Henning Kopp | 14 Aug 19:01 2015

Problems with Pure Data in CCRMA-Repo

Hi Fernando,
many thanks for the work.
Is there a place where I can file bug-requests?
Particularly after the latest update, when I open pd, it says:

opened 0 MIDI input device(s) and 0 MIDI output device(s).
/dev/dsp (read/write): No such file or directory
(now will try write-only...)
/dev/dsp (writeonly): No such file or directory
/dev/dsp (readonly): No such file or directory

Gem: can't load library
pdp: can't load library
audio I/O stuck... closing audio

I have Fedora 22 and use alsa. Even if I now play sounds, there is no
output in the speakers. The bar at the upper right shows that sound
should be played.

All the best


Henning Kopp
Institute of Distributed Systems
Ulm University, Germany

Office: O27 - 3402
Phone: +49 731 50-24138
Web: http://www.uni-ulm.de/in/vs/~kopp
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Roman Hershkovich | 11 Aug 21:47 2015

Re: problems with cpupower under ccrma kernels for Fedora

I have similar issue - my CPU always run underclocked and making latency while transferring to faster or slower mode.

Is there a solution for this someone?
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Henning Kopp | 31 Jul 10:21 2015

No pure data in repo for Fedora 22

There is no package for pure data in the CCRMA-repository for Fedora 22.
Are there any plans to incorporate it? If so, when can I expect it?

Best regards
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano | 1 Jun 19:53 2015

fedora 22... some packages

Hey hi all,

I release a first batch of packages for Fedora 22, very lightly tested 
but seems to work. I have not tried to build failed builds yet. The 
packages include a 4.0.4-rt1 based kernel. Everything is to be found in 
the usual repositories...



Some "important" stuff is missing (supercollider does not build, did not 
try to build pd-extended as rpmfusion for fc22 is still not available).

-- Fernando
Yury Bulka | 14 May 11:22 2015

How to create a 4.0 rt kernel package?


I'm looking for advice on compiling a 4.0 rt kernel "the proper way",
i.e. to have an -rt package that is similar to the official PlanetCCRMA
packages. Perhaps just some pointers to information on how this is done
for planet ccrma. I know how to compile kernels from the bare source
(from kernel.org), but haven't yet compiled rt kernels into rpms.

Do you have any scripts you use to build the rt kernels?

The reason I have to do this is because I'm on a machine that has an
Intel Broadwell graphics unit that only works properly with 4.0+
kernels:( That's why I've upgraded to Fedora 22.

Would be enormously grateful for any hints,
Stephan Neuhaus | 7 May 17:39 2015

Re: [SPAM:###] hardware digital mixing console

> From: anders.vinjar <at> bek.no
> Subject: Re: [PlanetCCRMA] [SPAM:###] hardware digital mixing console
> To: planetccrma <at> ccrma.Stanford.EDU
> Message-ID: <87twvshf2o.fsf <at> bek.no>
> Content-Type: text/plain
>>>>>> "J" == Juan Reyes writes:
>     J> Hi, Has anyone tried Behringer X32 USB ports with ALSA and
>     J> Linux?.
> Hi Juan.
> Yes, i've checked slightly.  That it connects and shows up, with all
> ports (32 i/o) connected (dependent on the config in the mixer).  Then
> just played 16 tracks out, to check sound was coming out and it didn't
> start coughing.
> I haven't used the mixer in any production myself yet, but the
> sound-guys using it here feel good about it (or more precise: they tell
> me it sounds much better than they'd suspect from the brand, and
> particularly the price).

If I remember correctly, however, the X32 has a fan, has it not?  That
would make recording quiet sounds tricky if it's in the same location.


Juan Reyes | 2 May 20:04 2015

[SPAM:###] hardware digital mixing console


Has anyone tried Behringer X32 USB ports with ALSA and Linux?.

Looks like having a console by itself can solve the issue of channels on
audio interfaces. Although, not sure how low is latency on this board.

Aside from the above, seems to me that the X32 has many options for
concert and studio situations. High on priorities are options for
recalling snapshots of console's states.

It might as well serve as a surface for Ardour (Jack).

As far as sound X32 brochure claims that this console uses MIDAS


   -- Juan

[1] http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/X32.aspx
Oded Ben-Tal | 21 Apr 22:52 2015


I tried using Pd a little on the current fc21 and I can't get pdextended to
load the defualt settings file. I understand that packaging pd is always
tricky but am wondering if I may be missing something. I noticed that
pdextended is just a link to pd binary (is this how it should be?). I am able
to add one of the extensions (freeverb~) and then load the object. Do I need
to manually add each library to the path?
Len | 18 Apr 04:15 2015

Invalid signature


I recently installed Fedora 21 on a new system. After installing the planetccrma core packages, attempting to boot the realtime kernel gives the following:

  error: /vmlinux-3.18.9-201.rt5.1.fc21.ccrma.x86_64+rt has invalid signature.
  error: you need to load the kernel first.

  Press any key to continue...

Has anyone else seen this, or know what causes it?

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Don Estabrook | 16 Apr 22:16 2015

JACK 1 vs 2

Hi Fernando and all,

I've been doing some light testing of an Ardour4 rc build in the last day or so, and I ran into some issues with JACK2 1.9.10 - the current version for Fedora 21, including:

  - Ardour UI locked up at the end of exporting; had to kill it.
  - After restarting, UI is "awake" but, eg, clicking on buttons doesn't have the intended effect; Session > Quit also didn't quit Ardour, so eventually had to kill that one too.
  - The second kill results in a run-away jackd process.

Other issues have been mentioned in Ardour-land as well, including the lack of an option (-T) that allows for Ardour to stop JACK itself, if it started JACK when the session was opened.  Apparently that's been added to a newer version of JACK2, but it doesn't seem to have been published yet -- even in Git, the latest tag is 1.9.10.

I built JACK1 0.124.1 - itself over a year old - from source, and ran qjackctl and Ardour with PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH augmented to pick up my JACK1 installation[1], and with that I haven't seen a single issue so far. As a (minor) bonus, qjackctl and Ardour now show 100% DSP load during export, whereas JACK2 typically showed 8-10%.  (This has been the case for some time, even with A3.)

So, just wondering whether others have seen any of these issues.  If so, might it make sense for CCRMA (or, Fedora?) to switch to JACK1 ?  Or are there dependencies on JACK2 functionality that would make that problematic?


[1] - Note that this is not the recommended installation method.  In fact the JACK web site clearly states that > 1 JACK installation on a machine is a recipe for failure.  At the time I was in a hurry to test, and it worked for what I was doing at least.
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Martin Tarenskeen | 16 Apr 13:37 2015

lv2-ambix-plugins update error

I'm having a dependency problem with a planetccrma rpm update.

sudo yum --skip-broken -y update lv2*

gives the following error:

Loaded plugins: langpacks
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package lv2-ambix-plugins.x86_64 0:0.2.3-1.1.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma will be updated
--> Processing Dependency: lv2-ambix-plugins = 0.2.3-1.1.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma for package: lv2-ambix-plugins-presets-0.2.3-1.1.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma.x86_64
---> Package lv2-ambix-plugins.x86_64 0:0.2.3-1.3.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma will be an update
--> Processing Dependency: ambix-presets = 0.2.3-1.3.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma for package: lv2-ambix-plugins-0.2.3-1.3.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma.x86_64
--> Running transaction check
---> Package ambix-presets.x86_64 0:0.2.3-1.3.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma will be installed
---> Package lv2-ambix-plugins.x86_64 0:0.2.3-1.1.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma will be updated
--> Processing Dependency: lv2-ambix-plugins = 0.2.3-1.1.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma for package: lv2-ambix-plugins-presets-0.2.3-1.1.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma.x86_64

Packages skipped because of dependency problems:
     ambix-presets-0.2.3-1.3.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma.x86_64 from planetccrma
     lv2-ambix-plugins-0.2.3-1.3.g96bb8d1.fc21.ccrma.x86_64 from planetccrma