Jaroslav Pokorny | 1 Feb 16:01 2003



D A T E S O   2 0 0 3

3rd Workshop on Databases, Texts, Specifications, and Objects

Desna - Cerna ricka

April 9th to 11th, 2003

Workshop DATESO 2003 is to be held at training and recreation centre of VSB Technical University of Ostrava 
placed in Desna - Cerna ricka. The centre is located in eastern part of mountains called Jizerske hory. 
It is in altitude of 700 metres at the hillside below Sous dam. The nearest towns are Tanvald, 
which lies 4 kilometres to the south, and Jablonec nad Nisou, which lies 14 kilometres to the west.


DATESO workshop is a meeting of people interested in databases, text processing, 
specifications, and objects. It is aimed to the theoretical and technical bases of information
approved methods and development trends.

DATESO is also intended as a meeting of PhD students and their supervisors. They all can discuss their 
new ideas, threads, and other subjects.

This year's DATESO is aimed to the problems of indexing, especially to indexing text, 
XML, and multimedia data.

Important dates:
Submission of papers:			            February 16, 2003
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Alon Halevy | 1 Feb 22:42 2003

ACM SIGMOD 2003 -- Accepted Contributions


Below is a list of the research papers, demos, tutorials and panels
accepted for the ACM SIGMOD 2003 conference, to be held as part of the
Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC), in San Diego,
California, USA, June 10-12, 2003.

The final titles and author lists are subject to change and will be
posted after the Camera Ready copy due in mid March, 2003. 

Please do not respond to this message with updates/changes, 
these will be taken care of by the proceedings editors when
the camera ready copy is submitted.

Thanks to all the authors, PC members, and reviewers, and
looking forward to seeing you in June.

Alon Halevy
SIGMOD 2003 PC Chair

RESEARCH PAPERS: (53 accepted out of 342 submissions)

Chain : Operator Scheduling for Memory Minimization in Stream Systems
        Brian Babcock, Shivnath Babu, Mayur  Datar, Rajeev Motwani

ViST: A Dynamic Index Method for Querying XML Data by Tree Structures	
        Haixun Wang, Sanghyun  Park, Wei  Fan, Philip  Yu

Dynamic XML documents with distribution and replication	
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Jian Yang, Dr. | 2 Feb 16:48 2003

CFP: CAiSE03 workshop in web service, eBusiness technology, and semantic web

                  Workshop on
     "Web Services, e-Business, and the Semantic Web (WES):
Foundations, Models, Architecture, Engineering and Applications"

       (Web site: http://infolab.uvt.nl/people/jian/wes03)

In conjunction with CAiSE'03, Klagenfurt/Velden, Austria

Date: 16-17 June, 2003

Workshop co-chairs:
Dr. Christoph Bussler, Oracle Corporation, USA.
Prof. Dieter Fensel, IFI, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Prof. Maria E Orlowska, ITEE, Univ. of Queensland, Australia.
Dr. Jian Yang, Infolab, Tilburg University, Netherlands.

Workshop Aims and Objectives

The Internet is changing the way businesses operate. Organizations are
using the web to deliver their goods and services, to find trading
partners, and to link their existing (maybe legacy) applications to other
applications. Web services are rapidly becoming the enabling technology 
of today's e-business and e-commerce systems, and will soon transform
the web as it is now into a distributed computation and application

On the other hand, e-business as an emerging concept is also impacting
software applications, the everyday services landscape, and the way how we do
things in almost each domain of our life. There is already a body of experience
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Le Gruenwald | 3 Feb 02:40 2003

DEXA KOM3 Workshop Call for Papers

1st International Workshop on "Knowledge, Ontology, Metadata and Meaning Matters" 
A  One day workshop in conjunction with 
the 14th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications 
Prague, Czech Republic
September 1-5, 2003

Workshop proceedings to be published by IEEE Computer Society Press 

Abstract  Submission Deadline:      March 08, 2003
Full paper Submission Deadline:     March 22, 2003
Notification of acceptance:         April   19, 2003 
Camera-ready copies:                May    15, 2003
KOM3 Workshop: September 1-5, 2003  exact day to be notified  

Aims and Scope
The main aim  of this conference is to bring together academics, researchers and professional
industrial parishioners to discuss research ideas and explore how the role of knowledge in the
information age. The thread that links all the themes of the workshop title is to explore aspects of
knowledge and understanding between between human users, human user & machine, and
machine-to-machine. There are many challenges in all these aspects, the themes and topics envisaged for
this workshop 

The Workshop Themes &  Topics include, but are not limited to the following:
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P PICHAPPAN, DR | 3 Feb 10:56 2003


Dear scientists:

We gratefully appreciate you if you can spare a few minutes to fill the brief questionnaire given below. It
would help us to do a study on mobility of researchers. If you could have worked in two or more different
institutions or countries or disciplines, you can provide answers and send to us.

1. Age group: 	21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-50, 51-60

2.Type of mobility(Please specify any one or two if applicable)

Academia to industry

3. Discipline you belong:

4. Mobilty period(in years)

5.Reasons for your mobility:

Improved equipment facilities,
Mentor advice, 
Co-workers collaboration, 
Intellectual companionship, 
Fulfilling research agenda, 
Research funding availability, 
Increase research competence. 
Financial gain 
Increase scientific competence 
Social reasons 
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Geert Poels | 3 Feb 10:57 2003

Conceptual Modeling Quality: CFP IWCMQ'03


Second International Workshop on Conceptual Modeling Quality (IWCMQ03)
October 13, 2003
Chicago, Illinois, USA
URL: http://alarcos.inf-cr.uclm.es/iwcmq03/indexiwcmq03.htm

Held in conjunction with the 22nd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER03) URL: http://conceptualmodeling.org/er2003
October 13-16, 2003

A keynote address will be delivered by a top researcher in the field of conceptual modeling quality


Quality in conceptual modeling has been a topic of research since the early nineties.  After a relatively
quiet period in the mid-nineties, a renewed interest in conceptual modeling quality issues is observed. 
The theme of IWCMQ'03 is 'Quality assurance of modeling processes'.  The workshop intends to provide a
forum for researchers and practitioners working on approaches, frameworks, methods, techniques,
guidelines, and tools for measuring, predicting, evaluating, controlling, and improving the quality
of conceptual modeling processes, facilities and products.
Conceptual modeling fulfills a bridge function with other disciplines such as business process
(re)engineering, requirements engineering, information systems engineering, software
engineering, web application/site design, and database design.  Therefore the workshop is not limited
to a particular flavor of conceptual modeling.  It is open to work related to any type of 'real-world'
requirements modeling and analysis (e.g. domain modeling, business/enterprise modeling, conceptual
data modeling, process modeling, conceptual modeling of E-business/web-based applications).
The concrete objective of IWCMQ'03 is to sketch a field-overlapping state-of-the-art of quality in
conceptual modeling, identify possible paths of collaboration, and point out future research directions.
We cordially invite researchers and practitioners to submit original research, survey or experience
papers to IWCMQ'03.  All accepted papers will be published in a volume of the Springer-Verlag LNCS series,
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Ning Zhong | 3 Feb 16:44 2003

IEEE/WIC IAT 2003: Call For Papers

[Apologies if you receive this more than once]


  IEEE/WIC Intelligent Agent Technology 2003

       C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S


  2003 IEEE/WIC International Conference on
  Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT 2003)

    Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society and
    Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC)

        October 13-17, 2003
    Tianlun Dynasty Hotel, BEIJING, CHINA

  Homepage:  http://www.comp.hkbu.edu.hk/IAT03

The 2003 IEEE/WIC International Conference on Intelligent Agent
Technology (IAT 2003) will be jointly held with the 2003 IEEE/WIC
International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2003
http://www.comp.hkbu.edu.hk/WI03/).  The IEEE/WIC 2003 joint
conferences are sponsored and organized by IEEE Computer Society
Technical Committee on Computational Intelligence (TCCI)
(http://www.cs.uvm.edu/~xwu/tfvi/index.shtml) and by Web Intelligence
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Awais Rashid | 3 Feb 18:49 2003

Call for Participation: 2nd Int'l Conf. on Aspect-Oriented Software Development

	    AOSD 2003: 2nd International Conference on 
               Aspect-Oriented Software Development

                 March 17 - 21, 2003, Boston, USA

	    Early Registration Deadline: 14 Feb. 2003

Aspect-oriented software development provides means for systematic
identification, modularisation, and composition of crosscutting
concerns.  This second conference dedicated to AOSD is the premier
forum for the dissemination and discussion of AOSD ideas, for both
practitioners and researchers. The excitement from last year's 
conference is amply reflected this year. In addition to 20 technical 
papers, this year's program has:

   9 tutorials, 6 of them all new
   6 workshops
   2 keynotes, from Gregor Kiczales and Satoshi Matsuoka
   8 demos
   3 Practioner Reports in the technical papers track

A special PhD Student Extravaganza will take place on the evening
of Wednesday 19 March. For further details please refer to the 
conference web site.

AOSD 2003 is hosted by Northeastern University in cooperation with 
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William Grosky | 3 Feb 20:58 2003

Session on Multimedia Semantics


in conjunction with the Twenty-Eighth International Conference on Information and 
Communication Technologies and Programming to be held in Varna, Bulgaria (on the 
Black Sea) on June 23-26. The Conference is devoted to:
	100th anniversary of  the father of the computer - John Atanasoff's  birthday
	10th anniversary of the International Journal  "Information Theories and 
	40th anniversary of  the formation of  the Department of Information Research at 
		the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics

     The Special Session will be held on June 24, 2003


	The land of roses, Bulgaria, is a small country of ancient culture, scenic beauty, 
friendly people, hospitality and warmth. Bulgaria is situated in south-eastern Europe. It 
occupies the central part of Balkan Peninsula on both sides of the Balkan Range (the 
Balkans), from which the peninsula has taken its name. The greater part of the northern 
border with Romania passes along the Danube, and the eastern border is the Black sea. 
The land borders with Yugoslavia and Macedonia to the west, with Turkey to the south-
east, and with Greece to the south. The Black sea coast on its East border is famous for its 
fine sand beaches, and perfect temperatures of water and air. It has a 380 km marvelous 
stretch of beaches, calm and safe sea, clear water and healthy air, fine golden sand and 
natural dunes, mineral water springs, blue flag winning resorts, holiday villages and 
campsites. Average air temperature in the summer is about 28°C, water temperature - 
25°C. There are more than 280 hours of sunshine in June. The two international airports 
of Varna and Bourgas connect the Bulgarian Riviera to the world. Varna lies on the same 
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Ashok Srivastava, Ph.D. | 3 Feb 21:15 2003

Deadline Extension: SIAM Workshop on Data Mining for Counter Terrorism

Note:  The deadline for paper submission has been extended to
February 10, 2003.

Workshop on Data Mining for Counter Terrorism and Security
May 3, 2003
Cathedral Hill Hotel 
San Francisco, CA 
To be Held in Conjunction with the 
Third SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM 2003) 

Theme Statement
The tragedy of September 11 had immeasurable and permanent effects on the United States and the rest of the
world and brought issues of security and defense to the forefront.  To help prevent such disasters, a
successful security program would include provisions to secure borders, the transportation sector,
and critical infrastructure.  A critical enabler of such a program would be the ability to synthesize and
analyze data from multiple sources and to reason in highly uncertain situations.  

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss ways in which data mining and machine learning can be used to
analyze data from numerous sources of high-complexity for the purpose of preventing future terrorist
activity.  This is inherently a multidisciplinary activity, drawing from areas such as intelligence,
international relations, and security methodology.  From the data mining and machine-learning world
this activity draws from scalable text mining, data fusion, data visualization, data warehousing
methods.  Papers in these areas with clear application to the issues of counter terrorism are
particularly solicited.

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