Sarah Hughes, Mrs | 1 Sep 01:16 2003

Professor of Computer Science


School of Computer Science

Applications are invited for the Chair of Computer Science at The University of Adelaide.  The School of
Computer Science is one of eight Schools within the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical
Sciences.  It has a strong research ethos and is internationally recognized in the fields of Computer
Vision, Distributed and Persistent Systems, Formal Modelling and Verification, and Distributed High
Performance Computing.  Additionally the School has a significant postgraduate and research student
complement, as well as an undergraduate and international student intake of high quality into its degree

The successful applicant will be an established researcher with an international reputation in a core
area of Computer Science, and, upon taking up the position, will be Head of School for a period of three
years.  The incumbent will play a leading role in the continuing development and expansion of the School,
and will be an enthusiastic contributor to the School's research output and teaching programs.

An attractive remuneration package is negotiable.

The University of Adelaide is one of Australia's oldest and most prestigious universities.  It is situated
in the centre of Adelaide, a city that offers an excellent quality of life, modest cost of living and clean
environment, and is the home of significant ICT, defence and electronics industries.

This tenurable position is available from 1 January 2004.  The selection criteria and background
statement may be obtained from <>.  Queries may be directed to
Professor Mike Brooks, telephone: (08) 8303 5681 or email:
<mjb@...>.  Information about the School may be
obtained from <>.

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Artur Caetano | 1 Sep 01:36 2003

Last CFP: ACM SAC 2004 (Organizational Engineering Track)

            L A S T   C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

                       ACM SAC 2004


          The 19th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing,
                14-17 March 2004, Nicosia, Cyprus


Full paper submission:  **September 6, 2003**

Author notification:    October 18, 2003 
Camera-ready copy:      November 8, 2003  
For the past eighteen years, the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing 
has been a primary gathering forum for applied computer scientists, 
computer engineers, software engineers, and application developers 
from around the world. SAC 2004 is sponsored by the ACM Special 
Interest Group on Applied Computing, and is hosted by the University 
of Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Organizational Engineering (OE) aggregates and applies concepts, 
technology and engineering methods to the organizational context to 
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Christian Kop | 1 Sep 10:56 2003

ER'2003 Call for Demonstrations, Posters


Final & Last Minute Call for Demonstrations, Posters, Reports on Projects in Progress 
(deadline September 14th, 2003)

to be presented at the 

22nd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling - ER'2003

13-16 October 2003, Chicago, Illinois, USA

and to be published as short paper in GI-EMISA Forum 1/2004 (ISSN 1610-3351)


ER'2003 provides a forum for ongoing work poster reports on projects in progress, demonstrations of
alpha- and beta-versions of  tools and products, invitations to cooperate on new project ideas, etc.

These will stimulate a highly interactive and future-oriented added value to ER'2003. There are still
some free slots. Therefore please decide promptly and send a poster/demonstration proposal (Abstract:
10-20 lines) by email to

Heinrich C. Mayr (mayr@...)
Demonstrations and Poster chair
University of Klagenfurt

not later than September 14, 2003.
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Clare Gryce | 1 Sep 13:14 2003

ICSE 2004 - SECOND CALL FOR PARTICIPATION (paper submissions close 22 Sept!)

               Second Call For Papers and Participation

        26th International Conference on Software Engineering

                              ICSE 2004
                         May 23rd - 28th 2004
                       Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


                         UNTIL 27TH OCTOBER 


Keynote Speakers:

Richard Stallman -  
Founder of the GNU project and 'Father' of the free software

Janet Thornton - 
Director of the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI). 

Karl Lieberherr - 
Distinguished pioneer of Software Component research.  

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Elliot Chikofsky | 1 Sep 18:52 2003

Manny Lehman to Receive the 2003 Stevens Award

September 1, 2003 

                Manny Lehman to Receive the 2003 Stevens Award

Amsterdam, The Netherlands -- Professor Meir M (Manny) Lehman of Middlesex University 
(London, England) has been named the recipient of the 9th international Stevens Award 
and will give the 2003 Stevens Lecture on Software Development Methods. 

His lecture, titled "Software Evolution - Cause or Effect?", will be given on 
Wednesday afternoon, September 24, 2003 at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts 
and Sciences in Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted by the International Conference on 
Software Maintenance (ICSM). 

"Manny Lehman discovered that the development and evolution of software is governed 
by laws, a discovery that he and generations of researchers have validated and 
extended. For more than half the total lifetime of computer software, he has 
championed the idea that software, though a creation of mankind, must be understood 
as a natural phenomenon. He has inspired researchers, illuminated the nature of 
computing, and profoundly influenced the ways that software is both understood and 
created." according to Nicholas Zvegintzov, Chief Technical Officer of the Software 
Management Network (USA). 

The Chair of the Stevens selection committee, Elliot Chikofsky of Engineering 
Management and Integration (USA), explains, "Throughout his career, Professor Lehman 
has led our understanding of how software evolves and what lessons we can learn from 
the process, not just from the result. His recognition and communication of 
underlying principles has influenced, taught, and inspired many waves of 
practitioners and researchers in software maintenance, development tools, and 
process improvement." 

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Selmin NURCAN | 2 Sep 01:34 2003

Second CfP: IRMA'2004 - Track on "Business Process Management and Technologies"

(We apologize if you are receiving duplicates through different channels...)



for the track "Business Process Management and Technologies"

Theme: Innovations Through Information Technology

May 23-26, 2004
New Orleans Marriot Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

CALL FOR PAPER for the track 
"Business Process Management and Technologies"



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J Leon Zhao | 2 Sep 08:48 2003

Extending the deadline of WeB 2003 to September 10

Due to a typhoon in Taiwan, the web server for WeB 2003 went down
yesterday, the paper due date.  In addition, we received several requests
for a few days of extension.  In consideration of both factors, we are
extending the Workshop for e-Business 2003 ( deadline to
Wednesday, Septermber 10.

WeB 2003 is the Second Workshop on e-Business, a pre-ICIS workshop
sponsored by AIS SIGeBIZ and a number of universities.  The workshop will
be held in December 13-14, 2003, Seattle, U.S.A.  The theme of the
workshop is "Web Services: A New Paradigm of e-Business", but the workshop
seeks a broad coverage of topics - technical and managerial articles
related to e-businesses are encouraged.  Papers may develop e-business
theory, study e-business systems design, present empirical examination of
hypothesis, or present a visionary prospectus.

High-quality papers from the workshop will be invited to submit to the
sepcial issues of "Information Systems and e-Business" and "International
Journal of e-Business".

The following events are being planned for the workshop:

1) Professor Andy Whinston will be the open keynote speaker.  He will give
his far-reaching insight on the state of research in e-Business.

2) Dr. Joseph Williams, Chief Technology Strategist of Sun Microsystems
and a world renown speaker in web services, has agreed to give a keynote
presentation at the workshop.

3) Mr. Kerry McGowne, Director of the Platform Strategy of Microsoft, has
agreed to give a keynote speech at the workshop.
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Claudia ignat | 2 Sep 10:05 2003

5th International Workshop on Collaborative Editing


 The Fifth International Workshop on Collaborative Editing

 ECSCW 2003, Helsinki, Finland
 September 15, 2003

 We invite you to participate in the Fifth International Workshop on
 Collaborative Editing. The workshop will be organised in a manner
 designed to encourage the interaction and the exchange of ideas among
 the participants. Besides paper presentations, a time slot was allocated
 to open discussion forum and system demonstrations.

 You can register for the workshop at the web site of the ECSCW 2003


 Opening, 8.50am to 9:00am

 Session I - Consistency Maintenance in Collaborative Editing, 
             9:00am to 10:30am

 - A Regional Undo Mechanism for Text Editing
   Rui Li and Du Li, Texas A&M University, USA

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WQW: Submission Deadline Sep. 15th

1st Web Services Quality Workshop (WQW'2003), Rome, December 13th

In conjunction with 4th International Conference on Web Information 
Systems Engineering Conference (WISE'2003)

Web Services is an emerging technology driven by the will to securely 
expose business logic beyond the firewall. Through Web services 
companies can encapsulate existing business processes, publish them as 
services, and let other companies access these services. However, from 
a customer point of view, there may be hundreds of similar Web Services
 to choose from making it difficult to make a decision. This necessity 
is being covered by specialist directories and Web Service brokerages 
becoming available. These brokerages give you additional information 
about your Web Service or Web Service provider to enabling you to make 
an informed decision. This information will need to include quality 
criteria that assess the quality of the service, the readiness of the 
WS provider, the degree of engagement of the provider or the latency 
of the service just to mention a few. This workshop aims at promoting 
all the areas related to the quality of the web services by giving to 
the researchers of the area the opportunity of sharing their works and 
a place for discussion.

Submissions are invited, but not limited, to the following topics: 
definition, automation and validation of web service quality metrics, 
web services modelling, UDDI enhancements, instrumentation of Web 
services for QoS,  agent-based Web service architecture as a means of 
providing QoS attributes, QoS models, computation of web processes QoS 
based on web services QoS, semantic description of web services QoS

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ESORICS'03 - Poster Session

      [Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this message]

                        CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS 


               Gjøvik, Norway - October 13-15, 2003
              Organized by Gjøvik University College
              Held in conjunction with  Nordsec 2003



The European Symposiou On Research In Computer Security will include a
poster session.

The poster session is intended for short presentations (at most 10
minutes) on recent research ideas and results in computer security.

Authors are advised to submit a 1-page summary in ASCII or PDF to
esorics2003posters@... before OCTOBER 3. Authors of submitted
summaries will be notified by OCTOBER 6th.  The session will also
include a small amount of time for "last-minute submissions."  Authors
of such last-minute material should contact the poster session chair
by the end of the first day of the conference.

Accepted posters will be offered space of approximately 80cm * 60cm.

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