Jean-Marc Libs | 8 Oct 13:55 2015

[Tiki-devel] Fosdem stand?

Hi folks,

I finally saw that Fosdem put the calls for participation online:

I'm not quite sure: do we want to apply for a stand or not?
And if so, are we at least 6 of us so we can guarantee there are always 2 people manning the stand?

* deadline for stand proposals: 13 November (not even in a hurry!)

* Fosdem dates: 30 & 31 January 2016

I feel it would be nice, but only if there are enough of us.

TikiWiki-devel mailing list
Gary Cunningham-Lee | 8 Oct 06:15 2015

[Tiki-devel] Problem with links to forum replies at


I noticed a few days ago a problem with links to forum threads at The same problem happens in my localhost trunk.

Another user also noticed it: 

To see the problem, go to for example . Click on 
the first topic listed, and it opens. Click on any other topic down the 
list (each having an "&topic_offset=" in the URL) and you get a wiki 
page not found error.

Maybe a rewrite rule problem?

-- Gary

Xavier de Pedro | 7 Oct 10:14 2015

[Tiki-devel] Spreadsheets in Tiki15: regression and fix needed in 14.x still

Hi all:

I had a quick revisit to the Spreadsheets feature in Tiki, keeping in mind that they deserve to be working again in the next LTS (Tiki 15), at least.

And I noticed (and reported) a few days ago two issues still present in Tiki14:

(1) "14.x: export sheet produces WSOD (blank page)". Regression: this works as expected in 12.x. In fact, error message in show.t.o is:
"Fatal error: Call to a member function sheet_history() on a non-object in /var/www/xavi-9794-5723/tiki-export_sheet.php on line 48"

(2) "12.x or 14.x: Sheet profile Handler doesn't get sheet content added (following lastest available documentation)"

Any tips anyone on how to fix them?


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TikiWiki-devel mailing list
Gary Cunningham-Lee | 6 Oct 08:43 2015

[Tiki-devel] Punctuation in language strings


I know this has come up before, but I wanted to confirm the language 
string punctuation syntax. In the templates, etc., there's something like

{tr}There are no comments at this time.{/tr}

And in the language files, there's something like

// "There are no comments at this time" => "There are no comments at 
this time",

In other words, the string is complete with punctuation in the template 
but in the translation files, no punctuation is used. Is that correct?

(This is described on 
, but that page also says "We need to remove this system", so I wanted 
to check on the current status.)

-- Gary

Dot Advertising | 5 Oct 13:02 2015

[Tiki-devel] Tiki 15 translate


How can I translate tiki 15?
I have an account for
I have some strings translated for
Romanian language.

Thank you all

TikiWiki-devel mailing list
Patrick Proulx | 2 Oct 21:42 2015

[Tiki-devel] File Controller Question

Hey everyone, 

There seems to be a bug in the File Controller that was made apparent with some new code Jonny put in where an
exception is thrown if the name or contents of a file is empty. (The bug was there, but wasn’t obvious - it
was basically creating a second empty file in the file gallery every time a file was uploaded)

Basically, what seems to happen is the action_upload function in the Files Controller gets called a second
time with the information of the uploaded file in it, but it doesn’t match the format of the parameters,
so it ends up trying to upload an empty file.

I’m not really sure how it all works and trying to wrap my head around it right now isn’t working so I
thought I’d reach out to see if anyone was more familiar with it. 

What I’ve found is that if you just add “return;" in the else statement for “ if
(isset($_FILES['data'])) “, it works (Files/Controller.php:57). However, I assume there may be
cases when it needs to go in there so I’m thinking that would break something else.

Anyhow, if someone is more familiar with files and has a bit of time to try and figure this out, it would be
pretty great. I’ll look into it again next week though if not.

TikiWiki-devel mailing list
TikiWiki-devel <at>
luciash d' being | 2 Oct 18:34 2015

[Tiki-devel] Getting ready for PHP7 ?

Hi devs,

just wondered if we have any plans about the upcoming PHP7.
This article sums it up, so sharing:

Should we be worried about anything, mentioned in the article?


Gary Cunningham-Lee | 2 Oct 10:56 2015

[Tiki-devel] Experimental branch for Bootstrap 4?


Just looking ahead a little - does it make sense to create an 
experimental branch with Bootstrap 4 (currently alpha) in vendor?

If so, what's the best time? Earlier is better maybe, in terms of being 
prepared. But there's also the SVN -> Git change, so should it wait 
until after that? Or does that matter, since other branches will need 
transitioning too?

-- Gary

Gary Cunningham-Lee | 1 Oct 05:55 2015

[Tiki-devel] Themes marketplace at themes.t.o


Thinking about the Tiki project sites, Nelson and I have been talking 
about revamping by giving it a focus as a themes 
marketplace (in addition to theme-related documentation, etc.). This 
would facilitate contributing themes to and finding themes for Tiki. I 
know some other people also have been thinking along these lines.

At one time there was quite a bit of activity at themes.t.o, with new 
"aftermarket" themes being made and people posting in the forums about 
how to use themes and so on, but for several years it's been pretty 
quiet. The reasons are probably that questions about themes have been 
posted at the community site instead and, due to time constraints in the 
past (at least in my case), the flow of new themes slowed to zero.

Situations have changed now, though, so it's a good time to give the 
site a new mission. These are tentative ideas (feel free to give input):

* The site will be a marketplace for Tiki themes, as well as a theme 
docs site.
* Trackers will be used to store and display theme information.
* Themes will be listed with screenshots, specs, and other information, 
but not hosted (that is, not installed at themes.t.o).
* To see a demo of the theme, there will be a link to the author's site.
* Both free and commercial themes can be listed.
* There should be minimal requirements/standards for the theme.
* Themes (file packages) could be simple (just a bootstrap.css file with 
new values) or complex (CSS and Less files, icons, fonts, and templates, 
* Since the "simple" themes are actually bootstrap.css equivalents, the 
site could also be a source of Bootstrap themes for general use (I don't 
know if this should be promoted, but it could be a way to expose people 
to Tiki).
* The license is up to the author, in contrast to themes for some platforms.
* Tentative time to get it all operational is around the Tiki 15 release 
date, I'd say.
* Other suggestions?

To compare hosting/demoing approaches, for Drupal, theme authors are 
strongly encouraged to host their theme at 
( On the other hand, the WordPress 
site has a themes area but themes can be hosted anywhere 
( and linked to from the 

To have some inventory when the marketplace opens, I've got a dozen or 
so themes in the pipeline myself, including new versions of a few themes 
that were previously available for Tiki, like Tikipedia, and some 
adaptations of Bootstrap themes that are pretty different from what's in 
Tiki now.

Anyone wanting to have a theme listed there to promote your own business 
or to add to Tiki's theme selection, please plan on doing that, as well 
as giving your suggestions about the site. There's still some 
preparation time.

-- Gary

Gary Cunningham-Lee | 29 Sep 08:40 2015

[Tiki-devel] How to display registration email address in a tracker?


I have a tracker with "people" information and in some cases the 
person's email address needs to be displayed in the wiki page produced 
by the tracker and wiki template. There is an email field in the 
tracker, but inputting an address here means there are two email 
addresses for the user, including the one required at registration.

Is it possible to somehow get the user's registration email address to 
display in the tracker or the final wiki page output? This would 
eliminate possible user confusion of having two email addresses on 
record and maybe editing the tracker item thinking this will affect the 
address for site watches, notifications, and so on.



Gary Cunningham-Lee | 28 Sep 16:45 2015

[Tiki-devel] Merge question


SVN merge newbie questions: I've never merged changes I've made but was 
thinking I should get up to speed on this. It doesn't seem good to make 
changes and then wait for them to be merged.

For example, I've made a change in the themes files in branch 14, to use 
Bootstrap alert colors to indicate Tiki message priority, and think this 
change ought to be merged to trunk. Using PhpStorm's interface for this, 
with the trunk project open I can select branch 14 to merge from, and 
then I have the options "Merge all", "Merge selected (which opens the 
list of commits to select from), and "Select with pre-filter" (which 
doesn't seem appropriate).

Is "Merge selected" and then select my particular commits the thing to 
do, or should it be "Merge all"? (I read which seems to indicate the first 

-- Gary