Conor Mac Aoidh | 27 Jul 19:54 2014

Testing Views and Lists

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a thorough method of testing couchdb view and list 

I'm using Jasmine to run tests atm and I have tried using mock-couch to 
emulate database behavior. However, AFAIK mock-couch does not support 
using list functions.

I just want to have a testcase that I can run to verify my view and list 
functions are working as expected.



Sanjaya Amarasinghe | 27 Jul 18:57 2014

List functions in Erlang

Hi All,

I am totally new to Erlang but managed to convert some JS views to Erlang.
I was struggling writing a list function in the past few days. The only
example I found on the internet didn't work for me some how. Can somebody
please give me an example of a List function in Erlang ?

(My exact need is to go through the results, and Send the row content if a
certain element is not found in the Couch document)

Thank you.
Lena Reinhard | 24 Jul 17:02 2014

[BLOG] The CouchDB Weekly News is out

Hi folks,

this week's CouchDB Weekly News is out:

- vote on bylaws
- progress in work on Fauxton 
- how to optimize views
- Cloudant's Announcement: "CouchDB and MongoDB: Let our query APIs combine!"
… as well as all the usual community releases, opinions, questions, events, jobs, "relax!" and links.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a link!

Please help us promote
We'd invite you to share the link in the social networks you use to help us get the News out and promote CouchDB.

Thank you & all the best

Lena Reinhard | 23 Jul 11:54 2014

[NEWS] Your link for the CouchDB Weekly News?

Hi everyone,

if you want to submit a link for the next release of CouchDB's Weekly News, please submit it until tomorrow,
July 24, 12am UTC+2.

Thanks to Noah who already sent two links in!

Best & thanks in advance

Landry Soules | 22 Jul 11:51 2014

Which view is better optimized ?


I have a simple users document containing fields such as gender, age and
last seen date.
I have to request these documents by age, or gender, or last seen date or a
mix of these criteria.
My question is : is it more efficient to create a single view containing
several emit, for example:
emit([doc.age, doc.gender, doc.lastSeen], doc);
emit([doc.gender, doc.age, doc.lastSeen], doc);
or to create several views, each of them containing one emit statement ?

Gerald Richter | 22 Jul 07:42 2014

_local documents & attachments


it seems to me that _local documents do not store any attachments. Is this right?

Thanks & Regards


Dave Cottlehuber | 18 Jul 21:15 2014

CouchDB 1.6.0 available in Ubuntu PPA for Trusty & Precise


The Ubuntu PPA for CouchDB has finally been updated, for
Trusty & Precise, the currently supported Ubuntu releases.

If you need any other Ubuntu releases enabled, let me know.

Relax and Prosper!

Dave Cottlehuber
dch <at>
Sent from my Couch

Lena Reinhard | 18 Jul 10:56 2014

[BLOG] The CouchDB Weekly News are out

Hi everyone,

this week's CouchDB Weekly News is out:

- bylaws were updated, will be voted on soon
- user question: how reliable is CouchDB? 
- new section: "Time to relax"

As well as all the usual community releases, opinions, questions, jobs and links.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a link and took time to review!

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If you want, we'd invite you to share the link yourself to help us get the News out. 

Thank you & all the best

Lena Reinhard | 16 Jul 15:25 2014

[NEWS] Your link(s) for the CouchDB Weekly News?

Hi everyone,

in case you want to submit a link for next issue of CouchDB's Weekly News (anything apart from topics
discussed on the Mailing Lists :) ): please don't hesitate and send it over until tomorrow, tuesday, July
17, 12pm UTC+2.

Your support is appreciated!

Dirkjan Ochtman | 15 Jul 20:13 2014

[ANN] CouchDB-Python 0.10

Hello all,

We finally have a new release of CouchDB-Python: 0.10.

Here's the major changes in this release compared to 0.9:

- Now compatible with Python 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4
- Added batch processing for the couchdb-dump tool
- A very basic API to access the _security object
- A way to access the update_seq value on view results

The porting effort for Python 3 took quite a bit of work (see the PS,
below). While our tests pass and some users have tested against their
applications, it is quite possible there's something I missed. Please
file an issue if you find anything, so we can take a look at getting
it fixed.

Additionally, our development has shifted to GitHub:

The release can be downloaded from PyPI, here:

Start reading the documentation hosted on PyPI:

Many thanks to all contributors!
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Stanley Iriele | 11 Jul 00:44 2014

Control view query performance

When a doc needs to be calculated for a particular set of entries from the
changes feed...are docs sent one at a time or in batches?... And is there
just one view server doing all of the computation. there a way to configure or control any of the settings that
would dictate the above? number of view servers.. Or batch size for
docs.... Etc... And if not should there be?.. But I've been very curious
about this for a while... I looked a few view server implementations..