xiphmont | 9 Sep 03:20 2009

Re: cdparanoia and FreeBSD kernel

On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 4:36 PM, Petr Salinger<Petr.Salinger <at> seznam.cz> wrote:
> Hello,
> please could you include support also for FreeBSD.
> Please take the 07-kfreebsd.patch.gz patch from
> http://bugs.debian.org//cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=540802
> Thanks for considering it.


I have no way of testing it and prefer not to adopt patches I can
neither test nor maintain.  I don't mean to discourage ports, nor
would I object to a freebsd maintainer who was willing to contribute
to the project by reviewing patches on an ongoing basis, or maintain
an external port (as is down now).  But for now, any 'official'
support of other OSes would be completely blind, and likely to break
with every change I make without me even knowing :-(

Cdparanoia is very specific to a given kernel and I see no easy way of
changing that.

Martin Thierer | 27 Sep 17:04 2009

cdparanoia hangs on the last track when using both --sample-offset and -Z


I'm running cdparanoia 10.2 on gentoo linux x64.

When ripping the last track of an audio-cd and using both the options
"--sample-offset" and "-Z", cdparanoia consistently hangs at the end of
the rip. When dropping either of these options or ripping a different
track everything works fine. The actual sample-offset used doesn't seem
to have an effect.

This happens with both of my drives. I'm using the /dev/srx interfaces.

When running cdparanoia with option "-e", it keeps looping through the
message "##: 6 [skip]  <at>  0".

Please tell me if there's more information I could provide to help to
debug the problem.

Thank you very much!