systems maintaining a virtual 3D or 2D landscape where entities
can move, evolve and interact. With the increasing distribution of massive multiplayer online
games (MMOGs), virtual environments yield a large economical potential. Furthermore, the cost-efficient
availability of high-performance computing resources makes large scale simulations an option for a much
broader spectrum of potential users.

Many aspects of virtual environments comprise classical spatial database tasks such as managing massive
amounts of moving objects, mining trajectory information, proximity queries, path finding etc.. However,
there also exist particular requirements in virtual environments which are different from the usual
setting in the spatial community. For example, update rates are very large, the architecture often
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Vincenzo De Florio | 1 Sep 18:39 2011

[Dbworld] Call for papers: IJARAS Vol.4 No.1

Dear Sirs,

please let me draw your attention to the call for papers for the new issue of 
IJARAS -- the International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient, and Autonomic Systems:

********************** CALL FOR PAPERS *********************

*** Vol.4 No.1 ***

SUBMISSION DUE DATE: October 3, 2011.

International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient, and Autonomic Systems (IJARAS)
Official publication of the Information Resources
Management Association

Vincenzo De Florio, Ph.D. - University of Antwerp and IBBT, Belgium

Published: Quarterly (both in Print and Electronic form)

International Editorial Review Board:
- Chris Blondia, University of Antwerp / PATS & IBBT, Belgium
- Gabriella Caporaletti, EICAS automazione, Italy
- Llorenc Cerda-Alabern - Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya - Spain
- Marcello Cinque, Mobilab group, University of Naples
- Domenico Cotroneo, University of Naples, Italy
- Cristiano Di Flora, Nokia Research Center, Finland
- Markus Endler, PUC Rio, Brazil
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Jinjun Chen | 1 Sep 19:15 2011

[Dbworld] Final CFP: CGC2011 (Cloud and Green Computing) - Deadline: September 5, 2011 (firm)

Submission deadline extended to September 5, 2011 (firm) to allow for most requests of extension.

Call for papers: 
CGC2011 - International Conference on Cloud and Green Computing, Dec. 12-14, 2011, Sydney, Australia.

Key dates:
Submission Deadline: extended to September 5, 2011 (firm) 
Submission site:

Proceedings will be published by IEEE CS Press.

Special issues:
Distinguised papers will be selected for special issues in Concurrency and Computation: Practice and
Experience; Computing (Springer); or Journal of Computer and System Sciences. 

Keynote speakers:
1. Prof. Ivan Stojmenovic from University of Ottawa Canada to talk about "Green Computing in Mobile Cloud".

2. Prof. Geoffrey Fox from Indiana University USA. His talk is to be decided later.

3. Prof. Craig Standing from Edith Cowan University Australia to talk about "Social Computing, ICT
developments and Innovation: Implications for Practice and Research".

4. More keynote speakers to be confirmed shortly.


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Dickson K.W. Chiu | 1 Sep 21:00 2011

[Dbworld] CfP Deadline Extended: KM&EL Symposium (HK Dec)

The 1st International Symposium on Knowledge Management and E-Learning (KMEL 2011)
8-10 December 2011, Hong Kong

Important dates
Sept 15, 2011 - Paper submission deadline (extended)
Sept 30, 2011 - Notice of acceptance
Oct 15, 2011 - Camera-ready copies and author registration

Fierce competition, globalization, and dynamic economy have forced organizations to search for new ways
to improve competitive advantage. In pursuance of this, knowledge is seen as the core resource and
learning is viewed as the important process. It is crucial for organizations to enhance the capabilities
for effective learning and knowledge management (KM), especially via using information and
communication technologies in the digital economy.

The creation, operation, and evolution of such research and practice raise concerns that range from
high-level requirements and policy modeling through to the deployment of specific implementation
technologies and paradigms, and involve a wide and ever-growing range of methods, tools, and
technologies. They also cover a broad spectrum of vertical domains, industry segments, and even
government sectors.

This event intentionally seeks educators, researchers, scientists, engineers, industry people,
policy makers, decision makers, and others who have insight, vision, and understanding of the big
challenges in Knowledge Management and E-Learning (KM&EL).

The best papers to be recommended for publication in a special issue of international journal:


The symposium papers will be published as a separated post-conference volume by LNCS (Lecture Notes in
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