Tom Browder | 21 Nov 21:50 2015

Choice of binary format for binary attributes?

In the TODO file is stated:

* implement support for binary attributes.  the general idea is to
  allow collections of (at a minimum) 64-bit integer, 64-bit floating
  point, and strings.  the type needs to be encoded when written out
  to storage.  there is high-desirability towards using a binary
  encoding format already defined and in popular use like BSON,

Can we choose (at least initially) a binary format to get started
with?  From my brief look at the three:



+ Apache 2 license
+ C implementation available (uses CMake, has extensive test suite), see:
+ docs: use xml format
+ specification version 1, see:
+ conversion to/from JSON: ???

+ pros: assume it has lots of use with MongoDB


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Tom Browder | 19 Nov 23:05 2015

Tests are different: make test; make check (rev 66618)

When scanning the top-level CMakeLists.tx file (rev 66618), I saw an
entry to add the GNU standard "make check" target, so I gave it a try.
I assumed it would be an alias for "make test" but the tests run were
not the same--a bit confusing!

  make test: 758 tests (2 failed)

  make check: 738 tests (0 failed)

My 2 cents.



Tom Browder | 19 Nov 22:14 2015

TODO file: Attributes

In the ATTRIBUTES section in the TODO file, there is this entry at the
end of the section:

  * binary attributes, see binary-incompatible section for details.

Where is that referenced section to be found?



Tom Browder | 19 Nov 14:42 2015

Binary Attributes (was "Re: [brlcad-users] Casting RT Structs")

On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 2:01 PM, Christopher Sean Morrison <> wrote:
> On Aug 30, 2015, at 8:37 AM, Tom Browder <> wrote:
>> Sean, I hope to get to that before too long, but I'm hard pressed at
>> the moment with prepping for my reunion. I don't remember having any
>> real spec, but I do have some notes. I have at least successfully
>> built head from a recent trunk revision but I have not attempted a
>> merge to my experimental branch yet.

Sean, I'm now ready back onto the binary attributes. I have a currently building trunk, and have brought my attribute branch up-to-date. I have now switched to my attr branch (attr-extension-mods) and get a good build.

I would like to move any unique attr code to the trunk (and delete the branch). All new binary attr code is protected by ifdef guards (USE_BINARY_ATTRIBUTES) so no effects should bleed into normal trunk builds. The only new file so far is a README.binary_attributes in which I am assembling some notes.  It currently resides in the top level directory but I can put it anywhere you like.

I would appreciate some guidance on exactly what mged UI there should be for the use of binary attributes as well as some examples of actual input to be used. Also, should there be a separate man page for binary attributes or include it in the existing one?

I would also like suggestions for where test code should reside (e.g., regress or a tests subdir).

Best regards,


BRL-CAD Developer mailing list
Christopher Sean Morrison | 14 Nov 22:16 2015

Fwd: [gci-announce] Google Code-in 2015 Mentoring Organizations announced

In case anyone was wondering, I did not apply for BRL-CAD to participate in GCI 2015.

I spoke with several mentors and Google staffers about it at length.  The difficult decision was made due to a number of factors.  Some of those are that we have 150+ patches that remain unintegrated, we’re behind schedule on releases with a large peer review backlog, we have a new website to deploy, our communications are suffering from a paralysis effect, and our mentors simply need to take a break.

You all worked really hard last year and I thank everyone for their efforts — particularly our GCI 2014 mentors that really stepped up to the table.  I estimate that we received about 6-12 years of useful work, more than double the previous year.  There’s a new rule being enforced for this year’s GCI that will probably preclude there from being nearly as much activity, but a break is still in order at least until we get through our backlog.

If anyone would like to take on a leadership role to help us get caught up, please contact me privately.  The three areas we currently need the most help are:

  1) someone to send out regular communications updates (weekly)
  2) someone to finish the new website (merge GCI work, sync, deploy) 
  3) someone to review+integrate patches


Begin forwarded message:

Subject: [gci-announce] Google Code-in 2015 Mentoring Organizations announced
Date: November 13, 2015 at 5:38:52 PM EST

We have determined the 14 open source organizations that will be acting as mentoring orgs for Google Code-in 2015. These orgs are developing thousands of tasks that students will be able to choose from in categories including coding, documentation, outreach, research, training, user interface and quality assurance. Students will be able to register for the contest and start claiming and working on tasks when the contest begins Monday, December 7th.  Check out our contest site at for more details on each organization.   

Students, you should read about the work each of the organizations is doing to help you decide which organizations you may want to work when the contest opens on December 7th. Each organization has a homepage discussing what they do as well as the coding languages they use for development.

Google Code-in 2015 Mentoring Organizations:


Copyleft Games Group









Sugar Labs



Wikimedia Foundation

For more information check out our Frequently Asked Questions, Contest Rules and today's blog post

BRL-CAD Developer mailing list
Jasleen Kaur | 29 Oct 20:44 2015

Thesis in CAD

I am doing masters in Computer Science Engineering. I have
Dissertation submission in my Master's degree, which I didn't decided
yet what to do in it. I have interest in Computer Graphics, CAD and
Digital Image processing and I wish to do my Thesis with CAD. I need
help with possible topics for thesis.


Jasleen Kaur

courage angeh | 15 Oct 01:19 2015

Interesyed in contributing to BRL-CAD

      I am called Courage Angeh, a 2nd year student at the University
of Buea, Cameroon.
I have been looking for an open source organisation and I found
BRL-CAD most interesting.
I am familiar with C and C++ and I am interesting in contributing to
the developement of BRL-CAD's open source projects. So please
recommend me some links and bugs i could start with.
    cheers Courage

Esendege Christian Fonkeng | 15 Oct 01:12 2015

Interested in Open Source

I am Christian E. Fonkeng, a student of the University of Buea in
Cameroon, Africa.
I am versed with the languages of C and C++, and have for a while
being interested in contributing to a project that is best suited to
my abilities. I found your Organization and got interested in
Looking forward to working with you.

Daniel Roßberg | 14 Sep 11:09 2015

How can I get the overlaps (with rt_shootray())


I want to analyze the overlapping regions in a model.  Ideally I want
to get "a_hit" for every region in a partition.  To get this I've
adjusted the overlap functions in the application struct, i.e. the
a_multioverlap function ponter because using a_overlap is deprecated.
My multioverlap function now essentially looks like this:

for (size_t i = 0; i < BU_PTBL_LEN(regiontable); ++i) {
    region* regp = reinterpret_cast<region*>(BU_PTBL_GET(regiontable, i));

    if (regp == REGION_NULL)


    MyHitFunction(ap, part, regp);


And in a first test I was able to analyse my geometry this way.
However, setting a_no_booleans to 1 seems to have the same effect:
a_hit is called for every region of an overlap.  Is this
intentionally?  What's the purpose of a_no_booleans?  How should a
simple a_multioverlap look like?  rt_default_overlap() is rather
complex, starting with FASTGEN region checks.


| 30 Aug 00:09 2015

compiling problem


I have tried to build BRL CAD from SVN sources using instruction on a website ( I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and I hit two problems

- The compilations stucks at 98%:
Scanning dependencies of target NIST_MBE_PMI_2.g
[ 98%] Generating ../../share/db/NIST_MBE_PMI_2.g

Even more than four hours were not enough to pass through this point. (Besides that everything works, I am able to run mged or archer)

- I am unable to compile BRL CAD with Bullet library:
If i use altered cmake command (cmake .. -DBRLCAD_ENABLE_STRICT=NO -DBRLCAD_BUNDLED_LIBS=ON -DBRLCAD_BULLET=ON -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release) I get error message like this: 
Reconfiguring to use system BULLET
And Bullet is set OFF in final overview.

These are minor bugs to me, I can use BRL CAD as it is, solving these just makes brlcad more interesting toy :)

BRL-CAD Developer mailing list
Hitesh Sofat | 19 Aug 23:15 2015

Permission Needed

 <at> Yepp and Erik


I need one help In my project user needs the read + write + execute
permission on these places

1) Review directory which are placed in "public_html/wordpress/review"
2) New Document directory which are placed in
3) Brlcad resource which are placed in "/home/nouhrasofat/brlcad" This
is part of web site admin not for user.

Because through of this in review and new_document directory hold the
all new files which are written or edited by users. And for "preview
the document"  option to show  editing by user in the format of html,
user need execute permission for this command "xsltproc"(only) to
convert the xml to html online.

Brlcad resource are under the admin when admin accept the editing by
user then also need write permission and execute permission for make
the patch or apply the patch online by admin interface in website .

So which permission is sufficient for this work ?
767 or any other .

Please help me for this issue.


Hitesh  Sofat

(Life is a game & winner is not defined,
Think about present because future is not defined,
unexpected things make the game interesting,
if everything goes right then game is boring )