Matt Flax | 22 Jul 03:08 2014

filtering for jack net clients

Hi there,

Is there a way to detect whether a server's client is a net client ?

One possibility is to find clients with ports named '*slave*', however 
what if a local client (non-net client) names its ports with slave in 
their names ?

Stéphane LETZ | 20 Jul 15:46 2014

Jack 1.9.10 available for Linux, OSX, Windows

What is new : 

- More robust code in JackPortAudioDriver to handle buffer size change and backend switching. 
- Fix bus error on ARM platforms. 
- Dynamically scan and print backend and internal names in jackd. 
- CoreMIDI driver fixes. Rework NetJack2 code (OPUS codec on OSX, latency management, libjacknet code). 
- Correct auto-connect for audioadapter. 
- Add IIO driver. 
- Merge of Nedko no-self-connect branch. 
- Fix freewheel mode. 
- JackServer::SwitchMaster now correctly notify buffer_size and sample_rate changes,
cleanup/improvements in JackNetDriver. 
- Tim Mayberry : Add support for building with mingw compiler. 
- Merge of Kim Jeong Yeon Android branch. 
- Partial port of metadata API.

Download here:

김정연 | 19 Jul 09:20 2014

Re: Jack-Devel Digest, Vol 97, Issue 7

Dear all,

Build JACK2 1.9.10 rc2 and works fine on android's 4.4 platform(emulator).


2014-07-19 7:06 GMT+09:00  <jack-devel-request <at>>:
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> Today's Topics:
>    1. JACK2 1.9.10 rc2 package to test (St?phane LETZ)
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Stéphane LETZ | 18 Jul 14:29 2014

JACK2 1.9.10 rc2 package to test

Here :

Thanks for testing and reporting.

Holger Marzen | 13 Jul 15:05 2014

Hook for master volume

Hi all,

a master volume fader is missing in JACK. Some audio interfaces don't
offer a volume knob. Many clients automatically connect to
system/playback, some only when playing (Clementine audio player).

What's needed is a hook within system where a master volume fader can be

Paul Davis | 8 Jul 18:01 2014

[jackaudio/jack1] efd479: Patch from Fons Adriaensen to improve validity/usa...

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: efd4794001db845433a1eff175256fc9a34f4a79
  Author: Paul Davis <paul <at>>
  Date:   2014-07-08 (Tue, 08 Jul 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M jackd/engine.c

  Log Message:
  Patch from Fons Adriaensen to improve validity/usability of jack_frame_time()

 ensures that frame time will reflect any
discontinuity in processing (xrun or skipped cycles). It also cleans up
the code related to maintaining the DLL and frame time a bit, all of it
is now together in jack_run_cycle() and the logic behind it is easy to

The 'delayed_usecs' argument to jack_run_cycle() is now probably
redundant, the value computed locally (the 'dus' variable) is in
all cases more accurate than what the backend can provide.

Jack-Devel mailing list
Jack-Devel <at>
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Stéphane Letz | 3 Jul 17:03 2014

Re: latest version of jack 1.9.10 from 2014 does not show midi devices

Updated versions that should solve the problem:

Please test and reports.


Le 3 juil. 2014 à 16:22, chaseology <at> a écrit :

> Hi Stephane , I am a user of win version of 64 bit jack audio. 1.9.10 from 2013 beta version.  The latest
version of 1.9.10 / 2014 version is lower is file size and does not show the midi devices when using the -X
winmme command in portaudio.  The 2013 version of 1.9.10 does work fine by showing midi devices in any jack
audio connection bay.  I contacted Filipe Coelho, who has windows version of his CARL and CATIA connection
bay too and he said i should contact you with my findings.  I re-installed the 2013 version of 1.9.10 for
64bit/jack for windows, and the midi devices showed up again just fine.  I hope this helps fix the current
version of 1.9.10 to show the midi devices.  I have screen shots if that would be helpful.  thanks chase
> _____________________________________
> Sent from
Stéphane Letz | 3 Jul 15:05 2014

JACK2 1.9.10 rc1 package to test

Here :

Thanks for testing and reporting.

Renato | 2 Jul 17:37 2014

jack and linux chroot on android

Hello, I was reading about the possibility of running linux
(for ARM architecture) alongside android on phones and tablets, by
creating a chroot environment and using a VNC server on linux and a
client for android to view the desktop. Many people have done this
and it seems fairly straightforward, though still enough of a hassle
to ask beforehand if what I want to do will work: will jack run? 

I really don't care about low latency as I would just use it to have
hydrogen on my tablet (coming to think about it, hydrogen runs on ALSA
also, but oh well it would be nice to run some other stuff also).

I guess there may be a problem with ALSA not having drivers for the
tablet's sound card? If that were the problem, installing linux as a
dual boot instead of chroot would not help, right?

Partially unrelated to my question, I've read this article the other day
of the upcoming improvements in Android 5.0 audio:

"With Android 5.0 comes Audio patch-panel that ensure significantly
lower input-latency (~20ms) which is not perfect but very usable.
Output latency and whole audio processing is also accelerated to reduce
significantly, to enable Real-time audio for the first time"

so will this change the situation? Will we be able to run jack and jack
apps on android?

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Christian Schoenebeck | 2 Jul 12:46 2014

New website & JACK iOS SDK


Could somebody please restore the JACK iOS SDK download? Here is the latest 

The old and expected URL for the SDK is:

No version number in the file, since it was intended to always reflect the 
latest SDK version.

Leonardo Gabrielli | 2 Jul 12:04 2014

checkSize error on new ARM kernels

Dear all,
I think I found an issue in jack2 on ARM after a kernel upgrade

3.15.0-armv7-x2 SMP armv7l
3.14.5-armv7-x8 SMP armv7l
both ARM Cortex A8

jackd -P62 -t2000 -dalsa -dhw:0 -r48000 -p256 -n2 -S -i2 -o2

Symptom: a lot of prints:
CheckSize error size = 32 Size() = 4
CheckRead error
CheckSize error size = -1 Size() = 4
CheckRead error
CheckSize error size = 0 Size() = 12
CheckRead error

The system becomes unstable and jack unusable

It didn't happen with kernel 3.13.3-armv7-x10 (as far as I can remember)

Use the softmode -s flag to -dalsa




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