Hello folks,
I just noticed that GitLab offers 10GB per project:

Something to keep in mind in case we have more issues with SourceForge. IIRC Dice is going to sell them and a buyer hasn't been found yet.


Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa
Instituto Superior Técnico/University of Lisbon, Portugal
BRL-CAD Developer mailing list
Deepak Sharma | 6 Aug 16:13 2015

Re: Fwd: [OGV]Report on .vdi file size

Hello Sean,

Sorry for the inconvenience but I couldn't work for whole 1 and half day due to non working condition of my system. As I was just trying to test an image on my virtual machine and due to some mistake, RAM usage increased and my system somewhat stopped working. Now, I am trying to install again but it gets stuck at some particular point. I have converted .vdi file to .ova whose size is 864MB. I am thinking to upload and test on bz server. Should I ? or test on local server only and after getting success upload it to to the .bz server?
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Christopher Sean Morrison | 5 Aug 05:40 2015

New Committer: Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa

Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa has been granted commit access.

Vasco has been working on an OpenCL research project under GSoC that picks up on a separate effort by Jon Engbert a couple years ago, to begin creating an accelerated raytracing pipeline in BRL-CAD built on OpenCL.  This will undoubtedly take a lot of time and effort, but Vasco has already made considerable progress this summer and hopefully more to come.

Thank you for your patience in getting submitted patches reviewed and look forward to working with you over the weeks and months to come.


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Shubham Chauhan | 4 Aug 19:05 2015

OGV: Colors in models

<at> inder:
requesting help in adding wmater and get_comb commands in OGV.

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Djimeli Konrad | 31 Jul 14:53 2015

Re: GSoC 2015 update (X3D importer)


As an update on my project I would like to say that so far I have been able to rework the FreeWRL source code and now it compiles and runs with no external dependencies, since it now  links to libxml in /misc/tools/xmltools/libxml of the BRL-CAD source. The converter is now functional with support for X3D primitives, and polygonal representations. I am presently adding support for other remaining nodes, documenting and testing the functionality of the code. Some example conversion can be seen below.

​File : Chess8Levels.x3d

​File : CleatClamp.x3d

​File : AllenDuttonVillage.x3d

As a minor concern, given that the converter supports both X3D and vrml import simultaneously I am not sure if calling it x3d-g would suffice, given that splitting it into two separate importers would lead to code repetition.

I have created a ticket(https://sourceforge.net/p/brlcad/patches/394/), but given that I am still having issues posting after creating a ticket on sourceforge I have added the patches as attachment to this mail. I would wish that other members of the community could help apply  test the patches(converter). Sample files, including those above could be gotten from www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/Basic/StudentProjects or other sites.

Attachment (freewrl_v1.patch): text/x-patch, 3603 KiB
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Shubham Chauhan | 31 Jul 14:25 2015

OGV: Front-end problem in merged beanch

<at> Inder
There were some issues after merging both the backend and frontend branches.
I have resolved those issues. 
My code got overlapped with deepak's code in style.css file, which lead to ambiguous design, which has now been corrected.
Also my routes were deleted, which have also been corrected.

So I'll be sending you a PR to be merged with GSOC15-merged branch so that these problems are taken care of. Please merge the code asap, so that deepak can view the corrected code as well.

Shubham Chauhan
B.Tech CSE
BRL-CAD Developer mailing list
Christopher Sean Morrison | 31 Jul 07:44 2015

pipe to povray


Sorry you had to leave the channel before getting a response when we were deep into a conversation.  

The g-xxx.c code is not a good example for getting at the pipe data structure.  Take a look at
src/librt/primitives/pipe/pipe.c and look at one of the simpler functions there that has an
rt_db_internal (which you can get with db_lookup()), like rt_pipe_describe().

Notice how that function extracts the rt_pipe_internal structure from the idb_ptr and iterates over the
pipe segment list.  To access the bend radius, just read the pp_bendradius field of that segment.  There are
many examples you can follow in that file.


Kalpit Thakkar | 30 Jul 21:50 2015

Update on my work

So, I have been working on the new API design that I sent in my last mail in the thread with the Subject "Further in generic volume function for libanalyze".

I have successfully implemented (or rather ported from gqa.c) the volume and centroid analysis for objects which don't have a primitive specific method for them.

Surface Area is still pending, but it's on the TODO-next list. I have tested the code in MGED successfully.

After completing the volume's and centroid's part of code, I updated the API design doc[1] with the final design that I have followed and added some comments about the pipeline with the patch[2] that I submitted.

Next up is implementing the Caller function for volume and centroid in C++ interface. 

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Deepak Sharma | 30 Jul 12:08 2015

Fwd: [OGV]Report on .vdi file size

<at> Sean

As we discussed in previous IRC session about ubuntu server image that file size cannot be to large, I would like to represent my new report on this to you. Previously, the size of .vdi lied in between 3-4 GB but after installing it again from scratch I found the size is 3GB. Here is the full report.
  1. ISO file is 650MB and after installing it on VM it has a size of 1.5GB without installing any other package. Image fresh1.png
  2. I followed the readme of ogv and installed nodejs, after installing node size is raised to 1.7GB
  3. Next I installed mongodb, size remains the same as in nodejs.
  4. Then I installed meteor, after installing this size is raised to 2.1GB
  5. Lastly, git clone OGV and size is in between 2.1 - 2.2 GB.

But when I checked .vdi file then it shows the file size of 3.0 GB. Here is the output of top 100 dir_sizes : https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e639d585ada7c9056851. Still facing the problem to debug the files lying inside .meteor/local/db/journal to find what it consists of. I found this link : https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/15 and trying to debug using this. Will report you soon.


Deepak Kumar Sharma
Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College

Blog: http://deekysharma.wordpress.com
BRL-CAD Developer mailing list
Hitesh Sofat | 30 Jul 07:02 2015

Presentation work

I update the Language work

1)Put icons left side
2)Language name written in original  Language
3)Hide /show now handled on loading time

I update the presentations work

1)Assign the style according to BRLCAD style
2)Add the title image in presentation intro
3)write up the article for intro which hold the basic overview about presentation
4)Removed the  "intro" word from presentation filename
5)Removed the duplication in images

BRL-CAD Developer mailing list
andreask | 28 Jul 19:56 2015

3rd Call For Papers - 22nd Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (Tcl'2015)

Hello brlcad-devel, fyi ...

22nd Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (Tcl'2015)

October 19 - 23, 2015
Comfort Suites Manassas
7350 Williamson Blvd, 20109
Manassas, Virginia, USA

[[ Attention! One month to the paper deadline ]]

[[ Attention! Registration is open! Please have a look at

[[ Known Speakers
-- Keynotes

  * Kevin Walzer - Tk on the Mac: Past, Present, Future

-- Tutorials

  * Clif Flynt - Advanced Tcl: TclOO Intro
                 New Tcl/Tk Platforms --- Pi and Android

  * Gerald Lester - Introduction to Tcl 1
                    Introduction to Tcl 2
                    Introduction to Tk 1
                    Programming the Web with Tcl: A Survey of Tools, Tips and Tricks

  * Sean Woods - Advanced TclOO & Megawidgets in TclOO


Important Dates:

Abstracts and proposals due   August 24, 2015
Notification to authors       August 31, 2015
WIP and BOF reservations open July 27, 2015
Hotel Room Release            August 25, 2015
Author materials due          September 28, 2015
Tutorials Start               October 19, 2015
Conference starts             October 21, 2015

Email Contact:                tclconference@...

Submission of Summaries

Tcl/Tk 2015 will be held in Manassas, Virginia, USA from October 19, 2015 to October 23, 2015.

The program committee is asking for papers and presentation proposals
from anyone using or developing with Tcl/Tk (and extensions). Past
conferences have seen submissions covering a wide variety of topics

* Scientific and engineering applications
* Industrial controls
* Distributed applications and Network Managment
* Object oriented extensions to Tcl/Tk
* New widgets for Tk
* Simulation and application steering with Tcl/Tk
* Tcl/Tk-centric operating environments
* Tcl/Tk on small and embedded devices
* Medical applications and visualization
* Use of different programming paradigms in Tcl/Tk and proposals for new
* New areas of exploration for the Tcl/Tk language

    We are especially interested in papers for OS X this time, to
    complement the keynote.

Submissions should consist of an abstract of about 100 words and a
summary of not more than two pages, and should be sent as plain text
to tclconference@... no later than August 24, 2015. Authors of accepted
abstracts will have until September 28, 2015 to submit their final
paper for the inclusion in the conference proceedings. The proceedings
will be made available on digital media, so extra materials such as
presentation slides, code examples, code for extensions etc. are

Printed proceedings will be produced as an on-demand book at lulu.com

The authors will have 30 minutes to present their paper at
the conference.

The program committee will review and evaluate papers according to the
following criteria:

* Quantity and quality of novel content
* Relevance and interest to the Tcl/Tk community
* Suitability of content for presentation at the conference

Proposals may report on commercial or non-commercial systems, but
those with only blatant marketing content will not be accepted.

Application and experience papers need to strike a balance between
background on the application domain and the relevance of Tcl/Tk to
the application. Application and experience papers should clearly
explain how the application or experience illustrates a novel use of
Tcl/Tk, and what lessons the Tcl/Tk community can derive from the
application or experience to apply to their own development efforts.

Papers accompanied by non-disclosure agreements will be returned to
the author(s) unread. All submissions are held in the highest
confidentiality prior to publication in the Proceedings, both as a
matter of policy and in accord with the U. S. Copyright Act of 1976.

The primary author for each accepted paper will receive registration
to the Technical Sessions portion of the conference at a reduced rate.

Other Forms of Participation

The program committee also welcomes proposals for panel discussions of
up to 90 minutes. Proposals should include a list of confirmed
panelists, a title and format, and a panel description with position
statements from each panelist. Panels should have no more than four
speakers, including the panel moderator, and should allow time for
substantial interaction with attendees. Panels are not presentations
of related research papers.

Slots for Works-in-Progress (WIP) presentations and Birds-of-a-Feather
sessions (BOFs) are available on a first-come, first-served basis
starting in July 27, 2015. Specific instructions for reserving WIP
and BOF time slots will be provided in the registration information
available in July 27, 2015. Some WIP and BOF time slots will be held open
for on-site reservation. All attendees with an interesting work in
progress should consider reserving a WIP slot.

Registration Information

More information on the conference is available the conference Web
site (http://www.tcl.tk/community/tcl2015/) and will be published on
various Tcl/Tk-related information channels.

To keep in touch with news regarding the conference and Tcl events in
general, subscribe to the tcl-announce list. See:
http://code.activestate.com/lists/tcl-announce to subscribe to the
tcl-announce mailing list.

Conference Committee

   * Andreas Kupries  ActiveState Inc
   * Arjen Markus     Deltares
   * Brian Griffin    Mentor Graphics
   * Clif Flynt       Noumena Corp
   * Cynthia Lilagan  National Museum of Health & Medicine, Chicago
   * Donal Fellows    University of Manchester
   * Gerald Lester    KnG Consulting LLC
   * Jeff Hobbs       ActiveState Inc
   * Joe Mistachkin   Mistachkin Systems
   * Kevin Kenny      GE Global Research Center
   * Larry Virden
   * Mike Doyle       National Museum of Health & Medicine, Chicago
   * Ronald Fox       CAEN Technologies
                      NSCL  <at>  Michigan State University
   * Steve Landers    Digital Smarties
   * Steve Redler, IV SR Technology

Contact Information     tclconference@...

Tcl'2015 would like to thank those who are sponsoring the conference:

   * ActiveState Inc
   * Buonacorsi Foundation
   * Mentor Graphics
   * Noumena Corp
   * SR Technology
   * Tcl Community Association