Sharath | 4 Jul 00:08 2015

Uncaught error in HTTP request

Hi All,

Been running couchdb 1.6.1 for 6 months without any problems.

I've been getting the following error since yesterday:
[Fri, 03 Jul 2015 21:56:59 GMT] [error] [<0.26167.4>] Uncaught error in
HTTP request: {error,
[Fri, 03 Jul 2015 21:56:59 GMT] [info] [<0.26167.4>] Stacktrace:






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Katharina Jockenhöfer | 2 Jul 22:37 2015

[BLOG] The CouchDB Weekly News, July 2nd, is out!

Hi everyone,

these are the CouchDB Weekly News: <>

This week:
- Big discussions on CouchDB 2.0 near goals, growing a dedicated CouchDB CI team, CouchDB on ApacheCon,
Fauxton Config and the new Config API
- various questions on user <at>  
- OTP 18.0 support for CouchDB
- Updated Ubuntu Packages
- Fauxton - A visual guide
- Use cases and a lot of questions out there
- Online CouchDB webinar by Erlang Solutions
- and jobs and more events and a lot of relaxation … :)

Thank you for submitting news!!

Please help promote the Weekly News here: <> <> <>

You're invited to share the link in the social networks of your choice and help us
promote CouchDB.

Thank you all very much for your support. 
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Hermann Norpois | 2 Jul 12:19 2015

parsing json


how does couchdb parse the json-documents? Which tool is used? Is it a
known library or is it a couchdb built in function?
Hermann Norpois | 2 Jul 09:36 2015

Fwd: why do we keep all versions

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Hermann Norpois <hnorpois@...>
Date: 2015-06-30 19:09 GMT+02:00
Subject: why do we keep all versions
To: user@...


if I understood it correctly each change of a document leads to a change of
the version of the document. And each version remains in the database. This
means that the amount of data grows in dependence of changes. Is that

Katharina Jockenhöfer | 1 Jul 09:07 2015

CouchDB Weekly News – Submissions

Hello again!

just want to encourage you, you can please send me submissions for the CouchDB Weekly News, if you have
anything. Would be appreciated if send until tomorrow 3pm CET.

Especially for 
- News in the CouchDB and PouchDB universe
- Opinions, good articles/talks 
- Interesting use cases
- CouchDB related events

Thank you all for your support. 

Happy summer time!
Travis Downs | 30 Jun 02:19 2015

Recover space imposed by 4K minimum document size?

I have an issue where I'm posting single smallish (~500 bytes)
documents to couchdb, yet the DB size is about 10x larger than
expected (i.e., 10x larger than the aggregate size of the documents).

Documents are not deleted or modified after posting.

It seems like what is happening is that every individual (unbatched
write) always takes 4K due to the nature of the append-only algorithm
writing 2 x 2K blocks for each modification as documented here:

OK, that's fine. What I don't understand is why the "compact"
operation doesn't recover this space?

I do recover the space if I replicate this DB somewhere else. The full
copy takes about 10x less space. I would expect replicate to be able
to do the same thing in place. Is there some option I'm missing?

Note that I cannot use bulk writes since the documents are posted one
by one by different clients.

Francesco Zamboni | 29 Jun 13:46 2015

question about filtered replication

Hello to everybody.
We'are going on with our implementation under couchdb, but now I've to see
how to resolve a specific problem.
We're going to have user-side instances of couchdb, that should replicate
only content of the user.
Implementing the filter itself is easy, but it's not clear to us if there's
a way to enforce it... I've read a couple of internet posts that seems
related to our case

If I understand correctly, suggestions here seems to be limited to either
implement a separate replication-only database for each user, or use
couchbase sync gateway.

For the first, would this solution scale well to hundreds of thousands or
even milions distinct users?

There're different solutions?


Francesco Zamboni

tel: +39 0522 1590100
fax: +39 0522 331673
mob: +39 335 7548422
e-mail: f.zamboni@... <g.muzzini@...>
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Katharina Jockenhöfer | 25 Jun 18:03 2015

[BLOG] The CouchDB Weekly News, June 25, is out!

Hi everyone,

these are the CouchDB Weekly News: <>

This week:
- CouchDB 2.0 build script
- IP Clearance
- various use cases and discussions, (e.g. as to use CouchDB with HTTPS)
- “Dockerized CouchDB” and more releases.
- CouchDB Meetup in Hamburg to come. 
- More events and job opportunities
- and some time to relax on the weekend!

Please help promote the Weekly News here: <> <> <> <>

You're invited to share the link in the social networks of your choice and help us
promote CouchDB.

Thank you all very much for your support. 
Katharina Jockenhöfer | 25 Jun 13:50 2015

CouchDB Weekly News – Submissions

Hi everyone!

you can send me submissions for the CouchDB Weekly News (Working on them now - sorry for late notice. In
general if you send me submissions until Wednesday, they should be considered).

Especially for 
- Releases in the CouchDB Universe
- PouchDB news
- Opinions, Talks, …
- Events
- Time to relax

Thank you all for your support. Have a good day!

Dave Cottlehuber | 25 Jun 10:17 2015

[packaging] updated Ubuntu PPA

Hi folks,

The Ubuntu dev PPA [1] has a minor update to fix an issue reported
privately by Shawn Parrish, that prevents the daemon running correctly
on a minimal Ubuntu 14.04 install. TIL chdir is not built-in...

This covers Trusty and Utopic, if any other version is needed just let
me know. See [2] for package details.

Assuming nobody reports an issue in the next day or so, I'll push the
new builds to the stable PPA [3] for next week.

  Dave Cottlehuber
  Sent from my Couch


Foucauld Degeorges | 22 Jun 11:01 2015

SSL with self-signed certificates


(This question may have been asked before, I'm sorry if it has, but I
haven't found a search field on the archives page).

I'm having issues to make CouchDB work with HTTPS and a self-signed
Depending on the client, the connection is accepted or refused:

   - accepted by curl -k
   - refused by Chrome: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR
   - Firefox first asks to add a security exception, then rejects the
   connection: sec_error_invalid_key

You may look at the associated StackOverflow question
extra info.
I have read somewhere that Web browsers have recently become more strict
concerning self-signed certificates. Is there a workaround, or something
I'm missing?

Foucauld Degeorges