Anthony Wesley | 13 Oct 01:52 2002

bug report in cdparanoiaIII-alpha9.8

Hi guys - here's a bug report for ya :-)

cdparanoia will occassionally get stuck in an endless loop attempting to 
rip to a file named "track00.cdda.wav" when both the -B and -X flags are 

I have modified my copy of the source to bail out if it tries to open 
this file, but that's just a short-term fix so I can use it :-)

I suspect that this is triggered when cdparanoia has trouble ripping the 
last track on the disc, and the -X option causes the track to be aborted 
but there is a flaw in the logic flow that causes it to loop around and 
try a new track, even though it's now past the end of the disc.

cheers, Anthony

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