Gohaku | 1 Dec 06:47 2001

Accessing Apache behind Router

Hi everyone,
I've been trying to figure out how to access my webserver.
I've configured Port Forwarding for ports 80 for a computer 
I obtained the IP Address ( ) which I tried to access 
but could not get a connection.
I also added some lines to httpd.conf but Apache would not start.
Listen 80
Port 80

Thanks in advance.
Gohaku | 1 Dec 07:55 2001

Re: Accessing Apache behind Router

Here's the strange thing,
if I access, I'm prompted for Login/Password to manage my 
Router. and 192.168.100 is the only way I can access my webserver.
I should add that I have tried to configure dyndns.org to work with my 
router but with no success and that if I disconnect my router, I am 
able to access Apache.

On Monday, December 1, 2003, at 01:23 AM, Jim Walls wrote:
> First step is to see if you have a firewall problem or an Apache 
> problem.  If you get onto a computer that is inside your firewall, can 
>  you reach the Apache based web site?  For example, if you are on a 
> computer inside your firewall with an IP address of (for example) 
>, and you enter (the local IP address for 
> your web site), do you reach the web site.  If so, Apache is OK and 
> you have a router problem.  If you can not reach the website from 
> inside your firewall, you have an Apache problem.
> The situation you are describing is exactly the same as mine.  My web 
> server is on a local IP address of, and is behind a 
> LinkSys NAT router (simple firewall).  I have the routere set up to 
> forwward port 80 requests to  At this moment, my 
> external IP address (it's dynamic) is so someone outside my 
> firewall would need to use that address to reach my web server - or 
> one of the two domains that are pointing to that IP address (at least 
> until my dynamic IP changes).
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