Debby Atkinson | 25 Sep 18:49 2006

Re: Content-MD5 HTTP header for version check?

Alicia da Conceicao <alicia454 <at>> writes:

> >>> Ideally it would be nice if there was a way to force WebDAV
> >>> servers to output the optional "Content-MD5" HTTP
> >>>header, in a HTTP head request.
> >> Well, computing the hash may be expensive, and thus it
> >> probably would be an optional feature anyway.
> > maybe ETag?
> I thought about eTag, since it is outputed in HTTP HEAD requests,
> but that would mean that I would have to maintain a large eTag
> database on the client side, since I don't think there is anyway to
> compute an eTag value on the client side to compare with the
> server.
> It looks like I need some method of supporting the versioning
> aspect of WebDAV, but I cannot find any type of version
> control that would work with most WebDAV web servers
> (Apache+mod_dav, IIS, Jigsaw, ...).  Maybe they should drop
> the "V" in WebDAV and just call it WebDA.
> Alicia.

Alicia, sorry for sending this email to this website but I'm trying to contact 
you at a number of websites, to no avail.

I know you are extremely busy and what you are currently working on must take 
top priority over everything else.  Could you just e-mail me to let me know 
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