Oded Ben-Tal | 26 May 17:21 2016

fedora 23 and permissions

I might be able to answer my own questions:
there is a /etc/securit/limits.d/95-jack.conf  which defines(?) a jackuser group with rt permissions. When I added myself to that group I was able to run jackd and get sound working.
(BTW - managing users and groups is not transparent in the current fedora documentation and could be more friendly)

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Oded Ben-Tal | 26 May 13:49 2016

rt permissions and fedora 23


I'm updating a machine and noticed that the rt-permission package that used to allow normal users to access rt priority is not longer there. What do I need to do to use jack with rt priority nowadays?

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Etienne Rouge | 13 May 14:15 2016

XRUNS and more


I've recently switched back to CCRMA and I'm rather happy with it.

However I still have xruns when I really shouldn't (powerfull computer 
and reasonnable amount of tracks/effects).

I've set up PAM…  added "rtc firewire_ohci" to the irq file. Honestly, I 
don't quite understand the few tuts I find online and the fact they are 
not fedora-oriented don't help.

Is there a crucial step I've missed ? A tutorial I can follow ?



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Be | 12 May 21:26 2016

connection issues

I tried to update to the new 4.4.9 RT kernel with DNF, but DNF did not 
find any updates. It shows the progress bar indicating that it is 
downloading updated repo data from planetccrma, but the progress bar 
stalls at 100% then exits with:

Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'planetccrma', disabling.
Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'planetcore', disabling.

I have tried running 'dnf clean metadata' but that didn't help. I 
manually downloaded the kernel-rt, kernel-rt-core, and kernel-rt-modules 
RPMs with wget. The connections didn't start downloading and timed out 
several times, but when the connection did go through, the packages 
downloaded quickly. I successfully installed the new packages with 'rpm 
-i'. Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the repo?
Nils | 20 Apr 14:57 2016

hwlat_detector module

Hello everybody,

is there a reason that there is no hwlat_detector module compiled for
the ccrma rt kernel? Maybe it could be enabled for the kernel. I would
like to find the reason why my Thinkpad E530 has latencies above 3ms. I
tried disabling c-states and rc6-states, disabling dedicated nvidia
graphics, disabling wifi and a lot of other things. The high latencies
occur (maybe always) when I move or maximize a window. The situation is
better when I have an external monitor connected. Has someone
experienced similar behaviour with lenovo laptops?

-- Nils
Yoann LE BARS | 6 Apr 00:35 2016

Error when trying to run Ardour

Hello everybody out there!

	While Jack server is running, when I try to launch Ardour, here is what
I obtain:

$ ardour3
WARNING: Your system has a limit for maximum amount of locked memory!
         This might cause Ardour to run out of memory before your system
         out of memory. You can view the memory limit with 'ulimit -l',
and it
         is normally controlled by /etc/security/limits.conf

/usr/lib64/ardour3/ardour-3.5.403: symbol lookup error:
/usr/lib64/ardour3/libardour.so.3: undefined symbol:

	Of course, Ardour does not run.

	By the way (but I do not think it has anything to do with my problem):

$ ulimit -l

	I cannot find anything on the web, nor anyone, to help me solve this.
Has anyone reading this mailing list an idea that can help?

	Best regards.


Diaspora* : ylebars <at> framasphere.org
Felix Homann | 29 Mar 11:37 2016

Future of puredata in PlanetCCRMA


currently puredata is available via PlanetCCRMA in the pd-extended flavor. Now that pd-extended has officially been abandoned [1] are there any playns to switch over to vanilla pd and packaging extensions as well, similar to how Debian is distributing pd?

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Fernando Lopez-Lezcano | 21 Mar 23:02 2016

[PlanetCCRMANews] fedora 23: new rt patched kernel (4.4.4 + rt11)

Hi all,

A new RT patched kernel is now available for Fedora 23, I have started 
to track 4.4.x, the current one is 4.4.4 + rt11. Not a lot of testing 
done[*], but seems to work fine...

-- Fernando

[*] I see some problems on resume in a build I did for fc22 but the 
machine seems to still be happy after that - this is on my current 
laptop (lenovo w540).
Oded Ben-Tal | 20 Mar 23:22 2016

SC in fedora 23

I'm updating myself to fedora 23 (went surprisingly ok so far). When I tried to install supercollider-world it complained because it was missing BBCut
At some point the instructions on the website also needs a small update as things moved from yum to dnf.
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David Aldrich | 14 Mar 15:00 2016

How to install Fedora 23 + Planet CCRMA rt kernel ?


I want to install Fedora 23 x86_64 and the respective Planet CCRMA rt kernel on a new system.

The Planet CCRMA installation instructions stop at Fedora 22 (http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/software/installplanettwenty.html).

Does Planet CCRMA support a rt kernel for Fedora 23 yet?

If yes, would the following steps be enough for me?

	1) Install Fedora 23 x86_64
	2) Add the Planet CCRMA repositories for Fedora 23
	3) Install the rt kernel as follows:

	yum install planetccrma-core 

Best regards


Cambini remix

Hi All,

Call for Compositions "Cambini Remix": acousmatic multichannel works
(from 4 to 24 channels) to be performed in next ISSM "P. Mascagni" Suoni
Inauditi concert season.
Here the complete rules (ITA and ENG):


Deadline: March, 1st, 2016.

Thank You and Regards