Katharina Jockenhöfer | 30 Jul 20:04 2015

[BLOG] The CouchDB Weekly News, July 30, is out!

Hi all! 

These are this week’s CouchDB Weekly News:
http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/30/couchdb-weekly-news-july-30-2015/ <http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/30/couchdb-weekly-news-july-30-2015/>

- Major discussions: Open Sourcing Cloudant Search, a few [2.0] Replication Issues
- Releases like hapi-couchdb-store – CouchDB REST & front-end API
- In other opinions and news: “A big Thumbs Up for CouchDB!” from the User Mailing List, and a post on
“Cloudant and CouchDB: Little Docs, Big Thoughts”
- The Summer CouchDB Meetup, first talk is announced
- and a lot of reading for you to relax

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Foucauld Degeorges | 29 Jul 16:40 2015

Using _active_tasks to track continuous replication status

Hi all

I'm trying to figure out a way to know whether a document has been
effectively replicated (in continuous mode) to a remote CouchDB, with a
minimum of network requests.
My first idea would be to compare the date of the document creation /
modification against the date of the last successful replication . How do I
get the latter?

The _actve_tasks api gives me a updated_on value which seems to just be the
date the _active_tasks document was generated, but the rest of the doc
might indicate other things, like "that last replication didn't go so
well". There are also sequence numbers which look like they tell me the
last sequence that was succesfully replicated. I find the documentation
unclear about _active_tasks.

Has anyone done this before?

Foucauld Degeorges
jumbo jim | 28 Jul 02:45 2015

Updating lost user passwords

Couchdb has a nice feature that allows anonymous users to write to the
_users database. This allows new users to sign up. A logged in user (ie
valid session) has the ability to update/change their password as they have
update privileges to their *own* _user document.

I envisage a scenario when I need to reset the password for a user as they
have forgotten it.

Is it possible to have a privileged user (but not admin) user that is
permitted to make changes to other _user documents? (password changes)...
but, at the same time still permitting anonymous creation of new documents?
jumbo jim | 28 Jul 02:39 2015

Hide all _all_docs and _changes


It is possible to disable the "_all_docs" feature by editing the local.ini
and entering the following -

_all_docs =

However, I then realised that a user could basically get a full listing of
all documents by requesting _changes. So, I now use -

_all_docs =
_changes =

Do I need to close anything else off if I want to prevent a particular user
from seeing a list of all documents?

Also - is it possible to do disable _all_docs/ and _changes for only
specific databases? I would still like the admin to use _all_docs/ and

max | 27 Jul 14:49 2015

Basic user cannot acces _users view


As written in the documentation when a user without "Roles" tries to access
a view from a design document in _users db he gets:
"only admin  Only admins can access design document actions for system

I need every users to acces others user objects but without credentials
part. To do that I've written a view in _users/_design/app that return
every users without credentials.

When I set the security of _users to "manager" in admin Role and I access
to this view with such a user it works.

But when no security Roles is defined no one is able to access to my view.

My problem is that I have thousands of basic users (without Roles defined)
and would like to allow them to access this new view.

I am using couchdb 1.4.0.


Joel Wallis | 26 Jul 17:50 2015

How exactly are you using CouchDB?


Well, I'm a brand new CouchDB user, still in learning stage but reading as
much as I can. I'm a bit confused about how people have been using CouchDB
as primary back-end, and how common back-end tasks are implemented (if they
are) on it. I've read a lot about its functionalities but I'm still
confused about how they relate to traditional back-end apps, for example:

   - *Document CRUD control:* I know there are design documents which make
   it possible to create validation documents, but the code is stored on
   database. How do you control the lifecycle of the code (track it with a
   VCS, code, test, debug, etc.)?

   - Also, is there any way to make *CouchDB read a view code from file
      system instead of a document?*

      - *Access control level:* there are user/password authentication,
   with optional roles usage, but how can I store "private" documents - like
   documents that are accessible for some role?

   - *"Cron tasks":* is there any way to implement tasks that need to be
   executed frequently, like data integrity, math operations, cache
   invalidation, or some kind of task that really need to be done periodically?

   - What are the *best practices for CouchDB based development?* And if
   there's some, why its not on CouchDB Docs yet? :)

I believe there must be some very-beginner tasks, so if you can share links
for reading I would appreciate.

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Bob Hathaway | 25 Jul 04:50 2015

Re: CouchDB Filtered Replication - Group of Doc's Don't appear to be batched

Our couchdb replication runs fast without filters to a couch instance.  
But from that
couch instance to another a filter is doing a simple check and sync'ing 
about 10x slower.
Looking at couch debug logging, the bulk_docs Content-length is 10x 
smaller  with the filter.
With filter the _bulk_docs rate per minute appears identical to the 
number of docs sync'd.
Without the filter, the _bulk_docs rate per minute is 10x less than docs 

It would appear the couch replication protocol groups 10 docs in a 
_bulk_docs POST without a replication filter
but  with the filter there is no grouping and bulk_docs appears to only 
contain a single doc.

Does couchdb filter replication not group docs and send 1 doc in each 
_bulk_docs call to the target host?

Is there some configuration which would allow the filter replication to 
group docs to speed up replication?


Robert Hathaway
President & Chief Software Architect
SOA Object Systems, LLC
office:  201-408-5828
cell:    201-390-7602
email: rjhsoa@...

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Katharina Jockenhöfer | 23 Jul 20:21 2015

[BLOG] The CouchDB Weekly News, July 23rd, is out!

Hi everyone,

These are the CouchDB Weekly News:
http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/23/couchdb-weekly-news-july-23-2015/ <http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/23/couchdb-weekly-news-july-23-2015/>

This week:
- Major discussions: Windows build, chunked transfer-encoding capability of HTTP/1.1, questions
regarding npm releases and the ASF/ASF releases and CouchRest
- Many releases and updates in the CouchDB and PouchDB universe
- couchdbkit feature in NoSQL, Bradley Holt at OS Convention
- Use Case – CouchDB Statistics and many questions for CouchDB and PouchDB users on Stack Overflow
- CouchDB meetup in Boston (August 4th) – Call For Speakers still up!
- Jobs and your weekly bit of relaxation …

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Katharina Jockenhöfer | 23 Jul 12:01 2015

CouchDB Weekly News – Submissions

Hello all!

please send me submissions for the CouchDB Weekly News, if you have any.

Again, especially for 
- News in the CouchDB and PouchDB universe
- Opinions, good articles/talks 
- Interesting use cases
- CouchDB related events

Your support is muh appreciated.

Happy Thursday!
Vladimir Ralev | 17 Jul 04:21 2015

CouchDB 2.0 automatic sharding and replication of all databases

Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out if couchdb 2.0 will be capable of automatic
scaling like bigcouch. Just put some nodes out there, configure the
_nodes and how many replicas you want in the cluster and it takes care
of everything automatically.

There is this document
which suggests I have to configure everything manually per-database
and there is no resharding.

Is there something in place to allow easier replication and migration
like in bigcouch?

Katharina Jockenhöfer | 16 Jul 17:28 2015

[BLOG] The CouchDB Weekly News, July 16th, is out!

Hi everyone,

these are the CouchDB Weekly News: 
http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/16/couchdb-weekly-news-july-16-2015/ <http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/16/couchdb-weekly-news-july-16-2015/>

This week:
- Major discussions: Welcome nano to ASF and Windows built is blocked by khash NIF
- releases like nano-option 1.0.0
- a webcast recorded from Erlang webinar on CouchDB and IBM Cloud
- a lot of questions and use cases for CouchDB and PouchDB, like a tutorial on how to install CouchDB with
Ubuntu 15.04
- Johannes Jörg Schmidt is official new CouchDB committer
- CouchDB meetup in Hamburg tonight! and in Boston on August 4th
- and jobs and more events and a lot of relaxation … :)

Thank you for helping us spread the Weekly News!!

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