Russell Salerno | 3 Oct 23:02 2009

Patch for original XBOX drives

Hello all,

I'm on a mission to get cdparanoia to work on original XBoxes (not
360) fitted with Philips and/or Thompson DVD drives.  In sum, the
original XBox came fitted with either a Thompson, Philips, or Samsung
DVD drive.  Cdparanoia recognizes and works with the XBox Samsung
drive, but not the Philips and/or Thompson drives because they do not
identify themselves as having CD ripping capabilities.  I tried
patching the release 10pre0 (which is the installed version on my xDSL
box) with Michael Steil's patch but it did not make any difference.
See, e.g.,

Ultimately I'd like to add an option e.g., -xbox philips or -xbox
thompson that will force cdparanoia to skip any drive capability tests
and just rip using predetermined parameters.

My question to the group is where in the code should I start poking to
implement such a patch and also, if anyone has attempted this and/or
has any other insight into this particular area.

Thanks in advance,

Russell Salerno