Katharina Jockenhöfer | 30 Jul 20:04 2015

[BLOG] The CouchDB Weekly News, July 30, is out!

Hi all! 

These are this week’s CouchDB Weekly News:
http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/30/couchdb-weekly-news-july-30-2015/ <http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/30/couchdb-weekly-news-july-30-2015/>

- Major discussions: Open Sourcing Cloudant Search, a few [2.0] Replication Issues
- Releases like hapi-couchdb-store – CouchDB REST & front-end API
- In other opinions and news: “A big Thumbs Up for CouchDB!” from the User Mailing List, and a post on
“Cloudant and CouchDB: Little Docs, Big Thoughts”
- The Summer CouchDB Meetup, first talk is announced
- and a lot of reading for you to relax

Thanks to Robert and everyone for submitting news and thanks for helping us spread the Weekly News!

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Robert Kowalski | 29 Jul 18:26 2015

Cloudant Search is Open Source now!

Hi list,

I am happy to announce that Cloudant open sourced the Search Stack
that is powering the Cloudant Search features. [1]

It consists of two repositories, Dreyfus, written in Erlang and
Clouseau as a Scalang project that uses Lucene.

Dreyfus is compatible with the new clustering features of CouchDB and
makes use of them. It establishes links between the VMs / nodes to get
the results from the shards before merging them as the final result
which is returned to the user. For details how it works under the hood
see this document [4]

Are the two projects something the CouchDB community would be
interested in as part of the ASF, maybe as optional addon?

Robert :)

[1] https://cloudant.com/blog/open-sourcing-cloudant-search/
[2] https://github.com/cloudant-labs/dreyfus
[3] https://github.com/cloudant-labs/clouseau
[4] https://github.com/cloudant-labs/dreyfus/blob/master/README.md

Jan Lehnardt | 26 Jul 14:47 2015

[2.0] Replication Issues

Hey all,

I’m trying to upgrade a database from 1.6.1 to 2.0.0/master/0c579b98 and I’m seeing a number of issues.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Since this is our official upgrade path for 2.0, this has to be rock-solid.

Feel free to break out individual issue into new threads, if it helps keeping things organised.

Scroll down for detailed information about the database, and machine configurations.

## The Scenario

Replication is running on 2.0, pulling from 1.6.1 over the EC2 internal ip address.

## The Issues

1. repeated log entries for “write quorum for <targetdb> failed”. I’ve seen this in other contexts
as well, why is this happening and should it?

2. getting a lot of “cassim_metadata_cache changes listener died” from all nodes about every 5
seconds. What’s up with these?

 - 2015-07-26 08:30:34.400 [error] Undefined emulator Error in process <0.14633.26> on node
'node3@...' with exit value: {function_clause,[{cassim_metadata_cache,changes_callback,[waiting_for_updates,"0"]},{fabric_view_changes,keep_sending_changes,8},{fabric_view_changes,go,5}]}

 - 2015-07-26 08:30:39.401 [notice] node3@... <0.314.0>
cassim_metadata_cache changes listener died {function_clause,[{cassim_metadata_cache,changes_callback,[waiting_for_updates,"0"]},{fabric_view_changes,keep_sending_changes,8},{fabric_view_changes,go,5}]}

3. A number of  Replicator, request PUT to
"<target>/edbef049aae9c8828f336534984e5e4f" failed due to error
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Katharina Jockenhöfer | 23 Jul 20:21 2015

[BLOG] The CouchDB Weekly News, July 23rd, is out!

Hi everyone,

These are the CouchDB Weekly News:
http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/23/couchdb-weekly-news-july-23-2015/ <http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/23/couchdb-weekly-news-july-23-2015/>

This week:
- Major discussions: Windows build, chunked transfer-encoding capability of HTTP/1.1, questions
regarding npm releases and the ASF/ASF releases and CouchRest
- Many releases and updates in the CouchDB and PouchDB universe
- couchdbkit feature in NoSQL, Bradley Holt at OS Convention
- Use Case – CouchDB Statistics and many questions for CouchDB and PouchDB users on Stack Overflow
- CouchDB meetup in Boston (August 4th) – Call For Speakers still up!
- Jobs and your weekly bit of relaxation …

Thank you for helping us spread the Weekly News!!

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Thank you all very much for your support. <3
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Katharina Jockenhöfer | 23 Jul 12:01 2015

CouchDB Weekly News – Submissions

Hello all!

please send me submissions for the CouchDB Weekly News, if you have any.

Again, especially for 
- News in the CouchDB and PouchDB universe
- Opinions, good articles/talks 
- Interesting use cases
- CouchDB related events

Your support is muh appreciated.

Happy Thursday!
Gil Vernik | 23 Jul 08:27 2015

suggestions on the IDE to develop CouchDB

I am trying to build 'correct' working development environment on my 
laptop (Mac) and i would like to hear
advice on this or please point me to the page with some instructions.

Does Eclipse + Erlang plugin is the right choice? If so, what are  the 
advised steps to import couchdb project structure into Eclipse? Should i 
run some command that will create Eclipse projects? (similar to Java world 
where one can run mvn eclipse:eclipse ... and then import generated 
projects into Eclipse )

Is there any other IDE suggested to develop CouchDB?

Thanks a lot,

Gil Vernik

rnewson | 22 Jul 09:40 2015

[GitHub] couchdb-couch-epi pull request: Restore R14 compatibility

GitHub user rnewson opened a pull request:


    Restore R14 compatibility

    CouchDB 2.0 will be compatible with R14. Support for R14 to be dropped

    closes COUCHDB-2755

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull https://github.com/cloudant/couchdb-couch-epi 2755-r14-compat

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:


To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #5

commit fe02b297131849f9d6ccbf7ac735c09f63ec5c32
Author: Robert Newson <rnewson@...>
Date:   2015-07-22T07:36:32Z

    Restore R14 compatibility
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Adam Kocoloski | 21 Jul 17:42 2015

Optimizing chunked transfer-encoding and the impact on clients

Hi all,

CouchDB uses the chunked transfer-encoding capability of HTTP/1.1 to stream _all_docs, _changes, _view
and similar responses to clients. We have always sent each row of these responses in a dedicated chunk.
Coalescing multiple rows into a single chunk is more efficient and yields throughput improvements of
approximately 30%, but this could break clients that have implicitly relied on the row-per-chunk organization.

So — do any of you knowingly rely on this behavior? How difficult would it be to accommodate this change? Thanks,


P.S. more details on this topic can be found in COUCHDB-2724 and associated Pull Requests:


Florin Andrei | 21 Jul 00:15 2015

Erlang release number mismatch

Trying to build the developer release on Ubuntu 14.04, following the 
instructions here:


I'm using the packages in the Ubuntu repository for all dependencies, 
except rebar - it's rebar-2.0.0 in Ubuntu 14.04, which is too old (and 
./configure fails), so I've upgraded it to rebar-2.6.0, then ./configure 
works fine. So far so good.

When running make, I get this:

==> b64url (compile)
ERROR: OTP release R16B03 does not match required regex 
ERROR: compile failed while processing /root/couchdb/src/b64url: 
make: *** [couch] Error 1

So I've edited rebar.config.script and added the missing pattern there:

     {require_otp_vsn, "R14B01|R14B03|R14B04|R16B02|R16B03-1|R16B03|17"},

Is that okay, or will it cause problems later on?


Florin Andrei

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Nick North | 17 Jul 23:02 2015

Windows build failing on couch_ejson_compare.c

I'm trying out  <at> wohali's Windows build, which went well up to compilation
of couch_ejson_compare.c, where it seems to be tripping up over the changes
in the recent commit
to optimise performance. Specifically it gives this series of errors:

ERROR: compile failed while processing c:/couchdb/src/couch: rebar_abort
Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 18.00.31101 for x86
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

cl : Command line warning D9002 : ignoring unknown option '-fno-common'
c:/couchdb/src/couch/priv/couch_ejson_compare/couch_ejson_compare.c(44) :
g C4431: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C no longer supports
c:/couchdb/src/couch/priv/couch_ejson_compare/couch_ejson_compare.c(44) :
C2054: expected '(' to follow '__thread'
c:/couchdb/src/couch/priv/couch_ejson_compare/couch_ejson_compare.c(44) :
C2085: 'collator' : not in formal parameter list
c:/couchdb/src/couch/priv/couch_ejson_compare/couch_ejson_compare.c(44) :
C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before '='
c:/couchdb/src/couch/priv/couch_ejson_compare/couch_ejson_compare.c(58) :
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Katharina Jockenhöfer | 16 Jul 17:28 2015

[BLOG] The CouchDB Weekly News, July 16th, is out!

Hi everyone,

these are the CouchDB Weekly News: 
http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/16/couchdb-weekly-news-july-16-2015/ <http://blog.couchdb.org/2015/07/16/couchdb-weekly-news-july-16-2015/>

This week:
- Major discussions: Welcome nano to ASF and Windows built is blocked by khash NIF
- releases like nano-option 1.0.0
- a webcast recorded from Erlang webinar on CouchDB and IBM Cloud
- a lot of questions and use cases for CouchDB and PouchDB, like a tutorial on how to install CouchDB with
Ubuntu 15.04
- Johannes Jörg Schmidt is official new CouchDB committer
- CouchDB meetup in Hamburg tonight! and in Boston on August 4th
- and jobs and more events and a lot of relaxation … :)

Thank you for helping us spread the Weekly News!!

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https://twitter.com/CouchDB/status/621699971935371264 <https://twitter.com/CouchDB/status/621699971935371264>
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Thank you all very much for your support.