reshu.agarwal | 19 Dec 06:26 2014

DUCC- Agent1 is on Physical and Agent2 is on virtual=Slow the job process timing


Is there any problem if one Agent node is on Physical(Master) and one 
agent node is on virtual?

I am running a job which is having avg processing timing of 20 min when 
I have configured a single machine DUCC (physical machine)as well as 
when both nodes were on physical machine only.

When I have shifted my one agent node to virtual machine avg processing 
timing of Job was increased to 1 Hour. Here I noticed that my job driver 
was also running only on virtual machine's agent node.

Can we run job driver to specific agent node so that I will be able to 
test any other Case Scenario? Because I also tried to run my job's 
process on agent node of physical machine but it didn't reflect the 
processing time much.

Thanks in advanced.

Karimkhan Pathan | 18 Dec 11:11 2014

Lexical answer detection, focus word detection support in UIMA

Lexical answer detection, focus word detection these functionlities are
available in IBM UIMA. This is mentioned by one of UIMA contibutor at

I want to know whether this funtionalities are available in  Apache UIMA
Version 2.6.0 (UIMA Java framework & SDK


Jannik Strötgen | 16 Dec 10:27 2014

[ANNOUNCE] HeidelTime 1.8: cross-domain temporal tagger for 11 languages

Dear list members,

We are happy to announce the release of version 1.8 of our multilingual, 
cross-domain, and easy-to-extend temporal tagger HeidelTime. [1]

In the context of the new version, Croatian resources were added - 
developed and kindly provided by Luka Shukan et al. (University of 
Zagreb). [2] Furthermore, the Italian resources were significantly 
improved in the context of the EVALITA-2014 EVENTI task. [3] Finally, we 
have made some processing speed and stability improvements affecting the 
UIMA kit and standalone versions.

In the meanwhile, 11 languages are supported (ordered alphabetically):
Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, 
Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

In addition, HeidelTime distinguishes between news-style documents and 
narrative-style documents (e.g., Wikipedia articles) in all languages. 
In addition, English colloquial (e.g., Tweets and SMS) and scientific 
articles (e.g., clinical trails) are supported.

HeidelTime is available at Google Code [1] as a UIMA component and as a 
Java standalone version. If you want to briefly test it, there is also 
an online demo. [4]

In addition to HeidelTime itself, the UIMA HeidelTime kit contains 
several collection readers and CAS consumers (mainly for processing 
temporally annotated corpora) as well as analysis engines wrapping 
several part-of-speech taggers to perform linguistic preprocessing in 
all supported languages.
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Silvestre Losada | 17 Dec 14:34 2014

Ruta parallel execution

Hi All,

Is there any way to execute ruta scripts in parallel, using uima-AS
 aproach? in case yes could you provide me an example.

Kind regards.
Marshall Schor | 16 Dec 17:22 2014

ApacheCon 2015 (April) UIMA Track

We are planning a UIMA Track at the next ApacheCon conference (being held in
Austin Texas, April 13-17th, 2015).

Topics / areas where talks are solicited include:

   - UIMA itself (including its subprojects), new features, directions, etc.,
which could be of interest to people using UIMA.
   - Interesting Applications built using UIMA, including how UIMA is of
benefit, of interest to people exploring UIMA and its uses
   - Demos of UIMA tooling, to appeal to users who want to become more effective
in their unstructured analysis work
   - Connections with other Apache projects - what they are and how they're
using UIMA in their analytics
   - Experiences with UIMA scaleout - to share with others who are scaling out
UIMA pipelines

The official call for papers is here:
Please consider submitting talks; the deadline is February 1st.  

Questions? Please email dev@...

-Marshall Schor, for the Apache UIMA project

Aleksandar Dimitrov | 10 Dec 23:57 2014

uima-as-activemq problematic dependency on activemq-all


While the download instructions of ActiveMq[0] suggest including activemq-all in
your pom.xml, this is actually a bad idea. See the discussion here on ticket
AMQ-5009 [1]. The .jar is built using the Maven shade plugin, which directly
dumps libraries in the classpath, without allowing usage of the Maven <exclude>

If a project pulls in activemq-all, it now *has* to use the implementations of
all its libraries compiled into the jar, and cannot depend on them directly.
This is clearly not a good idea, and will indeed cause problems — for example
with SLF4J. If I write an application that depends on SLF4J for logging, and
uima-as-scaleout, the transitively pulled in activemq-all will cause a classpath
conflict for the SLF4J library. This problem is recorded in UIMA-3633 [2], but
the proposed fix does not work (as of version uima-as-activemq 2.6.0.) Nor
does it seem to be the appropriate fix, since depending on the Maven-shaded jar
could cause problems not only with SLF4J.

A better solution would be to depend on the activemq components separately. My
current workaround in my application's pom.xml reads like this:

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Yang's Hotmail | 8 Dec 03:29 2014

How to using C++ DLL in Java Version UIMA

    I tried to create a UIMA project using Java( with eclipse Luna), the problem is my algorithm is written in
I have no ideal how to using this DLL within Java version UIMA, is it necessary to re-write the algorithm
follow UIMA's rule?
Anyway, can you give any suggestion how to do this. A example on this will do great help!

Best Regards
Fan Yang

发自我的 iPhone
reshu.agarwal | 4 Dec 13:41 2014

DUCC-unstable behaviour od ducc


Please look this stats:

/    Status    Name    Memory(GB):usable Memory(GB):total 
Swap(GB):inuse    Swap(GB):free    Alien PIDs    Shares:total 
Shares:inuse    Heartbeat (last)
     Total                                        58 70        
                     0 29                         9                 
29                    3
     up    S144                               36 39            
                 0 20                         8                18 2   
     down    S143                           22 31              
               0 9                           1                11 
11                    58
I am not able to understand this stats.

Please help.


reshu.agarwal | 4 Dec 13:20 2014

DUCC- unstable behaviour of DUCC 1.1.0


Please look this stats:

/    Status    Name    Memory(GB):usable Memory(GB):total    
Swap(GB):inuse    Swap(GB):free    Alien PIDs    Shares:total    
Shares:inuse    Heartbeat (last)
     Total                                        58         70        
                     0     29                            9              
29    13
     up    S144                                36       39            
                 0 20                            8                18 2   
     up    S143                                22       31              
               0    9                            1                11   
11                    58
I am not able to understand this stats.

Please help.

Jakob Sahlström | 3 Dec 15:04 2014

Serializing Specific View to XMI


I'm dealing with a CAS with multiple views, namely a Gold View and a System
View. I've been using XmiCasSerializer to save CASes but now I would like
to save only the contents in the System View. The XmiCasSerializer seems to
save the whole CAS with all views. Is there an easy way of just saving a
single view to an xmi file?


Silvestre Losada | 2 Dec 13:15 2014

Ruta additional extensions

I created new UIMA action using the languages extension
In file descriptor generated by ruta workbench I had to added to
configuration parameters in additiionalExtensions section. The extension is
working properly, however ruta workbench overwrites the file descriptor
sometimes and I loose that configuration.  Is there any way to configure
Ruta workbench to avoid overwriting the file descriptor?

Kind regards