jesus2099 | 23 Apr 23:05 2014

RFV STYLE-306. “” as Artist “Other DB” relationship

There was apparently *no objection* and one *+1* on the 

so it’s going to *RFV that will be ending in about two days (2014.4.26.

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Daniel Sobey | 20 Apr 04:17 2014

RFC Previously known as artist relationship

Expected expiration date: 5th of May 2014
Ticket: STYLE-314

For cases where we have an artist or group change name for legal
reasons or otherwise it would be good to have links between the
previous name and current name.

For example The Chemical Brothers started out as The Dust Brothers (as
a tribute to another group called the dust brothers).
lixobix | 14 Apr 13:27 2014

Non-commercial / limited release status

Following an editing discussion (, a
new release status for non-commercial / limited releases might be useful.
This would include demos, studio sessions, or other releases that are
ultimately created by the artist that are distributed to band members, label
people, friends etc. The problem with the existing schema is that these
releases are neither official, as they are not available to the general
public, nor promotional, as they are not available to the media, nor
bootlegs, as they are sanctioned by the artist.

Could such a release status be useful? Could it be defined?

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Jesse W | 14 Apr 07:18 2014

Pre-RFC: Auto-link Soundcloud URLs to "Streaming music" ARs for Releases & Recordings

The title pretty much says it all. In IRC ,
it was suggested the Soundcloud URLS, like:

should automatically get the "Streaming music" AR when applied to
Recordings (and Releases, in the case of singles).

I'm not sure if this requires a formal Proposal, but I thought I'd ask.

David Gasaway | 13 Apr 04:11 2014

No official work documentation?

In a discussion with another editor on an edit, it came to my
attention that there is no official documentation for work entities
that I can see.  We have this page:
But it's not official correct?  ("This page has not been reviewed by
our documentation team").  Given that works are a major MusicBrainz
entity, it would seem prudent to fix this problem.  What needs to


-:-:- David K. Gasaway
-:-:- Email: dave@...
Daniel Sobey | 9 Apr 14:52 2014

RFC add ISBN to works

Expected expiration date: 23rd of April 2014
Ticket: STYLE-314

An isbn is a barcode used for books.
For recordings of audiobooks we can have a work representing the prose.
I would like to add ISBN as an attribute for works in the same way
that iswc and id's from works databases.
Rachel Dwight | 7 Apr 23:44 2014

RFC STYLE-313: New label type "Agency"

There are certain labels in our database that we have no term for, such as . These labels are called "talent agencies," or simply "agencies." They provide services (such as artist management) that are currently irrelevant to MB, but in Japan in particular agencies retain a tremendous amount of creative control over artists. The following is a list of services talent agencies provide that we currently have ARs and situations for:
They often hold publishing rights, copyrights and phonographic copyrights to releases, recordings and works by artists under their umbrellas (see 

They release music under in-house imprints. In the case of physical releases, the manufacturing and distribution are handled by a major record company; digital releases are often handled directly (sometimes using a special imprint, sometimes not). Example of an in-house imprint:
Executives from an agency are often credited as executive producers on releases. Example of such a relationship:

There are a few other relationships I can think of that we may need ARs for in the future, but I will propose them in separate tickets.

Since this is likely to be controversial, I will tentatively set the expiration date to 2014-4-14 and I may extend it if necessary (if the admins are cool with this).
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Daniel Sobey | 7 Apr 16:36 2014

RFV add Project Gutenberg to the whitelist of sites

Expected expiration date: 14th of April 2014
Ticket: STYLE-301

The proposal is to add url relationships to works to link a prose work
to a url where you are able to download the text. is an example of a link to a book. can be used to link to an artist.

This is useful for audibooks, but could be used for public domain
songs, poems that provide lyrics for songs etc.

Most books on project gutenberg are out of copyright and are in the
public domain or are under a licence that allow redistribution such as
a CC licence.

Project Runeberg was  mentioned as another
website providing similar books in nordic languages.
There are other similar projects is an australian
team so there may be other teams.
Mihai Spinei | 4 Apr 10:47 2014

RFC add to the other databases whitelist

vkdb is one of the largest and oldest japanese-language databases on Visual Rock bands. It contains info on artists and bands, also follows the movement of band members between bands *visual rock bands are mostly indie and short-lived

link examples:  * カルト
^ artist name, url-encoded
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lixobix | 2 Apr 15:38 2014

'Studio' secondary RG type

Following on from the 'Demo' RG type discussions, what does everyone think
about the idea of 'Studio' as secondary RG type? This would cover releases
consisting predominantly of recordings made in studios, i.e. would cover
most artists' main albums, singles, and EPs. This would mean most of what is
currently listed purely by primary type would become listed as primary type
+ studio.

I can see how the utility of such an addition could be questioned, but it
feels right for completeness sake. There is now (or nearly) a primary /
secondary combination for every other RG type. It feels wrong to leave
studio RGs in a somewhat generic, undefined category.


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lixobix | 2 Apr 15:44 2014

Recording types

How about adding types to recordings, corresponding to release types (or most
of them)? We already have a 'Specific recording types' section in the
Recordings guide, currently with only 'live' listed. The following could
possibly be used:

Demo (subject to discussion)
Studio (ditto)

Recording types could make artists' 'Recordings' pages easier to navigate,
by making clearer the different types of recordings that exist for each


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