Chris Arnold | 9 Oct 16:16 2015

HTTPS Redirect Not Working

Apache 2.4.x on SLES12. We have a web app in tomcat that is directly accessible by port 8080 and 8443. We use a combination of proxypass and mod_jk to connect to it from apache (never could get this to work without using both). We also use a https redirect to make it easier for the users. So if you type share.domain.tld you land at https://share.domain.tld/share. This worked up until a day ago. Now when you type share.domain.tld you get a 404 and the address is NOT redirected to https. Here is the redirect statements that have been working fine until now:

#  Redirect Share to HTTPS
    ProxyPass /share/ https://share.domain.tld/share/
    ProxyPassReverse /share/ https://share.domain.tld/share/
    RedirectMatch ^/$ https://share.domain.tld/share/

No updates have been done since this was working so i don't think that is what broke it. Is there a way to tell if mod_jk is the culprit?


Apache Copied In Another Location AIX

Hi All,


I am newbie for Apache.


I'm trying to build apache 2.2 on AIX 7 by copying entire installed directory to different AIX 7 host.


I adjusted apachectl entries and envvars and envvars-std, But stuck with error while running ./apachectl


exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program /apache/apache2.2/patch2.2/bin/httpd because of the following errors:

        0509-022 Cannot load module /data/apache/patch2.2/lib/

        0509-150   Dependent module /apache/patch2.2/lib/libexpat.a( could not be loaded.

        0509-022 Cannot load module /apache/patch2.2/lib/libexpat.a(

        0509-026 System error: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.

        0509-022 Cannot load module httpd.

        0509-150   Dependent module /data/apache/patch2.2/lib/ could not be loaded.

        0509-022 Cannot load module .


Can you please guide with detailed approach to be followed for this requirement as I have not found useful info in this regard.


Requirement: Want to setup apache on other system (of same OS-AIX) with copy of existing apache(apache/patch2.2),  without installing from software.



Thanks & Regards


Mark Blackman | 8 Oct 13:34 2015

mod_auth_cas confused by POST body split across brigades in input filter.

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I'm querying some unexpected behaviour I'm seeing with the mod_auth_cas module under Apache 2.2.

I've got debug messages like the following.

[Thu Oct 01 08:56:44 2015] [debug] mod_auth_cas.c(2769): read 1 bytes (l) from incoming buckets\n
[Thu Oct 01 08:56:44 2015] [debug] mod_auth_cas.c(2769): read 475 bytes
(ogoutRequest=%3Csamlp%3ALogoutRequest...) from incoming buckets\n

Looking at the mod_auth_cas code on github corresponding to these lines

This tells me that cas_in_filter is getting called twice for the same request with the POST body split
across two  calls, first 1 byte, then a second time with 475 bytes.

I'd have expected a single call with 476 bytes, can anyone give me some clues why the filter is called twice
for a single request? Is mod_auth_cas meant to assume the input filter can be called more than once per request?


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Jack Swan | 7 Oct 15:29 2015

Re: apr version issue in Apache Installation on Mac OS X

Copy or move the apr and apr-util distributions into the httpd/srclib directory so you'll have

    <path to your httpd distribution>/srclib/apr           (without the version extension)
    <path to your httpd distribution>/srclib/apr-util    (without the version extension)

and try the --with-included-apr option to configure instead of the --with-apr and --with-apr-util options.

----- Original Message -----
From: doylejonathan58 <at>
To: users <at>
Sent: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 2:24:45 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: [users <at> httpd] apr version issue in Apache Installation on Mac OS X

This is my first in trying to install Apache HTTP server locally on my Yosemite Mac.
I successfully installed APR version 1.5.2, APR-util version 1.5.4 and PCRE 2, but
then I am stuck in the first step of the Apache installation. When I run ./configure
in the httpd-2.4.16 directory, I get the error message :

checking for APR version 1.3.0 or later... no
configure: error: APR version 1.3.0 or later is required

I do not understand this message, since (last time I checked) version 1.5.2 **is** later than version 1.3.0. Here is the full command I typed :


       ./configure --prefix=/Users/ewandelanoy/Documents/Installations/usr/local/ --with-apr=/Users/ewandelanoy/Documents/Installers/apr-1.5.2/apr-1-config  --with-apr-util=/Users/ewandelanoy/Documents/Installers/apr-util-1.5.4/apu-1-config --with-pcre=/Users/ewandelanoy/Documents/Installers/pcre2-10.10/pcre2-config

Any help appreciated.
Suat Furkan Kahya | 7 Oct 01:08 2015

a newbie question: Share custom Data between modules

i have a struct and 2 modules

typedef struct person{

               char *name;
                int id;

1-mod_person_adder -> add new person to system.
2-mod_person_counter -> counts total person number in system.

let say i allocate memory using mod_person_adder module

apr_palloc(r->server->process-> pool,sizeof(Person)); (Or any pool )

how can i reach this record in mod_person_counter module ? or how can

carry data like ap_table with key value between modules.  is it possible? Thanks.
Mahendiran Vel | 6 Oct 08:52 2015

Need Open SSL

Hi All,

I'm going to use Apache openssl to my project(windows Server). when i verify Apache site i could not find openssl.msi file . 

please share the URL to download .msi files else please suggest me a alternate way to get it.

Note: Planning to use 2.2.25 openssl.msi

Davis, Jesse (Austin | 2 Oct 17:06 2015

Configuring Apache to use corporate proxy for external web requests

I have an Apache web server running on my intranet, and I would like for all external HTTP/HTTPS requests from my Apache web app to use my company's intranet proxy.



·         Linux v2.6.32-504.12.2.el6.x86_64

·         Red Hat v4.4.7-9

·         Apache v2.2.15


I have enabled the following modules in httpd.conf


·         proxy_module

·         proxy_connect_module

·         proxy_http_module




·         Site -

·         Proxy –

·         External resource –

Manually specifying the proxy for curl works as expected:


curl -x -L


However, my best efforts to configure Apache have failed so far:



    ProxyRequests Off


    <Proxy *>

        Order deny,allow

        Allow from all








    ProxyRequests On






    ProxyRequests On

    ProxyRemote *



And I've tried various combinations of the above settings as well.  The info in the Apache docs about Intranet Proxy hasn't been terribly helpful.


Really appreciate any help!

Malathy.X.Sundaresan | 1 Oct 22:16 2015

Pre-compiled apachev2.2 binaries for AIX


Could anyone point suggest where I can download pre-compiled  apachev2.2 binaries for AIX v6.0. I have tried compiling and our servers don't have c compilers and other re-requites. Since I need to install urgently, looking ofr help find existing compiled versions for AIX

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Zoltán Halassy | 1 Oct 13:22 2015

Header with "always" condition doesn't always work


Using Apache 2.4.16, with OpenSSL 1.0.2d, with alpn support, but
*without* http/2. Today I configured a VirtualHost with GitLab (with
ProxyPassReverse and RewriteRule [P,QSA] rules). I used to configure
Strict-Transport-Security in VirtualHost context nowadays, and I
noticed two STS headers arrived to the browser. I have this line:

Header always set Strict-Transport-Security max-age=31556952

However, GitLab also sets this header, so I got two. I don't get it.
The documentation describes this:

"set: The response header is set, *replacing any previous header* with
this name."

Replacing didn't happen. I tried then "Header always unset
Strict-Transport-Security", it didn't do anything.

Strangely enough, if I *remove* the always keyword, Header
removal/replacement starts working, f.e.

Header unset Strict-Transport-Security
Header always set Strict-Transport-Security max-age=31556952

works. I guess this is a bug. Would someone look into it?
K R | 30 Sep 03:19 2015

redirect q


I am trying to force redirect HTTP to HTTPS  as below 

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
RewriteRule ^/?(.*)  https://%{SERVER_NAME}/$1 [R,L]

but it fails with too many redirect error .

appreciate any help .


Felix Rubio | 28 Sep 21:06 2015

VirtualHost configuration not working?

Hi everybody :-)


I have an Apache server (2.4) running on a Debian testing. Because I need to access some sites from Internet (iface and without SSL), some others through a VPN (iface and some others are purely local to the server (iface, I have created the following setup:


Listen *:80

Listen *:443

site external and internal (same .conf):

<VirtualHost> --> SSL-enabled




<VirtualHost> --> Not SSL-enabled




site only internal (same .conf):

<VirtualHost> --> Not SSL-enabled




site internal, external, and local (same .conf):

<VirtualHost> --> Not SSL-enabled




<VirtualHost> --> SSL-enabled




The problem is: when I try to access the with any browser site1, I get in the address bar of the browser the URL from site0, and what is loaded is site2 (¿¿??). I have been searching for a solution for some days but I can not find my way through. Am I doing something dramatically wrong? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!